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A terrible roar erupted throughout the earth.

Everything came to an end in this cataclysmic destruction.

“This kind of power…”

Hanzo used the last bit of his strength to look up, his eyes revealing deep confusion.

His entire body was sucked up, flying towards that chakra ball, and died completely.

The earth that was soaked in poison was forcibly stripped away by Tendo Pain and flew into the air.

This terrifying suction force carried an unparalleled power.

As a result, the nearby Akatsuki members were also affected by this suction force.

However, Tendo Pain had no intention of stopping.

“What a cold fellow…”

Everyone used their own methods to evade.

Obito, Xu, and Zetsu disappeared on the spot and stood in the distance.

Konan turned into countless pieces of paper and fled from here.

Only Kisame really had no choice and was caught halfway after escaping.

At that time, he kept Samehada stabbing into the ground and used Samehada barbs to prevent himself from being sucked away.

The ground was scraped up layer by layer.

He used his summoning technique to summon the shark to increase its weight and then stabbed Samehada deeper into the ground again and again.

In the end, a giant, floating rock ball appeared in the sky.

It was constant and motionless.

“What kind of terrifying forbidden technique is this It actually created such a huge ball…”

“No, this is not an ordinary sphere.

This is… a small moon!”

“Planetary Devastation… Is this a forbidden technique to destroy and create planets”

The members of Akatsuki also looked at this scene in shock.

Other than Black Zetsu, they had never seen such a terrifying technique.

Creating a small moon with his own hand

Even if the moon was so small that it didn’t seem like it.

But it was still not something they could imagine.

“This way, there won’t be a problem.”

Tendo Pain looked up and slowly lowered his hand.

His voice was cold.

This was the first time he had used the Planetary Devastation.

The effect was unexpectedly good, and the degree of damage to the body was also acceptable.

“This moon is only used to peel off part of the earth, and it is far from having the power to seal Bijuu… If I really meet a powerful Bijuu in the future and need to use this technique…”

I have to create an even bigger moon.

Tendo Pain calculated repeatedly and couldn’t help but look up at the distant sky.

On the planet outer space, there was a real moon floating.

It was created by the Sage of the Six Path thousands of years ago.

“Compared to the Sage of the Six Paths, the moon I created is far from enough.” Tendo Pain’s voice was cold and seemed very dissatisfied.

Kisame took a deep breath and laughed, “Please don’t say it like that.

It puts a lot of pressure on us… Isn’t the leader a bit too powerful”

A god, someone who possesses such power and obviously doesn’t use all his strength… It’s not unacceptable that he claims to be a god to rule them.

Among everyone, only Obito and Xu were the calmest.

Black Zetsu has a dead face and was without any emotional fluctuations.

“As expected of the two of you.

You can still remain calm in the face of this level of eye technique.

It seems that I am still far from it.” Kisame thought silently.

“Amegakure, from now on, it will belong to us, Akatsuki.

Now, we will recruit survivors.

We will carry out a ban on communication with the outside world for this Country of Rain.”

Tendo Pain stared coldly at the severely damaged village.

The era of Demigod had passed, and the era of True God had arrived.

The little moon floating in the sky was the proof of erasing the traces of the old era.

A purge began.

A large number of people were killed.

Blood and screams became a sonar that resounded through the night sky.

Similarly, many people survived and obeyed Pain.

At this moment, the entire Amegakure had become Akatsuki’s base.

“So, what is your next plan” Obito looked at the heavy rain outside.

Tendo Pain said coldly, “To recruit powerful members.

Our goal is the S-rank missing-nin in each village and to strengthen the Akatsuki organization.

When the time is right, the plan to capture the Bijuu will be officially launched.”

“Are there any targets”

“Sunagakure’s missing-nin – Sasori of Red Sand, Takigakure missing-nin, Kakuzu.

I heard that there is a guy called Hiruko in Mount Shumisen.

He is a Konoha’s A-rank missing-nin and very active lately.

We can also observe him.”

Pain: “Time is on our side.

Once we have accumulated enough power, we will begin to seize Bijuu.”

“It is really simple and crude… But then again, as long as there is enough power, this world will always become much simpler.”

Obito slowly put on his hood, “From now on, I will turn from light to darkness.

In the future, the new members will no longer know the name of Akatsuki Uchiha Madara.”

Tendo Pain said, “What about Xu Does Xu want to follow you to the dark”

“No, this has nothing to do with him.

Moreover, the two of us are not as compatible as you think.”

“I know.

You don’t have to explain.

After all, from friends to enemies, this kind of change will indeed bring trouble.”

Tendo Pain snorted coldly and sat on the bench.

His cold eyes clearly carried a kind of confidence that he already knew the truth.


Obito was too lazy to pay attention to this guy.

He felt that Nagato was becoming more and more strange.

Xu, or perhaps Yuuji, would bring him trouble Don’t joke around! That guy was just a tool for him to use.

Once he used it enough, he would discard it!


Obito’s figure disappeared.

Outside, it was raining.

Inside, Tendo Pain sat quietly, overlooking everything in the outside world.

The entire Amegakure was within his field of vision.

“What a beautiful village… The power to deter the world is rising from here.”

Tendo Pain said in a low voice.

No matter how much they tried to hide the news of Amegakure’s fall, they were still able to send out some vague news.

Akatsuki used cruel methods to massacre Amegakure and used the strictest methods to deal with the remaining survivors.

This process was inevitable to leak out in vague news.

When the other villages received this information, they did not care about it at first.

In their opinion, perhaps there was another rebellion in the Country of Rain.

This often appeared in this crying country.

As long as Hanzo was here, he could easily kill those rebels.

As usual, the Big Ninja Village sent some ninjas to investigate the information about the Country of Rain.

But this time, they were surprised.

“… What All the people who entered the Country of Rain have lost contact”

Fourth Hokage’s heart skipped a beat.

He immediately became serious.

“Not only that, according to the news from our spies in other villages, the other villages also seemed to have encountered this kind of thing… The entire Country of Rain has started to close off and investigate all unfamiliar faces.” The Anbu said while kneeling on one knee.

Minato pondered for a moment.

He then waved his hand and Anbu withdrew.

“This kind of change in policy is a bit strange… What is Hanzo planning”

After thinking for a while, he directly shelved it.

It is not a big deal.

Moreover, this sudden thing is not strange.

If Hanzo can pull himself together, it can also deter other villages.

Minato called Kakashi.

“Kakashi, are you still practicing hard” Minato looked at Kakashi gently.

Kakashi, who was wearing Anbu’s mask, nodded coldly, “I am getting further and further away from the two of them.

I must work harder to catch up a little bit.”

“Is that so You really are training hard…”

Minato was silent.

Kakashi had indeed fallen behind Konoha’s three strongest geniuses.

But this is also something that can’t be helped.

The other two are cheating, and Kakashi has nothing…

If he wanted to become stronger, he could only rely on the saber technique taught by Konoha White Fang to achieve the same thing as Konoha White Fang back then.

“Kakashi, you will become the person you want to become, but your character also needs to be changed…”

Minato sighed and took out another document, “Daimyo once again sent a document to Konoha, requesting to select the candidates for the twelve guardians.

Konoha needs to…”

“Do you need me to go” Kakashi asked.

“No, but Rin seems to be very interested… In the next few years, you may not be able to meet again.

You have to be prepared.”

Kakashi nodded noncommittally.

He did not care about such things at all.

Right now, his mind was only filled with Saber Techniques and missions.

Other than that, his life was all gray.

Kakashi would not care about Nohara Rin’s choice at all.

Minato finally decided on the candidates for the twelve guardians – Nohara Rin and Sarutobi Asuma.

“If there are these two people, I think they would be enough.

We need to send the daimyo’s people away as soon as possible…”

Minato signed his name on the document, and the document officially took effect.

Rin and Asuma will become the guardians of the Country of Fire daimyo and serve as the twelve guardians.

Among them, there was the Third Hokage’s son and the Fourth Hokage student.

It should be enough to give a face to the daimyo.

“Kakashi, there is a new mission for you to do…” Minato thought for a while, then said solemnly, “My wife, Kushina, is pregnant.

She needs someone to protect her secretly.

I hope you can do it.”

“Mission Understood.

I will use my life to protect Kushina-sama.”

When the word “mission” was mentioned, Kakashi was immediately shocked.

Now that Fourth Hokage mention this, he was not sleepy anymore.

Minato looked at Kakashi and sighed.

He hoped that Kakashi could feel the value and beauty of life through this mission.

He didn’t know where the problem was, but Kakashi rushed on the bad road.

On the street.

Kakashi, who had taken off Anbu’s mask, put his hands in his pockets and walked indifferently.

His pair of eyes looked numbly at the people coming and going, and he always felt that he was incompatible with this world.

At this time, there was a loud noise in front of him, and then a large number of people rushed over.

“Money Release: The Art of Spending Money!”

A young and tender voice shouted.

Immediately after, a large amount of money flew in the air, causing countless people to fight over it.

“Hahaha, even Konohagakure is just so-so.

The First Ninja Village also needs money.”

A fat teenager laughed with his hands on his hips.

Kakashi glanced at him.

“Is he a noble descendant…” Kakashi walked in a straight line, knocking away the villagers who were fighting for money and passing by the young man.

From beginning to end, he did not look at the banknotes that were everywhere.

“Huh” The little fatty glanced at Kakashi and frowned.

Then, he followed along.

“Young Master…”

“Shut up.

There is nothing in this world that money can’t do.

If Money is in place when you issue missions, even Jonin will rush to execute them!”

The little fatty’s eyes shone.

He pondered that this white hair wearing a mask should be the legendary Hatake Kakashi, the famous Konoha Genius.

“If I can include such a person among the twelve guardians, I think father will be very happy…”

The little fatty followed Kakashi and quickly lost him.

“Damn it, where is he Go and find him! Money Release: Money Clone Technique!”

The little fatty was furious.

He took out a handful of money and threw it fiercely.

A large number of guards rushed up like evil dogs to grab the money and then quickly searched for Kakashi’s whereabouts.

“Money Release… What an interesting game.”

Kakashi avoided these guys and appeared in Yuuji’s house.

Yuuji poured a cup of tea for Kakashi.

“I heard that you joined Anbu recently.

How do you feel” Yuuji looked at the increasingly cold Kakashi in front of him.

This guy’s state is much worse than in the original work.

He is more and more like an emotionless mission tool, more like a root ninja…

“There is a harvest, but the harvest is not as big as I imagined.” Kakashi nodded coldly and said in a deep voice, “I can already clearly feel that my progress is slowing down, becoming slower and slower.”

“Is… Is that so”

“Therefore, I want to ask you to help me to obtain more powerful strength… A few years ago, you said that as long as I encounter a problem, I can come to you.” Kakashi placed a short knife on the table.

Yuuji nodded, “Becoming stronger is really a simple idea.”

However, how exactly should Kakashi become stronger was actually a difficult problem.

At this age, being able to reach the level of Jonin without cheating was already far beyond ordinary people.

“If you want to become stronger in a short period of time, there are three ways; to transplant the bloodline limit, master senjutsu, and seize Bijuu’s chakra.”

Yuuji raised three fingers, and said in a flat voice, “Kakashi, about senjutsu, don’t think about it.

That is the technique only taught by the Three Big Unexplored ‘Sage’ Regions.

As for the bloodline limit and Bijuu chakra, I can help you think of a way.”

He was very optimistic about Kakashi’s future.

It could be said that in the entire Naruto series, Kakashi was the only one who did not cheat, but stood on an extremely high level.

In “The Legend of Kakashi”, even if this guy loses Obito’s Sharingan and was unable to use Kamui and Susanoo, the strength displayed by him could be said to be the first echelon under Naruto.

Whether it was using the self-created earth release technique to cover a village and protect it for more than a day, or even killing 50 special jonin ninjas without injuries, or even fighting against a Treasured Tools of the Sage of Six Paths, he displayed a ridiculously strong fighting strength.

But that was after the age of 30, not this youth who was less than 14 years old.

“Bloodlimit Limit and Bijuu Chakra…” Kakashi lowered his head and fell into deep thought.

This was the first time he had heard of Senjutsu, and he didn’t know much about it.

But since Yuuji said no, then Kakashi wouldn’t hesitate any longer.

Yuuji, “Bloodline Limit, either develop a bloodline limit by fusing chakra attributes, or seize other people’s ready-made bloodline limit and transplant them to oneself.

As for Bijuu’s chakra, it’s more troublesome, almost impossible…”

Kakashi fell silent.

No, it’s not like that.

It’s possible to obtain Bijuu’s chakra, although it’s very difficult…

“I received a mission from Yondaime to protect Kushina-sama until she successfully gave birth,” Kakashi said indifferently.

Yuuji’s expression changed, but he did not immediately answer.

He just tapped the table with his index finger.

In an instant, the atmosphere in the entire room was deathly silent.

No one knew what Yuuji was thinking, and no one knew what step Kakashi was going to take at this moment.

“Kushina-senpai is the Kyuubi Jinchuriki.

Once the Kyuubi went berserk, the consequences would be very troublesome.”

“But if you really want Bijuu’s Chakra…”

Yuuji muttered.

It was not impossible.

Suddenly, he asked, “I heard that the daimyo’s people still hasn’t given up.

They want to find a strong new generation in Konoha to protect their safety”

Kakashi nodded, “Yes, their descendants are still showing off in the village and causing quite a bit of commotion.”

“Understood… Let’s wait a bit longer.

Kakashi strictly carries out the mission of Yondaime-sama.”

Yuuji slowly closed his eyes.

Kakashi got up and took back the short knife.

He turned around and walked out of the room.

When he stepped into the ridiculously large courtyard, he saw Yamato practicing.

He originally did not care.

“Mokuton: Daijurin no Jutsu(Wood Release: Great Forest Technique)!”

A big tree quickly grew out from nothing.

Kakashi’s figure suddenly stopped, and his face slightly changed.

This is… Mokuton! The legendary Mokuton Ninjutsu that only the First Hokage has mastered!

“Ah, Kakashi-senpai, I’m really sorry.

I didn’t expect you to finish talking so quickly…” Yamato was flustered, but it was too late to cover it up.

Kakashi was silent for a moment and said coldly, “You are Yuuji’s disciples.

I won’t harm you.

Although I don’t know what is going on with your Mokuton, I won’t tell anyone.

Don’t worry.”

After suppressing the shock in his heart, he pushed open the door and left.

After Kakashi left.

Yamato walked into the house and looked at Yuuji with a puzzled expression, “Brother, didn’t you say that no matter what, I can’t expose Mokuton Ninjutsu Why did you deliberately let him see it”

“Orochimaru was temporarily killed.

There is no need to hide Mokuton matter anymore deliberately.


Yuuji gulped down the tea in his cup.

This is a very interesting thing.

What will you do, Kakashi…

The next few days were calm and peaceful.

No one came to look for Yamato, and no one was monitoring him.

“I see.

It seems that you have made your choice.

This is good.”

Yuuji chuckled.

Finally, he used several years to successfully pull Kakashi’s will to his side.

Even if the Hokage came out, it was useless.

The strongest batch in this generation, we’re all in the palms of Yuuji.

In a few years, when these people completely grew up, the situation would be very different.

“Since that’s the case, I should be more concerned about the matter of the twelve guardians.

It didn’t make that sissy flinch when I said the word daimyo…”

Yuuji slowly got up.

He looked at the scenery outside the window.

Akatsuki became more and more active.

What about that one

Thousands of years ago, he shrunk himself to enter the monk’s ear in order to survive, Otsutsuki Isshiki… What are you doing now

There were also a few Otsutsuki who were frantically searching for Ninja World’s coordinates and wandering around the universe.

Coupled with the Otsutsuki Hamura lineage on the moon, tsk tsk, this ninja world will only become more and more lively.


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