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This was the first time that Pain had announced his identity to the world in this manner.

He boasted of being a god, acting in the name of a god, using the power of a god to erase the mistakes in this world, and rewrite the tragedy of everything.

Thinking about it carefully, only the legendary gods could do these things.

“Hehe, he actually thinks of himself as a god.

What an arrogant guy…”

Hanzo slowly raised his head and looked at the guy in front of him with an ugly expression.

What were the identities of these people in front of him Why did they all have Rinnegan What was their relationship with Nagato

“Hanzo, you, who are as humble as an ant, can be crowned as a Demigod in the dirty world because of the world’s ignorance.

In front of me, a True God, everything about you will disappear.”

Tendo Pain said indifferently, “Being constantly invaded by your own poison… Change into a new filter and fight with me! In front of the power of God, you will personally feel your own weakness!”


Hanzo widened his eyes.

He felt that he had suffered the greatest humiliation in his life.

In his anger, he took out a sealed scroll on the spot and slapped it hard.

“Pain, you will regret it!”

Hanzo shouted angrily.

He summoned a new filter as quickly as possible and put it on himself.

“Hahahaha! Is this leader He is so confident and insists on facing a Demigod who is ready” White Zetsu cried out strangely.

Black Zetsu said calmly, “With his strength, even if his opponent is the young Hanzo, he is nothing to be afraid of.

Moreover, Hanzo is already old and no longer as sharp and bold as before.”

Everyone spread out and watched carefully.

Especially the core members of Akatsuki; they wanted to see the power of their leader with their own eyes.

Rinnegan… What was the power of these eyes What level did the six puppets created by Nagato have They wanted to know.

Akatsuki’s leader.

If he only relied on the name of Sage’s eyes, it was absolutely impossible to subdue them.

The three tomoe in Obito’s eyes were constantly spinning as he stared fixedly at the six Pain.

“Rinnegan is the next level of Eternal Mangekyou…What kind of power does it possess”

Obito silently pondered.

It was impossible for him to say that he did not have any thoughts about Rinnegan.

He even wanted his eyes to be upgraded to Rinnegan, but this was destined to be impossible.

“Nagato, I hope that you can truly control these eyes.

If you can’t do it, then your value is nothing.

You really are only worthy of being a vessel that can nourish Rinnegan.”

The three tomoe in Obito’s eyes moved.

Tendo Pain said indifferently, “All of you, retreat.

This is the battle between True Gods and False Gods.”

Everyone hesitated and retreated a little.

“… I am talking about you, Xu; don’t stand by my side!” Tendo Pain glared at him.

“I understand.

As expected of the leader.

This kind of powerful power is worthy of praise.”

Xu nodded as if nothing had happened.

He merged into the ground and soon emerged from the distance.

Tendo Pain coldly snorted, and the eye power in his eyes became even more astonishing.

In the next moment, the six Pain moved.

They turned into six sharp arrows, divided into two teams, and attacked Hanzo in a pincer attack.

“There are six enemies, and I am at a disadvantage in terms of numbers…”

Hanzo retreated quickly and observed for a moment.

He activated the summoning technique again and summoned several giant salamanders to be cannon fodder.

But soon, he realized that this was not the right decision.

Summoning Technique!

Animal Path formed a seal, directly summoning a dog and a bird.

What made Hanzo even more alarmed was that these two large summoned beasts also had Rinnegan in their eyes…

Can Sage’s eyes be wholesale


The battle between the summoned beasts was the first to begin.

The salamanders directly opened their mouths and spat out a large amount of poison.

Although it was several times weaker than the poison of Ibuse, it still had a miraculous effect when killing ordinary creatures.

However, they were not facing ordinary creatures.


The poison covered the area, killing the cells in large quantities.

Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!

The hell dog began to expand and split into many dogs, which could not be killed no matter how they were killed.

That big bird was also very difficult to deal with; it grabbed a salamander into the sky and let it fall to death.

“Asura Path!”

The figure of Asura Path Pain changed; his upper body bent and shot out several chakra tracking missiles toward Hanzo.

Hanzo waved his sickle, grabbed the chain with one hand, and suddenly threw it out.

It draws a huge arc in the air and slashed these missiles in succession.


A violent explosion occurred.

By the time Hanzo withdrew his scythe, Human Path had already attacked him and grabbed him with one hand.

“These guys are bizarre.

There are no traces of ninjutsu casting…”

Hanzo’s face sank.

He recalled the scene when Nagato summoned a strange giant statue and devoured a large number of souls.

He immediately raised his foot and was about to kick Human Path away.

At this moment, Human Path suddenly raised his hand to block this attack.

He took a step forward and reached out his hand to grab it.


Hanzo was grabbed on the face.

Soon, he felt a strange force begin to invade his brain.

“So that’s how it is.

Human Path… This guy’s ability is to search for memories.”


Hanzo turned into a ball of water and disappeared.

Water body.

“At the back.”

Tendo Pain said coldly.

Hanzo suddenly came out and formed a seal with both hands, activating the technique he had already prepared.

“Katon: Kibaku Enjin(Fire Release: Exploding Flame Formation)!”

There was an explosion at the foot of the Human Path, which immediately blew the Human Path into pieces.

“I killed one.

It seems that your eyes are not very good.

At least there is a limit.”

Hanzo sneered and felt the pressure all over his body suddenly relieved.

He looked at the remaining five Pain and stared at the five pairs of Rinnegan.

“That woman can summon a peculiar summoned beast.

The buff man can transform and launch chakra weapons.

The leader, Yahiko, can create a repulsive force.

If the one who I killed just now can read memories, then I can be sure…”

“Each person at least has a specific ability.

It is very tricky.”

Hanzo pondered for a moment and did not stop.

He once again rushed to the other five Pain.

The six figures turned into an astonishing afterimage and began to fight fiercely.

Hanzo was constantly retreating.

He did not dare to get close to these guys, nor did he dare to be surrounded.

Pain’s ability made him extremely fearful.


Hanzo secretly formed a seal.

After luring a Pain over, he cast another Exploding Flame Formation.

Intense flames rose into the air, devouring everything.

“If that’s the case, then you guys… what” Hanzo’s expression changed.

He saw that all the explosions suddenly began to shrink and were completely absorbed by the Pain.

This guy’s ability is to absorb ninjutsu…

Hanzo looked around with an ugly expression.

Even if he killed six Pain, he would have to face the attacks of Akatsuki’s other members… Why would these experts join Akatsuki

Tendo Pain said, “The struggles of ants are just the most insignificant thing in the eyes of the gods… Hell Path.”

The Hell Path was a man with a strange smile on his face.

He summoned the head of the King of Hell that ordinary people could not see and threw the corpse fragments into it.

The King of Hell chewed a few times and spat out an intact Human Path.

“How is this possible The last Pain ability is resurrection” Hanzo’s expression changed, and he felt a chill.

“Feel the pain, Shinra Tensei!”


A terrifying repulsive force suddenly shot out that covered a wide area.

The ground instantly caved in and was torn apart.

Hanzo roared and summoned a salamander to block it, but it was completely useless this time.

The salamander that bore the brunt was crushed into flesh by this repulsive force on the spot, and its flesh splattered.

Hanzo himself was sent flying, and his entire body suffered a violent impact.

His bones were broken and his internal organs were bleeding.

When all the smoke dissipated.

Everyone saw.

With Tendo Pain’s outstretched palm as the starting point, a fan-shaped depression appeared in front of him.

Everywhere it covered was razed to the ground.

This kind of powerful and unreasonable attack was enough to make people’s faces change.

“Damn it…”

Hanzo stood up, his face covered in dirt.

His body was seriously injured.

“Bansh Ten’in!”

Tendo Pain opened his hand.

Hanzo, who was a hundred meters away, was full-back by a powerful suction force.

“It was repulsion just now, and now it’s an attraction force…”

Hanzo gritted his teeth and took off the filter on his mouth.

Dokugiri(Poison Mist)!

A large amount of poisonous mist was released from Hanzo’s mouth.

This time, he even extracted the poison from the poison sac buried in his abdomen and spat it out.

At this time, Hanzo was the most dangerous.

Even if it were just breathing, it carried a poisonous mist that was enough to kill ordinary people.

“It’s impossible for you to dodge at such a close distance! No matter what you are, you will die under my poison!” Hanzo’s eyes were bloodshot.

The poison attacked.


Tendo Pain just coldly said, “Hungry Ghost Path.”

Hungry Ghost Path suddenly appeared in front of Tendo Pain and opened his hands.

It was going to absorb it just like before.


The hands of the Hungry Ghost Path started to be soaked with poison and were crippled on the spot.

“Hmph, it’s not a ninjutsu, but real poison…” Tendo Pain looked indifferent.

Hungry Ghost Path can absorb almost all forms of ninjutsu.

Whether it is fire release or water release, there is no problem.

But the salamander poison that Hanzo extracted from the poison sac in his abdomen was not transformed from chakra.

This led to the Hungry Ghost Path being poisoned on the spot.

“As expected of the fellow known as a Demigod.

He managed to analyze the characteristics of Six Paths of Pain so quickly.” Many people revealed expressions of shock.

Black Zetsu quickly analyzed, trying his best to grasp as much information as possible about Rinnegan’s eye technique.

“The power of these eyes is quite impressive.

Although it is still far from being able to bring out Rinnegan’s true power.

Nagato must be hiding a trump card…” Black Zetsu pondered.

After all, this was not Nagato’s own eyes, but Madara’s.


Hanzo’s body was still sucked over by Tendo Pain.

“You will also die under my poison!” Hanzo stared at him with bloodshot eyes.


Tendo Pain calculated the time and suddenly changed his eye technique.

Shinra Tensei!

The attraction force quickly transformed into a repulsive force in an extremely short period of time, which instantly heavily injured Hanzo.


Hanzo spat out a large mouthful of blood and lay on the ground, his eyes almost spinning!

“Looks like it’s over.

The legend of Ninja World is about to end here.” Kisame looked at the battle seriously.

To be honest, it was very interesting.

Hanzo was indeed strong.

Even if he lost his spirit and his body had aged, he was still strong enough.

Especially that kind of incurable poison; even Hanzo himself could not bear it.

He also poisoned the Hungry Ghost Path and killed the Human Path.


“The identity of the leader is too mysterious.

Is it really just Yahiko” Kisame laughed in a low voice.

During his time in the Country of Rain, he had also been searching for information.

Was this Yahiko really the original Yahiko

If he wasn’t, then it would be interesting.

“First of all, he expended a lot of strength fighting Xu, and then he had to face our leader… To a certain extent, these two people are not very afraid of Hanzo’s poison.”

Obito used Sharingan to observe everything.

Hanzo was worthy of the title of Demigod.

He was very strong, but he was relatively unlucky.

Because Xu and Pain, one was a clone, and the other was a puppet.

Even if they were killed, they could recover in minutes.

They were not afraid of salamander poison at all.

If it were someone like Kisame, it would be really uncomfortable.

If Hanzo casually sprayed a mouthful of poison into the rain, Kisame would have to expend a lot of effort to deal with it.

If the poison hit them, they would basically die.

Even if they were injected with a special antidote in time, it would depend on their luck to survive.

Kisame directly sprayed out a water release technique to wash away the rain on the ground along a large amount of poisonous water.

Only then did everyone jump down one after another and surround Hanzo in the middle.

They looked down at the Demigod Ninja World who had fallen to the ground.


A bolt of lightning that tore through the sky appeared and disappeared in a flash.

It illuminated everything for a short period of time, but it permanently engraved this tragic scene.

“Hanzo-sama… lost”

“Impossible! How could a Demigod lose How could a Demigod lose”

Many of the Ame ninjas had looks of despair on their faces.

Was the legend that had shocked Ninja World for decades about to come to an end at this moment


Many people knelt on the ground and wept bitterly, unable to believe this fact.

Hanzo coughed violently.

He staggered and tried to stand up.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t even stand up.

The bones in his body had already been shattered.

The countdown to death had already entered.

Xu said, “Your Excellency, please be at ease.

Akatsuki will bring unprecedented peace to this dirty world.”

Xu looked at this Demigod who was at the end of the road.

Was Hanzo strong Strong, really strong.

This was clearly called the man standing at the peak of Ninja World.

Unfortunately, the loss of vitality and age had become an important push to push this man into the abyss.

Not to mention, being targeted by the young Nagato had already decided his fate.

“Did you hear that The entire Country of Rain is crying.

These people are mourning for you and sending you a sincere funeral.”

Tendo Pain looked up at the sky.

The rain had become lighter, but there was no sign of stopping.

This was the tragedy of this terrible country.

Even seeing the sun was an extravagant hope.


Hanzo knelt on the ground and buried his head in the rain.

The blood mixed with the heavy rain had turned into a red color.

He suddenly laughed.

“What’s so funny about it, you rotten product of the old era.” Tendo Pain lowered his head and looked at him.

“In this new era, it is not impossible to rely on this kind of power… But unfortunately, you have no future.”

Hanzo grabbed his abdomen with one hand, roared, and used his last strength to pull out the poison sac.

When he was young, he dug out the poison sac of a dead poisonous salamander and transplanted it into his abdomen, then let it accumulate.

This poison sack helped him become a Demigod that shook Ninja World step by step.


Hanzo pulled out the broken poison sack and let out a crazy laugh.

“Even I can’t withstand this kind of poison.

All of you must die… Since I’m already dead, I’ll let all of you accompany me in death along with this village!”

“The era of Demigods has passed, but the age of young people has not yet arrived.

The future can never belong to Akatsuki, and it can never belong to you, the so-called god!”

Hanzo roared, and the luster in his eyes slowly dissipated.

Everyone hurriedly looked back, but the poison in the poison sac had already spread.

“I will dilute this thing with the Water Colliding Wave!” Kisame said in a deep voice.

Tendo Pain was silent for a moment and shook his head.

He stepped back slowly, almost stepping on the edge of the spreading poison.

“If this poison is allowed to spread, the entire Amegakure will be abandoned and no longer suitable for human habitation.”

When Konan appeared, she thought of something, and her expression immediately changed, “Wait, do you want to use that technique No!”

“I have to try anyway.”

Tendo Pain raised a hand.

In an instant, a terrifying fluctuation suddenly burst forth.

“What Could the leader still have an even stronger power that hasn’t been revealed” Kisame was startled.

He felt a heavy pressure in front of this fluctuation, and this burst of chakra was also ridiculously strong.

Black Zetsu’s heart jumped, and he firmly stared at Tendo Pain, “Could it be, it was that thing which sealed mother…”

Tendo Pain suddenly closed his hands, and terrifying chakra gathered.

A chakra ball was created.

“Hey, hey, hey, isn’t this Bijuudama The leader can’t be playing this big, right” White Zetsu shouted.

Black Zetsu shouted, “Shut up, this is obviously not Bijuudama!”

The next moment, the sphere suddenly rose into the air and flew into the sky.


The sphere in the sky erupted with an astonishing suction force as if it wanted to absorb the entire world.

The earth shook violently as if the entire crust of the earth was about to be overturned, and terrifying cracks that made one’s scalp tingle appeared.

Countless boulders were sucked up on the spot, gathering towards the chakra sphere in the sky.

“Chibaku… Tensei(Planetary Devastation)!!”


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