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Mokuton: Deep Forest Emergence!

The black forest that was brewing with terrifying killing intent once again began to expand wildly.

Countless large trees quickly drilled out and rose from the ground.

In a very short period of time, they became towering trees.

Not only that, but the many large black trees grew horizontally and crazily expanding the scope of the tree world.

This dense forest at this moment, roared as it charged toward Hanzo.

“It really is the Deep Forest Emergence…”

Hanzo’s eyelids twitched wildly.

It couldn’t be wrong.

This level of Mokuton’s ninjutsu could easily create a large forest… This ability was something only the legendary Deep Forest Emergence could do.

“Xu, who are you Why are you attacking my village What is your relationship with Nagato!”

Hanzo could not help but roar.

However, Xu clearly had no intention of responding to him.

This dangerous masked man, who seemed to have no body, only tilted his head as if he was very interested in all of his actions.

Hanzo quickly retreated and nimbly avoided the giant trees that were coming at him.


The scene was extremely savage.

In his field of vision, countless thick tree trunks were like giant hands, overlapping each other as they pounced at him at different speeds.

Hanzo retreated continuously, which directly caused the black forest to begin invading Amegakure in a large area.

The countless tall buildings, along with the dense water drainage pipes, were so fragile in front of this forest that were expanding like it was alive.

Just a slight touch would shatter them.

“My village… bastard, don’t look down on me!”

Hanzo waved his weapon.

Hagama no Mai: Rakuk no Yaiba(Dance of the Sickle Blade: Falling Descent Blade)!


A crisp sound rang out.

With Hanzo’s ability and powerful chakra and body technique, he cut off several tree trunks in one breath, but his weapon also suffered damage.

More trees came crashing down, but they were all cut off by Hanzo.

Although he was old, he still showed strong physical skills and amazing combat experience.

“This hardness is it really wood!”

Hanzo felt like his scalp was going to explode.

After cutting open empty space, it quickly recovered.

Now, he realized that cutting these trees was the worst decision he could make.

In the time it took for a spark to fly.

Hanzo raised his head and glanced, and in the gaps where countless tree trunks moved and intertwined, he looked at Xu.

“If I delay any longer, the others will be attracted over… I must kill that guy as soon as possible.”

Hanzo looked up and saw that the distance was too far.

He gritted his teeth and formed a seal with his hands.

He activated his Summoning Technique and summoned his most powerful weapon.

Giant Brown Salamander, Ibuse!


A huge monster suddenly appeared.

“Ibuse, hide underground, the deeper the better!”

Ibuse swallowed Hanzo in one gulp and buried its head deep into the ground.

Soon, the giant salamander rushed out again, covered in wounds, and pounced on Xu.

“Giant Summoned Beast, this kind of thing is the most useless against me.

You can’t be unaware of this, right”

As he spoke, many black trees instantly wrapped around this Giant Summoned Beast.

Mokuton was best at dealing with this kind of big fellow.

Ibuse hissed and used its ridiculously strong strength to crazily tear the trees, but even more black trees surged over.

The trees began to pierce through Ibuse’s body, causing a large amount of poisonous blood to flow out.

It was one of Ninja World’s most poisonous poisons, and when it touched the trees, it actually produced a sizzling sound.

“Ibuse, Poison Mist!” Hanzo shouted.

The dying Ibuse opened its mouth.

Then, it used the last of its strength to spit out a terrifying poisonous mist.

The Salamander Poison.

The terrifying poisonous mist turned into thick smoke that could be seen with the naked eye and surged to Xu.

After spitting out this attack, Ibuse almost lost all its strength and let out a wail.

Hanzo’s heart ached to death.

He could become the strongest in the hearts of countless ninjas.

One of the important factors was that he relied on this extremely poisonous salamander, Ibuse!

Now, in order to deal with this Mokuton ninja, Ibuse would probably not be able to survive this.

Naturally, Hanzo’s overall strength would drop by a large margin.

“Die here.

No matter who it is, even if you are Senju Hashirama, you will die in this level of poisonous mist!”

Hanzo’s eyes were bloodshot.

A large amount of poisonous mist spread out.

Not to mention this super-concentrated poisonous mist released by Ibuse, just Ibuse’s blood carried a poison that ordinary people could not bear.

The poisonous mist began to spread.

Even if there were a downpour, it would not be able to erase the spreading poisonous mist truly.

Some of the poison mixed into the water and flowed out.

Many of the Ame ninjas who were standing in the distance hoped to see Hanzo kill the enemy, but they became the first group of people affected by the poison.


“Not good, hold your breath! Everyone, hold your breath!”

“There is poison in the water, but it can penetrate the skin.

Run to a higher place!”

“Retreat! Everyone, stay away from the battlefield immediately! The farther the better!”

However, it was too late.

The ninja earlier quickly fell and died on the spot.

More people held their breath and ran a few steps before dying on the spot.

The many Ame ninjas fled in fear.

They hoped that Hanzo could make a move, but unfortunately, Hanzo was no longer in the mood to care about their lives.

Everything was worth it as long as he could kill this terrifying Mokuton Ninja.

Under Hanzo’s expectant gaze.

The extremely strong poison from the poisonous mist sprayed toward Xu.

The poison spread and passed layer upon layer of trees.

“Very good, this fellow is too arrogant.

As long as he is poisoned…” A hint of malice appeared in Hanzo’s eyes.

Why didn’t he immediately control a large number of trees to form a wall to stop his poisonous fog


Xu raised his head and looked at the violent poisonous mist that was rushing toward him.

“The poison that shocked Ninja World, this kind of thing…”

In the next moment, he was enveloped by the dense poisonous mist.

The moment he came into contact with it, the cells on his body began to die on a large scale.

“It’s really amazing.

This kind of poison… can actually kill a layer of my cells.”

Xu nodded repeatedly, his face full of praise.

Soon, his body began to shrink, and a large number of cells died.

In the end.

With a clatter, his mask fell to the ground, as if he was dead.

“Hmph, is he dead This guy is too arrogant.

That’s why I got him.” Hanzo took a deep breath.

A look of relief appeared on his face.

He turned around and looked at his giant salamander.

Many big trees had pierced through it, and its body was strung into a mess.

Poisonous blood and internal organs poured out continuously.

It had already lost its life.

“My salamander…” Hanzo’s eyes revealed a pained expression.

“What a pity, your big lizard is dead.”

A voice was heard, and Hanzo’s face changed greatly!

Xu slowly grew out of a black tree trunk, looking completely intact.

“How could it be Is it a genjutsu or…”

Hanzo looked at the original place and found that the white mask that had fallen there had disappeared quietly.

“Why aren’t you dead yet” Hanzo’s voice was cold.

Xu tilted his head and looked at him, “It’s very simple because I can’t die at all.”

Even if he were killed to the point that only a single cell remained, he would still be resurrected on the spot in minutes.

He only needed to scatter some cells in this forest randomly, and he would be able to reproduce new bodies at any time.


Hanzo’s eyes flashed with uneasiness.

He picked up the sickle and suddenly slashed out.

Kenjutsu: Flash!

A vicious attack, the speed was extremely fast, and it struck Xu.


A violent collision occurred.

The black robe was cut in half, but Xu only swayed slightly and floated up again.

He stood where he was as if he had not suffered any damage.

“After breaking the black robe, I did not come into contact with the real body.

Is this a water-form secret technique similar to the Hozuki Clan Hydrification, or…” Hanzo’s eyes were bloodshot.


Large amounts of brambles suddenly merged together and grabbed Hanzo.


Dozens of brambles attacked, and Hanzo hurriedly dodged.

However, a huge wound still appeared on his chest.

In the first place, Hanzo’s body was already severely damaged because of the large amount of poisonous mist that spread out.

“Damn it!”

Hanzo took out the antidote and injected it into his body.

He then hurriedly retreated.

Xu only looked at him, “It’s really sad, even my own body can’t bear this kind of poison…”

Hanzo gritted his teeth.

The scene of him being injured and retreating was seen by some people in the distance.

Their expressions changed greatly.

“This, Hanzo-sama is actually injured!”

“He is a Demigod, but he was actually…”

“Who is the enemy who can use Mokuton to resist the salamander poison”

Many Ame ninjas felt their faith collapse.

Hanzo-sama, shouldn’t he be invincible Shouldn’t he be the strongest

But why was he injured

The myth was shattered.

Looking out, there was only the endless black forest that seemed to have emerged from the pure land of the underworld.

It was surging with the aura of death.

“Damned fellow…”

Hanzo clutched his chest, his eyes were bloodshot.

With a roar, he turned around and was about to retreat.

He really felt uneasy.

This fellow in front of him was too strange.

“It’s useless.

You can’t escape.

Our organization has surrounded the entire Amegakure… Ah, our leader is already here.”

They were chasing after him frivolously.

The other members of Akatsuki also attacked, targeting Hanzo.

These few people were all people with astonishing combat strength.

Along the way, they killed countless Ame ninjas.

In this village full of tall buildings and drain pipes.

No matter how Hanzo tried to escape, he was already locked and targeted.

“Shinra Tensei!”


An astonishing shockwave instantly struck him.

Several buildings were blasted around him.

Hanzo, who was shuttling through the air, was hit in the face.

In the time it took for a spark to fly, he stepped on a few pieces of gravel and barely escaped from Shinra Tensei’s direct attack.


A corpse was thrown in front of Hanzo.

“You actually fell to such a degree and even specially cultivated a substitute ninja…”

Tendo Pain blasted out a straight line of flat ground and descended from the sky.

Then, the other five figures also appeared here.

“You! You are Akatsuki’s Yahiko! You should be dead already, and these eyes…”

Hanzo’s expression changed greatly, and he looked at the guys in front of him in disbelief.

Six people, six pairs of Rinnegan!

“Leader, it took me a lot of effort to stop this guy…” Xu floated over.

Tendo Pain glanced at him, “Your type has always restrained him.

Moreover, dealing with this kind of guy is not a problem for you, right”


My God, are you so confident in me

Tendo Pain looked at Xu with a look that said, [You don’t have to explain; I won’t listen.

I already know all your secrets.]

“Xu, you step down.

I will deal with this guy.

I will personally deal with him and bring true peace to Amegakure.”

Tendo Pain ordered.

At this time, more and more members of Akatsuki killed their way through Amegakure and rushed over.

They were now looking at the miserable Hanzo with interest.

“Is this legendary Demigod There doesn’t seem to be anything strange about him…” White Zetsu said in a strange tone.

Obito said coldly, “Don’t let your guard down.

This guy’s poison shock the Ninja World.

If it gets swept in, even you won’t be able to stop it.”


Kisame split open a wall and stood on the roof.

He casually hung Samehada and said, “Aiyaya, it looks like there will be a good show to watch… Is the leader going to take action personally”

These few core members of Akatsuki had no intention of interfering at all.

They stood there with interest, ready to watch the show.

What Rush over to help and kill Hanzo Stop joking around.

If you want to fight, then fight one on one.

If you lose, then another one will replace it.

In any case, it’s impossible to play in group.

“These guys…”

Hanzo flipped backward, distancing himself from Six Paths of Pain.

He raised his head and looked at these people warily.

He had already been surrounded by the members of Akatsuki.

Although this encirclement looked very loose, the tangible pressure was real.

“So that’s how it is.

You are all members of the same organization, Akatsuki…”

Hanzo’s expression was extremely ugly.

He covered his shoulder with one hand and continuously took out antidotes to inject them into his body.

“Akatsuki’s Yahiko… So it was revenge.

Hehe, if it were you guys, this old man wouldn’t have any doubts.

But what exactly is going on with those eyes of yours Are you really Yahiko”

Hanzo wanted to buy some time and adjusted his body as much as possible.

“In this world, there is no longer Yahiko.”

Tendo Pain opened his hands, and his eyes slowly widened.

The terrifying Rinnegan exuded a ruthless aura.

“I am Pain.

Tendo Pain that will bring peace to this wrong world!”

Tendo Pain looked down at Hanzo and said in a low voice, “You are known as a Demigod, but you are still only a mortal.

You are trapped in the old shackles and can not break free to see a new light.”

“Under the endless dark clouds, people like you are the strongest haze in the world and need to be eradicated.”

Hanzo gritted his teeth and said, “You are not Yahiko, but you have Rinnegan… Who exactly are you”

The other five Pain also took a step forward and rushed towards Hanzo.

Tendo Pain raised his arm, and powerful chakra began to gather.

Then with a voice full of endless majesty, he slowly opened his mouth:

“I am… God!”


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