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Xu chose the northern part of Amegakure.

With his own strength, he directly launched an attack.

Along the way, he traveled at an astonishing speed.

He was like a ghost wearing a white mask and black clothes with red clouds.

As for the bamboo hat, he had thrown it away from the beginning.

“Amegakure, from now on, it will have a different master.

What a pity.”

In the pouring rain, Xu was slapped by countless raindrops.

He looked up into the distance and saw Amegakure’s Gate.

A few ninjas were faithfully carrying out the task of guarding the gate.

“What a heavy rain.

It’s rare to see this level of rain in the whole year.

It’s like the sky has collapsed.”

“Yes, in this terrible weather, we have to come to watch the gate… It’s good to hide in the house and heat up some wine.”

“I secretly brought a pot of wine~.”

“What This is against the rules of the village.

If you are discovered, you will be finished!”

“What are you afraid of Don’t tell me you will expose me We only need to drink a little secretly.

We won’t be discovered…”

“Hey, wait.

Look over there.

Something is there…”

The ninja was stunned and turned his head to look at it.

Then, his eyes widened.

They saw a ghost-like figure standing in the pouring rain and looking at them with his head tilted.

“What is that thing.”

“He moved, he moved!!”

“Alert, it’s an enemy, there is an enemy…”


This guy who had not even shouted a single word had his chest pierced through by a thorn that extended from afar.

“Don’t shout.

Otherwise, all the enemies will be attracted here.

The other guys will be relaxed.

It will only add to my burden.”

Xu’s body moved up and down continuously and floated over.

According to the time agreement, the others should also make a move at this time.

As everyone knew, Akatsuki couldn’t play in a group.

It was always a one-on-one fight.

Xu seemed to be as light as a balloon, but in fact, his movements were even more swift to the point of frightening people.

At the very least, it almost scared the Ame ninjas to death.

“Attack, kill him!”

“Quickly inform the Anbu-sama!”

“Hmph, only one person dares to attack Amegakure.

You’re courting death!”

The remaining few people roared and took out their weapons.

Although their hearts were filled with fear, they still gritted their teeth and charged at the strange person in front of them.

One of the Ame ninjas took out kunai and ruthlessly slashed at the thorns, intending to rescue his poor companion.


The sound of metal colliding rang out, and the kunai immediately broke off.

“What kind of weapon is this It’s actually so hard” This Ame ninja was stunned.

In the next moment, the thorns suddenly swung and extended.

Its direction suddenly makes a turn and pierces through this person as well.

“In fact, as long as you lie on the ground and pretend to be dead, I have no interest in killing you.

But not only did you not lie down, you even resisted… Then there is no way.”

Xu’s body swayed slightly.

Swish, swish, swish!

The thorny vine instantly began to go berserk.

The terrifying plant that was enough to pierce through everything swayed wildly at a terrifying speed.

Under the heavy rain, it quickly extended out.

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

One voice after another rang out.

It was the sound of their bodies being pierced through.

One brave Ame ninja after another was pierced through in the chest, like candied fruit, strung together.


The thorns were constantly swaying in the air, and large amounts of blood mixed with the falling rain.

The few ninjas that were strung on it let out miserable screams and died one after another.

Xu controlled the thorn to casually throw the body out.

He was not interested in this form of human art at all.

He always strung a bunch of corpses which was boring.

At this time, a large number of Ame ninjas were alarmed and roared as they attacked.

At this time, there was also a loud roar in the other direction.

The other members of Akatsuki had already made their move.

“Well, it seems that the timing of my attack is right.

Then I can kill them all.

If I don’t work hard and get blamed by Nagato, then it will be boring.”

Xu slowly raised his head and looked at the screaming Ame ninjas.

“The intruder in the north is a masked man!”

“Attack! No matter how strong this guy is, he can’t fight against over a hundred of us!”

The numerous Ame ninja looked at the slain companion angrily, and then they roared and attacked.

“Senbon Shower!”

“Summoning Technique!”

A large number of Senbon suddenly rained, and an elite ninja summoned an ordinary salamander and sprayed poison on these Senbon.

Countless Senbon, as if denser than rain, all attacked Xu.

“This guy is dead for sure.

No one can survive this attack.”

“As long as he is injured, he will be poison.

Even if the rain weakens the poison, it will still affect him!”

Many of Ame ninja’s faces revealed a cruel expressions.

But very quickly, their expressions completely changed.

They only saw that countless Senbon rained on Xu’s body, but it was accompanied by a “ding” sound that made their scalp tingle.

Those Senbon were unable to even pierce through the other party’s clothes and mask!

A large number of Senbon fell crookedly to the ground, and a large number of them were broken.

This horrifying scene stunned the Ame ninjas.

“Even my coat can’t be pierced… Since that’s the case, then it’s my turn to make a move.”

“Mokuton: Deep Forest Emergence!”


Countless black trees appeared and rushed out from the ground crazily.

In an instant, they covered a large area.

Even a leaf on these black trees was far sharper beyond imagination, and it can easily cut or even cut off a human body.

Not to mention, the large number of black trees had turned into a black forest that covered hundreds of square meters on the spot.

Moreover, it was expanding at an astonishing speed.

In a split second, Amegakure’s ninjas were all stunned and their minds rumbled.

“This is Mokuton”

“How could it be, Mokuton! This is a technique that the legendary Ninja God has mastered!”

“Such a large-scale attack, run, run! Go and call Hanzo-sama!”

Many people revealed deep fear on their faces.

They turned around and began to flee in panic.

But even so, it was already too late.

The ground beneath their feet suddenly rose, and one after another, protrusions appeared.

One black tree after another emerged, and the moment they caught them, they killed them on the spot.

With a light roll, their bodies split and they died on the spot!

This bloody and ghastly scene made these people feel a bone-piercing chill.

In the midst of roaring and screaming, they used all their strength to protect themselves and launched all kinds of ninjutsu.

However, in the face of this level of attack, it was completely useless.

These Ame ninjas used their lives to attack, intending to cut off these trees and escape.

But even if they used their most powerful ninjutsu, they could only cut off a thin branch.

In the face of the endless black trees, they could only be crushed into meat paste in endless despair.

In an instant, Amegakure’s northern gate has become black jungle and shattered.

Even the huge wall that covered the entire northern part of Amegakure was penetrated and destroyed by a large number of growing black trees.


The northern part of Amegakure was lost, and a large number of ninjas died.

Some of the frightened survivors, fled into the village with their lives on the line and intending to find Hanzo to fight this terrible man.

“The white-masked man from Northern Gate is in control of Mokuton! The north has been lost, and more than a hundred ninjas have been killed!”

“Hanzo-sama, where is Hanzo-sama!”

Soon, screams came from other directions.

There were panicked ninjas who ran in like crazy.

“In the northeast direction, there is a guy with a brown mask.

We feel that he is not human.

Our attacks are completely ineffective!”

“Many of the people he touched disappeared on the spot.

This is an evil ghost!”

“A guy with half black and half white face is also very troublesome.

He created more than a dozen white things, and many of our companions were devoured!”

There was a guy with a broadsword at the east gate that killed many people.

It was suspected to be Kirigakure’s S-rank missing-nin, Hoshigaki Kisame.

As for the west, it was the fastest to fall, and the power it erupted with was no less than that of the North Gate.

“Shinra Tensei!”

A voice that did not contain any emotion was heard.

The entire western area was razed to the ground by this Shinra Tensei.

In the face of the village controlled by the enemy who killed Yahiko, Tendo Pain was incomparably fierce at this moment.

Anyone who dared to stand in front of him would die!

“Human Path, search for the whereabouts of Hanzo!” Tendo Pain ordered in a low voice.

The six of them were clearly alone.

In principle, they did not need to communicate with each other, but the leader of the Akatsuki was a very ceremonial man.

Especially at the moment when Amegakure was destroyed and a new rule was established, the strong impulse in his heart was even more irrepressible.

Human Path nodded and immediately rushed out to hold down an injured Ame Ninja.

“Let me go! Please let me go!”

“Where is Hanzo”

“Hanzo-sama He never revealed his whereabouts to outsiders.

It’s impossible for me to…”

Human Path activated Rinnegan’s eye technique to search for memories related to Hanzo.

“… No.” The Human Path said dryly.

The guy whose memories had been forcibly searched died on the spot.

“Continue searching.

No matter what, we have to find that fellow, Hanzo!”

The Rinnegan in Tendo Pain’s eyes surged with an ominous color, brewing an ominous glint.

The others had caused quite a commotion, but it was not enough! They needed to kill even more rebels, leaving behind those who were truly willing to obey his will!


Paper after paper flew and gathered into Konan.

Konan said, “In the north, the disturbance was the largest.

He directly launched large-scale Mokuton ninjutsu and created a forest full of corpses.”

Tendo Pain nodded indifferently, “I can feel the strong chakra fluctuation in the North Gate.

First Hokage is showing me his sincerity.

This is very good.

Originally, I was worried that he would have an old problem and be soft-hearted.

But now it seems that he has already made up his mind to support me with all his strength… In comparison, Madara is almost interesting.

Humph, what a dangerous guy.”

During this period of time, besides taking the best-selling works that Jiraiya wrote in the past, he went crazy to find the prototype of the characters in the book to create the five Pain.

He also spent some time gathering some information about First Hokage and Uchiha Madara.

According to the credible information he had, in addition to being careless, First Hokage was also quite soft-hearted – considering his strength in sweeping the ninja world, this is an advantage.

But he could not do it now.

Tendo Pain hated soft-heartedness the most.

Yahiko was like this back then.

He pitied every unfortunate person, even strangers, and held the greatest kindness.

So Yahiko died.

He had the First Hokage’s wisdom and temperament, but he did not have his strength.

“Konan, you continue to gather information.

If you find Hanzo, immediately tell me, absolutely do not attack him.”

Tendo Pain said in a deep voice.

Konan looked at him worriedly and nodded.

She then turned into countless pieces of paper and disappeared.

Tendo Pain looked at the several groups of Ame ninjas who rushed over again, and his eyes’ eye power became more terrifying.

Rage and hatred allowed him to further develop Rinnegan’s strength.

“Shinra Tensei!”

An even more powerful Shinra Tensei burst out, killing dozens of people in front of him.

The terrifying slaughter continued.

The entire Amegakure suffered an all-around attack, collapsing thousands of miles away and unable to organize an effective counterattack.

Any enemy they faced was at least an existence standing on Kage level’s side.

Moreover, they also grasped techniques that far surpassed ordinary people, and their lethality was terrifying.

A large number of Ame ninjas died, and some were lucky enough to escape.

But they were extremely terrified and lost the courage to continue fighting.

They didn’t even know who the enemy was, and they didn’t even know why these ridiculously strong fellows attacked Amegakure.

All the Ame ninjas had gone crazy and desperately hoping that the strongest ninja in their minds, the guardian god of Amegakure, the Demigod Hanzo, would kill all the invaders!

And now, Lord Hanzo was also riding a tiger.

He was aggressive, and according to his original plan, he wanted to kill a few intruders as soon as possible, intimidate the enemy, and then… negotiate.

Don’t doubt Hanzo is like this now.

After recognizing this cruel reality and deeply realizing that the ninja world is the plaything of the five major ninja villages, he completely lay flat.

As long as you didn’t push him too far, Hanzo wouldn’t fight to the death for glory and belief as he did in Secon Ninja World War or even younger.

He, who had lost all of his energy, just lay flat on the ground and guarding his own land, numbly watching this bloody and cruel world.

Moreover, he was known as a demigod, and he indeed had battle power that matched his name.

Generally, no one would be crazy enough to provoke him.

“The guy in the north is even more troublesome than I expected…”

Hanzo stood on a water pipe on the wall of a tall building and looked forward with an ugly expression.

A large black forest from nothing was like a surging flood, crushing everything.

A large number of Ame ninjas were swallowed up.

“Why did Mokuton appear in such a damn place And this Mokuton ninjutsu, after it was activated, it quickly created a large forest… Could it be that the legendary Deep Forest Emergence!”

This was the First Hokage’s technique.

After the First Hokage died, no one could master Mokuton, let alone use this level of Mokuton’s ninjutsu!

Hanzo sat in contemplation.

Instinctively, he looked in the other direction.

En, that’s right, each one was fiercer than the other.

No matter how hard Hanzo racked his brains, he couldn’t figure out when he had offended this group of dangerous fellows.

It couldn’t be that little brat with Rinnegan.

From the time Yahiko died to now, how could Akatsuki rope in so many powerful fellows in just a little over a year

If he ran in another direction now, it wouldn’t be good either…

“This guy in front must be the one who appeared in the past two years.

Now that he has launched such a large range of Mokuton’s ninjutsu, his chakra must have been consumed a lot… But the risk is still too high.

Why don’t I go in another direction… ”

Hanzo gritted his teeth and turned to leave.

But at this time, a fleeing Ame ninja raised his head and saw the man standing on the water pipe on the side of the building.

At this moment, in the eyes of this panicked Ame ninja, Hanzo-sama’s heroic posture was so great, like a boulder welcoming the incoming storm.

The storm had arrived!

In the pouring rain, the village collapsed as if it were the world’s end.

Hanzo-sama was still calmly standing on the high ground, overlooking everything.

The strong wind whistled, blowing up Hanzo-sama’s long hair, domineering and compelling.

This kind of spirit, this kind of awareness… was worthy of being Demigod of Ninja World!

This ninja was filled with tears, “Ah! It’s Hanzo-sama! Hanzo-sama has appeared!”

“What Hanzo-sama is over there”

“Everyone, quickly run in that direction! With Hanzo-sama here, we will definitely be able to easily kill these fellows!”

One to ten, ten to a hundred.

A bunch of Ame ninjas, who were like headless flies, felt their spirits rise.

They only felt their courage return.

They shouted loudly and rushed to where Hanzo was.


Hanzo lowered his head and glanced at the guy who was the first to roar.

You have a narrow road.

After I kill the enemy, I will be the first to deal with you when I come back.

Hanzo took a deep breath and looked at the Ame ninjas, rushing over from all directions.

He snorted coldly, suppressed his anger, and jumped down.

He directly rushed towards the dense forest in front of him.

This black forest gave him a strong sense of unease.

“Intruder, why did you attack my village!” Hanzo shouted.

His figure slowly emerged from a tree trunk.

“Are you Hanzo I finally found you.

It was the leader who ordered us to do this.

It can only be said that you are unlucky…”

He looked at the guy in front of him, but he didn’t know whether this guy was Hanzo himself or he was specially trained to be a substitute.

Hanzo was very afraid of death.

“Leader… Who is your leader” Hanzo had a bad feeling in his heart.

But Xu was no longer interested in responding to the words of a dead person.

“Give me your life,” Xu said in a low voice.

A large amount of chakra erupted, and the black forest began to expand again.


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