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(Regarding the shape of the Kusanagi Sword, I checked it again.

The manga and anime are indeed different.

When Orochimaru fought Sandaime, the manga contained a katana, while the anime was a standard long sword.

Here, the manga was chosen as the standard.

Because more than ten years ago, I read Naruto manga when I was in primary school, so I had a deep impression of the content of the manga; on the drawing.)

Yuuji appeared calm on the surface, but in fact, he had already separated a clone to respond to Akatsuki’s call.

He sent a stream of chakra into his [Sky] Ring.

In the next moment, several figures appeared on the ten fingers of the Gedo Statue in Akatsuki’s base.

A total of six people.

“After such a long time, we finally meet again…” Kisame looked at the Chakra images in front of him and smiled.

Zetsu said loudly, “What’s the matter this time”

Tendo Pain slowly raised his head, and a terrifying pressure brewing in his eyes, “I have already gathered the Six Paths of Pain.

Now, it is time to make a move against the Country of Rain… With our Akatsuki’s strength, we will rule the entire Country of Rain!”

“We are finally going to make a move.

I thought you would wait until when…” Xu slowly raised his head and sized up the Tendo Pain in front of him.

Well, using his body to shape him into the shape of Yahiko always feels a little weird.

However, this was not a big deal.

Tendo Pain said, “There are a total of six members of Akatsuki.

Conquering Amegakure is Akatsuki’s first mission.

We are absolutely not allowed to fail!”

The crowd laughed softly and nodded.

Failure It was impossible to fail.

Anyone who could stand here had powerful strength and confidence that matched it.

Although Amegakure had a top expert like Hanzo, the other six people present didn’t feel that they were much worse than Hanzo.

Konan said in a deep voice, “Hanzo, who is a demigod, has ruled over Amegakure for decades.

When he was young, the Sannin were defeated by him.

Be careful not to be killed by him.”

“Heh, Sannin Those three gangsters,

One was killed by the ninjas of his own village, and the other two ran away one after another… Defeating them when they were young was not worthy of praise.”

Obito slowly raised his head, and the Sharingan in his eyes surged with a terrifying light of light, “Moreover, on the surface, I am not Akatsuki’s core member.

I will participate in this mission.

After the matter is done, I will hide myself.

I can not let the world know of my existence.”

Everyone was silent, and some people’s eyes became a little strange at this time.

Whether it was Pain or Kisame, their eyes moved, constantly swaying between Obito and Xu.

It doesn’t matter if you hide, but your old partner is not hiding

“Alright, since the Mokuton is no longer a secret, it is not a bad thing for you to hide yourself, even though it is not of much use.” Tendo Pain said coldly.

“…” Obito looked at Tendo Pain in surprise.

What does it have to do with Mokuton Moreover, he also knows Mokuton.

“When do we start” Kisame said, “My Samehada can’t wait to taste new chakra.”

“No hurry.”

Tendo Pain’s eyes suddenly widened, causing everyone to feel a chill in their hearts.

They only heard Tendo Pain say in a deep voice, “The members of our Akatsuki are only had uniforms right now, but it’s not enough… This organization that wants to achieve world peace needs to be dressed differently.”

After he finished speaking, everyone looked at him with a dumbfounded expression.

Tendo Pain took out a few small boxes with a ghastly expression on his face.

It was filled with… cosmetics.

“After careful consideration, all of Akatsuki’s core members have to apply nail polish! This way, even if we take off our clothes, we will still be able to recognize the identity of our Akatsuki members!”

Tendo Pain’s voice was ice-cold, emitting a powerful pressure.




Everyone looked at the scene in front of them in silence, their faces full of question marks.

“Hahahaha! What kind of ridiculous order is this The official order issued by Akatsuki’s leader is to smear nail polish on all members Hhahaha…”

White Zetsu couldn’t help but laugh.

Black-Zetsu’s face also twitched, and deep confusion was revealed in his empty eyes.

What was this Was this kind of order serious

“Shut up, laugh again and kill you.”

Tendo Pain moved his eyes and a cold killing intent burst forth.

Zetsu immediately shut his mouth.

Everyone was silent for a moment.

Kisame suddenly sighed, “It’s not a big problem to apply nail polish.

Although I still feel strange… I am very close to the base, so I came here to carry out the mission.”

Obito took a deep breath and said, “I don’t understand how can this improve my combat power.

But since the leader insists…”

Soon, Obito activated his Kamui and found Zetsu and Xu respectively.

The three people appeared in Akatsuki’s base.

Soon, the six of them stood on the fingers of the Gedo Statue.

The other four wore grave expressions as they received the exquisite makeup case from Pain.

“I can teach you if you don’t know how to apply it.

I’m familiar with this,” Konan took the initiative to say.

No one paid any attention to her.

A few men who were strong enough to fight against Bijuu and the Kage of a village opened the makeup box in dead silence.

Very good, very delicate, this kind of oil, it was obvious at a glance that it was top quality goods.

“Let’s start quickly.

We are existences that bring peace to the world.

We can’t waste time because of such a small matter.” Xu urged.

“Bastard! Then why don’t you start” Bloodshots appeared in Obito’s Sharingan.

Xu tilted his head, “I’m really sorry, I don’t have hands, so I can’t apply this.”

“If you don’t have hands, then make a few hands!”

“Heh, don’t even think about it.

Madara, you won’t back down when things come to an end” Xu’s eyes were extremely vicious.

At this time, Kisame had already started to apply it.

Obito gritted his teeth and began to apply it himself.

Ever since he became Madara, he has never suffered this kind of grievance!

Zetsu stared at it for a while, shrugged his shoulders, and directly began to apply it.

Black Zetsu applied it for White Zetsu, and White Zetsu applied it for Black Zetsu.

Shua, shua, shua…

For a time, in the empty and dim cave, there was a group of men who were seriously dressed up.

After everyone’s nails were shiny.

Konan muttered to herself for a moment, “Everyone, I still have eyeshadow here…”

“Shut up!” Obito shouted.

The honest man, Kisame, also quit, “Leader, when will we start to act and achieve world peace We can’t just stay here and study how to apply nail polish and eyeshadow, right”

Tendo Pain watched Obito strictly implement his orders, and the tight string in his heart suddenly loosened.

Hmph, it looks like these two really came to assist me with sincerity!

Unfortunately, I didn’t make Hashirama submit and only this undead was fooled.

Since that’s the case…

Tendo Pain opened his arms, “All core members of Akatsuki are here.

From now on, we will officially launch an attack on Amegakure! We will make the world feel pain!”

Everyone was relieved.

Kisame was about to smash the makeup box, but Tendo Pain suddenly looked over and immediately stopped, “I like the environment of the Country of Rain very much.

It is very suitable for my performance.”

Tendo Pain ordered, “Everyone wears bamboo hats; Zetsu is responsible for collecting information and getting the information of Amegakure troops; Xu, Madara, Konan, and the others attack Amegakure from the north, northeast, and east respectively.”

He slowly raised his head.

The other five slumbering Pain all woke up and walked out of the darkness.

Every single individual had Rinnegan in their eyes.

“As for me, I will launch an attack from several other directions.

We only have one target…”

“Kill Hanzo, kill all those who resist, and let the remaining people… welcome their gods!!”

Tendo Pain gave the order, and the members of Akatsuki began to move.

Although the six members are attacking together now, in essence, they are still fighting one on one…

Fight in groups No.

The leader himself is a guy who likes to fight one on one.

Even if the enemy is very tricky, his enemy will fight six Pain alone.

In the Country of Rain, the rain poured down, and the endless rain fell, embellishing the country with a sad color.

It was as if all of Ninja World’s rain had gathered here, crying to their heart’s content.

This unlucky place had always been the battlefield and buffer zone for the various great powers in Ninja World War.

As long as there was a war, the Country of Rain would be attacked by the ninjas of other villages.

There were refugees everywhere, and food was scarce.

This was a country that was always in pain.

Even if a top expert like Hanzo appeared, he was still unable to change the current situation.

And now, Amegakure had invaded.

The members of Akatsuki were in charge of one direction and instantly dispersed to launch attacks.

On the spot, Tendo Pain directly began to summon the other five.

“Hanzo is a very scary guy.

Be careful.” A trace of worry flashed through Konan’s eyes.

“Don’t worry.

No matter how strong Hanzo is, he can’t be stronger than me!”

Tendo Pain’s eyes surged with terrifying eye power.

As soon as he mentioned Hanzo, he recalled Yahiko’s death.

If, at that time, he had already awakened and risked his life to develop the power of these eyes, Yahiko would not have been killed.

“The mistake has already happened.

Then I will personally redeem everything.”

Tendo Pain said in a low voice.

Just take it as the first step to correcting this wrong world.


Six figures suddenly moved, charging towards Amegakure from the west.


Konan watched the six’s figure disappear into the distance.

Her whole body turned into countless pieces of paper and disappeared from where she was.

She was also responsible for the task of invading Amegakure, but because she was the weakest, she could not fight against Hanzo.

She only needed to be responsible for investigating like Zetsu.

Soon, Amegakure welcomed an all-out attack.

However, the ninjas in the village knew nothing about this.

They carried out their tasks as usual.

Under Hanzo’s strict rule, every one of the Ame ninjas was a screw, and they strictly guarded their positions.

“Are there any problems with your side” An Ame ninja walked over.

“Everything is normal.

Ever since Konoha defeated Iwa and Suna, our lives have been much better.”

Another ninja sighed with emotion.

As long as the big countries started a war, the small countries would be unlucky, and the one who would suffer the most was precisely their Country of Rain.

The country was weak, their strength was weak, their military strength was small, and they could not resist.

They could only passively retreat and allow several big countries to fight in their own territory.

“Hey, do you feel that there is something wrong with Hanzo-sama I haven’t seen him for a long time… This year, he has been living in seclusion, it’s very strange, and has gathered a large number of elite ninjas to protect himself.” The ninja who spoke in the beginning said in a low voice.

The other people’s eyes narrowed and they fell silent.

Indeed, in the recent year, Hanzo had performed very strangely.

It seems that from that time when Hanzo personally led a team to carry out a mission and only he himself came back, he became like this… He was more cautious than before and would never show his face easily.

Many people had doubts on their faces.

Who was it that could kill so many elite ninjas in front of Hanzo and force Hanzo to return alone

It was destined that no one could answer this question.

Other than Hanzo, all the other Ame ninjas who knew the truth had died.

Just as they had guessed, Hanzo indeed felt uneasy.

This year, he had always been in such great anxiety and suffering.

Hanzo sat in the center of the village and set up the best defense system around him.

He also arranged for several substitutes to show up for him in a few public places.

“He will definitely come back…”

Hanzo was extremely agitated.

Rinnegan… The legendary Sage’s eyes.

That little brat with red hair would definitely come to find him for revenge.

“Bastard, why didn’t you say so earlier If I knew about these eyes, I wouldn’t kill Yahiko at all!”

Hanzo gritted his teeth.

Only a fool would kill a useless Yahiko if he had the chance! Even if he did, he would have killed the owner of Sage’s eyes!

The greater possibility was that… it’s simply not necessary to go this far.


An astonishing loud explosion erupted.

Then, in every direction of Amegakure, a series of loud explosions erupted.

“What’s going on!” Hanzo suddenly stood up, his eyes revealing shock.

“Is it Konoha Or Iwa or Suna”

Hanzo’s face was extremely ugly.

Publicly attacking Amegakure, even the five great countries had never done this before!

“My lord, an unknown enemy has entered our village! Our ninjas were already unable to stop them!”

“There is a guy in the north wearing a mask and robe as if he has no body!”

“In the northeast, there is also a masked man!”

“I can’t confirm their origins.

I can’t see their forehead protector.”

“There are also a few guys in the west attacking us…”

Hanzo hurriedly asked, “Is there any red hair”

“No, Hanzo-sama!”

“Is that so…”

Hanzo’s anxious heart calmed down a little.

If it were that Sage, there was no need for him to put on a mask…

“Attacking from multiple directions, is it simply to disperse our military strength, or is it to have the intention to destroy Amegakure”

Hanzo stood up and immediately gave the order to organize the Ame ninjas to form a defensive line.

At the same time, he personally made his move.

“Kill a group of enemies as soon as possible and find a way to determine the advantage… As long as it’s not that red hair brat, no matter who it is, I am confident that I can kill them!”

A trace of gloominess flashed through Hanzo’s eyes.

Although he no longer possessed the sharpness he had during the Second Ninja World War, the strength of a Demigod was still there.

“Since some fellows don’t know how to live or die, then kill them all.”

Hanzo arranged his substitute ninjas one after another.

He himself carefully left.

“Which one should I kill first…” Hanzo thought for a moment and decided to kill the few enemies who acted alone first.

He went first… to the north of the village!


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