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Chapter 13 - Early GraduationEarly in the morning, Yuuji welcomed an uninvited guest.

Shiranui Genma who had a needle in his mouth.

The man who was regarded as the new patriarch of the Shiranui family – though only two people had died in the entire Shiranui family.

“Hmph, are you finally done with the bandage” Genma frowned and sneered.

“Yo, my stupid little brother Genma.

You are not focused on cultivation.

Why did you think of looking for me Why did you start biting a senbon again If you trembled, such a big needle would be stabbed into your mouth.

How terrifying.”

Yuuji yawned.

“… Damn it.

That’s why I hate you.

I am not stupid at all.

Moreover, I am clearly older than you by a month… Forget it.

Anyway, this is for you.”

Genma casually took out a scroll.

“These are a few techniques left behind by the clan.

Don’t have any expectations.

They are all very common ninjutsu…” Genma bitterly shook his head, “You awakened with poison Kekkei Genkai and learned these ninjutsu.

Presumably, you can grow faster, graduate as soon as possible, don’t die…”

Genma hesitated for a moment as if he wanted to ask something, but due to some taboos, he was unable to open his mouth.

Yuuji revealed a look of understanding: “Do you want to ask me about the Kekkei Genkai”

“Yes, but this is a very private secret…”

“If you don’t ask me, how do you know that I won’t tell you”

Genma was delighted.

“Oh Can you tell me”

“Of course not, stupid fellow.”


Genma was furious.

He threw the scroll to the ground and turned to leave.

“Hey, hey, hey, why are you so impatient Don’t you want to know if you can awaken Kekkei Genkai like me” Yuuji scratched his head and sighed.

He seemed to be quite disappointed with Genma’s performance.

“What, what”

Genma stopped and hesitated for a moment.

“Then, don’t tell me that this Kekkei Genkai is a secret bloodline of Shiranui’s clan This… can I do it too”

His voice revealed a strong desire.

‘Could it be… Could it be that Shiranui’s clan was like Uchiha and Hyuga, able to inherit Kekkei Genkai’

“Of course not.

I am a genius, and you…”

Yuuji sighed loudly.

Genma was completely enraged.

He roared and charged at Yuuji.

The two remaining seedlings of the Shiranui clan began to fight each other.

Genma spat out a thousand needles in his mouth as a weapon – in the future, he would also use this technique to create his own exclusive ninjutsu, such as Senbon Clones and Thousands of Senbon*.

[*TL Note: Senbon are metal needles with a point at both ends.

They often serve a medical purpose, being used to strike acupuncture points.

They have little killing power but can be thrown with great accuracy.

A user with proper medical knowledge can effectively use senbon in a battle to incapacitate or even kill their target should they aim for vital spots.]

But the result disappointed him.

Yuuji directly used two of his fingers to grab the senbons accurately and easily broke them.

Then, he used a “Konoha Tornado” to kick the other party away.

At this moment, his powerful physical fitness was displayed to the fullest.

“This is Guy’s body technique…”

“Ah, I hang out with him every day.

Although I have never cultivated, I can still remember one thing… My brain is very useful.”

Genma had a bloody nose and a swollen face as he walked away with a face full of tears and snot.

In the past, he could ignore All Mouthy King, Yuuji.

This was because Yuuji’s actual combat skills were terrible.

But now… why had he suddenly turned around

“I’m sorry, Genma.

I used you as a shield… Moreover, if I carried this meaningless burden on my shoulders too early, I would be crushed to death.”

Yuuji shook his head.

He picked up the scroll on the ground and opened it to take a look.

There were several D-grade ninjutsu and a C-grade earth escape ninjutsu.

At the same time, Yuuji stood at the door and tore off the band-aid on his cheek.

The wound that was cut by Anko yesterday had already been healed.


And this scene was silently recorded by the distant Anbu.

[Vitality A, Physique C .

According to him, this blood inheritance is not the inheritance of the Shiranui clan.

It can temporarily be determined that Shiranui Yuuji is the precious first-generation blood inheritor… ]

In this world, there were actually some postnatal Kekkei Genkai realms, such as Mist Release, Lava Release, etc… In the four battles, Uchiha Madara could skillfully use Mist Release.

And these were formed by the combination of two attributes of chakra nature.

Generally speaking, for example, the bone growth of the Kaguya clan, Uchiha’s Sharingan, was the most precious kind of blood inheritance that could be engraved into the genes.

“I hope this brand-new Kekkei Genkai can be passed down steadily so that Konoha can have another Blood Family.”

Anbu took a deep look at Yuuji, observing him for the whole night, and then left.


“Finally left”

Yuuji remained calm, and after making breakfast, he went straight to school.

He didn’t see Duy and Guy.

Presumably, these two guys were exhausted after having fun the whole night.

The character that was easy to be hot-blooded made people really helpless.


Ninja Academy.

The moment Yuuji entered the school gate, he caused a huge sensation.

After completely tearing off the bandages on his body, he revealed a tall and slender figure and a super… handsome face.

Adding on yesterday, Mitarashi Anko’s defeat made Yuuji completely popular.

“Is that guy Shiranui Yuuji The guy who defeated the Sannin’s disciple”

“Hmph, I heard about that battle.

Senior sister Anko was too stupid to drink this guy’s blood… Who can drink blood Do you know how”

“I heard that Senior Yuuji has mastered some kind of secret technique.

It was the first time he showed it yesterday, and he wanted to graduate early…”

The people of various grades were discussing yesterday’s events.

After a night, many people knew that Shiranui Yuuji had defeated the disciple of Orochimaru-sama.

They did not care how Anko lost.

The main point was that Orochimaru’s disciple was defeated by a person named Shiranui Yuuji!

In the circle of the new generation, this was enough to cause a small earthquake.

As a result, no matter where Yuuji went, countless people were pointing at him.

“Look, he is Shiranui Yuuji!”

“Eh But I heard that he likes to be wrapped in bandages…”

“Idiot! It must be because he defeated Anko that he stopped pretending!”

“So handsome…”

Yuuji walked into the school with a calm face.


At the same time, many parents were escorting their children to school.

They also sized up Shiranui Yuuji.

“That child, is he Yuuji He is really outstanding.”

“Wow, grandma, why are you praising him He is a super stinky fellow, just a little worse than big stinky fart Kakashi!”

Obito supported an old woman and said with great dissatisfaction.

“Hehe, alright, Obito, let’s stop here.

It’s really hard on you…”

A stooped old granny stroked Obito’s head with a kind expression and watched him run into the school with narrowed eyes.

‘Heh, Obito is really a simple child….’

The old granny’s kind lips flashed strangely.

Then, she looked at Yuuji’s back with a smile.

After looking at him for a while, she turned around and left shakily.


After she left, Yuuji raised his head slightly and looked at her thoughtfully.

“That person is Obito’s only relative… He is really kind.

Obito is always late because he has to help his only grandmother go out in the morning.”

Yuuji shook his head and directly stepped into his classroom.


Fourth Grade, Class C.

As soon as he entered, he saw that Yoshino Masada was sneezing desperately.

When Yoshino Masada noticed Yuuji’s gaze, he immediately revealed a serious expression and nodded his head in satisfaction.

Yuuji had defeated Anko, giving him face.

This was his excellent teaching result!

“Yuuji, you did well yesterday.

Keep working hard, and don’t embarrass me.” Yoshino Masada revealed a serious expression.

Who knows, maybe there will be another genius in Class C

Uchiha Kazue and Shiranui Yuuji were the students who had put up the front of Class C in yesterday’s competition.

“Yoshino-sensei, it is not your style to wait in the classroom so early in the morning.

Is there something important to announce”

“Yes, it is about the graduation in advance.”


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