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The intense battle between the two caused a huge change in the terrain.

The dense primeval forest was flattened by the terrifying attack that had erupted in succession.

The ground was overturned a few layers, uneven and messy.

This terrible change in terrain was just an insignificant part of the battle just now.


In the distance, many figures were rushing over.

This intense battle alarmed many people.


Many figures arrived and looked at the scene in front of them in shock.

“This, the terrain has been changed…”

“This is too terrifying.

I found it hard to imagine what kind of attack would cause this kind of situation…”

“Lord Yuuji is over there! There is also that Great White Phosphorus Snake!”

Many figures stood beside Yuuji.

At this time, Yuuji had just put the ‘Ao’ spirit-beast back into the coffin.

Behind him, the Great White Phosphorus Snake had already been cut into several pieces, its corpse lying on the ground.

“Yuuji, where’s Orochimaru That guy just summoned Manda, right And this white snake, exactly…”

The first thing Jiraiya said after rushing over was to ask about Orochimaru’s whereabouts, and he saw the White Phosphorus Great Snake that was broken into pieces.

His heart thumped, and he revealed an expression of disbelief.

“Orochimaru-sama, who knows His life-saving skills have always been very terrifying.”

Yuuji calmly removed the summoning spell, and with a rumbling sound, Ao’s coffin was filled back into the ground and disappeared.

Then, in front of everyone, he directly took out the seal scroll and sealed the white phosphorus corpse left behind by Orochimaru.

One of Anbu was shocked: “Lord Yuuji, could it be that you really killed Orochimaru”

The others looked at Yuuji in shock.

Yuuji rolled up the scroll again and held it in his hand.

He said lightly, “I told you, why didn’t you listen I don’t know.

It’s hard to say if Orochimaru san has other skills, but his life-saving skills are definitely the best.”

Everyone looked at each other in silence.

Jiraiya sighed, as if there was a big stone in his heart.

He said in a deep voice, “Then, Yuuji, can you tell me the process I just want to confirm his final fate…”

“Simply put, Orochimaru san has mastered a secret technique that can seize other people’s bodies, transforming his own body into the shape of a Alabaster Devilsnake, and then devour enemy’s soul and occupy the enemy’s body as a new container.”

Yuuji put the scroll on his waist, raised his head and glanced at the battlefield.

“This was also the reason why he attacked Kazue before.

He didn’t try to escape, but instead attacked me crazily.

This is also the reason… Greed makes people crazy, so Orochimaru san was defeated.”

Yuuji didn’t tell him how he countered soul attacks.

Jiraiya also didn’t ask.

He and several Anbu were already shocked by this shocking news.

The forbidden technique to seize other people’s bodies Is this reason why Orochimaru has been so strange and crazy recently He wants to seize two of the stronger Blood Limit Realms of the new generation…

Unfortunately, he was first injured by Kazue, then killed and dismembered by Yuuji.

“Since the Alabaster Devilsnake is Orochimaru’s original body, doesn’t that mean…” A Anbu muttered in a low voice.

“I can’t be sure about this.

Orochimaru san has never been an easy person to die.”

Yuuji’s expression was calm, but even so, it made the others feel more and more shocked.

Even Jiraiya only felt empty in his heart at this moment.

He looked at the messy battlefield in a daze and finally sighed deeply.

What could he say Even if Orochimaru really died… No matter how he looked at it, he deserved it.

His comrades and opponents from when he was young were actually just like this… No, maybe he was still alive, but the probability was very low.

“It’s better to return to the village as soon as possible and report this matter to Lord Yondaime.

The rest is not something I can decide.”

Yuuji’s voice was flat.

Was Orochimaru dead

Of course, he was not dead.

Even though most of his soul had been swallowed by Godzilla, he still had not died.

Orochimaru, that guy, had already mastered the Curse of the Heavens, and Anko had been planted in his body.

This meant that Orochimaru had taken advantage of the seal, who he had hidden somewhere, and had conducted many experiments in the direction of the Curse.

There was a high chance that there were other experimental monsters, and they also had Heaven’s Curse on them.

These were all Orochimaru’s backup plans.

As long as he had a soul fragment, he would be able to revive in minutes.

The news of Orochimaru’s death caused a huge uproar.

Everyone who heard the news revealed deep shock on their faces, and their faces were filled with deep disbelief.

As a result, everyone who heard the news was stunned at the first moment, and Root had not been able to react in time.

They were still immersed in the fact that Orochimaru had defected, and they could not understand why Orochimaru would do this.

But now, it was followed by the news that Orochimaru had been killed…

The one who had killed him was the strongest freshman of Konoha’s generation, and even the strongest freshman in history!

Shiranui Yuuji!!

This shocking news spread wildly, shaking the entire Konoha.

It even caused a huge sensation among Ninja World.

From Orochimaru’s betrayal to Orochimaru’s death, to Orochimaru’s death, it was too fast, so fast that no one could react.

It was even more shocking to see the strength displayed by Yuuji.

“Is that so Orochimaru, that dangerous ninja, was actually killed by one of his own people.”

“Shiranui Yuuji, to be able to get rid of Orochimaru, what a terrible guy… Continue to raise the bounty! No matter who it is, as long as you can get rid of him, you can get the bounty – of course, don’t post this mission to the Fire Country’s bounty.”

“Hmph, what a pity.

I was going to find a chance to take revenge, but I didn’t expect that he wouldn’t even be able to live until then.

How boring.”

Even Chiyo, who was in Suna ninja Village, couldn’t help but laugh as he adjusted the two puppet arms.

He was in a good mood.

I didn’t expect that Orochimaru would end up like this.

What a pity, she didn’t even have a chance to take revenge.

“Unfortunately, I will never have a chance to kill Orochimaru, hahaha!”

Thinking like this, Chiyo’s laughter became even more carefree, as if he had become younger.

The news of Orochimaru being killed caused a huge commotion in Ninja World.

As the center of all this change, Konoha Village, the higher ups, even fell into an indescribable atmosphere.

“Is that so Orochimaru was killed by Yuuji… Even the main body of the Alabaster Devilsnake was dismembered.”

When Sandaime heard this news, he was silent for a long time.

It was hard to say whether it was sorrow or relief.

Perhaps there were many complex emotions.

After all, Orochimaru was the most outstanding disciple he had cultivated in his entire life.

Unfortunately, in terms of thinking, he was gradually drifting away from him.

“I’m afraid that even you didn’t expect this to be the result.

The forbidden technique to seize other people’s bodies, in the end, you…”

Sandaime Hokage let out a deep sigh.

Sitting alone in the corner of the room, he was gradually shrouded in shadows.

Even when Biwa pushed the door open and called out to him, Sandaime Hokage did not respond.

“There’s no need to be like this.

He is just a rebel who has betrayed the will of fire! Moreover, didn’t that young man Yuuji say that he might not really die…” Biwa began to clean up the tea set on the table.

Sandaime smiled bitterly and shook his head.

“No, if others say so, Orochimaru might really survive, but the one who did it was Yuuji.

Although he was young, he had fought with many experts on the battlefield.

He couldn’t possibly allow Orochimaru to fake his death and escape.”

Even the corpse of the Alabaster Devilsnake was put into a seal scroll and brought back.

Could he still be alive

Or, would Yuuji be deceived by a clone or a prosthesis

It was almost impossible.


“If Orochimaru is still alive, it wouldn’t be a good thing.” Sandaime Hokage couldn’t help but shake his head.

At the Hokage building.

Yondaime looked at Namikaze Minato with a solemn face at the people standing in front of him.

“Is that so I didn’t expect it to be like this… Yuuji, you have grown to a level that no one can ignore… The title of the new generation is leaving you.”

Minato sighed with emotion.

Yuuji was neither servile nor overbearing.

“Lord Yondaime is too kind.

I also didn’t expect that Orochimaru san would actually do such a thing… The reason why he attacked me and Kazue is also because he wants to change his new body.”

“Well, if we can even bring back the corpse of Orochimaru, we should be able to verify his life and death…” Minato had not finished speaking.

Yuuji had already taken out a scroll and respectfully placed it on the table.

“Hokage sama, this is the Alabaster Devilsnake…”

Minato was moved.

Such a precious thing was actually taken out without any hesitation… As expected of Yuuji.

This kind of awareness was really trustworthy.

Don’t forget, Yuuji was the disciple of Danzo, the next leader of Root’s organization.

Root must also be secretly conducting a secret research.

Minato knew this, but he could not find any evidence.

Danzo definitely needed Orochimaru’s corpse very much, but did Yuuji actually hand it over just like that

On the side, Jiraiya also took a look and sighed, “Minato, accept it.

Orochimaru is a traitor of the village after all.

His corpse should be recycled according to the rules… He can make up for Yuuji in other ways.”

After that, he walked out with a lonely face.

No one could truly understand the complexity in his heart.

Minato was silent for a moment, then took the scroll.

At the same time, he directly summoned the Book of Sealing and opened it on the spot.

“Orochimaru is an [S] class traitor.

You killed him and handed over his body.

Naturally, you have to get a reward.

Ordinary money is nothing to you.

I heard that you were desperately trying to make money before.

If you casually sell it, you can make a lot of money.”

Minato teased.

He cast a sealing spell and opened the contents of the Book of Sealing: “You can choose a forbidden technique from here to learn.”

Yuuji paused, his face serious: “Hokage Sama, you are too polite.

We are all working for the village… Then I will choose this summoning technique.”

He raised his hand and pointed to a certain technique.

Intermediary Spirit Technique – Rashomon.

It could be said that this was the strongest defensive technique in the Naruto world.

If not for the fact that his agility was too low, this defensive ninjutsu would have been almost perfect.

“Rashomon is indeed a good technique.

It seems that when you fought with Orochimaru, you had already seen the power of this technique.”

Minato smiled and opened the seal on the Rashomon.

Everything about this technique slowly appeared.

“Ah, when Orochimaru san used this technique for the first time, he really gave me a fright.

He actually stopped my White Hot Light…”

With his powerful memory, Yuuji immediately began to remember the contents.

After spending some time, he memorized all the tactics and methods.

Minato once again sealed the Book of Sealing.

“Hokage sama, if there is nothing else, I will leave.

After all, this matter with Orochimaru-sama has caused quite a bit of a commotion…” Yuuji smiled and said.

“… That’s right, not everyone is as calm as Jiraiya and Sensei…” Minato wanted to say something but stopped.

Yuuji respectfully left the office and walked down the stairs at the corner.

At the same time, a figure was going upstairs.

Blonde hair, big breasts.

But the moment they brushed past each other.


Tsunade suddenly threw a punch at him.

A strange force burst out, and the punch created a shocking gap in the building.

“Tsunade sama, I’ll guide you to have a good relationship with Orochimaru Senpai, and now you have an indescribable feeling of depression in your heart.

I can understand it, but please understand me… If he doesn’t insist on attacking me, he can definitely escape.”

Yuuji stood still, his face calm.

A few centimeters to the left of his face was Tsunade’s fist.

In the face of this anger, Yuuji was prepared.

“… Don’t misunderstand, I don’t blame you.” Tsunade retracted her hand, her voice devoid of any emotion.

Yuuji nodded.

“I understand.

Although Orochimaru-sama defected, the friendship of life and death in the past few decades is real… I don’t know how to vent the complicated emotions in my heart.

It is understandable.”

“Tsk, what a watertight guy.

It makes people feel annoyed.”

Tsunade turned around expressionlessly and continued upstairs.

Yuuji stayed in place for a moment, then continued to go downstairs as if nothing had happened.

The punch just now had already sent out the complicated feelings in his heart.

“Orochimaru, what a complicated guy.

Even if he became an enemy, his former companions still remembered him.”

Yuuji shook his head.

Outside the Hokage building, Anbu Ninjas had already appeared to prevent innocent civilians from being injured.

Many people gathered outside the Hokage building, looking at this scene in shock.

Then, they saw Yuuji slowly walking out of the Hokage building.

“Yuuji-san, did you have a conflict with Tsunade sama just now Really, although I feel that there will be a problem, I didn’t expect that guy to be so brazen.”

At some point, Kazue had been standing outside the Hokage building.

To be more precise, she had been waiting for the news that Orochimaru had been killed.

Just as Kazue was about to activate Susanoo, chakra was surging around her body.

“Calm down, Kazue.

Just now, nothing happened to me.

Don’t worry too much about it.

Hearing this news, even if it’s Tsunade sama, she would inevitably have emotional fluctuations.”

Yuuji slowly walked over and placed his hand on Kazue’s shoulder.

In that instant, an extremely oppressive power suddenly dissipated.

Kazue patted his head and smiled, “That’s true… Everyone would be surprised if someone like Orochimaru died in your hands.”

Everyone made way for the two of them, staring blankly at the figures of the two.

After a long time.

Only then did those few Anbu gulp down a mouthful of saliva, gasping for breath.

In that instant just now, they really felt that this Mangekyou girl would disregard everything, activate her Susanoo and rush into the Hokage building.

Then it was impossible for them to stop her.

“Do you feel it That suffocating feeling just now…”

“Captain, did she really plan to do that just now”


If Yuuji didn’t suppress her, she might really dare to kill her way in… But then again, Uchiha’s people are very impulsive.

There are only a few people who can calmly think and weigh the pros and cons…”

What Someone actually dared to stand outside the Hokage building and cause trouble Oh, Uchiha’s clan, then it’s fine.

This clan is like this.

They have no principles to help their relatives or not, and they never talk reason with outsiders.

“However, I still underestimated the influence of Yuuji on Kazue.

It’s just a small matter, but she didn’t hesitate to do this… I’m afraid she won’t even listen to the command of the Hokage.”

The captain of the Anbu branch thought for a moment and immediately returned to the Hokage building to report to Yondaime.

In this regard, Namikaze Minato just nodded slightly, not surprised.

Yuuji had a huge impact on the freshmen and even the younger freshmen.

This was not a secret.

This kind of appeal had already exceeded the imagination of many people.

“Senior Tsunade, you almost caused a big trouble just now…” Minato looked at the woman in front of him and said helplessly.

Tsunade was in an extremely bad mood.

She immediately sneered and said, “What Can’t you let me vent my emotions I don’t even know if my current state is more sorrowful or more carefree.

Moreover, I didn’t pull that kid to the training ground to fight.

That is already good enough.”

“Yes, yes, yes, but…”

Minato had a headache.

He could not afford to offend this woman in front of him.

This was not a question of whether he could beat her or not.

Tsunade snorted coldly: “However, you have to pay attention to the Uchiha clan, this clan is very strange, both Kazue and Shisui are trying their best to get close to Yuuji, and Fugaku seems to value him very much.

The kid’s teacher is the one who hates the Uchiha clan the most…”

Minato nodded.

Indeed, this is very complicated, but now it seems that it is not a bad thing.

With Yuuji in the middle, no one can force him to do things that he doesn’t want to do as long as he can maintain his own strength…

At least, Minato felt that as long as he caught Yuuji, things would not worsen to the worst situation.

Not long after.

Root’s base.

“Danzo-sensei, I have already given the Alabaster Devilsnake to the Hokage, but I have brought back the most essential part for you.”

Yuuji smiled.

The next moment, his body squirmed and immediately stripped out a piece of body tissue.

The cells in this body tissue belonged to Orochimaru, dying.

This was the result of Yuuji’s deliberate isolation and protection.


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