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Tonight, Konoha was particularly noisy.

There were bursts of screams and roars everywhere, mixed with words like “snakes”.

“It’s really lively…”

Yuuji looked up.

He had originally thought that Orochimaru would come to find him first.

Therefore, he had been waiting.

After all, no matter how he looked at it, if he successfully possessed him, the benefits would obviously be greater than getting Mangekyou Sharingan.

Unfortunately, it seemed that the poisonous snake still went to find trouble with Kazue.

The only thing that the guy was wrong about was that Kazue had already made preparations.

It was impossible for the Corpse Reincarnation Technique to be activated.

Yuuji looked into the distance and shook his head.

With Izanagi in his hand, he was immune to all forms of attacks.

After Orochimaru devoured it, Kazue only needed to instantly rewrite reality.

As for his soul being pulled into his soul space, as long as Kazue did not seek death, Orochimaru would not have a chance.

Sure enough, things were indeed as he speculated.

A Root Ninja appeared in front of Yuuji: “Lord Yuuji, after Orochimaru was defeated by Kazue, he fled all the way, and finally disappeared.

His whereabouts are unknown.”

“Got it.”

Yuuji nodded.

After Root’s Ninjas disappeared.

Yuuji slowly got up and stretched his muscles.

“That poisonous snake won’t let the matter go so easily.

It caused such a big commotion and yet ended up empty-handed, but it really doesn’t seem like his style…”

Yuuji muttered to himself for a moment before rushing to Anko’s house at the first possible moment.


He raised his hand and smashed the door.

Sure enough, he saw the unconscious Anko on the ground.

This posture was very similar to sleeping.

At first glance, nothing could be seen.

However, when Yuuji approached, he looked at the strange runes that were constantly squirming around Anko’s neck, and immediately revealed a look of realization.

“Seal of the Heavens, Orochimaru that guy really left a backup plan… Without a backup plan, he would definitely not take action.

It fits his style.”

Yuuji checked and confirmed that there were no other traps on Anko’s body.

He squatted down and patted Anko’s face.

“Yuuji… Hurry up and inform the village.

Sensei wants to…” Anko had a high fever and his mind was blurry.

His words were intermittent.

“He defected, right It’s too late.

That guy attacked Kazue.

After he was beaten back by Kazue, he made a lot of noise in the village.”

Yuuji helped Anko up, sizing up this curse seal with interest.

This was a good thing to attract natural energy.

Yuuji had always had thoughts about Senjutsu’s chakra, and now there was a chance.

However, the present situation was not suitable.

“You look like you’re in great pain… Since that’s the case, I’ll seal the thing on your neck for now.

I’ll help you deal with it when the situation is over.”

Yuuji separated a few clones and quickly carved runes on the ground.

His main body raised his hand and slapped Anko’s neck.

Sealing Art – Evil Sealing Art!

Along with Anko’s scream, a large number of runes began to gather at Anko’s neck.

Finally, they turned into a strange circle and bound the curse seal at the center.

“This is enough.

There won’t be any risk of losing control…”

Yuuji raised his hand.

Anko had already fainted.


At this time, Anbu’s members pushed the door open and rushed in.

When they saw Yuuji and Anko, they were immediately stunned.

“Lord Yuuji…”

“It’s fine now.

This girl is also a victim.

Orochimaru wanted to take her away, but she refused.”

Yuuji stood up and said indifferently.

“…” Anbu looked at each other, not knowing whether to believe it or not.

Orochimaru and Danzo were very close, and Yuuji was Danzo’s disciple.

Now that Orochimaru defected, and Yuuji appeared here, what exactly…

There were too many things that happened tonight, and Anbu’s elites did not know who to believe.

They just stood there silently.

After a long time, Sandaime Hokage’s order came late: “Orochimaru secretly conducted human experiments and has defected.”

This sentence set off a huge wave in the entire Konohagakure.

Countless people were stunned, unable to accept this result.

Why did the heroes of the village defect The ninjas that disappeared before were done by Orochimaru

For a time, heroes turned into traitors, and countless people scolded them.

Many elite ninjas gathered in the Hokage building.

When Yuuji followed behind Anbu and pushed the door open, the place was already full of people.

“Since everyone is here, I will announce an order…” “Orochimaru has been listed as Konoha’s S -class traitor.

We must kill him!” Sandaime Hokage sat on the deputy seat, his face expressionless.

“I don’t need to say much about how dangerous Orochimaru is.

In a one-on-one fight, there are not many people in this room who are his match.

Therefore, if you meet him, report to the village immediately.

The village will send a strong team to chase him.”

Sandaime Hokage said in a deep voice.

Yondaime remained silent, and Danzo also stood there indifferently, as if he had not heard anything.

After a long time, Sandaime Hokage sighed and was about to announce the end of the meeting.

At this time, the window was suddenly opened.

The white haired ninja who had just taken half of the materials came in through the window, and his body was still emitting an inexplicable smell.

“Why didn’t you tell me that Orochimaru became like this, old man I could have stopped him earlier!” Jiraiya had obviously just run over from the Gentle Countryside.

Sandaime Hokage’s face darkened.

“No one expected him to do such a thing! He openly attacked his fellow villagers! If not for the fact that Kazue was strong enough, that guy would have already succeeded!”

Everyone subconsciously looked at Kazue.

However, Kazue only consciously stood beside Yuuji, leaning against the wall, not showing any expression.

It was this kind of calm that made people feel more shocked.

He was attacked by the big snake pill and could even expel it… Mangekyou Sharingan’s strength was strong to such an extent.

And the guy who could suppress this kind of power and let Kazue spontaneously surround him, the Yuuji who was called the strongest freshman in the past, when he exploded with full strength, would his strength…

Jiraiya clenched his fists tightly.

“Old man, I’m going to chase after Orochimaru.

I’ll bring him back to Konoha! At most, I’ll throw him into prison and lock him up for a lifetime!”

Everyone was silent.

Jiraiya was indirectly pleading for Orochimaru.

If we capture him, he will just be imprisoned Normally, he should be executed immediately.

At this time, Koharu turned around and said, “Jiraiya, Orochimaru has already defected.

No matter how you try to persuade him, it is impossible to make him change his mind.

It is better to stay in the village…”

“Old man, I am leaving.”

Without waiting for Sandaime to say anything, Jiraiya nodded at Minato and immediately left.

She directly turned to Koharu and left him there, which made her very angry.

“All of you, go away.

Orochimaru is my disciple, and I can’t escape the blame for his betrayal… Minato, I’ll leave the village to you.”

Sandaime Hokage sighed, got up and left.

Homura’s expression changed.

“Wait, Hiruzen, this is not just your problem.

There is no need to do this.”

Koharu was also very anxious when he turned to sleep.

What should they do if Sandaime openly threw his hand away Could it be that they were really going to retire What kind of joke was this!

When Jiraiya left the village, Tsunade had a phobia of blood and was useless.

The strength of Sandaime’s faction had been severely weakened.

Yondaime was still so young.

He clearly needed their help and help to manage the village… Now that Sandaime had completely retreated, how could they intervene in the affairs of the village

Sandaime Hokage paused and his heart softened.

He whispered, “Minato, Men Yan and Koharu are very good at dealing with various situations.

They can help you very well if they stay.”

“… I understand.

I also need two consultants to help me share the pressure.” Minato nodded.

This made Koharu and Homura heave a sigh of relief.

Sandaime felt a little comforted and slowly walked out of the conference room.

Many people were looking at him, looking at the former Hokage who had led Konoha to defeat World War II and World War III.

“Yondaime, if there is nothing else, I will leave.”

Danzo said coldly, leaning on his walking stick, and slowly walked out of the conference room.

Yuuji also moved to follow, and motioned to Kazue.

Kazue pondered for a moment, glanced at Fugaku, and followed behind Yuuji.

The three of them did not say a word along the way.

“Kazue, you defeated Orochimaru.

You did very well.

I am very satisfied with the power of your eyes.” Danzo said slowly, and a cold light flashed in his eyes.

Mangekyou Sharingan’s strength was truly fascinating.

If not for the eye technique of this pair of eyes being Izanagi, Root wouldn’t have been able to seize it, and Danzo would have already made his move.

Even if he had to use all the strength of the entire Root Clan, he still had to dig out Kazue’s eyes.

“Lord Danzo is too kind, I also didn’t expect him to be so crazy… Moreover, the technique of turning into a white phosphorus snake and the like happened to be restrained by my Susanoo.” Kazue said calmly.

Danzo nodded slightly and said calmly, “I don’t know anything about Orochimaru’s secret research, let alone the Alabaster Devilsnake… He attacked you because he saw your eyes.

If there is a chance in the future, kill him.”

He really wasn’t lying.

He racked his brains but still couldn’t figure it out.

Where did Orochimaru get the confidence to attack Kazue, who controlled Izanagi

What kind of forbidden technique could make Orochimaru so brave and advanced, wanting to steal Kazue’s eyes

That bastard, how many things did he secretly do behind Root’s power

The more he thought about it, the darker Danzo’s face became.

There were too many things that Orochimaru hid from him.

“Kazue, you go back first.

I still have something to discuss with Sensei…” At this time, Yuuji said.

“Then you should be more careful.

Orochimaru might attack you.”

Kazue nodded and disappeared with a swish.

Danzo stopped: “You saw what happened just now.

Sandaime’s family is still interfering with the power of Yondaime.

This is the struggle of power.”

“Indeed, the two consultants were a bit too anxious just now.

Sandaime just showed the intention to retreat, and they were anxious…”

“Humph, there is no need to say more about the abilities and awareness of Koharu and Homura, but there is also a lot of greed and desire.” Danzo sneered.

Yuuji agreed with this point.

In the original work, after the fifth generation of Primary Instructors, they were still trying their best to meddle in the affairs of the village, and it was not just once or twice that they were attacked by Tsunade.

“Orochimaru defected.

While we are wary of this poisonous snake, we absolutely can not take advantage of him.”

Danzo said in a deep voice, “Using him to bring benefits to Konoha is enough… Yuuji, you go in secret and find a way to help him escape.

The relevant secret signals are in this seal scroll.”

“Understood, Danzo-sensei.”

Yuuji took the scroll, opened it and quickly browsed through it, memorizing a lot of information in his mind.

These were the secret signals of Danzo and Orochimaru communicating in secret.

Yuuji took the scroll and disappeared in a flash.

Only Danzo was left alone, walking under the dim street lights.

“Orochimaru, Hiruko… These geniuses of human experiments can’t be used by me.

After we squeeze out their value, we can find a chance to kill them all.”

Danzo had a cold face.

He had the confidence and confidence to do so.

Yuuji secretly left the village.

Along the way, Root followed the signal left by Orochimaru and quickly shuttled back and forth.

When such a thing happened in the village, the former candidate of Yondaime, one of the three ninjas, Orochimaru, defected, which really stimulated Konoha Ninjas.

Finally, in a secret stronghold.

“It’s here.

Orochimaru, that guy, still has the mood to be in Fire Country”

Yuuji sneered.

He directly broke through the rock wall and walked in.

Looking around, a large amount of clouds and mist lingered in this huge cave, as if they were alive.

“These smoke all carry chakra.”

Yuuji raised his head and looked at the smoke that was intentionally gathering over.

This smoke quickly drew closer.

If one did not know, it was very easy to ignore these things and then fall into the trap.

A large amount of smoke surged, carrying Chakra, and was about to enter Yuuji’s body through his pores.

“”This is the secret art of smoke transformation…Is the Iburi clan, because Orochimaru helped you stabilize your physical condition, so I am grateful to Orochimaru…””

Yuuji made a series of hand seals, and in the next moment, a large amount of radiation particles spread out and collided with the dense fog.

At first, there was nothing much, but after a while, the smoke immediately began to stir restlessly, and in the rapid squirming, there was a faint cry.

A large amount of smoke became restless, and instinctively wanted to escape, but it was useless.

Clouds of smoke fell down one after another, twisted, and gathered into a human shape.

It struggled in pain.

“So painful…”

“What kind of technique is this, to actually be able to break our clan’s smoke technique!”

“My body… What exactly is going on”

“Please stop, my clansmen have no ill intentions!”

Yuuji just sneered at these guys who turned from smoke to human.

“No malice You turned into smoke and approached me, just looking for an opportunity to subdue me… It is really a terrible thing for Orochimaru to take you fools, who don’t know the gravity of the situation, as his subordinates.”

Yuuji forced all the smoke into human form.

From beginning to end, he remained indifferent and did not intend to stop in the face of pleading.

Only when the last cloud of smoke condensed into a human did he stop.

“The Iburi clan who has mastered the smoke-transformation secret art is just so-so,” Yuuji said.

At this time, a staggering figure slowly walked out from the depths of the cave.

“Aiya, Yuuji’s words are too hurtful.

I value the strength of this clan very much…”

Orochimaru slowly walked out, looking extremely terrible, as if his entire body was full of flaws.

Only his pair of snake eyes were still filled with dense greed and desire.

This body is too broken, and it needs an even younger body…


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