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Chapter 125 - Cut OffA huge white phosphorus snake came crashing down.

It was a giant snake emitting a strange aura.

Kazue, who was trapped in the pit of snakes, casually looked up when she was enveloped and bitten by countless snakes.

“A snake with white scales, this kind of technique is really interesting.

This is to devour my body and then destroy my soul…”

Kazue was expressionless.

She was already prepared for Orochimaru’s attack.

After all, Yuuji had already warned her.


In the next moment, the huge Susanoo exploded.

Not only did half of the skeleton grow out, but even more so, its muscles multiplied, and a layer of solid armor hung over its body.

Susanoo… second form!

“Die, Orochimaru!”


In the next moment, the second form of Susanoo suddenly stretched out its hand and pierced through countless poisonous snakes.

With a loud bang, it grabbed the white phosphorus snake.

Terrifying chakra burst out, surging with countless power.

The earth suddenly shattered, and the countless poisonous snakes also collapsed, turning into a rain of blood.

“Susanoo can actually evolve…”

Orochimaru’s terrifying pupils surged with a chill.

That huge palm grabbed his neck and pressed him to the ground with a loud bang.

Along with the death of countless poisonous snakes, he turned into thick flesh and blood on the ground.

Orochimaru himself was pressed to the ground by Susanoo, and with a loud bang, he smashed a terrible dent on the ground!


A loud sound suddenly rang out, spreading far and wide.

However, such a heavy blow could not leave any scars on the Alabaster Devilsnake.

Orochimaru had already modified this body.

It had been modified countless times.

Powerful vitality and self-healing ability, terrifying assimilation ability, all of these gave Orochimaru the absolute courage to control a person’s body.

“Susanoo is really a power that people are obsessed with…”

Orochimaru’s eyes were fixed on Kazue who was protected by Susanoo.

Then, he suddenly opened his mouth and spat out a stream of smoke, which continuously spread with strong corrosive poison.

And facing this kind of attack, Kazue directly ignored it.

The eye power in her eyes was activated again.

Susanoo held Orochimaru with its left hand, and at the same time, the hand holding Kusanagi Sword in its right hand gathered chakra, and with Kusanagi sword as the core, condensed into a terrifying katana.

“If I chop you to death here, I think the village won’t be able to say anything.”

Kazue’s voice was flat, and in the next moment, she suddenly waved her right hand, and Susanoo in its second form directly controlled this katana to slash down towards Orochimaru.


Orochimaru was pressed to the ground, but his huge tail suddenly swung, and he quickly attacked, gathering a powerful force enough to crush everything.

With a loud sound, he ruthlessly smashed Susanoo.

Taking advantage of this gap, this white phosphorus snake began to shed its skin and quickly broke free.

After a hiss, it pounced towards Kazue, surrounding him on the spot, firmly binding him.

A white phosphorus snake was engaged in an intense battle with Susanoo.

Every strike contained a destructive power far beyond that of conventional ninjutsu.

In the intense battle, a deafening roar erupted.

Even more powerful chakra wreaked havoc, like a wind blade airflow, cutting everything in the surroundings.

The already broken street was easily destroyed in front of these two big guys, and the surrounding houses collapsed.

The battle between this giant and a huge white snake alarmed countless people.

“What happened What happened”

“What’s going on in that direction”

“What a terrifying chakra fluctuation.

Just a little closer and you will feel the cold…”

Countless villagers looked up in horror and saw the confrontation between two monsters.

At that time, they screamed and fled in a hurry.

On the nearby streets, everyone ran away.

Many ninjas also rushed over at the first time.

“It’s Susanoo! Who can make Uchiha Kazue use Susanoo! Who is her enemy”

“Is it a ninja from the enemy village who sneaked in, but was attacked by Lady Kazue”

“Quickly report to the Hokage sama!”

The faces of the ninjas were shocked.

This was the first time many of them had seen Susanoo.

This armored giant, this kind of powerful existence… was this third eye technique of Mangekyou Sharingan

Anbu elites quickly rushed to the battlefield.

In Uchiha’s clan, Clan Leader Fugaku, who had received the report from Konoha’s garrison, suddenly stood up.

“The garrison members must immediately evacuate and protect the people.

Do not approach the battlefield!” Fugaku shouted.

“But Clan Leader, aren’t we going to help Lady Kazue The snake that is fighting against her most likely came from…”


In the entire Konohagakure, the only one who was best at playing with snakes was Orochimaru.

The terrifying and distorted Alabaster Devilsnake only came from Orochimaru!

“… Carry out the order.

I will personally take action on Kazue’s side!”

Uchiha, Fugaku, had a calm expression, without any panic, as if no matter what kind of disaster happened, he could not be moved.

His performance quickly stabilized everyone, and a large number of Uchiha clansmen moved out to rescue and evacuate the panicked villagers.

To attack Kazue, is this Orochimaru’s own order, or Danzo’s order… No, it should not be Danzo’s order.

With Yuuji here, Yuuji will not allow anyone to covet Kazue’s eyes…

The moment Fugaku lowered his head, the Mangekyou in his eyes flashed.

If it’s really necessary, he did not mind exposing his eyes.

In a certain wine house.

Tsunade drank the wine in pain.

She was drunk and even had a cheek on her face.

When she heard the sound, she did not react.

Her disciple, silent, rushed in.

“Tsunade sama, I heard that there is a White Phosphorus Snake and a half-body giant fighting!”

White Phosphorus Snake…

Tsunade paused and raised her head, but she didn’t care about it anymore.

Is it Orochimaru That guy is becoming more and more strange.

Even if he does something crazy, it should be normal…

The Hokage building.

Konoha’s higher-ups were also alarmed.

“Lord Sandaime…”

“Minato, you stay behind.

I will personally take action!”

Sandaime Hokage changed into his battle clothes and wore his battle gear.

His face was gloomy, and there was even a trace of heartache.

Has it already reached this point Orochimaru, exactly…

Minato nodded solemnly.


Please be careful, Sir Sandaime.”

Sandaime Hokage directly rushed to the battlefield.

Danzo, turned to Koharu, and Homura stayed in the office, looking at Sandaime Hokage’s figure.

“Hmph, this matter is going to blow up.

Whether it is Orochimaru or Kazue, doing this is equivalent to betraying the village.

For such a thing to happen, Sandaime can’t escape the blame! Yondaime, you have to be proud of it.

Don’t walk on his old path.”

Danzo snorted coldly, and with an indifferent face, he turned to leave.

“Lord Danzo, do you really not know the reason why Orochimaru did this” Minato suddenly said.

“I don’t know why Orochimaru did this.”

Danzo didn’t stop, directly pushing the door and leaving.

He wasn’t lying, and even if he racked his brains, he never thought that Orochimaru would actually directly attack Kazue.

To deal with a ninja who could launch Izanagi multiple times Orochimaru, what exactly do you want to do

Or rather, Orochimaru was hiding something from him behind his back.

What kind of results did he come up with that could make Orochimaru publicly do such a thing

For a time, the entire village fell into an inexplicable atmosphere.

The worst thing was that the enemy did not come from outside enemies, but from inside.

“Give up struggling, your eyes are mine!” Orochimaru hoarsely roared, and his long body crazily twisted, firmly binding the two arms of Susanoo, slowly tightening.

He opened his mouth and ruthlessly bit it, and with a single strike, a crack appeared on the surface of Susanoo.

“Damn, this level of defense…” Orochimaru watched helplessly, and that crack was instantly repaired.

He once again spat out poisonous gas, trying to corrode Susanoo.

Kazue raised his head and looked at this huge white snake.

The second form of Susanoo already made her eyes feel pressure.

The rapid consumption of eye power was reducing her power.

In the next moment, Susanoo simply disappeared.

“In the end, I still won!!”

Orochimaru bit down and swallowed Kazue into his body, but before he could activate Corpse Reincarnation, he suddenly found that Kazue had disappeared.

“This is… not good, Izanagi!” Orochimaru’s expression changed.

In the next moment, Kazue suddenly appeared not far away.

She immediately rode her Susanoo, and the huge katana suddenly chopped down, cutting the Alabaster Devilsnake in half!

Shua, shua, shua!

She slashed down several times in succession.


Surging blood spurted out and flowed wildly.

The large white snake that had broken into several pieces fell to the ground with a rumble, raising a large amount of dust.

“Is this only way What a pathetic power.

After preparing for such a long time, you only got this kind of ending.”

Izanami in her left eye was activated to heal her right eye.

Kazue then dismissed Susanoo, holding the Kusanagi Sword in her hand, calmly looking at Orochimaru’s corpse.

Transforming himself into a giant snake… What a madman.

Kazue shook his head, turned around and was about to leave.

But at this moment, the head of the Alabaster Devilsnake that should have lost its luster suddenly moved.

“En Not completely dead yet But forget it, just kill again.” Kazue turned around, this time directly activating the second form of Susanoo.

Vaguely, the third form of Susanoo had already begun to brew, but it directly told Kazue that if the third form of Susanoo was activated, the life of her eyes would rapidly shorten.

For her, the consumption of eye power of Izanagi was very exaggerated, instead, it was more convenient than the second form of Susanoo, but Susanoo also had limits.

But immediately, when Kazue was about to pull out her sword again, she immediately revealed a surprised expression.

Because, the body of this white phosphorus snake continuously squirmed, quickly reconnected and repaired, and then… turned and fled.

“… Even the way to escape is so bad…”

Kazue shook her head and did not chase after him.

At this time, a large number of ninjas gathered together.

The figures of the ninjas landed and surrounded Kazue in the middle.

“Send half of the ninjas to chase the big white snake!” Sandaime Hokage immediately gave the order.

Immediately, half of the ninjas with different thoughts quickly moved out, chasing after the whereabouts of the white phosphorus snake.

The remaining people looked at the Susanoo in front of them with solemn expressions.

In the second form, the whole body was covered with armor, giving off a sense of oppression, making everyone who saw this giant feel a great pressure in their hearts.

“So this is Susanoo…”

“Another eye technique that Mangekyou Sharingan possessed, to actually directly create such a terrifying big guy…”

Many people were shocked.

The eyes that surpassed the three tomoe actually possessed this kind of terrifying power.

Sandaime Hokage looked at Susanoo with a solemn face, and said in a low voice: “Kazue, what exactly happened”

Kazue revealed a faint smile, and said: “I don’t know what is going on with Orochimaru, but he suddenly attacked me.

Lord Sandaime must uphold justice for me… It’s really frightening.”


Everyone was silent.

Sandaime Hokage took a deep breath, glancing at the huge Susanoo, and then looking at the remain of the white snake.

As well as the snake corpses and blood everywhere.

“Orochimaru, that guy… looks like he has been killed by you” Sandaime Hokage looked at the battlefield and vaguely saw a broken hand.

“No, no, this is Orochimaru’s shell.

His real body is the White Phosphorus Snake that escaped.”

Kazue was guarded by so many people, but he looked calm.

However, what she said shocked everyone.

White Phosphorus Snake… It was Orochimaru-sama

The escaping snake

“Has Orochimaru really become a snake”

“This kind of thing is too ridiculous.

It is probably a big snake summoned by Summoning Technique.

It took him away…”

Only Sandaime Hokage had a heavy expression.

He remembered that there were ninjas who disappeared mysteriously in the village.

If it was really Orochimaru who took them to do human experiments… What kind of forbidden experiment was going on

Moreover, Orochimaru, this guy, had shown his abnormal obsession with the white snake since he was a child.

The scene of the young Orochimaru holding a small white snake appeared in Sandaime Hokage’s mind.

“Orochimaru… You…” Sandaime Hokage gritted his teeth.

At this time, a terrible roar once again erupted in the distance.

“Is it really okay for Lord Sandaime to surround me like this Sure enough, it is more important to solve Orochimaru’s problem first…”

The Mangekyou Sharingan in Kazue’s eyes was emitting a disturbing eye power.

At this time, Fugaku opened his mouth and said, “Lord Sandaime, why don’t I take care of Kazue and you go after Orochimaru If he has no problem, he will not choose to escape, and he will not fight with the Ninjas in the village.”

“Thank you for your hard work, Fugaku.

Orochimaru is my disciple.

I will personally solve the mistake he made.”

Summoning Technique!

Enma suddenly appeared and stared at Kazue at first glance, revealing a stunned and vigilant expression.

“This pair of eyes, could it be the legendary Mangekyou Sharingan It seems that something big has happened to Konohagakure.” Enma narrowed his eyes.

“The enemy is not him, it’s Orochimaru! Enma, quickly turn into Jingu form!”

Sandaime shouted.

“Orochimaru, your disciple… I’m getting more and more confused.”

Enma turned into the Jingu, and was lifted by Sandaime Hokage.

Sandaime Hokage immediately controlled the Jingu staff to grow longer, and while holding the ground, he grabbed the Jingu staff and rushed into the distance at an astonishing speed.

At this time, Kazue slowly closed the Susanoo.

A large number of Uchiha clansmen immediately surrounded Kazue in the middle, vigilantly staring at the other ninjas around.

“Kazue, what happened Why did Orochimaru attack you” Fugaku said in a deep voice.

“What other reason could there be It’s just another guy who was spying on my eyes… No, it seems to be even more excessive than this.

Orochimaru seems to have mastered a forbidden technique that can seize a body.”

Kazue smiled and whispered.

Fugaku’s expression changed slightly, and he nodded slightly.

A forbidden technique to seize the body, and it can be seized along with the bloodline, and then control Mangekyou Sharingan…

Orochimaru was truly a crazy genius.

As the Alabaster Devilsnake crazily shuttled back and forth, it rampaged through Konoha Village.

If one looked down from high up in the sky, one could clearly see a long gully appearing in Konohagakure.

In the gully, a large number of ninjas moved and began to chase.

“Orochimaru! What do you want to do Do something to the villagers.

This kind of thing…” Sandaime Hokage shouted, his face revealing deep regret and sorrow.

Orochimaru was the disciple he was most proud of.

However, he did not receive any response from the Alabaster Devilsnake.

“Enma, stop him!” Sandaime threw out the jingu staff in his hand.

In the next moment, the Golden Cudgel suddenly extended, instantly nailing the huge white phosphorus snake to the ground.

The white phosphorus snake hissed and struggled.

Sandaime Hokage did not stop and formed another seal.

Ninja Art – Shadow Clone Technique!

The giant sword in his hand was flung out, splitting into dozens of giant hand swords and nailing them onto the White Phosphorus Snake.

“You won’t be able to escape this time.

Why did you do such a thing” Sandaime shouted angrily.

However, the White Phosphorus Snake only let out a hiss.

With a bang, it turned into smoke and disappeared.

“What This is…”

“Not good, Orochimaru that guy has already escaped!”

The Ninjas’ expressions changed.

“Lord Sandaime, why don’t we lock down the whole village We can’t let him escape!”

Akamichi shouted.

However, Sandaime Hokage did not give any new orders.

He just stood on a roof, the cold wind blowing.

The compassion in his heart flared up – his heart softened.

“I hope you don’t continue to be wrong after this.

I have given you the opportunity…”

Sandaime sighed deeply.

The entire Konohagakure was disturbed.

The most important thing about the chaos caused by Orochimaru was that he wanted to defect… What was going on

At this time, on the other side of Konoha.

Shiranui Yuuji slowly raised his head.

“It looks like Orochimaru is going to look for Kazue first…


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