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“Eh, Mikoto, I heard about you.

There’s going to be a little baby soon.

This might be a little kid even more talented than Itachi!”

In the Gourmet Street, Kushina greeted her best friend.

They could only meet here, go shopping and share their joys and sorrows together.

For example, Kushina entering Uchiha’s territory and visiting was strictly prohibited.

“I don’t care if he is a genius or not, and it’s hard for him to be stronger than Itachi.

I just hope he can be safe.” Mikoto just stroked her slightly bulging belly.

But what she didn’t notice was that.

Kushina stared at her stomach and also revealed a look of nervousness and joy.

Because she seemed to be pregnant as well…

The matter of Uchiha Mikoto getting pregnant again didn’t cause much of a stir.

In fact, at most there would be people paying attention but no one would care too much about it.

In essence, it was just that Patriarch Uchiha wanted to have another child.

Konohagakure has so many big and small clans and there will often be children born.

But if Uchiha Mikoto’s best friend is pregnant, this is a big event.

Because, Mikoto’s best friend is called Uzumaki Kushina, Kushina has another identity, Nine-tailed Jinchuriki.

Even during the most intense period of the three battles, Konoha did not send Kushina to the battlefield, instead, he kept her in the village and closely monitored her.

But when Kushina was pregnant, everything was different.

The entire upper echelons of Konoha were alarmed, most of their attention was focused on this.

“Is that so You are going to be a father.

Congratulations, Minato.” The nominally retired Sandaime Hokage found Minato and sighed with emotion.

“Ah, Lord Sandaime…”

Minato stood up and personally poured a cup of tea for Sandaime.

The two Hokage sat down and talked.

Sandaime laughed and said, “This is not a small matter.

Minato, every newborn is a treasure, symbolizing hope and future.

Your child is also the descendant of the Hokage.

Of course, I have to pay more attention.”

Minato smiled and nodded.

His face was also filled with a smile.

Every man who became a father for the first time was probably like him.

Sandaime Hokage lit his pipe and smoked.

“Minato, since you are the Hokage, you should know what it means for Kushina to be pregnant.”

“I know that when Jinchuriki is giving birth, it is the weakest time.

It is likely that Bijuu will take the opportunity to break the seal.”

Sandaime nodded.

“It’s good that you understand how important this is.

When the time comes, this old man will personally act as a guard.

Sarutobi will help Kushina deliver the child.

This is a big matter for the entire Konoha.”

Minato nodded solemnly.

Even someone as powerful as him felt a heavy pressure.

The safety of Kushina and the child, the riot of the nine tails, all of this pressure was on the shoulders of his husband, father, and the shadow of a village.

If he was not careful, the entire Konohagakure would suffer a huge injury, causing him to be injured again before he could walk out of the haze of the three battles.

There is no need to feel too much pressure.

Konohagakure has the most complete sealing technique, the most powerful ninja.

If even this can’t make Kushina give birth smoothly, then no one can do it for Ninja World!

Sandaime Hokage laughed loudly.

The two of them talked like this, not laughing.

After a while, the smile on Sandaime Hokage’s face slowly disappeared, and he whispered, “Did you still not find out the result of that matter Occasionally, there were ninjas who mysteriously disappeared in the village”

“No, and this kind of thing did not stop.

Instead, it happened… It can be confirmed that it was not done by the enemy Ninja Village.

No one would do such a stupid thing.”

Minato had a serious expression on his face.

If he were to kidnap some weak ninjas and use them to vaporize, then he would use this method to weaken Konoha’s combat strength…

Even a fool would not do such a thing.

It could only be done by the internal members of Konohagakure.

One or two Ninjas disappear every once in a while.

This kind of thing is very similar…

“Human experiments, Lord Sandaime.

If I am not wrong, someone is secretly conducting human experiments, and the progress of the experiment has been pushed to the critical stage.

Otherwise, there is no need to be so crazy.”

Minato said seriously.

At this time, the only ones who have the motivation to conduct human experiments are… Danzo and Orochimaru.

“I really don’t want it to be them…” Sandaime Hokage silently smoked his pipe, looking a little sad.

Minato said, “We can’t come to a conclusion yet.

When we find out who the mastermind is, the truth will be revealed.”

Sandaime Hokage nodded.

As the two talked, they talked about Yuuji.

“Back then, I allowed this child to become Danzo’s disciple.

It’s not like I didn’t use him to control Root.

You have to pay attention to this.

He is the leader of the new generation.

He has a strong will of fire and will be your helper for many years in the future.” Sandaime instructed.

“I understand.

As long as we capture Yuuji, it is the same as capturing Kazue and Guy, as well as capturing the younger generation… Yuuji’s prestige in the hearts of the younger generation is really frightening.”

Not long after, Sandaime got up and left, his heart heavy.

Danzo and Orochimaru… No matter who was secretly conducting human experiments, he did not want to see the scene of having to fight with these two people.

Minato saw Sandaime Hokage off, returned to his seat, looked at the mountain of documents, and sighed.

With a whoosh, he disappeared from where he was and appeared in a secret training ground.

Three members of the Shadow Guards were bitterly cultivating Flying Thunder God, trying their best to sense the time and space coordinates.

Shiranui Genma, Raido Namiashi and Iwashi Tatami, Minato chose these three people as his guards.

It was not because of how powerful their talent was.

From the beginning, Minato did not intend to have much hope in the strength of these three people.

The reason was very simple.

Minato controlled and further developed Flying Thunder God.

If there was an enemy that even he could not deal with, the Shadow Guards would rush up to him for nothing.

If he could not escape and was killed by the enemy, the Shadow Guards were even more useless.

All he needed was for these guards to be able to launch Flying Thunder God in an emergency one day.

“Hokage sama!” Shiranui Genma got up first and looked at Minato with a face full of reverence.

“Well, how’s the practice going”

“I vaguely sensed the coordinates of the Flying Thunder God Technique! But I still can’t determine the most specific location…” Genma scratched his head.

“Oh Genma, you really have the talent of space and time!” Minato’s eyes lit up.

“It’s all thanks to the teaching of the Hokage Sama, and he even taught us, Flying Thunder God!”

The three of them bowed excitedly.

This was Flying Thunder God, a forbidden technique that existed in the Book of Sealed Scroll!

The fact that the Hokage could take out this level of forbidden technique and teach it to them was already a great kindness.

“If it’s Flying Thunder God Technique, I have also cultivated bitterly for many years to master it.

If you want to cultivate this technique, you will have to spend a lot of time and energy, and you may not succeed…”

Minato pointed out the cultivation of the three people.

Reality proved that Flying Thunder God’s requirements for aptitude were almost harsh.

Sometimes, the innate talent of space was only the first step.

One had to accurately lock onto the most minute coordinates among countless things, and also had to have a strong enough reflex ability.

Minato did not expect these three people to truly grasp the first stage of Flying Thunder God They only needed to join hands to activate the array of Flying Thunder God and launch a long-distance movement.

“Genma, your clansmen are already far ahead of you.

If you learn Flying Thunder God, you might have a chance to shorten this gap.”

Minato said a few words of encouragement, then disappeared on the spot.

This kind of convenient movement ability was enviable.

The three of them sat on the ground, exhausted.

“Flying Thunder God, it’s really hard…” Ray Tong sighed deeply.

To completely master it, the difficulty is simply beyond the horizon.

“This is also something that can’t be helped.

Forbidden techniques aren’t that easy to cultivate.

This is Lord Yondaime’s famous forbidden technique.” Iwashi gasped for breath and said.

“Right… Since Yuuji is so powerful, Genma, you can definitely find him to learn forbidden techniques.

I heard that this guy Yuuji often uses different powerful ninjutsu on the battlefield! No one knows how many forbidden techniques he actually grasps.”

There was a deep envy in his eyes.

It was really good to have such a fellow clansman.

He suggested, “You are all of the same race, and you have the same blood.

Since his blood limit is so powerful, maybe you also have this kind of talent… I heard from the Hokage Sama that the seal book also recorded Yuuji’s forbidden technique.”

Yuuji was slightly startled and fell into deep thought.

He knew the technique that had been recorded into the Book of Seal.

White Hot Light.

“To be able to be recorded into the Book of Seal means that there is a possibility that this technique can be successfully cultivated.

The secret technique that is activated purely by the bloodline can not be copied and learned, so it can not be recorded into the Book of Seal…”

Genma lay on the ground, staring blankly at the sky.

Genma had long given up on awakening Nuclear Release’s bloodline because Yuuji had clearly told him that it was impossible for him to possess this bloodline.

However, without this bloodline, he could learn related forbidden arts… No matter how harsh it was, it was not impossible for him to succeed.

Should he find him

Should he learn that technique…


Genma spat out grass which was in his mouth.

This grass was directly nailed to a distant tree trunk.

He decided…

“What You want to learn my forbidden technique”

Yuuji looked at Genma in surprise, sizing him up with interest.

Genma turned his head away.

“As you know, I have never asked for anything from you since I was young.

This is the first time… If it doesn’t work, then forget it.”

“No, there is no problem in learning the forbidden technique.

However, are you sure you want to learn it Flying Thunder God is enough for you to study for several years.”

Yuuji touched his chin.

Genma had a bitter face.

It’s useless.

In terms of talent in space-time, I’m much weaker than the two of them.

I can only barely keep up with them… My progress in Flying Thunder God might be limited in my life.

I might as well start from other aspects and improve my strength as much as possible.

Was I encouraged by Yondaime Why did I suddenly become so full of fighting spirit and intend to increase my strength

Speaking of this, I’m not sleepy anymore.

The stronger I am, the more I can attract the attention of girls.

In a few years, I can strengthen Shiranui’s clan!

Yuuji nodded in realization.

So that was how it was.

This reason was very reasonable, very powerful, and he could not refuse.

“If that’s the case, I will teach you the forbidden technique.”

Yuuji took out a scroll that had a sealing technique applied.

With a raise of his hand, he removed the seal and handed it to Genma.

Genma received it with a face full of joy.

Opening it, he was immediately stunned.

“Why isn’t it White Hot Light”

“You want to learn from White Hot Light as soon as you start Believe me, you will be killed by this technique.

Let’s not talk about how complicated the preparation for activating this technique is.

Even if you successfully activate it, you will kill yourself.”

Yuuji pointed at the scroll and smiled, “On the contrary, this technique is the most suitable for you, Super Oscillation Wave… After mastering this technique, you will be able to gain a foothold in superior Ninja and launch an attack on elite superior Ninja.”

If outsiders wanted to master White Hot Light, they would definitely be courting death.

It took Yuuji ten years to improve the level of his body.

His self-healing ability and resistance had climbed to a shocking level.

Only then did he try White Hot Light’s technique.

But the first time he tried, he almost killed himself.

If it was Genma, he would die on the first try.

All the flesh and bones in his body were burned by the terrifying high temperature and instantly vaporized.

Although Yuuji could no longer use the Super Oscillation Wave, at most, it could be used to clean up the garbage, but this technique was the most suitable technique for Genma.

“I understand now.

If I can’t even learn this technique, I really don’t have the qualifications to covet more… Thank you.”

Genma nodded solemnly.

There was no need to show too much gratitude.

That would instead be too distant.

All he needed to do was remember the kindness in his heart.

“En, I remember that you gave me the few techniques in the clan and told me not to die… I will return this blessing to you now.

No matter what happens, do not die.”

Yuuji nodded slightly and looked at the guy in front of him with a calm face.

Shiranui, inKonohagakure, it’s an insignificant small clan.

As the clan leader, Genma had to lift the flag that increased the population of the clan.

Genma left.

With a heavy responsibility and longing for the future.

He just didn’t know how long it would take for this guy to truly learn the Super Oscillation Wave.

“Really, people who work hard can see it everywhere.

This makes me feel a lot of pressure…”

Yuuji closed the door and returned to the villa that was so big that it didn’t sound like words.

Dou and Yamato was playing with water in the pool in the backyard, occasionally using Water Release’s ninjutsu to spray the water, or creating some wooden slide and so on to improve the game fun.

“Is Big Brother Genma here” Dou looked up at Yuuji.

“Yes, he came for a very important matter.

Everyone is working hard for their own goals.

This is also the motivation for people to constantly strive forward.

You have to remember this.”

Yuuji lightly said.

These words made the two little ones think.

Yuuji no longer paid attention to them, but returned to his underground laboratory.

Calculating the time, Uzumaki Kushina should be almost pregnant at this time, which meant that because of the chakra of Indra and Asura, they had successfully reincarnated.

Of course, it was a temporary successful reincarnation.

If not for Yuuji’s interference.

“They are still in their infant state, be bold, if one of them suddenly had a miscarriage, then the other baby will most likely have a miscarriage as well.”

Yuuji stood in the laboratory, frantically flipping through large amounts of information, most of which were related to chakra content.

For example, the post-natal transformation function of the body’s genes, the possibility of the DNA confirming the basic frame of the chakra, the chakra material report, and so on and so forth.

Yuuji’s research on Chakra and DNA never stopped, and there were often many clones who were thinking and inferring about this.

And now, it would soon be the time for the first large-scale practice.

Just wait a few more months.

The two of them were born one after another.

Because of the chakra of Indra and Asura, the genes of the reincarnation body will be corrected, including the things like [character] and [will]…

A part of the personalities formed by humans after birth were naturally decided.

The reason was very simple, genes.

To a certain extent, humans were controlled by hormones.

As long as they could control hormones, they could control the emotions of humans.

For example, a person with strong male hormones had an even more impulsive personality.

The child born by such a person could also inherit the related genes of his father.

The male hormones he secreted were also very vigorous, causing him to be more courageous and daring than ordinary people when facing difficulties.

He dared to fight and fight, but he was also easily intoxicated and his rationality was destroyed by anger.

This required more experience and repeated poison from society to become more “mature” and steady.

For example, a person with mental depression and even depression was definitely not a simple mental illness.

It was even more so a physical illness.

The secretion of Dopamine, testosterone, and others in his body was out of balance.

He had to take drugs to recuperate his mental problems.

According to Yuuji’s observation, the post-transformation effect of chakra on DNA was simply beyond imagination.

It could even adjust the DNA chain to achieve the effect of “mutation”, and create various new bloodlines the day after.

Because of the continuous reincarnation of Indra and Asura, in essence, they carried some kind of genetic information.

The moment they succeeded in reincarnation, they had already modified the DNA chain of the reincarnation body.

Therefore, these two brothers had been reincarnated for thousands of years, and each time they were enemies and opponents, they had to compete for a result.

Their personalities had not changed for thousands of years, one was cold and conceited, the other was cheerful and sunny.

However, this kind of fixed reincarnation process was destined to stop in the hands of Yuuji.

Yuuji wasn’t going to wait obediently.

In any case, he didn’t need the two of them to be saviors.

No one knew how to be saviors better than him.

“Let’s wait a bit longer.

When the two of them are successfully born, the reincarnation chakra will also be completely stabilized…”

Yuuji revealed an excited expression.

This was definitely a very interesting thing.

To tamper with the chakra of these two fellows, be it switching or disrupting, it was a very interesting attempt.

Just as Yuuji was making a complete plan, planning to find an opportunity to cheat Indra and Asura.

At the same time, Orochimaru finally dropped the scalpel in his hand.

The living body in front of him was suffering from Orochimaru’s crazy experiment.

“Ah! Orochimaru-sama, what are you doing As a ninja of the village, why did you attack me”

This Ninja was not dead yet.

He maintained his consciousness and let out a painful scream.

“It’s really fragile.

A human being, a fragile body, a fragile spirit…”

At this time, there was only endless fanaticism on Orochimaru’s face.

“However, I will break away from the shackles of humanity, break free from the shackles of this aging body, and obtain eternal life!”


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