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Chapter 122 - AdmissionNinja School, a new batch of students entered the school.

At the door, it was already crowded with people, and one could often see children making a ruckus.

When Yuuji brought Dou and Yamato to the Ninja School, it caused a commotion.

“Eh, that person, isn’t he…”

“That’s right, Lord Shiranui Yuuji!”

“This, I heard that he recruited two disciples before.

Could it be that he wants to send these two people into the school”

Many people looked at the calm Yuuji.

Naturally, Dou and Yamato also received a lot of scrutiny.

Everyone knew how strong Yuuji was.

He was at the level where he could tangle with Bijuu.

The disciples he recruited should not be mediocre, but according to the information they received, these two children are refugees…

Many people looked at Dou and Yamato with strange expressions.

They could not see any characteristics at all.

On the contrary, the son of the patriarch of Uchiha, a child named Itachi, showed a psychological quality far beyond ordinary people and calmly faced the many gazes.

“Did Yuuji come to school with two juniors I really look forward to the performance of these two children in the future.”

Fugaku brought Itachi over and looked at Dou and Yamato thoughtfully.

He couldn’t see anything now, but he would soon know what color these two little guys were.

“Lord Yuuji, long time no see.” Itachi walked over and bowed deeply.

“Itachi, you’ve grown taller.

When you enter the academy, you must get closer to Dou and Yamato.

If possible, help them.”

Yuuji nodded and looked at Itachi in admiration.

Calm and steady, completely unlike a 5-year-old child.

Soon, the gate of the Ninja School opened, and a large number of new students entered.

In the crowd,

Dou’s performance is not conspicuous, but Yamato is a little more obvious.

It is because he is 8 years old, and he is taller than his peers…

The outsider would naturally be targeted, but with Yamato’s talent, it would not be a problem to face these children.

In fact, it was indeed the case.

Due to Yuuji’s relationship, Dou would be nagged by other parents, and their children would notice them.

All sorts of challenges were going to happen around him and Yamato.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After class, a few figures flew out.

“Damn it! What’s wrong with this guy What a powerful body technique!”

“We are not a match at all… What, how can the children of the refugees be so strong”

Many children were beaten up by Yamato.

If not for the fact that the two of them didn’t make a heavy move, there would soon be many people with swollen noses and faces in the school.

“I’m very sorry, but I’m not interested in fighting with you.

This is too childish… If I have the time, I would rather learn more ninjutsu.”

Yamato stood in the same place, being watched by so many people, his heart was extremely nervous, but he still tried to put on a poker face.

Sure enough, this dark and gloomy face of a terrifying ruler frightened a large number of people.

After some people were beaten to the ground, they looked up and saw this expression, and they cried on the spot.

“It seems that you don’t need me, and it is enough to face these guys…”

Itachi looked at the scene in front of him, and his widened eyes revealed astonishment and fighting spirit.

These two people are so strong… As expected of Senior Yuuji who taught them.

Dou, who had a gentler temperament, put down the book in his hand and smiled.

“There is nothing we can do about it.

Because of our relationship with the elders, we naturally have to receive a lot of attention.

However, this is not a bad thing.”

Itachi nodded.

He felt that he was close to Dou’s character, so he was more capable.

He glanced at the books in his pocket, which were filled with all kinds of labels.

“medical ninjutsu, are you starting to learn medical knowledge now” Itachi was shocked again.

He knew that Dou was learning.

In fact, this was normal.

This was because other than strength, the most commendable thing about Shiranui Yuuji was his unparalleled theory class results.

Yuuji’s actions in the Ninja School had long been dug out by others, and studying books every day was Yuuji’s daily routine in school.

His disciple was also holding books, which was very reasonable.

But… learning from medical ninjutsu in the first grade

He adjusted his glasses.

“Nii-san said my talent lies in chakra control and self-healing ability, so he encouraged me to attack medical ninjutsu’s direction.”

“That’s right, medical ninjutsu… if you learn well, you can help senior Yuuji.” Itachi nodded in realization.

The importance of medical ninja was self-evident, it could greatly increase the survival rate and endurance of the team.

However, Dou shook his head, and a helpless expression appeared on his tender face.

“Anyone can use my medical ninjutsu, but Nii-san is absolutely impossible.

Because his body’s self-healing ability surpasses most of medical ninjutsu.”


Itachi was stunned.

Was that so He could crush medical ninjutsu by relying on his body’s self-healing He was mature and did not question it.

Instead, he remembered this information in his heart.

No matter how much he did not believe it and felt that it was ridiculous, he did not ask about it.

That night, when Itachi returned home, he told Fugaku about it.

“Well… if it’s self-healing, it should be true.” Fugaku touched his chin and thought for a moment.

“Father, there really exists such a terrible constitution But to surpass medical ninjutsu by self-healing alone…” Itachi still didn’t believe it.

Itachi, your knowledge is still too little.

To him, whether it is Kunai or the sword in his hand, he doesn’t need to dodge at all.

Not only is his self-healing ability strong, but these things can’t even penetrate his skin.

Fugaku thought.

The scene that appeared in his mind was the scene of Yuuji activating Godzilla mode.

Under such circumstances, to be able to be hurt by something like Kunai was truly a miracle.

However, what Itachi did not know was that he only had a face full of shock.

Senior Yuuji is known as the strongest new generation in recent years.

Even Senior Kazue, who has awakened Mangekyou Sharingan, is no match for him…

No wonder Shisui thinks so highly of him.

Every time we meet, he would repeatedly talk about Senior Yuuji’s greatness…

As expected, he was powerful!!

Itachi’s eyes shone with a bright light,

Fugaku’s heart skipped a beat, and he shouted, “Not good!”

Could it be that after Kazue and Shisui, Itachi would also be roped in by that guy

“Itachi, you have to remember that the power of others is someone else, not yourself! Kazue is the goal you have worked hard for.

Her pair of Mangekyou Sharingan has opened the path that has been sealed for decades…” Fugaku said seriously.

Itachi nodded respectfully and left.

A few days later, in the training ground.

As Shisui and Itachi were sparring, their figures intertwined, displaying astonishing speed and strength.

Itachi told Shisui about this matter.

“Lord Clan Chief’s words are not unreasonable, but the problem is…”

“Senior Kazue is also not a match for Senior Yuuji! Even if she has the legendary power of Mangekyou Sharingan, she is still below Senior Yuuji! This means that our clan is not invincible…”

The two of them sat by the river.

Shisui stared at the flowing river with light in his eyes.

“Itachi, do you know why I respect Senior Yuuji so much Not only does he have the absolute power to suppress our clan, he also has wisdom as deep as the sea and the ability to guide the way forward.”

“Our clan is ancient but arrogant.

We are gradually blinded by arrogance and are constantly separated from the village and other large clans… If Senior Yuuji had not appeared, I really do not know how bad our clan will become in the future.”

“As long as Senior Yuuji is still around, our clan will be restricted.

Even Senior Kazue, who possesses Mangekyou Sharingan, will not be able to break free from this shackle…”

As Shisui spoke, the light in his eyes grew even stronger.

Every time he recalled the conversation he had with Senior Yuuji, he felt that Senior Yuuji was truly too formidable.

Senior Yuuji’s strength and conduct were both flawless, and he liked to use the teachings of enlightenment.

He threw out a point of view, guiding others to think on their own, and even came to a conclusion…

This kind of noble character that was generous with one’s wisdom was admirable!


Itachi blinked his eyes and watched as Shisui once again fell into a deeply intoxicated state.

Shisui seems to have been in this strange state recently.

I wonder what senior said to him…

It must be a problem that he could not understand at the moment.

At this time, Shisui and Itachi were talking about a certain someone.

He was teaching Dou and Yamato to cultivate.

“Dou, your main attack is medical ninjutsu, but remember, medical ninjutsu is not only medical ninjutsu, but also a killing skill! And you can’t give up cultivation in other directions!”

“Yamato, your Mokuton ninjutsu can not fall behind, and you must keep it strictly confidential.

You can only practice Mokuton ninjutsu at home.

When outside, without my permission, you absolutely can not use it!”

Yuuji first split up a few clones and applied a large number of sealing techniques around the courtyard to cut off the prying eyes of the outside world.

Then, he patiently guided the cultivation of these two people.

He had high hopes for these two people.

After the cultivation ended, he brought Yamato into a simple laboratory and began to transplant Hashirama’s cells bit by bit to strengthen the Mokuton genes in his body.

It would be best if he could achieve the strength that Tobi displayed when controlling him earlier.

“I feel that it will be smoother when I activate Mokuton…” Yamato repeatedly tried and whispered.

“It’s good that it is effective.

Your future is on Mokuton’s ninjutsu.

The Mokuton ninjutsu left behind by Shoudai Hokage is enough for you to cultivate for a lifetime.”

Yuuji said with a smile.

In the original work, after removing the influence of Tobi, the strongest ninjutsu that Yamato used in his entire life was merely the descent of the Tree World.

The Wood Dragon Technique and Wood Man Technique, this kind of technique that forcibly suppressed Bijuu, Root was originally unable to use it.

Yuuji also did not expect that after Yamato became an adult, he would be able to fight the true number Senju.

This technique was too powerful.

Time passed.

Dou and Yamato’s talents caused a stir in the Ninja School.

They were known as the strongest three in this session with Uchiha Itachi.

Although some people knew that Dou and Yamato’s actual age was a little older, these two still showed the qualifications to crush the second and third grade students.

Whether it was the theory class or the combat class, they even surpassed the fifth or sixth grade students.

Their learning speed and adaptability were beyond imagination.

In particular, Dou was inferior to Yamato and Itachi in terms of strength.

However, the thought and cognition he displayed made it clear that if he was trained as a spy, he would definitely be the top group of Ninja World in the future.

Of course, no one would be crazy enough to let Dou be a spy and he would be beaten to death by Yuuji.

“Is that so Dou, Yamato, and Itachi are really outstanding juniors.”

In the office.

Yondaime looked at the information of the three people with admiration.

Needless to say, Itachi was born in the Uchiha clan, the son of the patriarch.

Dou and Yamato made people feel surprised.

No one would have thought that the two children that Yuuji adopted would actually have such powerful talent.

“Is that so Does Yuuji have some unknown talent in judging people”

Minato praised.

After Yuuji, the super genius was Shisui.

After Shisui, there were three people.

They were all outstanding young people.

Minato valued him very much, because he was very young.

If nothing went wrong, in a few years, these young people would become his right-hand men and support the village.

After looking at them for a while, Minato put the information of these three people aside: “Is there still no news from Orochimaru”

An Anbu Ninja appeared and knelt on one knee.

“We still haven’t found any clues, but it is a fact that there is a mysterious disappearance of a Ninja in the village.”


Tell this news to Sandaime as well.


Minato was deep in thought.

The disappearance of the ninjas was either kidnapped or assassinated by the enemy, or the people inside the village started to act.

In the village, there were only a few people who were no longer under the surveillance of the Hokage – Danzo’s group and the reclusive Orochimaru.

“I can only continue to monitor closely.

I hope that the situation I am most worried about will not happen…” Minato sighed, got up, and walked out of the office.

He was going to teach Genma and the others, and it would be best if they could learn the superficial Flying Thunder God.

He was not worried about the other people, but they were the guards who had been selected.

Only Genma was deliberately recruited by Minato to win over Yuuji, and it was hard to say whether he had space talent or not.

The entire Konoha seemed to have fallen into a strange atmosphere.

This was something that ordinary people could not experience, but the higher-ups could clearly sense the dark tide surging.

Orochimaru had already accelerated the speed of the human experiments.

The living body provided by Root was not enough.

He even took the risk and did not hesitate to personally take action to secretly capture the ninjas in the village.

This man had long forgotten about Konoha.

Sandaime and Yondaime noticed it, and Danzo must have also noticed it.

However, no one dared to be sure that it was Orochimaru who did it.

Everyone fell into a temporary silence.

In the background where Ninja World’s war had not yet completely ended, this kind of thing actually happened in the village.

No one wanted to see it.

In the dim laboratory.

“Success, I’m about to succeed, Corpse Reincarnation…”

Orochimaru looked obsessed and crazy.

He was about to possess the ability to transfer souls and seize young and healthy bodies.

Compared to eternal life, everything else was not important.

“After I succeed, I will seize the bodies of Yuuji and Kazue as soon as possible, and then escape from this rotten village that makes me want to vomit…”

Orochimaru’s eyes were cold.

He had already made a complete plan, waiting for the development of the Corpse Reincarnation to be completed.

Regarding the matter of devouring souls, Orochimaru was absolutely confident that this art was very difficult to defend against.

The only problem that needed to be solved at the moment was how to deal with the mysterious companion beast in Yuuji’s body.

When he devoured Yuuji’s soul, would this mysterious monster make a move Would it stop him or watch from the sidelines

This was the only variable.

No matter how powerful a companion beast is, it can’t be stronger than Bijuu.

Then just prepare the seal in advance.

Orochimaru sneered.

As long as he could restrain the companion beast for a moment, he had absolute confidence to devour Yuuji’s soul and occupy Yuuji’s body.

He perfectly inherited everything about Yuuji.

Moreover, even if he was interfered with, he would fail in his reincarnation.

He could also completely seize Kazue’s body.

Mangekyou Sharingan was also very attractive to him.

Humph, humph, no matter what he did, he was filled with a bright future.

It was September.

Autumn arrived.

Uchiha Mikoto, pregnant.

“Because of the chakra of Indra and Asura…”

Yuuji was deep in thought.

Because of Indra’s Chakra, he would be reincarnated into the bloodline of Uchiha.

This generation’s Asura was unable to reincarnate into Senju’s clan, so he could only take the second best option and reincarnate into Uzumaki Clan.

For things like chakra reincarnation, Yuuji also had some speculations, especially after confirming the DNA foundation and chakra building, he was even more confident.

This kind of thing like chakra itself carried DNA information, and it was a combination of body and spirit.

According to Yuuji’s speculation, the so-called chakra reincarnation is, to put it bluntly, the projection of DNA information and put it on the chakra.

These chakras then select an individual to fuse, and re-implant this information projection into the individual’s DNA to modify and correct

Therefore, Asura had been loved and cheerful for generations, and naturally, many people could follow him.

Chakra corrected the character and will of every reincarnation.

In the Naruto world, the DNA was no longer a secret in Yuuji’s field of vision.

“Then, if we use the bloodline as the coordinate to guide the reincarnation of Chakra…”

Yuuji pondered, and his eyes became extremely deep.


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