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Chapter 121 - Hashirama and Kumenjuu

Even his eyes had a slight change.

“It is really hard to imagine how powerful Shoudai Hokage and Uchiha Madara were back then!”

Danzo looked at his right hand with infatuation.

The ten pieces of Sharingan were rolling around, looking around.

“The experiment you want has been completed, and I haven’t.

Danzo, you won’t let me lack a living body, will you” Orochimaru said hoarsely.

Danzo frowned.

“Of course, but you have to think about it clearly.

Now that the war is over, Sandaime and Yondaime are gradually withdrawing their power.

Root’s ninjas have been greatly restricted, and they can no longer bring a steady stream of living people to experiment on you like in the past…”

“Just do your best.

Anyway, I don’t care about what I cherish in the past anymore.” Orochimaru laughed in a low voice.

Danzo silently thought for a moment.

He had already guessed what Orochimaru meant.

He immediately snorted and turned to leave.

Yuuji gestured to Orochimaru and followed behind Danzo.

“Orochimaru, that guy has plans to defect.

You should be careful.

It’s best if you don’t come to this lab.” Danzo warned.

After putting on this arm, his tone of voice changed slightly.

Now, he only needed to grasp the forbidden technique, Izanagi.

With ten Sharingan in hand, he could launch Izanagi ten times in a row.

In comparison, Kazue’s pair of Mangekyou Sharingan, who could repeat Izanagi, was not that attractive to Danzo.

“I know, Danzo-sensei.

I have always been very careful to cooperate with such a dangerous person.”

Yuuji smiled.

After Danzo left.

Yuuji immediately went to find Kazue and obtained a large amount of experimental equipment from the cat clan.

“Meow, two hundred million taels.”

The ninja cat stretched out a paw.

“200 million is quite expensive.” Yuuji shook his head and took out a seal scroll.

He summoned a few large boxes.

“Yuuji-san is actually so rich He clearly already has a lot of land before…” Kazue was shocked.

“Ah, it’s not my money anyway ut’s from the deal with Kakuzu.”

I heard that Kakuzu is now in the Earth Country.

If there is a lack of money, I will go to the Earth Country and steal the business of Kakuzu.

“By the way, you should be careful during this period of time.

Be careful not to be attacked by a poisonous snake.”

The ninja cat jumped onto the box and disappeared into smoke with a bang.

Yuuji reminded him.

“Don’t worry, my eye technique allows me to ignore all forms of assassination, although it consumes a lot of eye power and chakra…” Kazue covered her mouth and chuckled.

Yuuji shook his head.

“No, there is another form of soul attack.

Right now, it is still uncertain if you can use Izanagi to perfectly fix your soul after it is devoured, but there is no need to take the risk.”

Devour… soul

Kazue revealed a surprised expression.

He seemed to be deep in thought as he attacked with his soul

Yuuji glanced at Kazue.

According to his speculation, even if his soul was really erased, he could still use Izanagi to correct it, because chakra could interfere with all the rules of this world.

However, there was no need to do such an experiment.

Soon, Yuuji secretly left Konohagakure and came to the underground laboratory that he had hastily opened up before.

He began to pile up a large number of experimental equipment.

The creation of Minilla will begin from now on.

If Mini Ra can be made successfully, I have a greater chance… whether it is to assimilate native creatures or…

Yuuji’s eyebrows drooped slightly.

Kumenjuu technique could finally be put to use.

The creation of nine artificial spirit beasts is suitable for this.

Yuuji began to fiddle with the instrument.

Then, Yuuji’s consciousness sank and appeared in the strange space in his body.

At this time, he could already stand forty meters.

“At this distance, it is not impossible…”

Yuuji raised his hand.

The next moment, he activated Godzilla mode and pulled part of Godzilla’s body, obtaining the body cells of planet Godzilla.

G cells.

The special characteristic of plant Godzilla’s G cells was obvious.

“With this as the foundation, and combined with native creatures, we can create…”

Yuuji continued to ponder.

In his previous life, on the earth where the planet Godzilla was on, all the animals and plants spontaneously evolved around the planet Godzilla.

Not to mention the plants, those strange animals look a lot like ugly Wurm-like creatures.

Planet Godzilla’s ability to transform and assimilate was beyond imagination.


Yuuji began to reproduce these G cells, patiently waiting for the growth of these cells.

Kumenjuu skill was known as the strongest psychic skill.

He summoned nine powerful Summoned Beasts to fight.

“The nine foxes that used this spell are suspected to be Summoned Beasts made of Nine-tailed Chakra…”

Yuuji looked at the rapidly proliferating G cells.

After pondering for a moment, he began to add private goods to the G cells.

For the first Summoned Beast, Yuuji directly threw in a bit of Hashirama’s cells.

Since it is purely used as a tool, there is no need to follow the rules and add a bit of native genes.

Maybe there will be unexpected gains.

Yuuji divided several clones and tested them.

Among the twenty vessels, they were labeled and tried to fuse.

This process was the hardest.

Seventeen of them failed one after another.

The conflict between the two gene systems was extremely dangerous.

In the last three experimental containers, an unusual change occurred.

After the initial struggle, Hashirama’s cells were devoured and assimilated by G cells.

“Eh, there are results so quickly.

Moreover, there are three experimental results that are good.”

Yuuji revealed a pleasantly surprised figure.

He had already prepared for a long and drawn-out battle, but he didn’t expect that there would be results so quickly.

The G cells that mastered new gene fragments should have some new changes.

A few more hours passed.

Yuuji carefully observed and recorded the entire process of the last three experiments.


7, the devouring is successful, but the G cells have not changed.”


11, I can’t see the result for now, but no result is the best result.”


15, there is no change… It seems that the difficulty is still too high…”

After waiting for a long time, in the No.

11 container, Yuuji finally got what he wanted.

The G cells that devoured Hashirama’s cells had mastered a new gene fragment.

With this kind of G cells as a template, Yuuji officially began the man-made reproduction process.

He madly injected chakra.

There was nothing to hide.

The Summoned Beast he needed now was a weapon, not the real Godzilla sub-body.

The new G cells successfully reacted with chakra and began to madly copy and split, just like another version of Hashirama cells.

Soon, the cells turned into a cluster of cell cells, from a cluster of cell cells to a huge mass of gray flesh, and continued to expand.

The size of the body also changed in the process, and gradually became the size of an ordinary person – Godzilla.

The strange skin imitated the strange appearance of Godzilla, but not the real one.

The claws were not so sharp, and the tail became a little short.

However, this Mini Ra only had instinct, and did not have its own intelligence.

“This thing is somewhat similar to the clone Hashirama that Obito showed before the outbreak of the fourth war…”

The clone of Hashirama, who was cloned using Hashirama’s cells without self-consciousness, was later integrated into the edo Tensei body.

Now, the strange gray mini version in front of him was a little interesting.

It was also the instinct, which was a little stronger than the clone of Hashirama, which was barely enough.

“There is no wisdom but instinct.

This is like a low-level creature.”

Yuuji raised his hand and placed it on the Mini Ra in front of him.

Kumenjuu complicated marks and all kinds of tactics continuously hit this Hashirama Mini Ra.

Yuuji picked up the specially prepared mask with the word “Ao” engraved on it.

He directly took the Ao mask and pressed it into Mini Ra’s face, matching it with the flesh and blood.

It was only at this moment that this special Summoned Beast was completed.

As long as he activated Kumenjuu, he would be able to successfully control this Hashirama in front of him.

If he cultivated it well, maybe this guy could awaken Sage’s body and Mokuton.

“Now, let’s try it out first…”

Yuuji formed a seal and activated Kumenjuu technique.

The next moment, he grasped the control of Hashirama Mini Ra and could drive this Mini Ra to act.

The almost terrifying vitality was the characteristic of this artificial Mini Ra.

Vaguely, this Summoned Beast still had a greater potential to dig out.

Although it was still a little difficult to control now, it was only a matter of time before it could successfully activate Mokuton.

It will be very interesting to think that there will be nine Minilla in the future, and they will still be in charge of nine different top-level Minilla..


Yuuji directly activated Godzilla Mokuton and created a huge coffin, pulling this Minilla into it.


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