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Chapter 12 - Uchiha ClanThat night, in the dead of night.

Yuuji sat on the bed, ignoring the spying gaze outside.

His consciousness sank, and he continued to enter the space and time in his body.


The huge Godzilla was shrouded in endless darkness.

He stood where he was and fell into a deep sleep.

“Every time I see a big guy like you, I feel that you are reliable… But which Godzilla are you”

Yuuji sat cross-legged a hundred meters away, sizing up this huge monster.

He tried to communicate with it, but there was still no response.

He didn’t know if it were because the other party was unable to respond or if he was simply too lazy to respond.

After all, compared to such a humongous Godzilla, Yuuji was incomparably small.

After watching for a while, Yuuji began to cultivate formally.

Using his mind and chakra as a medium, he tried to get closer to Godzilla and obtain his power.

“During the day, I displayed Nuclear Release’s power and almost used the White Hot Light technique… If I were to go to the battlefield, just relying on The Art of Suction and White Hot Light would be far from enough.”

“You don’t want me to be killed, do you If possible, please advise me.

I am a very timid guy, and I urgently need your help…”

He closed his eyes and slowly sensed Godzilla.

This time.

For the first time, Yuuji began to use the power of chakra to penetrate his body and spirit and rushed towards Godzilla.

In the beginning, it was like a clay ox entering the sea.

But soon, faintly, a new spiritual fluctuation appeared.

Although there was only a trace, it was incomparably heavy and profound.

It was impossible to fathom.

What surprised Yuuji even more, was that this spiritual fluctuation instantly passed over his body.

“There is a response… It seems that you like Chakra very much… But then again, there is no one who doesn’t like Chakra.”

A big smile appeared on Yuuji’s face.

Great, there was finally a response.

“I need to get your power and share your body, especially your ability, such as atomic breath and electromagnetic shield.

Of course, if you want to teach me some spiral atomic breath, infinite atomic breath, and so on, there is no problem.

I don’t mind…”


“Don’t talk Well, if I become stronger, I can have more chakra.

Are you not interested in chakra You are still sleeping now.

You can’t refine it yourself, can you Give me your body and I will use your body to fight.

I can use your body to refine chakra.

This idea is great, right I think so too.”


A strong sense of disgust came.

“Hey, hey, hey, there’s no need to be so stingy.

You live in my body.

At least give me some rent, right If you don’t want to let me use your body, then it’s good to suffer a bit.

We can sign a psychic contract.

When we meet an enemy, I will directly use the psychic ability to summon you.

You help me fight…”

Yuuji said casually, climbing up the pole.


In the next moment, a shock wave came and overturned Yuuji.


In the outside world, Yuuji suddenly opened his eyes and shrugged his shoulders.

He was kicked out…

‘Tsk, what a stingy fellow.’

‘He clearly has a mountain-like physique, but his heart is smaller than a needle.

He is really not easy to deal with….’

He was not Orochimaru, so he wouldn’t refuse to return the body he borrowed.


A glimmer of light flashed in Yuuji’s eyes.

When he was driven out just now, the shock wave he encountered was like a shock wave…

In “Monster Planet”, Old Void Godzilla casually roared, and the three great civilization special forces that had returned to Earth twenty thousand years ago were overturned… The super vibration wave can directly shake the vast area.

It can be said to be a powerful attack to clear the area.

“The chakra required for the super vibration wave is too large.

I can’t do it for the time being, but trying to develop the weakened version of the ordinary vibration wave is not a problem…”

Yuuji thought silently and began to try.


At the same time, in Uchiha’s clan territory.

Kazue was in the middle of accepting the clan elder’s question.

“Is that so She really amazed the world and suddenly awakened Sharingan… Kazue, well done.

Keep up the good work, and don’t disappoint the expectations of the clan.”

Uchiha Setsuna nodded with a smile.

The main forces of the clan were now fighting with Kirigakure.

Elder Uchiha was now the head of the entire clan.

“Then, Kazue, can you tell me about the process of opening your eyes” Setsuna narrowed his eyes.

As for Kazue’s aptitude, the clan had already concluded that it was not much.

As a clan with a thousand years of history, their research on Sharingan had never stopped.

Logically speaking, their judgment of Kazue should not be wrong.

At the very least, there would definitely be no absurd matter where a genius who had opened his eyes at ten years of age was judged to be mediocre.

However, Kazue had broken common sense and opened her eyes at ten years of age.

“I cultivated arduously all year round and was unwilling to accept the fate of mediocrity.

As a result, I obtained these eyes.”

Kazue bit her lips, her face revealing a stubborn expression.

In his blood-red eyes, the magatama was slowly spinning.

“So that’s how it is.

The eye that breaks fate.

Cherish it, Kazue.”

“However, are you sure you have nothing else to tell the clan For example, you are very close to the kid from Shiranui’s family.”

“I am just curious about that guy.

He is wrapped in bandages all year round and does not like to get close to others.

There must be a secret.

Now it seems that it is because he has awakened a new bloodline.”

Kazue lowered her head.

Setsuna nodded instantly.

“Looks like this old man is thinking too much.

I thought that you were able to open your eyes.

It has something to do with Yuuji’s ability… Since that’s the case, you can leave now.”

Kazue’s heart skipped a beat, but she remained calm on the surface.

She respectfully retreated and was about to walk out of the door.

Setsuna suddenly said, “I will recommend you to the Hokage-sama and make you and Yuuji into a small team.

Is that okay”

“… No problem.

I am willing to follow the orders of the clan.”

“Very good.”

Uchiha Setsuna watched as Kazue disappeared into the distance.

Then, he took out a piece of information regarding Shiranui Yuuji.

“What kind of power is it that can suddenly open the eyes of a mediocre clansman…” In an instant, he narrowed his eyes and looked at the photo of Yuuji in the report.

That was the photo taken when Yuuji had just entered the school.

Uchiha Setsuna, who had been a radical person since the second Hokage era until today, was already suspicious.

Yuuji was the only one who was most likely to affect Kazue and also the outsider that Kazue had the most contact with.

‘It seems that I have to pay attention to this little guy.

It is best to bring this guy into Uchiha’s home.’

‘If it is really as I guessed… Is there really a possibility of provoking Uchiha’s clan to open their eyes Just thinking about it makes me feel excited.’

“Sister! You’re back!”

Izumi, who was almost three years old, hugged Kazue’s thigh and said unclearly.

“Sister, why do you look so pale” Izumi raised her head with a confused look.

Kazue took a deep breath and forced out a smile.

She touched Izumi’s head and said, “Sister is fine, just a little tired… What has Izumi done today Is she obedient”

“Yes! I met a new friend today.

His name is Itachi.

He is a very shy boy!”

“Really That’s great…”


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