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 Chapter 119 - Worthy of Being The Leader

The entire Kirigakure fell into a state of agitation.

A large number of ninjas gathered together and charged towards the three people who had invaded the village.

“Found them! Xu, Kisame, don’t falter! Kill them!”

Genji directly gave the order.

He was too lazy to care about why Xu wanted to invade Kirigakure, and he was even less interested in finding out why Kisame and Zabuza wanted to defect.

Especially the latter, since the Blood Mist policy had been pushed forward, the matter of defection often appeared.

Just kill it.

“Ya, this time, I’m afraid there are more than a thousand enemies.

Are we sure we won’t escape” A strange smile appeared on Kisame’s face.

Xu stood where he was, only layers of trees rose up, extending a large number of branches to kill their pursuer.

When Godzilla and Mokuton were used to fight, they were really useful.

Any random leaf was a killing weapon.

Just as many Kirigakure Ninjas roared and rushed over, continuously attacking Mokuton’s forest.

A swirl suddenly formed and Obito appeared beside Xu.

“Sandaime Mizukage is dead.

Yondaime Mizukage has been controlled by me.

We can retreat now.”

Obito paused and turned to look at Kisame and Zabuza who were on guard.

“So it’s the two of you… Xu, it seems that you have told outsiders about us.” The three tomoein Obito’s eyes emitted a demonic light.

Two masses of swirl gushed out from his eyes, wanting to suck these two fellows into a different space.

“These eyes, people of the Uchiha clan… We have been underestimated.

If we don’t cut them off, it looks like we have to kill this fellow first…” Kisame directly swung his shark muscles.

Even if he didn’t, he was still panting heavily.

Just now, he had barely managed to kill a few of Kirigakure’s ninjas.

He had almost exhausted all of his strength, but he could only pull out his machete.

Xu said indifferently, “Forget it.

If the two of you attack Madara, you will be killed.”

Four thorns stretched out and bound Kisame and Zabuza’s arms, locking the two of them in place.

“Madara… Could it be Uchiha Madara That person should have died a long time ago!” Zabuza turned pale with fright.

Kisame also fell into silence, staring blankly at the masked man in front of him.

Suddenly, he remembered something and looked at the void with a strange expression.

He seemed to be deep in thought.

The masked man was Madara, and the masked man who played with Mokuton, could it be that he was another…

This was ridiculous.

The two old guys that Ninja World thought had died were still secretly active, and they seemed to have controlled the newly appointed Yondaime Mizukage

There was a feeling of shock that his three views had been subverted.

“Madara, they are not enemies.

Let’s retreat first.” Xu said lightly.

“Is that so Do you think the two of them are qualified to join us”

“That’s enough, Kisame.

If you don’t kill them, then forget it.

Just let them rest,” Xu said.

If you don’t,…


The huge vortex appeared, and the group quickly disappeared from where they were.

The Kirigakure Ninjas who had suffered heavy losses could only be enraged, and they were even more shocked by the power displayed by the enemy.

“These guys are too weird… Are they really here to take the Sanbi” Genji’s eyes were gloomy.

Somewhere in the Water Country.

If he didn’t cut off half of it, he would be left behind because he was too weak and didn’t have the qualifications to join Akatsuki.

This made Zabuza look angry on the surface, but he was ecstatic in his heart.

He picked up the machete and ran away happily.

“This guy also has your cells implanted in his body, right He is really pitiful.” Obito looked at the distant Zabuza and said indifferently.

Xu nodded.

“Of course.

Without my cells, this guy would have died a long time ago.

It’s impossible for him to be so active.”

“That’s good.

If that guy still can’t meet our requirements, then think of a way to kill him.”

Obito immediately looked at Kisame and sized him up.

He had inherited Madara’s legacy.

After acting in the name of Uchiha Madara, he naturally had a better understanding of Kirigakure’s situation.

Naturally, Obito had also heard of Hoshigaki Kisame’s name.

He was very satisfied with Kisame.

“In that case, I will take you to see the leader.”

Everyone disappeared again and appeared directly in Rain Country.

In Kisame’s hand, a black robe of Akatsuki appeared.

“As the newly appointed Akatsuki’s core member, there is no waste.

You have to remember this.” Pain looked at Kisame coldly.

“Of course, if the target is Bijuu, not only will he have to deal with Bijuu himself, but he will also have to fight against the five great Ninja Village.

Without strength, weakling is not qualified to participate.”

Kisame put on the clothes and focused on looking at Pain.

His heart was filled with horror.

With Rinnegan’s leader and Uchiha Madara and Senju Hashirama to assist… this organization was promising!

It was not impossible to achieve eternal peace.

After Obito and Xu left.

Having nowhere to go, Kisame, who had decided to stay in the Rain Country for the time being, said to Pain, “Leader, are those two people just now real With your Sage eyes, you should be able to see clearly whether they are real or fake…”

Pain’s gaze moved slightly.

“What do you know”

“I do know a bit, but this result is too ridiculous.

Only that person is qualified to join hands with Madara-sama.”

Kisame said, the expression on his face strange.

Pain snorted, “So that’s how it is.

Looks like you’ve already guessed it… That’s right, they are the two from back then, and they are now under my command!”

“As expected of the leader, to actually be able to obtain the assistance of these two…”

Kisame had a face full of admiration as he let out a deep sigh of admiration.

Perhaps only Sage’s eyes could suppress those two heroes.

After all, the leader was the leader, and he was powerful.

Just thinking about it made Kisame a little excited.

In Akatsuki, he could probably find the true meaning of life.


After a period of bickering, Kirigakure’s diplomatic mission finally signed a peace agreement with Konoha and ended the war of the past four years.

Terumi Mei walked out of the building and looked at the bustling street.

Even after four years of bloody battles, Konoha was at least in a difficult situation of one against three, with heavy casualties.

But even so, this village was still prosperous compared to other villages.

Was this foundation of the First Ninja Village

Terumi Mei was a little envious as he walked on the street.

There was already a team of Konoha and Anbu following him.

They were protecting him and monitoring him, but Terumi Mei did not mind.


Terumi Mei paused and stared at a figure that was walking towards him.

“This clan emblem, could it be that this fellow is…” Terumi Mei remained calm and collected.

Just as they brushed past each other, at that instant, Terumi Mei shuddered violently.

Vaguely, there was a terrifying pressure that came with a rumble, brewing a feeling of obliteration.

“Kirigakure’s guy will be beaten to death if he looks at Konoha casually.”

Yuuji stopped and said indifferently.

Terumi Mei looked around.

“Then will you kill me When we just signed the peace agreement…”

“It’s not easy to kill in the village, but it’s not necessarily the case after we leave the village.

I can easily kill all of you with your kind of trash, and I guarantee that no one will know that I did it.”

Yuuji said softly.

He turned around and gave Terumi Mei a deep look, brushing past him.


Terumi Mei stood in place, motionless.

Her entire body was extremely stiff.

In that instant just now, she really felt that this fellow would disregard everything and attack her.

“What are you standing here for” I already tried it just now, but I was still unable to channel the other four blades back.

It’s very strange.

Perhaps those four blades were cast with a sealing technique.

” The other members of Kirigakure’s diplomatic mission chased over and looked at Terumi Mei in surprise.

“Hozuki, let’s go now.

If we delay any longer, I feel that Konoha will go back on his word.”

“Anyway, the peace agreement is just a waste paper.

When the strength of the village is almost recovered, a new war will break out…”

“I’m not talking about this!”

Under the baffled gaze of the Suigetsu Hozuki.

Terumi Mei took the members of the diplomatic mission and left Konohagakure in a hurry.

He changed his route several times and escaped from the Kingdom of Fire.

“Shiranui Yuuji… This guy is simply too powerful to understand…”

When Terumi Mei thought about it, he felt a headache coming on when he had to face such a guy in the future.

No young man was willing to fight with Shiranui Yuuji.

But in fact, Konoha was not in the mood to pay attention to them.

Because there was an even more important thing that attracted the attention of all the higher-ups of Konoha.

That was… the selection of the Hokage.

All the elite ninjas in the village, the heads of the big clans, and the real power figures of various departments came to the Hokage building.

The famous name of the Fire Country also came to Konohagakure, and as usual, he presided over the elections of the Hokage.

“So, has Sandaime Hokage really decided to abdicate” The Daimyo opened the his fan.

Sandaime Hokage laughed cheerfully.

“This old man is also old.

It is inevitable that I am somewhat powerless.

It is time to let the young man go on stage.”

“Since that is the case, then let’s begin.” The Daimyo gestured to the guard beside him.

“This old man recommends Sandaime Hokage’s disciple, Orochimaru!” Danzo said coldly.

Sandaime Hokage paused.

“Then this old man will recommend Namikaze Minato.”

The moment these two spoke, everyone else shut their mouths tightly.

Fugaku sat very close to the front and glanced at Yuuji from the corner of his eye.

The two of them looked at each other and quickly looked away.

Sure enough, it was still the battle between Sandaime’s faction and Danzo’s faction.

Orochimaru was Sandaime Hokage’s disciple and was very close to Danzo.

This was not a secret.

“Oh, these two are excellent and powerful ninjas.

One is Sandaime’s disciple and the other is Sandaime’s grand-disciple.

This is interesting.”

Daimyo snapped his fan shut, and the guard beside him announced the start of the voting session.

All the ninjas began to vote.

The final result was not unexpected.

Namikaze Minato was finally determined to be the Yondaime Hokage.

His votes exceeded that of Orochimaru, and he also had Sandaime Hokage’s recommendation.

There was no suspense in the result.

Orochimaru accepted this result with a cold face, but Danzo was choked with anger, but there was nothing he could do.

At this time, the daimyo patted his head, as if he had just remembered: “Oh, yes, I still remember one thing… Given the constant friction in the ninja world, I think it is necessary to form a team of daimyo’s exclusive guards.

Team, how about the Twelve Guardians I’d love to pick some good young ninjas from Konoha to join.


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