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Chapter 118 - One Look and Down He Goes

“Xu… you are that Mokuton ninja.

Who are you”

Morino Ibiki covered his head in pain and tried to open his eyes wide.

He looked at the masked man in front of him who seemed to have no physical body.

Many of Konoha ninjas had heard of this mysterious Mokuton ninja.

After all, this was Shoudai Hokage’s unique Mokuton technique!

Morino Ibiki had never expected that he would see the mysterious Xu under such circumstances.

“Mokuton is the blood technique that only Shoudai Hokage has mastered.

Why do you also know it And this black Mokuton…”

Morino Ibiki was excited.

“Mokuton, I was born with it… and your head is full of holes.

Are you still in the mood to care about me No matter what, you survived because of me.

Your luck is indeed very good.” He looked at Morino Ibiki, whose face was covered in blood.

“… Thank you.”

Morino Ibiki began to heal the wounds on his body, stop the bleeding, bandage the wounds, and move skillfully.

Xu quietly stood in place, patiently waiting.

“… Senior, what are you doing here” Morino Ibiki whispered.

This was a great opportunity to spy on the information related to Xu.

“Of course it’s to kill.

In addition, I’m going to leave as soon as I heal my injuries.

I’m not interested in killing you now.

I might not be able to wait for a while.”

Xu tilted his head, that terrifying mask staring straight at Morino Ibiki.

For some reason, Morino Ibiki felt a chill in his heart.

He hurriedly got up, his figure staggering as he fled into the distance.

In that instant just now, Morino Ibiki clearly felt a terrifying and dense killing intent.

As long as he was one step late, he would be killed by this Xu!

Last time, it was to deal with Seven Ninja Swordsmen of Kirigakure, this time it was to kill the last Suikazan Fuguki… Xu and Kirigakure Or…

Morino Ibiki shook his head, trying to wake up his heavy brain and analyze all the useful information.

The mysterious Xu appeared again, and it was chasing after Seven Ninja Swordsmen of Kirigakure… but it did not kill him, the ninja Konoha.

Was it deliberately misleading Or did you not kill him There is too little information,

I can’t analyze any useful information.

Morino Ibiki fled all the way with one breath, and his strong will drove him to send the information back to Konoha no matter what.

After he ran far away and disappeared.

Xu was still standing in place, waiting patiently.

After a while.

Kisame carried the Samehada with one hand and dragged Suikazan Fuguki back with the other.

“Damn Kisame, do you know what you are doing If I had known earlier, I would have killed you first!”

Suikazan Fuguki spat out blood as he spoke.

The injuries on his body were extremely terrifying, and there were terrifying wounds on his chest.

He was not far from death.

He also knew this.

“I know, I know.

As a ninja, you are actually afraid of death.

You are the elite superior Ninja of the village.

It is really embarrassing.”

Kisame threw Suikazan Fuguki in front of Xu.

There was a hint of fear in his eyes.

He said, “Although I don’t know why you want to kill the seven people, this guy is already here.

I will give him to you.”

“No, Kisame, I am not interested in him.

I am here for you.” Xu said calmly.

“I don’t understand… The last person who said this to me was a little brat called Shiranui Yuuji.

Could it be that you are actually him This is too ridiculous.” Kisame revealed a terrifying smile.

The sharp teeth in his mouth revealed a cold light.

“I don’t know any Shiranui.

I came for you.” Xu said.

“Is that so It seems that I guessed wrong.

Although I don’t know why I am so popular, it seems that I have no other choice.”

Kisame picked up the Samehada and smashed Suikazan Fuguki’s head.

In the distance, there were already sounds.

It was Kirigakure’s ninja who noticed the movement and was rushing over.

“Let me say it first.

I do not care about your organization.

It is purely because you let me go once and helped me kill Suikazan Fuguki.”

Kisame sneered.

After getting the Samehada, he personally felt the power of this ninja blade.

It devoured the enemy’s chakra to replenish the master’s chakra and heal his injuries.

With this ninja blade in hand, Tailless Bijuu’s name was truly worthy of its name.

Kisame now had the confidence to face Bijuu head on.

“You will like that place.

To correct this false world and bring eternal peace to this chaotic world is the goal of our organization,” Xu said.

Kisame was silent for a moment.

“Is that so In that case, it seems that this organization is very interesting… I’ll join.”

“Very good, you won’t regret it.”

“Then what are we going to do now Kirigakure’s guys are coming over.

Should we retreat” Kisame waved his Samehada.

“No, we will stay.

Kill everyone and create chaos.”

Xu said slowly.

At this time, Kirigakure’s large number of ninjas gathered.

The large-scale ninjutsu used by Kisame when he fought with Suikazan Fuguki was too astonishing.

This made Kirigakure’s side feel as if they were facing a great enemy, and the troops they sent out were all elites.

“Kisame Why is the Samehada in your hands! Could it be that Suikazan Fuguki was…”

The leader of the ninjas looked at the scene in front of him with an angry face.

The one who really made him speechless was that strange masked man.

“You are that Mokuton Ninja! Kisame, it seems that what Suikazan Fuguki reported back then was right.

Are you really related to Mokuton Ninja Are you going to be a rebel!” The leader of the Ninjas was extremely angry.

Kisame sneered, “It seems that you haven’t figured out the situation.

I am already a rebel now.

I accidentally killed Suikazan Fuguki.”

“Attack! Kill the two of them!”

The leader of the ninjas gritted his teeth and directly ordered.

More than thirty ninjas rushed over and attacked with Kirigakure’s technique.

A large amount of fog emerged.

“Kirigakure’s technique… If you use this kind of ninjutsu against me, you will die,”

Xu said in a low voice.

The next moment, the mask slowly lifted up.

“Mokuton – Giant Tree Pillar Technique!”


Enormous black stakes drilled out, accompanied by terrifying roars.

They lined up and locked down all barriers.

“It really is Mokuton!”

“Damn it, these tree stakes are too hard.

My Kunai is broken, but there is no way to leave a mark on it!”

“Think of a way to bypass these things and kill Mokuton Ninja first!”

The faces of the group of Kirigakure Ninjas turned ugly.

“Then, are we going to fight in this kind of environment This black tree stump…” Kisame held the Samehada and rushed forward.


With a single slash, the two ninjas were smashed to death.

Although they had just mastered the Samehadas, the coordination between the man and the blade was extremely tacit.

Even the Samehadas itself were struggling excitedly, constantly squirming its body, the spikes on its body constantly cutting, seriously injuring several Kirigakure Ninjas who had no time to dodge.

In this kind of environment, being injured was equivalent to death.

Tree branches suddenly stretched out from the wooden stakes, easily piercing through Kirigakure’s ninja body, skewering him on the spot and raising him high.

All the places covered by the huge wooden stakes turned into a grave of death.

No one was able to dodge this kind of dense and difficult to defend attack.

The tree branches were much harder than ordinary metals, and could be penetrated in one blow.

“Run, find a way to escape from here!”

“Is this Mokuton Even its branch is harder than my weapon”

“Charge out and kill that Mokuton Ninja!”

All the Kirigakure Ninjas were frightened and began to go crazy.

There really was someone who managed to come out with a hideous wound on his body.


This Kirigakure elite raised his half-broken long saber and slashed at Xu.

“You seem a bit familiar…” After looking at it for a while, he suddenly remembered who this guy was.

Kirigakure’s Demon.

When he graduated 9 years old, he killed all his peers.

Now this guy should be… 13 years old


His slash connected!

But in the next moment, this slash didn’t even cut off Xu’s Akatsuki’s robe.

With a cracking sound, the saber shattered.

“Your clothes were made of Mokuton” His eyes were bloodshot.

This works too

“What a pity…”


A large amount of thorns suddenly drilled out from the black clothes and pounced towards Zabuza.

Even if he didn’t try his best to dodge, his shoulder was still pierced through by two thorns.

“He actually didn’t die.

For him to have such strength at this age, it’s already not bad… Although he can’t compare to those geniuses of Konoha.”

He lowered his head and looked at Zabuza.

At this time, Kisame had already killed everyone in the wooden stake and returned with the Samehada covered in blood.

“Mokuton’s strength is really terrifying.

I’m afraid that this level of Mokuton is far from your full strength…”

A trace of fear flashed through Kisame’s eyes.

At the same time, he waved his Samehada, wanting to cut it to death before not cutting it again.

“Wait! I can work for you! I am Kirigakure’s genius.

In recent years, no new person can surpass me! You will definitely be able to use my strength!”

Kisame paused.

“I’ve seen Kirigakure’s ninjas who escaped, but this is the first time I’ve seen him begging for mercy on the spot…” Xu’s mask moved closer, and the terrifying ghost face brought great pressure to Zabuza.

“What should we do, Senior Xu Should we kill this guy” Kisame had already placed the Samehada on Zabuza’s neck.

“This guy is quite useful…” He recalled that when he was chasing after Seven Ninja Swordsmen of Kirigakure, he had sealed four ninja blades.

The beheading broadsword was very suitable for him.

At this time, Zabuza also shouted anxiously, “You chased after the seven people of ninja blade, the beheading broadsword must be in your hands, I can be your ninja blade and the new 7 Swordsman of Kirigakure, as long as you give me the beheading broadsword!”


Xu was silent for a moment.

Zabuza was covered in sweat and almost suffocated.

His bloodshot eyes were filled with unwillingness.

He was an ambitious guy, how could he be willing to die like this

The broadsword was a weapon he longed for.

He had never even touched it once!

“Alright, young man, you have to work hard for me.”

Xu directly used the thorn strip to lift up Zabuza, and a large amount of blood flowed from the wound.


The thorn strip was pulled back.

Xu’s figure twisted, and in the next moment, he appeared beside Zabuza, implanting one of his clones into Zabuza’s body.

“I will keep an eye on you.

Those who betray me will not have a good end.

You have to understand this… If you want to behead the great blade, I will grant it to you.”

Summoning Technique!

In the next moment, the great blade appeared.

“Pick up this sword.

If you disappoint me, I’ll kill you.” Xu’s voice was full of oppression.

He reached out and struggled to lift the saber up.

Then, he waved it twice.

This simple action caused the wounds on his body to suddenly crack open.

A large amount of blood was absorbed by the beheading broadsword.

“… Not bad.”

“I’ll treat your injuries for now.

The two of you, come with me.

This is a big show.”

He turned around and gently touched the ground bit by bit, floating towards Kirigakure.

“It seems that we have to partner up in the future.

Although I don’t know why he likes you, this little brat…”

Kisame laughed strangely.

The two of them chased after Xu’s figure.

When they arrived at Kirigakure, if they did not die from exhaustion, their bodies would be on the verge of collapse.

“Senior Xu, what are we waiting for” Kisame laughed softly.

“Wait for that guy to make his move.” Xu answered.

Sandaime Mizukage was seriously injured and was about to die.

However, before this kind of Mizukage died, he gave an order to extract the three tails in his body and give them to the next Mizukage.

The higher ups of Kirigakure were moved by this decision.

No one would have thought that Sandaime Mizukage, who had made Kirigakure into a mess, would make such a decision.

Jinchuriki, who was pulled out by Bijuu, must die.

Although Sandaime Mizukage was about to die, if he did not pull out Bijuu, he might be able to hold on for a period of time.

Yagura, as the candidate for Yondaime Mizukage, was pushed out to accept the three-tailed transplant.

“Yagura, after you become the Three-tailed Jinchuriki, you will be the real Yondaime Mizukage.” Genji looked at him solemnly.

Yagura took a deep breath, nodded, and directly walked into the room that was cast by the enchantment.

Genji, who was waiting outside, was waiting with his trusted ninja.


In the distance, a huge roar suddenly came, accompanied by a terrible explosion.

“Lord Genji! Hoshigaki Kisame and Zabuza have not betrayed the village.

They are following the mysterious masked man to attack the village!”

A ninja reported.

“These guys actually chose this time Who leaked the secret, the great Ninja Clan”

Genji’s face sank, and he immediately arranged a portion of people to deal with it.

Inside the barrier.

Inside, there were already a large number of Sealing Ninjas.

“Lord Mizukage, I’ve already made my preparations.

We can begin Bijuu’s extraction.” Yagura said respectfully.

A few seconds later, Sandaime Mizukage’s slightly dazed expression finally moved slightly.

“Then let’s begin.

Stripping off the three tails…”

Many ninjas who were proficient in sealing techniques immediately began to extract Bijuu.

Sandaime Mizukage also began to form seals and undo the seal on Three-tailed Beast.

Very quickly, a huge and astonishing ball of chakra began to surge out.

Vaguely, the Three-Tailed’s eyes were filled with anger as he glared fiercely at these fellows.

At that time, he planned to go berserk.

“Quickly use the sealing technique.

As long as you can endure this little bit of time, it will be fine.

Lord Yagura, please be prepared!”

A Sealing Ninjas shouted.

Numerous sealing techniques were cast on the body of the Sanbi, who was about to go crazy, suddenly stopped, but even so, it already gave them a chance.

Everyone used all their chakra, dragged the Sanbi, and stuffed it into Yagura’s body.

This was a difficult process, if they were careless, the Sanbi would go berserk.

Fortunately, he succeeded.

Yagura had successfully sealed the Three-Tailed Beast in his body.

“Lord Mizukage, I did it.

I am already the Three-Tailed Jinchuriki!” Yagura was a little excited.

Sandaime Mizukage lay on the ground, his eyes opening slightly.

“Very good, that’s good.

Yagura… remember to be careful…” Sandaime Mizukage suddenly regained his consciousness and used his last bit of strength to remind him before dying.

Yagura was shocked.

But in the next moment, his expression changed drastically!

A strange figure emerged from the ground.

“Aiyaya, luckily I caught up… I didn’t expect the illusion on Sandaime Mizukage to be released at this time.” Obito muttered in a strange tone.

“Who are you”

“This place is clearly sealed off by a barrier.

How did you get in here”

Many of Kirigakure’s ninjas were furious and attacked.

However, all of their attacks directly passed through Obito’s body.

“Yoy can call me… Uchiha Madara.” Obito’s tone changed, and he said in a low voice.

The next moment, he quickly made a seal.

Mokuton – Cutting Technique!

Wood strips suddenly drilled out of the ground, and pierced all the Sealing Ninjas in place.

The rich smell of blood surged.

“Mokuton, are you a fake The guy who calls himself Madara…” Yagura’s face turned cold, and he directly shot out the Coral Palm.

This was a technique that turned all matter into coral.

But it was obvious that Obito’s ability completely ignored this power.

“It’s useless… huh”

The ground under his feet suddenly turned into a large coral.

“In this way, you can’t escape… Although I’m not sure what technique you used, it’s a pity that you will die here.” Yagura said in a cold voice.

“What a pity, things are different from what you think…”

Mangekyou Sharingan!

Yagura’s world was completely filled with those eyes, and his reason began to be drowned.

Even though the Three-Tailed Jinchuriki sensed that something was wrong and wanted to flare up and help Yagura, its will was soon buried.

“… I have expended a lot of eye power and will have to recuperate for a period of time.”

Obito felt a stabbing pain in his eyes and snorted.

Not long after.

When Genji and the others outside were anxiously waiting.

Yagura walked out expressionlessly.

“Yagura, did you succeed Sandaime, he… what is this bloody smell” Genji’s expression changed.

Yagura said coldly, “A traitor appeared in the sealed room.

He actually wanted to steal the three tails during the transplant process.

Fortunately, I found him! I couldn’t be sure if there were any other traitors, so I could only kill everyone.

As for Sandaime Mizukage He was completely dead.”

Genji was speechless for a moment.

He stared blankly at the unfamiliar Yagura in front of him.

However, the seal on Yagura was real.

“So that’s how it is.

I will investigate this matter thoroughly!” “From now on, you are Kirigakure’s Yondaime Mizukage.

I hope you can correct the mistakes left behind by Sandaime and make Kirigakure even stronger!” Genji suppressed his doubts.

The other ninjas in charge of the guards also congratulated at this time.

Yagura had always returned the cold shoulder.

This made everyone feel strange, but when they thought about how Yagura had actually been betrayed at the most critical moment and nearly fell short of success, they naturally suspected that these people had done something, and this seemed to make sense.

Then, now that we are chasing the enemy, we must force out the information that these two fellows obtained! This old man wants to know who leaked the information!

Genji nodded at Yagura and immediately led the ninja to rush to the restless location.

In this regard, Yagura remained silent, indifferently watching the back of Genji.

One of Yagura’s trusted aides couldn’t help but say, “Lord Mizukage, Lord Genji actually issued an order without your permission.

This is really…”

“Shut up.” Yagura said dryly, his gaze was numb.



In the next moment, this person was hit by Yagura’s punch, and a large number of corals grew out of his body.

He died on the spot.

“What made you think that I am easier to get along with than that guy Sandaime”

Yagura said dryly.

Sweat trickled down the foreheads of the people around him, and their hearts sank to the bottom of the valley.

They had originally thought that the gentle Yagura would be able to reverse the disadvantages of Sandaime, but now it seemed that… it had become even worse

An ominous premonition arose in the hearts of many people.


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