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Yamato’s Mokuton Ninjutsu could not be exposed yet.

At the very least, he would have to wait for Orochimaru to betray him before he could see the light.

Regarding this point, Yuuji repeatedly warned Yamato.

“Mokuton’s ninjutsu…” Yuuji looked at the dried wood pile on the ground.

He was silent for a moment, and then directly destroyed it.

Yamato heartlessly played with his pocket, completely unaware of what kind of waves his Mokuton technique would cause.

If not for Yuuji, Yamato would have been discovered by Danzo and nurtured as a personal disciple.

In order to obtain Yamato, Kakashi had shown mercy many times.

Sandaime Hokage had personally taken action to force Danzo to hand over Yamato.

Mokuton was simply too important to Konoha.

Unfortunately, Sandaime Hokage and the others quickly discovered that Yamato, who had Shoudai Hokage’s genes in his body, had launched Mokuton, who was really pulling his legs.

Only then did he stop.

I took Yamato in as my disciple first.

It can be considered as an insurance… After two years, Orochimaru, who defected, and Yamato, Mokuton, will be able to see the light and throw all the blame of human experiments to Orochimaru.

Not now.

Once exposed, Danzo and Orochimaru would have no way to step down.

Who was the one who secretly conducted human experiments It couldn’t be Yuuji.

Time passed day by day.

Kirigakure’s messenger arrived at Konoha, claiming that he wanted to sign a peace agreement.

“… Therefore, we hope that your village can return the six ninja swords we lost.” As the envoy, Terumi Mei said with a calm expression.

“Signing a peace agreement, the condition is six ninja swords…” Sandaime Hokage silently looked at Kirigakure’s envoy.

Danzo was furious: “Are you kidding When does defeat have the qualifications to negotiate with Konoha Then I will also make a condition.

From now on, give 50 of all of Kirigakure’s tasks to Konoha in exchange for Konoha’s forgiveness.”

Terumi Mei was expressionless: “You must be the one who endured the darkness, Mr.


I am talking to the Hokage on behalf of Kirigakure.

Is there really no problem for you to cross the line”

Everyone in the conference room frowned.

They all frowned.

Sandaime Hokage said indifferently, “In that case, as a sign of sincerity for the peace agreement, Konoha will return the Explosive Blade and blunt blade, but the other four blades are not in our hands.”

“Hokage Sama, only Konoha has control over Mokuton.

At this time…” Before Terumi Mei could finish his words, he was interrupted.

“I know what you want to test, but Konoha is also investigating the whereabouts of that Mokuton Ninja, and we know nothing about it.”

“… I understand, I am sorry, Hokage Sama.” Terumi Mei said respectfully.

The two sides began a fierce debate on the relevant terms.

In the end, Sandaime Hokage directly made the decision and set a very fair agreement.

However, this kind of fairness was the biggest injustice to Konoha.

“Hiruzen! We are War Victor Country.

We won all the Ninja Village and won the third battle of Ninja World! Why do we have to talk about fairness with them”

Danzo was furious.

Sandaime Hokage said calmly, “The oppression will lead to dissatisfaction, and it will lead to a new war.

We did win, but the losses were too heavy.

70 of the Ninjas died, and we urgently need to stop the war.

Moreover, we occupy the most fertile land.

At the same time, we recover faster, and time stands on our side.”

“This is not the reason for us to give in! Hiruzen, you will regret it!”

Danzo was furious.

He turned around and walked out of the conference room.

Outside, Yuuji was already waiting with a team of Root’s ninjas.

“Danzo-sensei, it seems that the negotiation is not going smoothly.” Yuuji said.

Danzo coldly snorted: “Hiruzen is old, he should abdicate now! I will do my best to help promote Orochimaru to the Hokage!”

“Orochimaru san, in terms of ability, reputation, and temperament, only Namikaze Minato can compete with him.”

Yuuji nodded slightly.

Sure enough, it was still here.

During the time after the Battle of Kikyou ended, the waves of joy were gradually dispersing, and the reason why people embraced peace gradually returned.

More and more people began to think about the process of the three battles, especially those who had lost their intimacy and friends.

They had clearly won the war, but they had not obtained any benefits, and they had to sign an equal agreement with other villages.

It wouldn’t be long before the entire Konoha would be filled with hidden emotions.

A venting point was needed for Sandaime Hokage to abdicate and give up his position.

The fight for the position of the Hokage was about to begin, and Orochimaru could not compete with Namikaze Minato.

“In that case, Danzo-sensei, we need to make more preparations.

Do you need me to kill Kirigakure’s diplomatic reoresentative ”

“Hmph, no need.

Killing a few fish is useless for the bigger picture.” Danzo’s face was cold and gloomy.

Suddenly, he said, “I heard that you have a new disciple Does this child have any special characteristics compared to Dou”

“Ah, Danzo-sensei, I think highly of this child’s talent.

At the same time, he has water and earth attributes, and he is an orphan…”

Danzo nodded.

Excellent talent Is that all

However, although Danzo had some doubts and suspected that both Dou and Yamato had problems, he still could not find the key point, so he could only suppress this suspicion in his heart.

After all, they were just two children, and if they were included in Shiranui’s clan… perhaps they could become a good superior Ninja in the future, and if they strengthened their clan, they would only be so.

After Danzo left.

Only then did Yuuji slowly raise his head and look at Danzo’s back.

Two years later, when Yamato exposed Mokuton, it would be too late for Danzo to come and ask for it again.

At that time, Yuuji had already completed all of Yamato’s teaching and imprinted the mind steel seal.

Moreover, there was Orochimaru carrying the pot.

At that time, it could be said that Yuuji had transplanted the first generation of Yamato’s cells to awaken Mokuton.

Soon after, Yuuji’s expression changed.

The “Space” word ring was sending out waves of fluctuations.

“This is… Nagato is gathering members”

Yuuji returned, created a special avatar of Xu, and began to respond to the summoning.


One shadow after another appeared on the fingers of Gedo Statue.

“It’s really sudden… Is there something wrong” The illusory shadow of chakra was standing on the finger of the statue.

In the next moment, he let out a soft sound and stared at a figure with his head tilted.

This is Yahiko, who has Rinnegan…

“So he used that piece of flesh to create a new clone…” Xu nodded slightly.

He could even feel the waves of energy coming from this “Yahiko”.

Unfortunately, this body was completely under Rinnegan’s control.

“I am Akatsuki’s member 0, Heavenly Dao Pain, Akatsuki’s leader.

When we recruit new members in the future, don’t make a mistake.”

Pain said coldly.

The Rinnegan in his eyes stared at the three people in front of him.

Obito, Xu, Zetsu was the strangest.

The only thing he was not sure about was Zetsu this half black and half white guy, but he already had some guesses.

This guy can blend into the ground and shuttle through the trees.

This is almost the same as the power of the void… The silent and cold Black-Zetsu, the funny and careless White Zetsu… I understand.

Pain stared at Zetsu for a while and was convinced.

Zetsu’s true identity should be… the creature that Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara worked together to create!!

The black half inherited Madara’s will, and the white half inherited Hashirama’s will!

Even a part of his ability was inherited.

That’s right, that must be it!

Hmph, hmph, hmph, the two great founders of Konoha who once shook Ninja World, all of your disguises will be exposed in front of my eyes!

He was sure that he knew the true identity of these three fellows.

He was bursting with confidence, and even his eyes were slightly off.

There was a strong self-confidence that brought everything into his palm.

This made Obito and the other two feel baffled.

They had no idea what had happened.

It caused Nagato’s aura to change.

It was as if he could suppress Ninja World with just a casual move.

“To be exact, I was the one who gathered all of you.”

Obito slowly said, “The Sandaime Mizukage under my control is about to die.

This is an opportunity for us, Akatsuki, to infiltrate Kirigakure.”

Everyone’s expressions changed slightly.

“Sandaime Mizukage, the guy who claimed to have inherited the second generation Mizukage’s Will, after going on stage, he caused Kirigakure to be in a foul mood.

So he was controlled by you.”

Konan looked at Obito coldly.

“After all, the Water Country and Kirigakure are far away from the continent.

On an island in the sea, it is easy to make a move…” The three tomoe appeared in Obito’s eyes, “Sandaime Mizukage is dead, the three tails in his stomach can’t die just like that… We need to control the 4th in advance, and then transplant the three tails to him.”

“Then, the only one who is qualified to compete for the first place is that Yagura… This time, who else will go besides Madara-sama Is the leader going to personally take action” Jue said.

Pain indifferently said, “This is just a small matter.

If you guys can’t handle it properly, then I will personally take action.”

“Chief, don’t move.

It’s just a mere Kirigakure.

Madara and I will go.” He shook his head.

Pain was greatly reassured.

Hmph, you really can’t wait to join forces with Madara As expected of you, Senju Hashirama!

Everyone dispersed.

“Is it really okay to just let those two fellows act like this” Konan asked in a low voice, looking at the familiar face of Pain with a complicated expression.

Pain said, “There’s no need to worry.

Although the strength of the two of them has dropped greatly and we don’t know how many of them are left, it should be no problem to deal with the current Kirigakure.

If it really doesn’t work out, I will personally help them.”

In the face of the power of a god, all obstacles were no problem.

Even if the two of them failed, he could still redeem them.

In the Water Nation, vortex appeared.

Obito, Xu and Jue, three figures appeared.

“Don’t you feel that Nagato has become a little strange Although he has created the Heaven’s Will Puppet, he shouldn’t have become like this…”

Jue looked at the other two doubtfully.

Obito was silent for a moment.

“To be honest, I don’t know what he’s thinking either.

I keep feeling like I missed something.”

“Ah, you don’t have to pay attention to such nonsensical things.

It’s better to hurry up and finish the mission…”

Xu shook his head.

Although his heart was filled with suspicion, he always felt that the way Pain looked at him was very strange.

But this was not important.

“I will ask Sandaime Mizukage to transplant Bijuu to Yagura.

After Yagura becomes the three-tailed Jinchuriki, we will take advantage to create chaos.

You will be in charge of monitoring everything.

I will use Mangekyou’s illusion to control Yagura.”

Obito said coldly.

His figure disappeared and he sneaked into Kirigakure.

Jue glanced at Xu and also laughed strangely.

He went underground.

In the original place, only Xu stood alone and stared at Kirigakure.

“What a troublesome village.

It was ruined by Madara and Obito…”

Xu pondered for a moment, but he did not go directly to Kirigakure.

Instead, he changed his direction and followed a certain sense.

“Kisame, you did a good job.

You killed your companions at the critical moment and saved the village’s confidential information!”

Suikazan Fuguki praised vigorously.

As he spoke, the flesh on his face trembled.

“However, the only thing that I am not satisfied with is that you should not leave this Konoha ninja alive.”

Suikazan Fuguki smiled sinisterly and lowered his head.

He looked at this ninja Konoha who had a face full of anger and fear.

Morino Ibiki.

Kisame stood at the side.

“Terumi Mei is negotiating with Konoha.

He hasn’t returned yet.

If we kill Konoha’s ninja like this, it will cause a diplomatic dispute.”

“That’s true.

It’s really troublesome.

Since we can’t kill him, we can only have some fun…”

Suikazan Fuguki pulled out the shark skin on his back.

With a whoosh, he used the spike of the shark skin to cut Morino Ibiki’s face.


Blood splattered everywhere.

“The smell of blood is really charming.”

Suikazan Fuguki was excited and continued to cut Morino Ibiki with his Samehada.

Morino Ibiki clenched his teeth.

Although he was terrified, he still did not say a word and endured this terrible pain.

“What a shocking willpower.

Let’s see how long you can hold on.”

Soon, Morino Ibiki’s head was covered in wounds.

He was cruelly tortured by Suikazan Fuguki with all kinds of methods.

However, what Suikazan Fuguki did not notice was that Kisame was standing behind him, his eyes becoming more and more dangerous.

According to Kisame’s pure ninja thinking, since they did not need to obtain information from this Konoha ninja, they either killed him or released him.

Doing meaningless torture purely for the sake of entertainment…

For some reason, Kisame recalled the two people he had met before.

Shiranui Yuuji and the mysterious Mokuton Ninja Xu both spared his life.

At this moment, the words that the two of them had said continuously echoed in Kisame’s mind.

“Tsk, I was unknowingly influenced by them.

However, I do feel that what they said makes sense…”

Kisame’s shark like eyes became more and more dangerous.

It should have been many years before he could do something.

At this moment, it finally sprouted ahead of time.

Kisame made his move.


The katana was suddenly pulled out, and with a fierce strike, it pierced through Suikazan Fuguki’s chest.

“Kisame, what are you doing” Suikazan Fuguki was both shocked and angry, and at the same time, he was cursing with a sense of disbelief.

“It’s nothing.

It’s just that I’ve had enough of you.

It’s only natural for me to point fingers and kill my companions..

I’m killing you now to fulfill your will.

Kill your companions.”

Kisame pulled out another katana and stabbed it at Suikazan Fuguki again.

At this time, Suikazan Fuguki roared and brandished the Samehada, smashing it horizontally.

The power from the Samehada also played a role at this moment, healing his wounds at the first time.

“This is the power of the Samehada.

How interesting.

It will be a waste if this knife falls into your hands.”

Kisame hurriedly retreated.

A ferocious expression appeared on Suikazan Fuguki’s face.

“Kisame, you have failed to live up to my trust in you.”

“Don’t joke around.

Who do you trust in If you want to kill, then kill.” Kisame sneered.

The two clashed again, erupting with shocking fluctuations.

Tailless Bijuu, Kisame, clashed with Suikazan Fuguki, who was in charge of Samehada.

Every single clash was filled with powerful resistance.

Every time Kisame launched a ninjutsu, it was a range attack with astonishing power, which caused a great shock.

“Ha, it won’t be long before the village will notice our battle.

Kisame, you will become a traitor!” “However, before they arrive, I will kill you.

Now you are not my opponent.” Suikazan Fuguki said coldly.


Carrying the Samehada and sprinting, he broke through the encirclement of over a hundred sharks, and Suikazan Fuguki fiercely slashed towards Kisame.

On Samehada, numerous spikes stood up, and it seemed as if it was about to force Kisame to the point of being unable to retreat.

In this split second, Kisame planned to make another seal and launch the ninjutsu.

But at this time.

“I saw something interesting…”


A black tree suddenly emerged from the ground and grabbed the Samehada with a loud bang.

The huge force made Suikazan Fuguki unable to advance or retreat.

“This is…” Kisame’s eyes moved slightly.


Suikazan Fuguki looked at the black Mokuton that was restraining the Samehada.

His face trembled as he clearly recalled something extremely bad.

Sure enough.

The masked man slowly emerged from the ground.

On his forehead was a ring with the word “Space”.

“Black robe and crimson cloud… You’ve changed your outfit” Kisame looked at the person who had once spared his life.

“What exactly do you want to do”

Suikazan Fuguki instinctively panicked and shouted.

He controlled the Samehada to light up the spikes.

With an ear-piercing sound, he tried to pull out the Samehadas.

Unfortunately, these branches were so hard that they were unimaginable.

Suikazan Fuguki only broke a few of these branches.

“Seven Ninja Swordsmen of Kirigakure, you are the only one left… Last time, you escaped.

This time, I want to see how you can escape.” Xu said slowly.

“Damn it, don’t be too proud.

The ninjas in the village will come soon.

At that time, you won’t be able to escape!”

Suikazan Fuguki wanted to use Water Release’s spell to split these trees apart.

However, in the next moment, more trees grew out and grabbed towards Suikazan Fuguki.

Suikazan Fuguki could only give up on the Samehada and hurriedly retreated.

“Kisame, we meet again.

Are you not interested in wielding the Samehada” Xu just looked at Kisame.

“I see.

It seems that you are coming for me.

Although I don’t know the reason, I am still very grateful to you…”

Kisame revealed a terrifying smile.

He stretched out his hand and grabbed at the Samehada.

The black trees that were wrapped around the Samehada let go one after another.

“Kisame, kill that guy.

I can make the decision to invite you into my organization.

There, you will find the true essence of life.” Xu said.

“… If it’s just to kill Suikazan Fuguki, I would be extremely happy.”

Kisame waved his Samehadas and charged towards Suikazan Fuguki who had already turned around and fled.

Xu, on the other hand, stood where he was and looked at the two figures chasing after him.

Then, he lowered his head and looked at Morino Ibiki.

“You are…” Morino Ibiki was tortured to a terrible extent, and several terrifying depressions were smashed out on the top of his head.

“Xu, my name is Xu, Konoha’s ninja.

You are so lucky.” Xu said.


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