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Chapter 116 - Shiranui Yamato

A few days later.

“Orochimaru san, your eyes really make me very unhappy.

Even if my bloodline is very powerful and you urgently want to study it, there is no need to do this, right”

Yuuji raised his hand and applied radiation to the living Ninja in front of him.

This unlucky Ninja from an unknown village let out a shrill scream.

Under the fanatical gaze of Orochimaru, the Ninja’s body had a terrifying distortion.

“Hmph, hmph, hmph, that’s it.

Your ability is really surprising.”

Orochimaru immediately began to study the poor Ninja, picked up the scalpel, and began to dissect him directly, completely ignoring the Ninja’s desperate cries.

It was as cold as dissecting a kitten or a puppy.

“This dissolution…”

“Cell mutation…”

Orochimaru’s hand speed was astonishing, and he calmly sorted them out.

At the same time, he also laughed in a low voice: “Yuuji, it’s too wasteful not to study your talent.

Why don’t you follow me What that guy Danzo can give you, I can also give it to you.”

“It sounds like a good idea… However, I’m afraid that this is not all the things that Orochimaru san wants.”

Yuuji cut off a piece of Hashirama’s flesh and put it under the microscope and began to observe.

These extremely aggressive cells, perhaps because of local products, only needed to use this thing to refine the chakra and transform it into trees.

Have you seen a bunch of human cells that turn into a tree in minutes

Hashirama’s cells can do it.

Yuuji evaluated Hashirama’s cells and his cancer cells and found that other than not turning into a tree, the other characteristics are really similar…

Corroding and killing normal cells, powerful replication ability, super strong vitality…

The only difference is that Hashirama’s cells can still be controlled by the local blood energy.

However, the cancer cells have no dividing limit and are not restricted by the genetic power of the native blood.

This is very interesting.

“This thing and my cells have their own strengths.

The only obvious advantage of Hashirama’s cells is that it can match Sharingan’s blood circulation and slow down the speed of eye power depletion… Something like Otsutsuki’s bloodline…”

If Kazue could get a transplant of Hashirama’s cells, her physical condition would be more stable.

As long as her chakra was not exhausted, she would be able to maintain the overall balance.

However, what Kazue transplanted was Yuuji’s cells.

Therefore, although he could refine an exaggerated amount of chakra, the cells in his body were constantly proliferating.

There was no bloodline confrontation and stability.

It was all thanks to the strong toughness of Indra’s genes that he was able to endure the constant growth of cells without being devoured.

Even if Kazue did nothing, his body was slowly going out of control.

Once it proliferated to a certain extent, it would require Yuuji to suppress it, otherwise it would go out of control.

“It seems that Yuuji is not that interested in Hashirama’s cells… Even Shoudai Hokage’s Mokuton power can’t attract your attention”

Orochimaru said in a hoarse voice.

“I’m not interested in Mokuton.

The happiest time of my life is when I use my own strength.”

Yuuji put Hashirama’s cells back into the vessel and said lightly.

He also had Mokuton, and he was no less than Senju’s bloodline.

“Is that so You are really confident…” Orochimaru laughed in a low voice.

In this dim laboratory, the two of them started their research, each taking what they needed.

Yuuji also obtained some of Orochimaru’s knowledge, as well as some cell activation ninjutsu.

Although Yuuji could not use it, he might be able to use it.

“Not long later, the experiment that Danzo needs will officially begin.

Yuuji, you will witness a miracle.”

Orochimaru laughed in a low voice.

However, Yuuji was too lazy to pay attention to him.

He focused on his own matters and even experimented with a three tomoe Sharingan.

After a long time.

Orochimaru suddenly stopped the experiment in his hand.

“Come with me, Yuuji-san.

Since you have Danzo’s approval, then I should show some sincerity…”

Orochimaru revealed a strange smile.

The two of them left and headed to another laboratory outside Konohagakure.

In front of a rock, Orochimaru made a series of hand seals and undid the seal, and a door suddenly appeared on the rock.

“Seal… This is a seal used to block vision and perception…”

Yuuji revealed an interested expression, and followed behind Orochimaru, entering an even more secretive laboratory.

“This is the place that Danzo and I value more.

Yuuji, you must remember to keep it a secret.

Otherwise, we can only betray Konoha…”

Orochimaru looked at the scene in front of him with satisfaction.

“These children are…” Yuuji’s face revealed an expression of shock.

There were sixty children of different ages soaking in the sixty huge cultivation tanks.

Numerous tubes protected their mouths and noses, providing them with oxygen and food to maintain their survival.

Most of them had already lost their signs of life.

Some of the children who were still alive had pained expressions on their faces, and their bodies had long since sprouted buds… It seemed like they could not hold on any longer.

To transplant Hashirama’s cells for these children to awaken Mokuton No, in order to increase the success rate, transplanting Life factors is more suitable… Orochimaru, this is really an amazing experiment.

Yuuji looked at the scene in front of him in amazement.

Not to mention anything else, just this amount of work is extremely large.

To choose sixty healthy children, then implant Shoudai Hokage’s genes one by one into, as well as this set of facilities…

“Are these children all children in the village”

“Some of them are, and some are from Root’s ninjas.

Perhaps they are civilians of the Fire Country, or they are abducted from other countries.”

Orochimaru laughed in a low voice: “It’s not easy to collect these children.

We need to capture them one by one when they are young, and then spend time to teach them how to refine and refine their Chakra.

They have the earth and water attribute chakra left behind, transplant the genes of the first generation, and send a few of the other attributes to Root.

Most of them have been secretly disposed of.”

Sixty children used for the final transplant experiment, which was equivalent to at least hundreds of children being caught before.

“Are there any examples of successful transplantation now” Yuuji followed behind Orochimaru, walking around the huge laboratory.

“Not yet.

Out of the sixty children, more than fifty have died.

What a pity.

Originally, I thought that with stronger and more changeable children, there would be a guy who could fuse with the first generation life force.” Orochimaru looked at the scene in front of him with a sneer.

While speaking, two more children died.

Only the last three were struggling.

Yuuji stood in front of the glass and carefully looked at the last three.

He remembered that the child was 26 years old when Hayate appeared.

He was five years younger than Kakashi, so he should be around 8 years old now.

After 10 years old, he carried out a mission as a ninja of Root and participated in the mission of helping Orochimaru defect and assassinate Sandaime Hokage.

At this time, one of the children opened his eyes in pain.

In the numbness and blurriness, Yuuji’s face and figure were reflected in his pupils.

“If I remember correctly, he should be Yamato…”

Yuuji glanced at the words on the glass without batting an eyelid.

This was the child in Konohagakure.

He had the earth and water attributes.

“If these sixty children were properly nurtured, they would become sixty outstanding ninjas.

But now, they have been wasted in vain, just to prove that no one can master Shoudai Hokage’s genes.”

Yuuji said with a face full of regret.

However, in his heart, he had already begun to ponder how to turn Yamato back.

At the very least, he couldn’t let that guy, Danzo, beat him up.

He was a real Mokuton ninja.

No matter how bad he was, he’s still a guy who could activate the descent of the Tree Realm when he reached adulthood.

After being controlled by Tobi, his combat ability was even more explosive.

Coincidentally, Dou needed a playmate.

If Yamato came to accompany him, they would presumably be more motivated.

The two of them walked around and were about to leave.

With a lift of Yuuji’s foot, a clone had already quietly merged into the ground.


The secret laboratory was slammed shut, and Orochimaru had placed a seal on it.

“What is Yuuji planning to do next”

“I want to go back and check my homework.” Yuuji replied.

“Dou…” Orochimaru touched his chin.

Until now, he still did not know why Yuuji valued this child so much.

After the two of them left.

In the underground laboratory that had been closed once again.

Yuuji’s clone slowly emerged.

During this interval, two of the last two children had died.

Out of the sixty children, fifty-nine had died.

In the end, the only one left was the child with terrifying willpower.

Hashirama’s genes had successfully fused with this child.

“I was a step too late.

You were the only one left…”

Yuuji took action, removed the container and released him.

“From now on, your name is Shiranui, Yamato.

You will become my second disciple… Welcome to my family.”

Yuuji took off his outer robe and draped it over Yamato.

Yamato looked at him in a trance.

The intense gene conflict within his body had occurred countless times, wanting to kill him.

However, he had endured it time and time again.

This terrifying willpower was terrifyingly strong.

Moreover, in the end, he unified Hashirama’s genes, turning them into a part of his own genes.

“Gene fusion… chakra… In this world, genes that can change are truly interesting things.”

Yuuji thought for a while, then carried the unconscious Yamato, destroyed the laboratory, and left.

Not long after.

Konoha’s registration office once again welcomed Yuuji.

“Ah, Lord Yuuji! The household registration certificate for the pocket has come down.” A Ninja respectfully handed over his household registration certificate.

Yuuji nodded.

“It’s been hard on you.

Now, you have to register another one.

Shiranui, Yamato, is also my disciple.”

Because he had fused with the genes of the first generation and disappeared for two years, his appearance had changed greatly.

No one could recognize that Yamato had appeared in Konoha before.


The Ninja was stunned, but he soon revealed a look of admiration.

“Another war orphan Lord Yuuji is really too kind.

In fact, we can send them to the orphanage.

The orphanage director, Nonō Yakushi, is very responsible.”

“If all the orphans are handed over to the pharmacist director alone, wouldn’t that be too cruel Even the medic corp Nonō Yakushi can’t take care of so many poor children! I’d better share the burden as much as possible.

Everything is for Konoha!” Yuuji said righteously.

This time, all the staff members were shocked and looked at Yuuji with great admiration.

This kind of domineering heart thumping was the will of fire

After the ninja asked a few routine questions, he immediately began to make Yamato’s household register.

No one felt that something was wrong.

With Yuuji’s identity and status, could it be that he had to repeatedly interrogate the children he adopted

The name of Shiranui Yamato, was quickly confirmed.

Most people had never noticed this insignificant problem, and they did not know what they had missed.

They would only regret it after one or two years.

“Yuuji adopted another child and took him in as a disciple” When Sandaime Hokage heard this news, he instinctively felt that there was something wrong.

The two strongest freshmen of Konoha, Shiranui Yuuji and Uchiha Kazue, would be Konoha’s pillars for the next ten years.

Therefore, Sandaime Hokage had always arranged for Anbu to be responsible for collecting information about them.

However, the fact that Yuuji adopted a child and accepted him as a disciple still made Sandaime Hokage feel ridiculous.

Accepting a disciple was not a big deal.

Although Yuuji was too young now, Sandaime Hokage was not worried at all on the level of strength and willpower.

But… another one

Sandaime Hokage picked up the household register in his hand.

“Fire Nation’s Rural Town.

Height: 132 centimeters.

Weight: 22 kilograms.

Age: 6 years old This height is 6 years old Although it is a bit thin, it should be at least 8 years old…”

Sandaime Hokage had a suspicious expression.

At this time, Minato, who was assisting in the office, smiled and said, “Maybe this child has some special characteristics that attracted Yuuji.

This age is the same as Dou.

In a few months, he will be able to enter the school together with the next freshman.

He should have this idea.”

Sandaime Hokage nodded.


It was good to enter the school.

Only after being taught by the Ninja School could he be considered to be qualified to be a ninja of Konoha.

This point, Yuuji did very well, which made Sandaime Hokage very satisfied.

Time passed.

Yamato’s household registration card had also come down.

In name, there were two more clansmen in the Shiranui clan.

“… So, I have two more younger brothers”

Shiranui Genma, who came to visit, looked at the three people in front of him with a confused face.

“In theory, that’s right.

Genma, you can’t bully them.” Yuuji sat cross-legged and said seriously.

Dou and Yamato greeted Genma respectfully.

“Hmph, but forget it.

It’s not that I can’t accept having two more clansmen, even though I still find it strange…”

Genma touched his body and finally took out hard candy and handed them to the two little ones.

“I came in a hurry and didn’t prepare anything.

This is for you.” Genma said lightly.

After Dou left with Yamato, he ran to the courtyard and talked about this little gift with a face full of joy.

Genma frowned and looked at him.

“What are you doing Why would you choose them”

“Genma, there are many things you don’t understand.

These two little guys have the potential to surprise the entire Ninja World.

As my disciple, I deeply believe in this.

Moreover, I am helping you to share the pressure.

To revitalize the clan, you have to have a population, right Are you looking for life”

Yuuji said with a smile.

Genma sneered, “Then why don’t you do it”

“I have great strength.

If I raise my strength, I can strengthen the reputation of my clan.

What do you have”


This heart-wrenching stab ruthlessly stabbed into Genma.

Genma widened his eyes and looked at him with a pained expression.

“Our main focus right now should be on cultivation, not dating! Yuuji, I didn’t expect you to be this kind of person!”

After saying that, he hurriedly left this ridiculously large mansion.

Walking on the streets of Konoha, Genma recalled Yuuji’s words and fell into deep thought.

“The revitalization of clan needs population…”

Genma pondered.

Why not… give it a try

In front of him, a young girl was walking over.

“Kurenai, I haven’t seen you for a while.

Do you want to go eat something It’s my treat.” Genma took a deep breath and mustered up his courage.

“ Alright, it’s nothing much anyway…” Kurenai was baffled and felt that Genma’s behavior today was a little strange, but he still agreed.

There was no reason to refuse the invitation of his companion.

Genma’s tiger-like body shook, and his confidence increased greatly.

He immediately took Kurenai to the food street with a solemn face.

In the next few days, strange rumors appeared in the circle of Konoha’s new generation.

It was said that there was a playboy called Shiranui Genma, who was seducing little girls everywhere…

In the past few days, Yuuji had been teaching Dou and Yamato.

Dou was still okay, but his strong self-healing ability and accurate chakra control ability were his talents.

The more troublesome one was Yamato.

This guy had Shoudai Hokage’s genes and could use Mokuton’s ninjutsu.

But he did not know how to use it.

Yuuji also specially went to Root’s base to secretly search for the cultivation information left behind by Shoudai Hokage.

At this critical moment, there was no need to directly ask Danzo for Mokuton’s ninjutsu.

Otherwise, with Danzo’s personality, he would come to ask for Yamato in minutes.

Yuuji would not give it to him.

“Yamato, you have Mokuton’s talent.

For you, the will of [Protection] is the most important.

Then, you have to make good use of your talent to protect everything you have now.”

Yuuji directly spread out the scroll and began to explain Mokuton’s technique again.

The Godzilla Mokuton he had mastered really did do whatever he wanted with a clap of his hands.

Now, it really took some time to guide Yamato into Senju’s lineage.

Fortunately, Yamato’s talent did not disappoint him.


Yamato muttered softly.

He was clearly a little nervous.

After taking a deep breath, he immediately formed a seal and shouted.

“Mokuton, Wood dropped Bomb!”

Then, a dry wooden stake drilled out of the ground and fell to the ground.

It was like a salted fish that had lost its dream.

There was no greenery at all.

“… Very good, well done.

Yamato, you have successfully learned how to activate Mokuton!”

Yuuji looked at the perturbed Yamato and immediately praised him.

Although this Mokuton was really hard to describe in a few words, almost comparable to Guy’s Dragon King Water Spray, at least he succeeded in activating Mokuton.

Yamato was relieved and revealed a happy expression, “It’s good that Sensei is satisfied.

I hope my strength can help you…”

“Of course, it’s very helpful.

You have to grow up as soon as possible…” Yuuji said with a smile.

He had already begun to ponder about how to add White Zetsu’s cells to Yamato’s body.

In reality, the power that Tobi used to control Yamato was too much for Yuuji.

This was a very powerful battle force.


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