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 Chapter 115 - Gouging Out Mangekyou For Profit

Yuuji indeed valued Shisui very much.

This guy awakened Mangekyou in the original work.

It was simply a cheat ability.

Unfortunately, it had not truly displayed its true value.

One eye was dug out by Danzo, and the other eye was left for Itachi before he committed suicide.

Poor Shisui Uchiha, Heart Reflection Eye…

Yuuji looked at the burning Shisui in front of him.

He thought for a moment and shook his head.

It doesn’t matter.

It is best to have the Eye of Divine Celestial.

It is acceptable if you can’t master it.

“Shisui, I have a path to eternal peace.

Although this path is destined to not be accepted by most people, it doesn’t matter.

I will persevere until I realize my final goal.”

Yuuji took the teacup from his pocket and took a sip.

Shisui looked around curiously, but he quickly buried his head and took out a small notebook to write.

“… What are you doing”

“I heard that senior, your favorite thing is to carry a few books with you.

When you have time, take them out to take notes.” Shisui said respectfully.


Yuuji was silent.

He did this purely for Sandaime Hokage to see.

But forget it.

“Senior, may I ask what Senior plans to do What can I do during this process How should I deal with the relationship between a clan and a village” Shisui asked.

“The relationship between the Uchiha clan and the village is one of the many contradictions in the entire Ninja World.

Shisui, you have to remember one thing.

When solving a problem, you have to seize the main contradiction.

To you, the relationship between the clan and the village is the main contradiction.”

Yuuji had a meaningful look on his face.

“Main contradiction Yuuji-san’s remarks are really profound.”

Shisui thought for a moment and immediately thought of something.

He looked at Yuuji with shock and admiration.


“As expected of Senior Yuuji.”

“In a casual way, I found a peaceful path!”


“Senior, please don’t hide it anymore.

Senior’s goal is the peace of the entire Ninja World, and my goal is the peace between the family and the village.

Compared to Senior, what I have to do is obviously simpler than Senior.”

“However, Senior, you have never wavered, and when I face a simpler problem, my heart is confused and hesitant… You are using your own example to encourage me to be firm with my will and correct my thoughts!”

“Also, considering the book that Senior passed to me before, I understand now.

Senior wants to tell me that the relationship between the clan and the village is just like what is recorded in the book.

It has to be cared for… No, it shouldn’t be so simple.

Then it has to be taken care of Understood, it has to be solved with the fetters of the heart…”

Yuuji had a solemn expression.

“… Correct, that’s how it is.

This is what I want you to know.

Shisui, you understand.”

Shisui stood up excitedly and walked around.

He held a pen and wrote in a small notebook, feeling excited.

“If I extend this out and strengthen my own will, then if I can make the clan’s will even more firm, think of a way to make them believe from the bottom of their hearts that I am a member of the village… Senior, Arigato!”

“… Ah, Shisui, you are too polite.”

Yuuji looked at Shisui’s hurried figure and fell into deep thought.

What did this guy understand

But forget it.

In any case, the brains of Uchiha’s clansmen, who knows what they are thinking, always being extreme, from one extreme to the other in minutes…

It seemed that to the geniuses of this clan, they did not have the concept of being neutral.

“Nii-san, what did that person just say I don’t understand at all.” Dou looked at him with a confused face.

Yuuji raised his hand and ruffled his hair, turning his neat hairstyle into a chicken nest once again.

Yo, you are not the only one who doesn’t understand, I also don’t understand…

“Dou, in a few months, you will enter the school with the new batch of students.

What have you done with the homework I taught you”

Yuuji changed the topic.

Dou immediately handed over the exercise book in his hand as if he was presenting a treasure.

In the Ninja School, in addition to the three body techniques and chakra, there were also a lot of math problems, such as throwing the parabolic formula of Kunai.

Yuuji checked the questions and showed a satisfied expression.

It was really good.

At this time, Dou showed a good IQ.

That night.

Root’s base.

Danzo summoned Shiranui Yuuji.

This was the first official conversation between them after a long time.

“Greetings, Sensei.” Yuuji greeted Danzo with a smile.

Danzo nodded expressionlessly, but everyone who was familiar with him knew that he was very satisfied to be able to respond with body language.

Otherwise, he would directly ignore you with a stinky face, or pass by with a cold snort.

“Although I don’t know why you used half of your battle credits to exchange for land, but well..

this is irrelevant.

The forbidden technique in the Book of Seal, which do you want to learn Feel free to ask this old man for it.

With your current level, you can barely pass.”

Danzo’s expression was indifferent.

He knew that Yuuji had chosen a spiritualization technique from the Book of Seal.

It was impossible for Sandaime Hokage to release a true forbidden technique like Edo Tensei, but Danzo could.

“I’m afraid that Sensei didn’t summon me just to talk about this, right”

“That’s right.

What I want to ask is about that pair of Mangekyou Sharingan!”

A trace of deep greed flashed through Danzo’s eyes.

Izanagi, that can be reused.

More importantly, the Izanagi that Kazue controls can not only change her own fate, but also change the fate of the outside world to a certain extent…

Danzo, who was obsessed with studying the Shoudai Hokage’s cells and Sharingan’s blood inheritance felt the need to know more about this.

“It’s useless, Sensei.

I advise you to give up.” Yuuji said directly, “Kazue’s Izanagi can be activated at any time.

Even if you dig out her eyes, she can change the reality.

No one can get her eyes.”

“Even if i can’t do it.

If it’s you you should be able to do it, take her eyes…” Danzo slammed the floor, a little dissatisfied.

“Danzo-sensei, Kazue is the most capable tool in my hands.

She is loyal to me and her subordinates who live because of me… How can I bear to do such a thing” Yuuji said with a smile.

The atmosphere in the entire underground base was slightly stiff at this time.

The surrounding Root Ninjas were all silent, as if they had not heard anything.

They were all tools, tools could not interfere in the conflict between the two masters.

Only Iroha raised his head slightly, and the tendons around his right eye slowly tightened.


It was obvious that Danzo was a little annoyed.

The thing he could not bear to hear the most was to refuse, but the bad thing was that Yuuji was also someone who could not accept being rejected.

At this time, Yuuji opened his mouth and said, “Kazue has two eyes, and her right eye is Izanagi.

She can change reality.

Sensei already knows this, but her left eye is Izanami.

It can be used to restore her right eye.”

“No matter which one of these two eyes is dug out, the effect will be greatly reduced.

The single right eye is just a one-time use weapon.

After using it, she will lose her sight.

The single left eye is even more worthless, because the left eye only has one use, and that is to restore the right eye and reverse the state of blindness to the moment before losing her sight…”

“Danzo-sensei, you don’t think that we really have a way to dig out her two eyes in one go under Kazue’s willingness, do you As long as she takes the opportunity to destroy one eye, the value of the other one will be greatly reduced.”

Yuuji smiled and said.

He had previously told Sandaime Hokage and the two consultants that he had deliberately not asked about Kazue’s ocular arts.

However, in front of Danzo, there was naturally no need to play this kind of empty game.

Both of them knew what each other was.

… Izanagi and Izanami really complement each other.

Therefore, the wish in the depths of Kazue’s heart is to change his own fate to awaken these two ocular arts…

Danzo looked down at Yuuji expressionlessly.

“Based on my conjectures about eye techniques, I can roughly understand the inner thoughts of this evil race.

If it is to change fate, it seems that your influence on Kazue is really great.

It is no wonder that she is so loyal to you.”

Danzo instantly thought of many things.

Uchiha Kazue, before the age of 10, she was a mediocre person who was not worth mentioning.

At the age of 10, she began to rise rapidly and opened Mangekyou Sharingan at the age of 13…

In addition, Danzo recalled that one year ago, Yuuji had done human experiments for Kazue, and many of Root’s Ninjas had almost gotten into conflict with that old dog Setsuna.

When these clues were combined together, it was very obvious.

“It seems that this old man has underestimated your Nuclear Release bloodline.

Attacking cells is the same as stimulating cells.

The appropriate stimulation might be able to keep special cells alive… Hmph, that human experiment was you trying to find a way to dig out the potential of her body, right After that experiment, she suddenly became an even more powerful outstanding ninja…”

Danzo snorted coldly.

Yuuji nodded.

“As expected of Danzo-sensei, to think of this… Therefore, it is even more impossible for this disciple to dig out Kazue’s eyes.

I have changed her fate, and I have bestowed a brand new life to her.”

“A stronger potential, a more glorious future, and an even more reckless life.

All of these were given to her by me.

When I found out that the eye technique she awakened was Izanagi and Izanami, Danzo-sensei, I could not accept someone stealing her eyes.

Because those eyes belonged to me.”

Yuuji slowly raised his head and smiled as he confronted Danzo.

It was unknown how long it had been since someone dared to talk to Danzo like this for the first time, clearly refusing Danzo’s orders.

The palm that Danzo was holding onto the walking stick was so tight that blue veins were bulging, indicating the anger in this person’s heart.

After a long time.

“… Looks like I can’t take away those eyes.

I have missed out on a good item.” Danzo said.

“Then make good use of this tool.

Anyway, I don’t lack this Izanagi…”

Danzo sneered.

If there was a breakthrough in Orochimaru’s experiment, he would have a lot of Izanagi to use.

At this moment, his gaze towards Yuuji revealed anger and admiration.

Hmph, as expected of this old man’s disciple, you are just like this old man.

“Follow this old man.

With your current strength, you are qualified to touch the secret of the core.

As this old man’s disciple, you naturally have to stand on this old man’s side.”

Danzo brought Yuuji along and secretly headed to a secret laboratory in the village.

Along the way, Yuuji did not say a word, but in fact, he had already guessed where to go.

The place Orochimaru used for human experiments.

Opening the door, Danzo was very familiar with it.

Along the way, they saw that the glass vessels in the laboratory were all soaked with various organs of the human body.

“So that’s how it is.

The special place for human experiments it’s just that I don’t know what kind of experiment Danzo-sensei is going to carry out.

He wants to use so many people to try it out.”

Yuuji praised, not revealing any form of unwillingness, dissatisfaction, or other emotions.

He clearly knew what Danzo wanted him to see.

Sure enough, Danzo was very satisfied.

The two of them went all the way to the deepest part.


Orochimaru had just finished dissecting a corpse.

“What a rare visitor.

I didn’t expect you to come here.

It seems that you have done something to successfully gain the trust of Danzo.”

Orochimaru had his back to the two of them, but even so, he was already excited.

It’s here, that Nuclear Release’s body, his future number one vessel, is here!

“It seems that you have reached a consensus.

Give up on seizing that pair of Mangekyou Sharingan…” Orochimaru laughed in a low voice.

Yuuji walked in one step and said lightly, “Orochimaru-sama, compared to this, I am more concerned about what Orochimaru-sama is researching and what can attract my, Sensei’s, attention…”

“Little brat, pay attention to your attitude when you speak!”

Hidden Shadow Multi-Serpent Hands!

A large number of poisonous snakes suddenly emerged from Orochimaru’s sleeve, and all of them rushed towards Yuuji.

“But if that’s the case, it won’t be of any use to me.”

The next moment, Yuuji just stood in place, not moving at all.

But in an instant, a large amount of dark blue substance appeared on the surface of his body, and a layer of chakra coat attached to the dark blue substance.

Godzilla Coat.


A tail whipped out with a loud bang, ruthlessly whipping these poisonous snakes into meat paste, killing them on the spot.

Danzo’s originally expressionless face only showed a trace of emotion when he saw the technique Yuuji displayed.

“This is the technique you have mastered, imitating Bijuu’s outer clothing…” Danzo directly pulled up the bandage on his forehead, revealing a three tomoe Sharingan.

“That’s right, this mode, I call it Godzilla Coat.”

Yuuji slowly retracted the continuously surging chakra.

“Godzilla, is this name of the companion beast in your body… it is interesting.”

Danzo pulled down the bandage, covering the three tomoe Sharingan.

What made him even more satisfied was that when Yuuji saw this eye, he still maintained his calm.

“Seeing Sensei, I more or less understood what Sensei was thinking.

No wonder he was so interested in Kazue’s Mangekyou — level Izanagi… Since he could not seize Mangekyou – level Izanagi and replaced him with a large number of ordinary Izanagi, the result was the same.”

Yuuji slowly walked into the laboratory and began to look at the glass vessels one after another, observing the internal organs inside.

Orochimaru’s eyes showed a trace of fear.

Godzilla… a name I’ve never heard of before.

If I want to seize Yuuji’s body, I have to find a way to seal this monster at the same time…

However, there really exists such a person, a companion beast, and two sides of the same body.

Ninja World is really full of miracles…

Orochimaru licked his lips in excitement.

Danzo said in a low voice, “How far has your experiment progressed This old man’s arm can’t hold on for much longer.

I have to replace it as soon as possible.”

“Soon, using Hashirama’s cells to suppress Sharingan’s blood circulation will work.

Just give me a little more time… Of course, if Yuuji stays to help me, with his ability, he can speed up the process.” Orochimaru stared at Yuuji, full of excitement.

“I’m very happy to help Sensei in this situation… But, Orochimaru-sama, you have to put away some thoughts you shouldn’t have.

If you are accidentally killed, you can’t blame me.”

Yuuji stopped on a piece of flesh.

He looked at the squirming lumps of flesh.

Hashirama’s cells.

Shoudai Hokage had been dead for decades, but his cells were still duplicating and proliferating.

“The two of you, focus on the overall situation.

Before my troubles are solved, no conflict is allowed.

Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude.”

Danzo’s voice was cold.

The combination of Hashirama’s cells and Sharingan was a very important thing to him.

If he borrowed these two forces, Danzo was confident that he could make his strength stronger!

At that time, it was not impossible to surpass his peak state!

“I understand, Danzo-sensei.

Then, I will help you now.

Orochimaru san, don’t be stingy with the knowledge in your hands.

Otherwise, Sensei’s face will not be good…”


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