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The news that Yuuji adopted a refugee child spread throughout the camp.

Many people were shocked and praised the child’s good luck.

However, some people smelled something different.

In the middle of the night.

Orochimaru heard the wind and came over.

“Dou, there must be something important on this kid that can make Yuuji take action.”

Orochimaru licked his lips.

This was without a doubt.

If Danzo’s disciple was really an idiot with overflowing sympathy, that would be a big joke.

Without real benefits, it was impossible to let Yuuji take action.

He raised his foot and was about to step into the encampment of Yuuji’s team.


However, Kazue directly stopped him.

“Orochimaru-sama, Lord Yuuji is teaching the newly accepted disciples.

Please return.” Kazue said neither humbly nor arrogantly.

Figures appeared one after another.

Guy, Kakashi, Iroha, and the others appeared one after another.

“Is that so Disciple…”

Orochimaru was stopped by Kazue.

He did not look angry at all, but the light in his eyes became even more dangerous.

He actually accepted him as a disciple… Could it be that he really missed a treasure that had not been discovered


“Heh, Kazue, are you representing Uchiha or Yuuji” Orochimaru sneered.

“Of course it’s Yuuji.

This has nothing to do with the clan.

But if Orochimaru-sama insists on breaking in, then I have no choice.”

Kazue slowly opened her eyes, and that pair of Mangekyou Sharingan appeared, emitting an unknown terrifying eye power, extremely oppressive.

Mangekyou Sharingan…

Orochimaru glared at the pair of eyes.

A hint of desire flashed through his eyes, but he immediately laughed deeply.

Although these eyes were very good, for now, Nuclear Release’s blood was obviously more attractive to him.

When he perfected his undead reincarnation, would he want to seize Yuuji’s body first, or Kazue This was a problem.

Orochimaru left.

Kazue slowly closed Mangekyou, frowning slightly.

“Orochimaru, this guy really came.

He really is a dangerous person…”

No one knew what a poisonous snake was planning.

He would only appear out of the blue and take a bite.

Kazue turned around and walked into the tent.

“The so-called Chakra is a combination of vitality and spiritual energy…”

“The most basic three body techniques…”

Yuuji was personally teaching Dou.

Sure enough, the aptitude that Dou displayed was indeed far beyond that of ordinary people.

More importantly, the characteristics of his body were also beginning to show signs at this time.

Super self-healing ability.

His control of chakra was also very considerable, and he was a good seedling to learn from medical ninjutsu.

“Very good.

Dou, take a break.”

Yuuji said.

Dou replied with sweat all over his face and sat down on the ground.

There would be no original trajectory of life, and it was destined that he would not become the top spy in the original work.

However, innate talent was innate talent, whether it was self-healing ability, fine control, or even Sage Mode’s innate talent in learning the Dragon Hole, all of these still existed.

With these, it was enough.

“Has Orochimaru come” Yuuji raised his head and asked.

“That’s right.

Just as Yuuji-san guessed, he came.

However, his eyes are really dangerous.

Just now, I thought he was going to dig out my eyes.”

Kazue laughed in a low voice.

Yuuji smiled.

“For you, the most fearless thing is to gouge out your eyes.

As long as you set it up in advance, Izanagi in the right eye can be activated anytime, anywhere, and all the reality can be corrected and covered by you.”

“That’s true…”

Yuuji speculated that the Orochimaru at this time should be more interested in him, Nuclear Release, as a blood descendant.

“What a greedy snake.”

Yuuji got up.

Time passed.

Soon, all the important Ninjas received Orochimaru’s order and gathered in the camp.

“We have received reliable news that Iwa ninja’s Sandaime Tsuchikage plan is personally leading a team to fight with us, Konoha.

Because I killed his son, Kitsuchi.”

Orochimaru looked down at the scene and sneered.

Everyone frowned, deep in thought.

At this time, Shikaku said in a deep voice, “Sandaime Tsuchikage were originally fighting with Yondaime Raikage in the north.

Probably because of Kitsuchi’s death, he was stimulated… But we don’t have to worry too much.

Kumogakure and Iwa ninja are enemies, and Yondaime Raikage will not give him a chance.”

Sure enough, Sandaime Tsuchikage failed to deal with Konohagakure in the end.

He did not dare to leave the front line against Kumogakure.

He arranged ten thousand ninjas to kill Sandaime and Raikage.

Yondaime and Raikage, who urgently wanted to avenge his father, stared at him like a madman.

Time passed.

One could be sure that the big war would not break out.

The losses of the five villages were extremely tragic.

On average, they lost more than half of their forces, and their economy almost collapsed.

The group of people on the front line began to return to Konohagakure one after another.

Naturally, Konoha arranged a welcoming ceremony with the greatest momentum, and the entire village fell into a huge carnival.

The four years of bloody battle finally came to an end, and Konoha won the battle with the four great Ninja Village one after another, stabilizing the name of the First Ninja Village.

And in this welcoming ceremony, the most popular one was not Orochimaru, but… Namikaze Minato.

“Is that Lord Minato The yellow flash that makes the enemy tremble in fear”

“Hiss, so handsome, so sunny…”

Everywhere Minato passed, there was a cheer.

“See Dou, this is where you live.”

Yuuji rubbed his head hard, making his originally neat gray hair look as messy as a chicken nest.

However, it was obvious that he enjoyed it very much.

It was a gesture of intimacy.

He looked at everything in front of him curiously.

“It seems that Lord Sandaime Hokage is still hesitating.

Between Orochimaru and Namikaze Minato…” Yuuji, mixed in with the returning team, kept a low profile and paid no attention to this lively scene.

Yuuji observed and chuckled.

However, this had nothing to do with him directly.

With his current age, it was impossible for him to compete for the position of the Hokage.

Moreover, in terms of strength and prestige, Namikaze Minato, who had obviously become the pillar of the battlefield long ago, was more trustworthy.

Yuuji was not interested in wasting time on this kind of thing.

In the Hokage building.

An even more serious meeting was being held, and Konoha’s four higher-ups were all participating in the meeting.

“Haha, Orochimaru, you did well.

This way, the war will basically end.”

Sandaime Hokage sat in the main seat, vigorously praising his most proud disciple.

Immediately, he frowned imperceptibly and looked at Orochimaru with some doubt.

He didn’t know if it was illusion, but Sandaime Hokage, who had sharp senses, always felt that Orochimaru had changed again…

Did the four years of war affect Orochimaru’s mood This is also something that can’t be helped.

The wounds brought by the war can only be wiped out bit by bit with the will of fire…

Later, let Yuuji teach Orochimaru a lesson.

“About Kazue’s Mangekyou Sharingan, Orochimaru, how much do you know about her” Sandaime Hokage suddenly asked with a pipe in his mouth.

This pair of eyes made Sandaime Hokage wake up some of the unpleasant memories.

The last one who had this kind of eyes was the dangerous Uchiha Madara.

I didn’t expect this kind of dangerous eyes to appear again… The only good news was that it appeared on Kazue, and Kazue was Yuuji’s subordinate.

“I don’t know, Hiruzen Sensei.

Even as the supreme commander, I don’t know what the power of these eyes is.”

Orochimaru was calm: “I asked the people who participated in the battle, but unfortunately, I didn’t get any useful information.

Whether it was Kakashi, Guy, the others, Uchiha’s clansmen, or Root’s members, they were all tight-lipped.”

“Is that so…” Sandaime Hokage remained calm and collected.

He only smoked his pipe and glanced at Danzo.

Danzo said, “Orochimaru, if there’s nothing else, you can leave now.

Enjoy the joy of victory as much as you like.”

Orochimaru chuckled, turned around, and walked out of the conference room.

In the end, he was still not suitable for this kind of high-level meeting.

“Danzo, what kind of ability is that pair of eyes of Kazue It’s not like you don’t know how dangerous the Eye of Insight of the Uchiha clan is!” Koharu turned around and said in a serious tone.

Eye of Insight, just thinking about it makes one’s scalp go numb.

No matter what one thinks in the depths of one’s heart, one can awaken Mangekyou’s eye technique…

This was too terrifying.

The three of them were all staring at Danzo.

They all knew that there was a team of Root’s members protecting Yuuji, the only disciple of Danzo.

In that case, the news that Root’s Ninjas knew would definitely be transmitted to Danzo in the end.

“Although this old man is not too clear about Kazue’s eye technique, according to this old man’s guess, it should be… Izanagi.” Danzo was silent for a while and then said in a low voice.


“Convert all the damage of reality into the illusory forbidden pupil technique…” Sandaime Hokage looked moved.

However, for some reason, he heaved a sigh of relief.

So that’s how it is, Izanagi… A Mangekyou eye technique that specializes in passive defense… This is already a blessing in misfortune.

If an eye technique that can initiate an attack and is hard to defend against comes out, they will have a headache.

Homura said, “But as far as I know, Izanagi is going to use the blindness of one eye as the price…”

“This is where the problem lies.

Kazue’s Mangekyou Sharingan can repeat the activation of Izanagi.

The price is unknown.”

As soon as Danzo said this.

The other three fell silent.

Repeating the activation of Izanagi Wasn’t this equivalent to being able to resurrect infinitely in a certain period of time

You can’t kill her no matter how you try


Sandaime Hokage instinctively thought that if he were to fight Kazue, then… it would be extremely troublesome.

Every eye has a type of eye technique sealed within.

One of her eyes is Izanagi, then what is the eye technique of the other eye Homura asked.

“I’m not sure.

This is not a secret that this old man can come into contact with,” Danzo replied.

He appeared very calm.

If it was other time, they would have shouted and killed, shouting that they wanted to kill the innately evil Uchiha clansmen.

But if it’s Kazue… What Kazue was the die-hard subordinate of of this old man’s disciple Then wouldn’t it be equivalent to this old man’s die-hard loyal subordinate Ah, then it’s fine.

We can slow down and think about it carefully…

Koharu turned around and said, “Hiruzen, those eyes are still too dangerous…”

“That’s enough.” “As far as I know, Kazue opened her eyes when she was protecting her companions from harm.

After she opened her eyes, she could escape.

However, in order to protect her companions, she was still desperately resisting Bijuudama.

If Yuuji hadn’t come in time, Kazue, Kakashi, and the others would have all been killed.”

Anbu faced a wall in front of Kakashi and others, but got some useful information from Nohara Rin.


“Therefore, Kazue is the inheritor of the will of fire.

There is no doubt about this.

She has been by Yuuji’s side for many years.”

Sandaime Hokage said in a deep voice.

We don’t care about the facts.

When these words were said, everyone fell silent.

Yes, if it’s Shiranui Yuuji, the will he displayed was indeed very trustworthy.

The few of them were silent for a moment, then called Yuuji over.

“Kazue’s Mangekyou Sharingan If I’m not wrong, it should be Izanagi.”

Yuuji glanced at Danzo, and the eyes of the master and disciple instantly crossed.

“What about the specifics One eye is Izanagi, and what is the other eye Could it be Izanagi as well Why is she able to use Izanagi so many times” Koharu turned around and asked.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t know.” Yuuji said politely.

“She is your subordinate.

You have been working together since the Ninja School.

You don’t know” Homura was a little dissatisfied.

“I didn’t ask.

Even if she is close to me and only listens to my orders, this is not the reason for me to spy on her secret arts.”

Yuuji lied through his teeth and said that Kazue only listened to his orders and ignored the others.

In fact, Kazue had already told him all three eye techniques.

Hearing this, Sandaime Hokage remained calm, but Danzo revealed a satisfied expression.

Very good, as expected of this old man’s disciple, able to firmly control Uchiha’s fool in his own hands!

The last Uchiha who had this kind of situation was still the man called Jing.

“I see.

Yuuji, can you be sure that Kazue will firmly stand on your side Is she also the inheritor of the will of fire” Sandaime Hokage asked the last question.

“Yes, Hokage Sama, I can guarantee this with my life.”

“That’s good… Thank you for your hard work, Yuuji.

I have heard about your performance on the battlefield.

You are very outstanding.

I allow you to choose two forbidden arts in the Book of Seal.”

A gratified smile appeared on Sandaime Hokage’s face.

As long as we can confirm that there is no problem with Kazue’s will, then it will be fine.

The only troublesome thing is that Kazue is Yuuji’s person, Yuuji is Danzo’s disciple, and Danzo is famous for hating the Uchiha clan the most…

This was interesting.

Sandaime Hokage expressed his anticipation.

“You frequently use your forbidden arts on the battlefield.

How much lifespan do you have left” Sandaime Hokage looked concerned.

Yuuji said in a deep voice, “Everything is for Konoha.

As long as it can be of use to the village, everything I do is worth it.”

Sandaime nodded.

“During this period of time, you can take a good rest and communicate more with Orochimaru.

He is proficient in human secret arts, and maybe he can help you.”

After that, Yuuji also sensibly left the Hokage building.

Walking on the street, there were already people waiting.

Kazue and a few Uchiha clansmen were waiting for him.

“Looks like there is no problem… I really have to trouble you, Yuuji-san.” Kazue smiled.

Yuuji glanced at the decorations on the street, as if it were fora festival.

“Although Mangekyou Sharingan’s matter is more troublesome, it is not impossible to deal with… Kazue, use your eyes well.”

“Lord Yuuji, thank you so much.

Lord Clan Chief asked me to express my gratitude.” A Uchiha clansman said respectfully.

Both Kazue and Yuuji were experts who were famous throughout Ninja World, not to mention that Yuuji had helped a lot in Mangekyou Sharingan’s matter.

“You’re welcome.

Please tell Senior Fugaku that I will pay a visit when I have time.”


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