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Chapter 112 - New Family Member

“I didn’t expect you to do such a thing and give your clone to Nagato to use.”

When the three of them appeared again.

Obito’s blood-red eyes looked at Xu.

“Rinnegan, is this how you get obsessed with him” Obito said.

Xu nodded, “That’s right.

This is the legendary Sage’s eyes.

After Rikudou Sennin, another pair of Rinnegan appeared.

Shouldn’t we pay more attention to them”

This was especially the case when Xu sensed that his clone had been suppressed by Rinnegan’s power, and he had a deeper understanding of the power of these eyes.

The Hellhound’s body was his, but the control fell into the hands of Nagato.

Rinnegan… This level of eye power was really powerful to the point of unimaginable.

He controlled every cell in an all-round suppression.

“However, this was originally a test.

Nagato himself knew that after Yahiko died, he had changed.

He believed that absolute power would decide everything.”

Xu’s voice was incomparably low.

“Hmph, you’re right… But I have to remind you not to have any ideas about that pair of eyes.

If you rashly make a move, I won’t be able to help you either… The current Nagato has already become too terrifying.

Even I don’t know how strong he is.”

A trace of fear flashed through Obito’s eyes.

Every time they met, he could feel the intense pressure from those eyes.

Rinnegan had surpassed Mangekyou’s eyes…

“If there are no problems, let’s meet again when Nagato calls for us again.” Xu slowly merged into the ground.

He disappeared from where he was.

Obito and Zetsu stood silently, watching Xu leave.

“Madara, do we really have to trust this guy He still has a lot of secrets.

For example, Mokuton, such cells that are very similar to Hashirama’s cells.

We don’t even know how he did it,” White Zetsu said.

Obito paused and said, “Don’t worry.

I know this guy.

His dream is world peace.

In the early and middle stages, he can be our help.

“When the last step comes… I will personally pull him into Infinite Tsukuyomi’s world reading.

His dream of world peace will be realized.”

“… It’s good that you understand.”

Zetsu nodded.

But they didn’t notice.

Obito inadvertently glanced at them from the corner of his eye.

The three tomoein his eyes were spinning faster, brewing a deep coldness.


When Uzumaki appeared, the two of them disappeared together.

Everything seemed extremely calm, as if nothing had happened, but in reality, the truly terrifying things would explode one day.

Konoha’s camp was still in an uproar, celebrating the victory of the war and reminiscing about his lost companions.

It would take a lot of time and energy.

More and more ninjas returned, and at the same time, under Orochimaru’s orders, they began to clean up the battlefield.

The Battle of Kikyou Pass had a huge impact, but it also caused a large number of casualties.

Not to mention the casualties of the ninjas, even a large number of civilians in Fire Country were affected.

What Konoha was doing now was to gather the citizens of Desolate Land and prepare to arrange a new residence for them.

“Ah, Yuuji-san, is it done” Kazue stood guard at the entrance of Yuuji’s tent, blocking all the people who wanted to visit.

Only after seeing Yuuji did he smile.

She did not ask what Yuuji was doing, because there was no need.

“Temporarily come to an end.

It will probably take some time for the next operation,” Yuuji said casually.

Kazue did not understand, but he just nodded silently.

“Many people seem to be very interested in your eyes.

How does it feel to become a hero”

Yuuji and Kazue began to stroll around the military camp and chat.

Kazue pulled up his hair and pondered for a moment.

He smiled and said, “Before I received this kind of praise, I still had expectations and felt that this was one of the meanings of blooming life.

However, when I really obtained all of this, I realized that… it was really a very ridiculous thing.

It had no practical value.”

Yuuji nodded in satisfaction.

“It’s good that you understand.

Other people’s evaluation is the most useless.

As long as you have the strongest power in your hands, you will come to find something like fame.”

Kazue smiled and agreed.

Along the way, there were people greeting the two of them from time to time, showing respect and worship.

Until they arrived at the most noisy and chaotic place.

The refugee camp.

The refugees that were gathered around were all hit here.

The environment was dirty and terrible.

“Why are we here… Yuuji-san, can’t help but lend a hand to these poor people” Kazue asked with a smile.

Yuuji did not answer.

He just quietly looked at the large camp, at the countless poor people in ragged clothes, holding bowls and waiting to be distributed food.

The aftermath of the war was that refugees, robberies, and killings were everywhere, such ugliness would always flare up at such a time.

Yuuji did not say a word and directly walked into the refugee camp.

“Lord Yuuji! And Lady Kazue, why are you here I’m sorry, the environment here is really a bit…” The ninja in charge of guarding was shocked and looked at Yuuji and Kazue with some fear.

Yuuji waved his hand, “Don’t worry about it.

I’m just here to take a walk.

You can continue to busy yourself with your matters.

There’s no need to care about me.”

“Yes! If there’s anything you need, please tell me!” The ninja said respectfully.

“Are all the refugees here”

“Yes, except for those who are already dead.”

Yuuji nodded and stepped into the refugee camp first.

This place was filled with the smell of decay and filth.

But neither Yuuji nor Kazue had a change in expression.

“Kazue, do you think there will be powerful ninjas among these refugees If there really is a powerful ninja, will they use the power in their hands to take revenge on the people who have caused all this suffering” Yuuji said indifferently.

Kazue thought for a moment and nodded.

“Yes, definitely.

The cruel reality of the family being destroyed and the people dying for no reason.

If someone rises from it, they will risk their lives to change all of this… Killing the culprit is the most insignificant thing.”

“That’s right, I think so too…”

Yuuji sighed deeply.

He glanced at the poor refugees who had retreated and looked at him with fear.

After a moment of silence.

Yuuji ordered, “All the children under the age of ten, bring them here!”

Kazue immediately went to carry out the mission.

Soon, the entire camp began to panic.

One camp after another, as well as the ninjas who had just returned from the mission to search for refugees, began to move.

He carried out Yuuji’s order without the slightest hesitation.

Although Yuuji was a superior Ninja and did not have any specific positions, just his battle achievements and strength were enough to drive them around.

He could naturally obtain the support and respect of many Ninjas.

After the camp was restless for a moment, a large number of children were brought over by the ninjas.

“Lord Yuuji, all the children are here.

I’m sure there are no omissions.” A ninja said respectfully.

“Very good, there is nothing for you to do here… disperse!”


More than ten ninjas dispersed one after another.

There was only Yuuji, Kazue, and a large number of children left.

These children, from four or five years old to ten years old, all looked at him in horror, and some even cried out.

Yuuji’s eyes searched among these children.

“Yuuji-san, you really plan to choose from these children…” Kazue looked at him in surprise.

Once again, what Yuuji had done confused Kazue.

In the past, Yuuji had done many things that she did not understand at all.

However, reality proved that there were still many things that she could not tell right from wrong.

However, it seemed that it was impossible for Yuuji to do something boring.

But this time…

Kazue was completely confused.

“Konohagakure’s children are much stronger than the descendants of these refugees.

Whether it is willpower or talent, is there anything on these children that Yuuji-san can pay attention to”

Among Konohagakure, there were also a large number of civilians, but these civilians, their ancestors or juniors, all had ninjas.

From the bloodline genes, Konohagakure’s talent as a ninja could definitely beat the descendants of these refugees.

In this regard, Yuuji was clearer than Kazue.

Yuuji clearly knew that in this world, the closer one was to the bloodline of the Otsutsuki clan, the stronger one’s aptitude would be.

However, there would always be accidents, and the descendants of these refugees from the outside world would also appear, geniuses that could hang on to the children of the young Konoha.

“Not this, and not this…”

Yuuji quickly sifted through, and soon, he looked at the dozens of children before him.

Many children looked at him, their faces filled with apprehension and anticipation.

Was he choosing a follower As long as he could give them more food, it would be enough…

Yuuji had a thoughtful expression on his face.

In the end, he locked onto his target.

“If I’m not mistaken, this is it… You, come out.”

Yuuji pointed at a grayish-white hair with a dazed and confused expression.

The crowd began to stir restlessly.

Some children looked at this stunned lucky boy with a face full of unwillingness.

Their faces were full of jealousy.

Why was it him What was there to pay attention to a silly guy

The grey-haired child was pushed out by a group of children.

Yuuji walked directly to him, squatted down, and asked calmly, “What is your name”

The child’s face revealed a deep confusion.

He tried to squint his eyes, wanting to see Yuuji’s face clearly.

“Name… My name is… I have no name.”

No name…

“Then what about your family and your friends You should remember all of this, right Don’t you have any impression at all”

“No, I don’t have any family, no friends…” The expression of the grey-white child became more and more confused and dull.

Kazue said, “He seems to have lost his memory.

Maybe his head is injured, or maybe his emotions are greatly stimulated.

Do you need me to use Sharingan to try and awaken his memories”

“No, no need…”

It seemed that he was right.

It was this child.

Calculating the time, he was six years old at this time.

He was taken in on the battlefield of Kikyo and would be arranged to enter Konoha orphanage, welcoming the first turning point of his fate.

He had his own surname and name.

For the first time, he confirmed the existence of [self].

As for the second turning point, it was naturally when he was healing Orochimaru by chance, and he was noticed by Orochimaru, who had sharp eyes.

He was fooled, and a seed of danger was planted in his mind.

Now, whether it was Konoha’s orphanage or Orochimaru, neither of them had a chance.

Because Yuuji had already taken the initiative to intercept him.

Under everyone’s puzzled gazes, he directly took this silly looking child with poor eyesight out of the refugee camp.

“I will take this child with me.

I feel that he is very suitable for me… From now on, he is my man.

You record it.”

Yuuji ordered a ninja.

“Yes, Lord Yuuji!” The ninja immediately agreed.

He didn’t dare to stop them, and no one would be stupid enough to stop them at this time.

Was it too much to adopt a homeless refugee child as a strong ninja like Konoha

In any case, after inspection and confirming that they were not spies of the enemy, these children would all be sent to Konoha orphanage.

The older children, who had formed their own three views in their minds, would be refused to take in and arranged to be in many towns of the Fire Country.

If they found a child with a problem, then there was no need to say anything and they would be dealt with on the spot.

Yuuji patted the shoulder of the grey-haired child and brought him back to his tent.

Along the way, they naturally received a lot of attention, but at most, people would be surprised and praise him vigorously.

“Lord Yuuji, this is… I understand.

Are you going to take in that little brat”

“Lord Yuuji is recognized as the inheritor of the will of fire.”

“Hmph, that little brat is really lucky.

I wonder what kind of talent he has to be chosen by Lord Yuuji…”

No one felt that something was wrong.

Many ninjas even looked at Yuuji eagerly, hoping that he would be chosen and taken in by Yuuji.

Shiranui Yuuji, the strongest new generation, sooner or later, no, it should be said that he was already one of Konoha’s pillars.

Although it was not that strong, it would not take long for it to grow to the level of a pillar.

That refugee kid had really good luck.

Everyone thought so, and at the same time, they praised that Yuuji’s will of fire was so strong that he set an example.

However, Yuuji sighed and felt that his luck was also very good.

After entering the tent.

Yuuji and Kazue sat upright, sizing up the uneasy child in front of them.

“Sit down.

You don’t need to be restrained when you’re here,” Yuuji said.

The child resisted the nervousness and carefully sat down.

“If you say you don’t have a name, then I will give you a name.”

Yuuji said calmly.

After pondering for a moment, he said, “Dou, this is your name, the original intention of taking the helmet.

From now on, you will become the strongest helmet that can shelter me from the wind and rain!”

“Dou… my name, Dou…” Dou lowered his head and tried hard to remember.

In his heart, a very strange emotion inexplicably arose – I have a name What is the use of a name But if there is a name, it seems to know who I am…

In his own way, he tried to understand that he, who was six years old, was still passively receiving all the information from the outside world.

In his memory, Yuuji was the first and only person who released kindness to him and made his true existence clear.

Instinctively, from his body and mind, he would move towards Yuuji in all directions, because only Yuuji would have enough light and heat around him.

This was the instinct of life.

“Yu… Yuuji-san, what the hell are you” Kazue’s heart skipped a beat.

She looked at the child in front of her in disbelief.

To make such a child, who did not look smart, had poor physical fitness and poor vision… become a helmet for Yuuji-san to shield himself from the wind and rain

What right does this kid have

“It seems that Yuuji-san likes you very much.

Don’t let him down.

I haven’t seen this kind of seriousness on Yuuji-san for a long time.”

When did Yuuji show this kind of attitude to others last time

Oh, it was towards her, towards Kakashi, towards Duy, towards Guy, this kind of expression and attitude.

And these few people, without exception, had all revealed powerful talent and astonishing talent, and were gradually transforming into the identity of a death warrior.

This little brat named Dou, what right did he have What ability did he have

“The way Yuuji-san looks at people seems to be very vicious.

Is this also a type of talent, to be able to sense a person’s talent…” Kazue suppressed the confusion in her heart.

If you don’t understand, then don’t think about it.

You just need to strictly carry out orders.

“It’s not enough to have a name.

You still have a surname.” Yuuji suddenly said.

Kazue smiled and said, “If the name is Dou, what is the surname”

Yuuji was silent for a moment.

When he raised his head again, the light in his eyes made Kazue feel terrified.

“Your surname, Shiranui… Shiranui Dou, is your name!”

Yuuji said slowly.

For a moment, the entire tent fell into a strange silence.

Kazue, who deeply understood part of Yuuji’s darkness, felt her scalp go numb for some reason.

Shiranui… Dou!

Just how much hope had Yuuji-san placed on this little brat

Directly taking this little brat into Shiranui’s clan, becoming a clansman, and even more so a relative

This, this, this…

Kazue felt her scalp explode.

She couldn’t understand what was happening in front of her.

“From now on, you will be my family, and you will be my first disciple.

You carry my will!”

Yuuji suddenly stood up and looked down at the stunned little brat in front of him.

“Dou, be mentally prepared.

You will receive the harshest training.

My family can be mediocre, such as that fool Genma, but my disciple can not be mediocre!”

“In addition, you have to cut off the loneliness and emptiness of the past, because from now on… you, Dou, will no longer be alone.”

Yuuji reached out his hand and rubbed this fellow’s head.


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