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Chapter 110 - Useful Tool

Shukaku fled in a sorry state, shaking the earth and shaking the sands as he run.

Along the way, countless people were shocked.

They raised their heads and looked at the fleeing Shukaku.

Some unlucky people didn’t have time to dodge, they were crushed by Shukaku and turned into meat paste on the spot.

“This guy is Suna ninja’s Bijuu, why did he become like this”

“The Bijuudama from before was already very scary, but now, why does this guy look like he’s running away…”

“Who is it To be able to expel one tail, to be able to do this… Who could it be”

Many of Konoha’s ninjas were shocked and revealed looks of ecstasy.

Even the enemy Jinchuriki was defeated

Although he didn’t know who did it, it was enough to make him happy and excited.

The balance of victory could no longer be reversed.

Everything was destined.

Konoha… won!

“Roar! Roar! Roar! Damn human, damn ninja!”

Shukaku ran, venting its anger.

Facing Yuuji and Kazue, Shukaku found that it didn’t have the ability to win, whether it was Wind Release or Bijuudama, or relying on its huge body size to crush them.

It didn’t have the confidence to completely kill those two little ghosts.

Mangekyou Sharingan is too absurd, it really didn’t want to face this damn eyes.

To be honest, if not for Bunpuku helping it get rid of Mangekyou’s illusion technique, Shukaku would have died at that time.

Half of its huge tail was cut off, and was directly eaten by that kid…

“There is definitely something wrong with that little devil.

The chakra I lost is actually unable to recover!!”

Ichibi felt angry and regretful.

If he had listened to Bunpuku from the beginning, then he would have just left.

I don’t know what is going on with that little devil.

The chakra that he swallowed is unable to recover, and it is equivalent to cutting off the upper limit of his chakra!

In the spiritual space, Bunpuku folded his hands with a serene expression.

“To you, this is nothing.

The loss of half a tail will not really affect your strength.”

Shukaku said angrily, “What do you know Nine-Tailed bastard always said that Bijuu’s strength is measured by the number of tails.

I only have half a tail now…”

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became.

In the end, it directly restrained its form and gave the control of its body to Bunpuku.

Bunpuku returned to his human form and staggered, trembling.

“Lord Bunpuku, are you alright”

A ball of gold was lifted up by Bunpuku.

Along the way, Rasa looked at Bunpuku with a complicated expression.

“Rasa… After this time, I don’t think I can hold on much longer.

I hope you can find a new container to carry the tail as soon as possible.”

Bunpuku said in a low voice.

“… I understand now.

No one expected the enemy to be so powerful.

Shiranui Yuuji and Uchiha Kazue, these two fellows…”

Rasa controlled the Sandstone to move quickly, and a bitter smile appeared on his face.

This was ridiculous.

Forget about Yuuji, he was still dealing with the Four-Tailed Jinchuriki before.

Even Uchiha Kazue was forced to reveal a pair of terrifying eyes.

If he had known this would happen, he would have decisively escaped with Bunpuku and not just sit by and watch as he attacked Kazue.

Konoha’s strength grew once again, so strong that Rasa felt despair.

Sandaime Hokage, Orochimaru, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Namikaze Minato, Aburame Shibi, Shiranui Yuuji, Uchiha Kazue…

These fellows were either Kage level or someone who had already stepped into the level of kage, able to stall for time with Bijuu.

This kind of luxurious lineup simply made Suna ninja Village, whose population was scarce and resources, go crazy with envy.

The key point was that these fellows also covered various ages.

The new generation Yuuji and Kazue had already grown up.

Oh, I heard that there is also a genius Kakashi This guy can not be counted in first.

“Konoha, Konoha…” Rasa let out a long sigh.

After this, he would become the number one Yondaime, Kazekage.

How to face such a terrifying Konoha was his biggest headache.

As time went on, Konoha’s ninjas began to return to the camp, bringing back their own harvest.

Uchiha Kazue’s name also began to spread wildly among these ninjas.

Mangekyou Sharingan, the unknown skeleton giant… All of this had overturned everyone’s imagination.

“Mangekyou… surpassed the eyes of the three tomoe Sharingan Sharingan still has a higher form”

“Lord Yuuji and Lady Kazue actually worked together to expel one tail.

Truly amazing.”

“They have already grown to an extremely terrifying degree.”

“Although I don’t understand Mangekyou Sharingan and have never heard of her, as long as I know that she is Konoha’s ninja, it is enough.”

At this moment, the entire Konoha camp was in a state of frenzy.

And this kind of fanaticism directly reached its peak after Yuuji’s team returned to the camp.

Everyone hurriedly ran over and cheered loudly.

“Everyone is really enthusiastic…”

Yuuji smiled and waved to the people around him.

Kazue chuckled.

“Yuuji-san, when we return to the village, I’m afraid that you will become the hero of the entire Konohagakure…”

“No, Kazue, you are.” Yuuji glanced at her.

The girl who used to eat dirt had already grown up.

They saw Orochimaru.

“Well done, Yuuji.

What you have done is simply beyond my imagination!” Orochimaru licked his lips.

Then, his gaze immediately fell on Kazue.

“Uchiha Kazue is really a junior with astonishing talent.

He opened Mangekyou Sharingan at this age… Then, Kazue, can you show me the power of those eyes”

Deep greed flashed in the depths of Orochimaru’s eyes.

Facing Yuuji and Kazue in front of him, even winning the Battle of Kikyou was not so important anymore.

Compared to Immortality and Secrets of Blood, winning or losing a war was nothing.

To Orochimaru, It was insignificant.

Moreover, Nuclear Release’s bloodline and Mangekyou Sharingan… Just thinking about it made Orochimaru so excited that he was about to go crazy.

He directly proposed to see the legendary Mangekyou Sharingan.

On the side, Minato, Shibi, and the others subconsciously frowned.

This kind of request was very rude.

If the Hokage asked this, it was reasonable, but Orochimaru…

“Hey, Orochimaru!” Tsunade frowned and shouted.

However, Kazue maintained that smile.

She gently pulled her hair and said gently, “Unfortunately i can’t use it again.

Orochimaru-sama… Maybe Orochimaru-sama can ask Kakashi and the others and get some clues about my power.”

“If that’s the case, then it’s really a pity.” Orochimaru chuckled in a low voice and nodded directly.

He seemed unconcerned.

At this time, Yuuji said indifferently, “Orochimaru-sama, asking about other people’s blood techniques is very rude.

Orochimaru-sama is a bit too frontal.”

This little brat…

A chill flashed through Orochimaru’s eyes.

Danzo’s disciple might know some things that he secretly studied… What a troublesome little brat.

He is very strong and has a strong background.

It seemed that the incident of White Fang committing suicide could not be repeated by Yuuji.

It was good to be backed by the higher-ups.

For a moment, the atmosphere in the entire tent was a little dull.

“Alright, alright.

Shouldn’t we consider how to increase the results of the battle Isn’t it more important to report the situation to Lord Sandaime first”

Minato said with a smile, easing the slightly stiff atmosphere.

The group relaxed their brows.

Yuuji and Kazue left the tent.

“Yuuji-san, there seems to be something wrong with Orochimaru-sama just now…” Kazue said in a low voice.

Yuuji said, “It’s Greed.

Orochimaru, that guy, is full of interest in all the unknown and mysteries… Kazue, be careful of that guy.

Our enemies have already been defeated.

What’s left is nothing more than a small fight, but the infighting has just begun.”

Things will become more and more interesting.

Konoha’s prestige had reached its peak during the three battles, and he could still win one against three, shocking Ninja World.

However, this was also the beginning of Konoha’s decline.

In the original work, when Naruto participated in Gennin’s exam, there was only one Sandaime Hokage left, and was killed by Orochimaru.

No one would have thought that the first village of Ninja World would fall to such a state.

Kazue looked at Yuuji thoughtfully.

“It seems that Yuuji-san has already come to a realization… Then after I return to the village, my eyes will probably cause a lot of trouble.”

“Don’t worry.

With me here, many things will no longer be a problem.

Your eyes are worthy of such treatment,”

Yuuji replied.

As long as Kazue was not a fool like Shisui and honestly told the higher-ups of Konoha about his eye technique, he would definitely be trusted if he didn’t think that he would be trusted if he gave his heart.

Many problems were no longer problems.

If not for the fact that Shisui was too naive, he wouldn’t have ended up being forced to commit suicide.

Yuuji looked at the people who were celebrating and discussing excitedly.

These people were celebrating the victory of the war, but they didn’t expect that what Konoha would encounter in the next few years would only be more significant than the losses brought by the war, and it would also be more unacceptable.

In terms of internal strife, Konoha was also the first, just like Iwa ninja Village, Roshi, and Han Jinchuriki, who had run away one after another, were almost as interesting as Konoha.

Yuuji and Kazue walked side by side.

“How much has your eyesight decreased” Yuuji suddenly asked.

Kazue paused.

After a moment of surprise, he covered his mouth and chuckled.

“Really, nothing can be hidden from you.

I feel that your understanding of Mangekyou Sharingan is even better than me, an Uchiha clansman…”

Yuuji said lightly, “Try not to use those eyes as much as possible.

Don’t open them unless absolutely necessary.

They are a pair of cursed eyes.”

“A curse… I guess Yuuji-san has found a way to remove the curse, right”

“Yes, there were originally two ways to solve it, but for you, there was only one.”

As Yuuji spoke, his expression suddenly changed.

Someone was summoning him.

“As expected, he still came.

That guy won’t be able to sit still.”

Yuuji returned to the team encampment.

“Congratulations, Kazue.

There are people talking about you everywhere.

You have already become an amazing expert.” Kakashi congratulated him expressionlessly.

“You can do it too, Kakashi.

Since Yuuji-san likes you so much, you must be hiding some kind of strong talent.” Kazue smiled.


Kakashi looked at the figure that passed by Yuuji and fell silent.

There was even a trace of confusion.

Yuuji had Nuclear Release, Kazue, and Mangekyou Sharingan, but what did he have There was no blood limit, no family secret arts.

How could he become stronger

Yuuji walked into his own tent.

In the next moment, a clone appeared.

After taking out the white mask

Very quickly, a hundred miles away from Konoha’s camp.

There were already two figures waiting for them.

“It really is you guys.

I knew it.

Only you guys would come looking for me at this time.”

Yuuji emerged from the ground.

“Hmph, don’t talk nonsense.

Uchiha Kazue has awakened Mangekyou Sharingan, right Moreover, her eye technique is related to Izanagi…” The three tomoein Obito’s eyes slowly rotated.

White Zetsu also cried out excitedly, “I saw it.

My clone saw the scene of your battle.

Kazue was killed by Shukaku, but her body disappeared and reappeared intact.”

“Indeed, but what of it” He tilted his head and looked at them.

Obito looked at him deeply.

“Izanagi’s ocular arts are really amazing.

I’m afraid no one in this world can kill her… Yuuji, you found a good tool.”

“You flatter me.

Same to you.”

Yuuji intentionally glanced at him.

To be more precise, it was Black-Zetsu.


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