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Chapter 108 - Mangekyou

As for what Yuuji was going to do alone, Kazue did not speculate, nor would she secretly investigate.

She was very clear about her position – a ninja who used her life to blossom Setsuna’s beauty.

From the moment Uchiha Kazue, a mediocre person, found the area covered by radiation and ate the first grass on the ground, her established fate had changed.

Sometimes, in the dead of night, Kazue would toss and turn, thinking about what would happen if she had not gone to that place.

If she went to that place and felt that something was wrong, but she did not have the courage to eat grass, what would happen

Perhaps, she was still a mediocre and incompetent person.

It was impossible for her to even open her eyes.

She became a mediocre person of the Uchiha Clan and was sent to the battlefield.

Her name finally appeared on the memorial tablet.

The cruel war caused countless mediocre people to die, allowing the geniuses to blossom with their unique brilliance.

The brightest light was Namikaze Minato.

It was indisputable that the older generation was the most dazzling, and the most dazzling one in the new generation even overwhelmed the majority of the older generation, becoming the most famous genius of the new generation.

“Things like fate are really… interesting.”

Kazue, who was moving quickly in the dense forest, suddenly laughed and pulled up her hair.

This was her habitual action.

When she pulled it up, it revealed her right eye that had lost its luster.

“Kazue, what are you laughing at” Rin looked at her with a puzzled face.

He immediately covered his mouth and looked at her right eye in surprise.

“What’s wrong with this eye Is that why you deliberately covered it”

“Yes, something very interesting happened in the past.

It let me, a mediocre guy, pick up my life…”

Kazue said with a smile.

“Mediocre How could that be Kazue, you’re a super genius.

You’re on par with Yuuji and Kakashi in the three strongest new generations.” Rin looked at Kazue with a bit of envy and worry.

However, Kazue only smiled and did not respond to Rin.

Genius Is she really a genius Don’t joke around.

If she had missed the radiation zone and hadn’t risked her life to eat all the plants and hadn’t gone crazy to eat soil, she would have died in some corner long ago.

If she hadn’t been discovered by Yuuji, she would have died long ago.

Losing the radiation stimulation, she would have revealed her true form and become a mediocre person again.

Kakashi looked back at Kazue expressionlessly.

He glanced at her right eye for a moment and then withdrew his gaze.

He didn’t care about such trivial things.

He only needed to confirm that Kazue would not be a burden while carrying out a mission.

“The enemy is at ten o’clock, 1,500 meters ahead!”

Iroha suddenly opened his mouth.

The clansmen and Byakugan in his right eye brought him a field of vision that was beyond his past.

The group of people suddenly accelerated.

They could vaguely see Suna ninja in front of them.

“A Tail actually went berserk at this time… Bunpuku, are you serious” Rasa’s face was ugly.

Bunpuku was only trembling all over, silently sitting on the ground with his hands clasped together, like a merciful old monk.

He was trying his best to make his old body resist the raging tail.

“Let me out, you damned old bastard.

Don’t force me to kill you!” The tail roared inside the split body.

The huge tail swung wildly, and the huge body hit the seal crazily.

Every time it acted up, the power of the seal would loosen up a little.

“Kazuo, we are running for our lives.

It is not the time to act…” Bunpuku sighed and looked at Shukaku in front of him.

“Don’t talk nonsense.

I have had enough of you idiots, Suna ninja.

You can’t even win a fight Konoha hasn’t mobilized the Nine-tailed Jinchuriki yet! I might as well take the opportunity to leave.

Old man, if you give up resisting now, I can take you with me to escape.”

Shukaku shouted.

A crazy collision.

Bunpuku sighed and clasped his hands together.

The two symbols on his palms combined to form the word “love”.

“Sorry, Shukaku, I can’t let you out… At least not now.

The enemy is about to catch up.”

“Then I will kill the enemy together!”

Shukaku let out a sharp cry.

In the outside world, Zhuji was trembling more and more violently, and his face was pale.

The chakra belonging to Shukaku was continuously gushing out.

Rasa cursed angrily.

If Shukaku went berserk now, then it would be troublesome.

“Lord Rasa, if Shukaku went berserk, then with the combined strength of our Sealing jutsu, it’s impossible to re-seal it, but…”

A Sealing class Ninja was sweating profusely.

He looked at Bunpuku with a hint of blame and helplessness.

This was too bad.

At this time, Konoha’s ninja arrived.

“So it’s you guys.

It seems like we found a big fish…” Kakashi looked up with cold eyes.

He directly stared at the constantly surging chakra in his body.

“One tail Jinchuriki… If Yuuji was here, he would be very happy, but if we…”

Kakashi pulled out a knife with a solemn face.

His short knife was cut off by Iwa ninja in the battle of Kannabi Bridge, and could only be replaced by other knives.

“Kazuo, it seems that Yuuji-san is very interested in Bijuu’s chakra…” Kazue pondered, and the three tomoe Sharingan stared straight at the old monk in front of him.

“Tsk, Konoha is really difficult to deal with, and it is actually just a group of new generation and Anbu… They all died here.”

Rasa directly made a move, and the magnetic force burst out.

Sand – Gold – Burial!

Countless golden sand spewed out from the ground, turning into giant hands that grabbed towards Kakashi and the others.


Kakashi directly activated the Thunder Cut and cut off several arms with one strike.

The three Root Ninjas did not have time to react, but they were caught on the spot, crushed into meat paste, and died on the spot.

“Eight Inner Hidden Gates – Jingmen – Open!” Guy roared, directly opening the sixth gate, shattering one giant hand after another.

Everyone broke through the golden sand, trying to rush directly to split blessing.

“Fire Release – Great Fire Annihilation!”

The scale of the flames caused Rasa’s eyelids to twitch.

This genius of Uchiha’s family… had such an exaggerated amount of Chakra

Sand gold appeared and blocked the terrifying flames.

The two sides officially began to fight.

“Kakashi’s team, Kazue’s team, Anbu’s team, Uchiha’s family, and a few others… These enemies are really troublesome!”

Rasa’s face became more and more ugly.

He hurriedly turned his head and looked at divided fortune, only to find that not only was he unable to suppress one tail of chakra, but there were signs of Bijuu transforming himself.

“I’ll block the enemy.

You guys take Bunpuku and leave quickly!” Rasa shouted.

“Lord Rasa, it’s already too late…” A Suna ninja Ninja had a look of despair.

The next moment, a tail suddenly stabbed out, piercing through the ninja’s chest.

“Hmph, hmph, hmph, you finally came out… You guys have suppressed me for so many years, isn’t that enough A bunch of bastards, I’ll kill you all!”

Bunpuku had already transformed into half Bijuu, and his body was rapidly expanding as he charged towards the complete Bijuu.

At the same time, they attacked, wantonly slaughtering the Sealing Ninjas around them.

“Tsk, it’s over.

Konoha’s guys, you guys have provoked something that you shouldn’t have.

Just pray for your own good luck.”

Rasa decisively fled, hiding in the distance, watching all of this with a sneer.

Since he couldn’t suppress it, then he would just let the One Tailed Crane go crazy.

After killing all of Konoha’s people, he would think of a way to take back the One Tailed Crane.

“The only fortunate thing is that Shiranui Yuuji is not in these teams.

Otherwise, no matter how crazy the tail is, it is not safe.”

Rasa looked at Konoha ninjas and the others who were being targeted by Shukaku.

This group of people could no longer escape, they could only be killed by the tail above.

If they could use the tail to go crazy and kill Kakashi and Kazue, it might not be a loss.

“If only I could have gone berserk earlier and thrown it directly onto the battlefield, but I would have gone berserk when I was fleeing for my life…” Rasa’s expression was gloomy.


There was a loud noise.

It had already completed the complete transformation of Bijuu and had seized control of its body.

It was extremely excited.

Once it was excited, it wanted to start a massacre.

“Use Earth Release’s ninjutsu to seal off this big guy’s movements! Then use Fire Release to launch an attack!” Kakashi roared.

Everyone immediately began to form seals, using large amounts of Earth Release ninjutsu to create large amounts of rocks that smashed down, trying to suppress one tail.

However, it was very clear that this wasn’t of much use.

The tail was only suppressed for two to three seconds, and then it immediately cried out in excitement, swinging its body, smashing apart all obstacles.

The figure that covered the sky enveloped everything, casting a large shadow on the earth.

A giant tail that seemed to be constructed from yellow sand stone swung back and forth.

Every insignificant swing could trigger an earthquake of destruction.

“Wind Release – Air Bomb!”

The tail opened its mouth and spat out a huge wind ball containing huge amount of chakra.

In an instant, it crossed a long distance.

Its speed was astonishing, and its power was even more terrifying.

Even if it didn’t really hit, it triggered a terrifying hurricane, causing people to lose their balance.

Along with the crazy use of the layers of earth formation walls, as well as the death of several ninjas, they were finally able to barely block Shukaku’s attack.

Under the broken wall, Kakashi and others gathered together in a sorry state.

“This is the power of Bijuu.

He can casually use a ninjutsu to create a natural disaster…”

“This is only an ordinary technique.

If he used Bijuudama in one strike, then we would have died a long time ago.”

“Such a monster… Yuuji-san fought against such a monster back then.

How far away is he from us…”

Many people participated in the battle against Iwa ninja.

They saw from afar that Yuuji had relied on his own strength to stall the Four-Tailed Jinchuriki.

The Four-Tailed Jinchuriki had also used many powerful techniques, including Bijuudama, but none of them had been able to kill Yuuji.

“Bijuu… Yuuji-san, you have already left me far behind.

No, maybe from the beginning, we were not on the same level…”

Kazue raised her head.

Her left eye was spinning rapidly as she stared at the giant monster in front of him.

No wonder people chased after Bijuu’s power.

This kind of overwhelming terror would make anyone feel fear.

And as an existence that could fight against such a terrifying existence, Yuuji had already shaken them off so much

“Hahaha, I found you guys.

Even if you hide in the ruins, it is impossible to escape my eyes!”

The unique sharp voice of the tail sounded again.

With a kind of madness and joy, it suddenly leaned down and stared straight at these guys of Konoha.

Killing made the bijuu feel happy.

Bijuu’s life was just so simple and dull.

When he killed everyone, he would presumably be happier, right

The Bijuu let out a sharp cry, waving its huge tail, and suddenly smashed down.

This was a ridiculously thick and shockingly heavy tail.

“Die, all of you go to hell.

You bugs are simply cancer! All of you go to hell!”


The giant tail smashed down.

“Run!!” Kakashi roared.

In the next moment, lightning appeared on his body, stimulating all the cells in his body, temporarily raising his physical skills and quickly retreating.

The others also hurriedly fled in panic.

Guy even used the Eight Gates Escape Armor to try and save everyone, even though he already felt tired.

“I will not give up on anyone!”

Guy roared and began to run wildly.

With astonishing speed, he took the lead to carry away the wounded who could not move.

“One, two, three…”

But it was already too late.

The Bijuu slammed down.

However, there were still a few people who were unable to escape.

Rin had a bitter smile on her face, but he continued to focus on treating the wounded.

As a medical ninja, he could not give up on any injured person.

Guy put a person far away, and the moment he turned around, he saw that there were still people who had not escaped.

“No, and why didn’t Kazue escape…” Guy gritted his teeth and was about to rush over.

Everything seemed to be still.

Only the giant tail that shattered everything seemed to be about to destroy everything.


In a flash of lightning, Kazue kicked Rin and the injured person away at an astonishing speed.

“This is Bijuu’s power…” At some point in time, Kazue’s eyes were bloodshot.

His eyes, which were already crimson color, became even thicker, as if they would explode in the next moment.

“This is…”

The three magatama were moving among the countless threads of blood.

The feeling that had appeared but disappeared inexplicably became so strong at this moment.


The giant Bijuu smashed down.

It shattered everything.

On the ground, there was a deep pit that made one’s scalp go numb.

“Hahaha, dead, another one dead! Who is the next one”

Shukaku laughed, looking left and right.

Everyone’s face was deathly pale.

“How could that be Kazue was actually…”

“She was killed by Bijuu, this damn beast!”

Guy clenched his fists, his entire body trembling.

When he raised his head again, his face was filled with anger and sorrow.

Losing his father, was he going to lose his companions again

He roared and was about to forcefully open the seventh door.

A sharp laughter rang out.

“Hahaha! I like to see desperate eyes like yours the most!”

“Are you talking about eyes like mine”

A figure suddenly appeared in front of Kazuo’s head in a strange manner.


Kazuo subconsciously shifted his gaze and looked over in surprise.

Then, he met the pair of strange eyes.

It was a pair of strange eyes.

The three magatama had disappeared, leaving only the three blank horns on the pupils.

It was as if the black pupils were wrapped in a white triangular symbol.

What was going on with these eyes

“Bastard, you little brat…” The tail was both shocked and angry.

It realized what these eyes were.

It was the one who was full of sin that day, the one who made it feel disgust and fear… Mangekyou Sharingan!!

“Go to hell! Damn Uchiha!!”

A tail howled shrilly, grabbing out with its claw and clenching with a bang.


Traces of blood flowed out.

“Hahaha, he’s dead.

This time, he must really be dead.

The fragile human being was pinched by me…” The Bijuu laughed crazily.

But in the next moment, its laughter stopped abruptly.

The blood in its hand disappeared on the spot, and even the feeling of crushing flesh and blood strangely disappeared.

“Be quiet, Yiwei.

In front of my eyes, you seem less terrifying.”

Kazue once again appeared on the head of the tail, completely unharmed.

However, the white triangle in her eyes had faint traces of blood.

“So that’s how it is.

The power of my eyes…”

Kazue faintly understood.

The traces of fate couldn’t be hidden from her eyes.

“The forbidden technique to rewrite fate, Izanami, and the recovery and reverse technique Izanagi…”

Kazue covered her right eye, gasping for breath, and the chakra within her body instantly decreased by a large amount.

The eye technique of her right eye, Izanagi’s, eye technique of her left eye Izanami.

Eye of Insight, this was the ultimate desire in the depths of her heart that was enough to overwhelm everything.

“The desire to break the established destiny…”

She had been crazy for years, suffering constant impacts and stimulating her deep genes.

Finally, at this moment, she personally pushed open the door, holding up a power that could reverse fate.

At this moment, the will that had never compromised with fate in his entire life began to bloom.

The dazzling light illuminated the darkness.

The dazzling brilliance spread its wings and flew above the nine heavens.

Kazue took a deep breath, and a terrifying eye power that far exceeded her imagination burst out from her eyes.

At the same time, the chakra in her body was constantly being consumed by this pair of eyes.

“What a terrifying consumption.

If not for this body, I wouldn’t have been able to hold on.

I wouldn’t even have been able to use a complete eye technique.”

Kazue took a deep breath and suddenly looked up.

The white triangle that was wrapped in black pupils suddenly rotated once.

In his right eye, blood vessels appeared like crazy, densely packed.

“This Izanagi, is different from the one I used before… If this is the case, maybe it can be done…”

The vision of Kazue’s right eye directly fell on the body of Shukaku who was under her feet.

Terrifying eye power gathered, crazily extracting chakra, and in the midst of rapid consumption, a terrifying power fell on Shukaku.

The giant hand that Shukaku suddenly slapped down, under this doujutsu, directly began to disappear, just like a mirage.

It changed from reality to illusion, and the illusion turned back to reality.

When Shukaku’s arm reappeared, it had already become the position before it moved, and it was fixed and locked by fate.

The reality just now was covered and rewritten, like garbage, swept into the corner of fate.

A new reality had descended.

Shukaku was shocked to find that he had lost control of this arm.

There was something terrifying that was suppressing him.

“What kind of power is this You damned Uchiha, what did you do to me Get lost, get lost!”

Shukaku screamed!


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