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Chapter 106 - DNA Foundation

The two of them flew through the forest.

Hiruko’s expression was extremely gloomy.

He had a faint feeling that he would never be able to break free from this brat’s restraints in this lifetime.

Hiruko hurriedly shook his head, expelling this terrible idea from his mind.

“I’m just an ordinary superior Ninja.

I can’t be a match for that Pakura.

You know this, right” Hiruko said darkly.

Yuuji nodded.

“I know, that’s why I’m looking forward to how far you can grow after seizing the bloodline of others… The worse you are now, the more your abilities will be revealed if you succeed, right”

“Hmph, you’re right…” Hiruko sneered.

Hiruko followed behind Yuuji, searching for the whereabouts of Pakura.

Yuuji, who had long used Art of Erase and left his cells on Pakura, easily locked onto Pakura’s location.

Immediately, the two of them chased after them and quickly caught up.

“Konoha’s guys are chasing after us again It wasn’t easy to get rid of that troublesome Nuclear Release Ninja…”

Pakura frowned and looked at the Suna ninja who was following him halfway.

If the pursuers were weak, it would be no problem whether they killed or retreated, but if the enemy was strong… would they abandon these guys

As he pondered.

Yuuji grabbed Hiruko and charged over.

It was true.

He grabbed Hiruko by the neck with one hand and chased after him like lightning.

“Senior Hiruko, the guy I chose for you is indeed very suitable for you.

Otherwise, with your speed, you won’t be able to escape even if you run into trouble in the future…”

When Yuuji saw Pakura, he released his grip.

Hiruko’s expression was steely as he gritted his teeth.

“I’m really sorry that I was too slow.

Damn fellow… are you not willing to give me any face at all”

“Senior Hiruko, there are many things between you and me that there is no need to be so clear about.

As for the outsiders who saw your awkward state… just kill them all.”

Yuuji raised her head and looked at Pakura in front of her.

“It’s you… How did you find my position!”

Pakura was furious.

After she used her quick escape, she used her exaggerated speed to constantly change her direction.

Only after confirming that she was safe did she feel at ease.

But now… you can even find this

“Suna ninja’s guy, you know nothing about my ability.”

Yuuji made a hand seal, and in the next moment, a Suna ninja shouted in horror, “Lord Pakura, your body…”

Pakura’s face suddenly changed.

She felt something squirming in her body.

“What is it When did you put it on me”

Pakura screamed.

It was only at this moment that she suddenly heard it.

The moment she used the Rapid Escape Technique to escape, Yuuji’s palm gently touched her…

Could it be at that time

But what kind of technique could quietly invade her body

A piece of flesh on her body squirmed even more violently.

In the next moment, a… Yuuji suddenly came out!

“Gotcha, you can’t escape…”

This Yuuji clone came out and faced Pakura face to face.

The scene was extremely strange and terrifying.

Suna ninja and the others were successfully frightened.

They had never seen such a strange technique.

Even Hiruko’s eyes narrowed, and a trace of fanaticism flashed through them.

“Could this physical clone technique be another way to use the cells of immortality Shiranui Yuuji, I want to learn this technique!”

“Don’t be too greedy.

Moreover, wait until you can survive the blood succession ceremony.”

Yuuji sneered.

He brazenly attacked Suna ninja who was in front of him.

Powerful radiation particles were fired out, and they began to clear the area like crazy.

Suna ninja and the others who had been defeated and fled all the way until now were exhausted.

Their spirit and physical strength had already weakened to a terrible extent.

Facing Yuuji’s attack, they had no way to resist at all, and their faces revealed deep despair.

Why are we so unlucky

“I actually ran into Konoha’s monster Nuclear Release…”

“I thought that by following Lord Pakura, there would be a higher chance of survival, but I didn’t expect that I would die even faster.”

“Lord Pakura, run! The other party is an existence that can fight with Jinchuriki.

Why don’t you take the opportunity to escape You might not be able to survive!”

A portion of the Sand Ninjas pulled out Kunai and turned to fight Yuuji.

At this time, Hiruko also made his move.

A large amount of purple substance suddenly appeared from his body and wrapped around several Suna ninja.

After the purple substance dispersed, all of these Suna ninja also died.

“Another way to use Chimera Technique, huh Not bad, there is a little something impressive about it.”

Yuuji praised.

In the original work, after Hiruko swallowed four blood limits, in the face of Konoha and Anbu who came to investigate, this guy instantly used Chimera Technique to seize the power of three Anbu, completing the move of instant kill.

The complete Chimera Technique, not only can he perfectly merge the blood limit, let Hiruko use different blood limit, but also can be used as a common ninjutsu.

It can be said that the complete Chimera Technique is very, very outstanding, and has great potential.

As long as it can be launched successfully, there is almost no possibility of the blood limit losing control.

As time went on, Yuuji no longer held back and quickly killed all the other Suna ninja, leaving only Pakura.

“Why are you staring at me Aren’t you chasing after Bunpuku and Rasa Even if you really want to kill me, why do you want to kill me”

Pakura shouted angrily.

This was also what she could not understand.

Previously, Yuuji’s goal was clearly Bunpuku.

Rasa and her were just supplementary.

The value of one tail Jinchuriki was overwhelming.

But why did he give up one tail and stare at her

“You will know soon…”

Yuuji sneered.

At this time, Pakura was constantly using the Burning Escape Technique, trying to kill Nuclear Release’s clone that was attached to her body.

But even if she repeatedly used the Burning Escape Technique to evaporate the water of Nuclear Release’s clone.

However, Nuclear Release’s clone could always reproduce from Pakura’s body and obtain more water.

After a few times, Pakura’s face was pale, her lips were dry and cracked, and her body temperature began to rise.

There were clearly signs of dehydration.

She wanted to use Rapid Escape to escape, but the clone attached to her frantically tripped her, crazily devouring her chakra while interfering with her body.

“… This is also one of your forbidden techniques You frequently use so many forbidden techniques, why are you still not dead” Pakura pursed his lips and revealed a bitter smile.

Yuuji chuckled, “Who knows Forbidden arts are too dangerous.

The more you use them, the faster you die.

This is common sense… Maybe one day I will suddenly die”

“Pakura, you are very valuable to me.

Burning Escape and Rapid Escape…” Hiruko looked at this woman with envy.

Pakura suddenly understood and his face became even uglier.

“You actually took a fancy to my blood limit You want to kill me and then study my body… How can I let you do as you wish!”

She wanted to use steam to kill herself.

But at this time, it was too late.

Yuuji and Hiruko suddenly accelerated.

One on the left and one on the right, they smashed Pakura’s heavy fists down and pressed him to the ground.

“My chakra is exhausted, my body is weak, and I am still seizing control of my body… You are proud to be able to struggle to this step, Pakura.”

Nuclear Release’s clone tried his best to control Pakura, devouring as much chakra as possible to weaken him.

Hiruko took action, directly carrying Pakura, and then stared greedily at Nuclear Release’s clone.

“As expected, it is the eternal cells.

How did you do it Not only can you extract chakra from these cells, but you can also use these things to create clones…”

This is simply the most perfect physical clone technique, and considering that the physical clone can extract new chakra from the body, this is simply…

Hiruko felt intoxicated, as if he had opened the door of the new world with one hand.

So, it could be like this

Damn it, but why can’t he turn these cells into his own blood inheritance

Sure enough, was this only a derivative of Nuclear Release’s bloodline Nuclear Release’s blood inheritance was the real blood inheritance

“Let’s go find a secret place and start the ceremony.

If you fail, I will kill you,” Yuuji said lightly.

“Hmph, I won’t fail.

My Chimera Technique is the most perfect forbidden technique in the world!”

Hiruko followed Yuuji, and the two of them shuttled through the forest, carefully avoiding the ninjas who were fighting.

Then, they found a cave.

“This is enough… Use Chimera Technique’s bloodline to show me.”

Yuuji leaned against the wall and looked at Hiruko.

Hiruko did not hesitate and looked at Pakura who was glaring at him with anticipation.

It could be said that this was the first time that Hiruko had officially used Chimera Technique’s Blood Fusion Technique.

What exactly was this forbidden technique What was its potential It was all in this fusion ceremony.

Hiruko was full of confidence in the forbidden technique he had spent half his life researching.

“Just watch.

You will be shocked because you will witness the greatest miracle in Ninja World and a rising god with your own eyes.

I will be the future…”

“Shut up and do it.” Yuuji was impatient.

Hiruko snorted coldly and muttered something.

Then he shouted in a low voice.

“Chimera Technique!”

A large amount of purple substance gushed out and wrapped around Pakura.

Nuclear Release’s clone also took the opportunity to leave and merge into Yuuji’s body.

Yuuji crossed his arms and leaned on the rock wall, patiently waiting.

He focused on the scene in front of him, deep in thought.

The blood inheritance was related to DNA, and it seemed to be related to the energy of chakra.

For now, as long as Chimera Technique succeeded, he could perfectly seize the blood of others and put it on his body.

And the blood of many different people could be perfectly unified.

“according to my guess, the priority of DNA is far below chakra.

Chakra is a fusion of matter and spirit.

It can be transformed from energy into matter, which is equivalent to creating new matter.”

This thing is ridiculous no matter how you think about it.

It can even easily penetrate the boundaries between life and death.

The undead in the Pure Land all play with Chakra, and use the same energy as the living in the Yang World…

Moreover, the Yang World and the Pure Land use chakra to communicate.

There will be no obstruction.

For example, the reincarnation of the Edo Earth should be used as a coordinate by using the DNA of the living to summon the undead in the Pure Land back to the Yang World, and become a tool that can only be sealed if it can not be killed.

“Different DNA, combined with spiritual force, can create different chakra.

The moment the chakra was born, it was contaminated with the unique ‘mark’ of the creator.

But what exactly is this mark, spiritual force Or something else, it is still unclear for the time being.”

The typical was Bijuu.

There was no need to say about the characteristics of Bijuu’s chakra.

It could make human half Bijuu and Bijuu transform, but ordinary human’s chakra seemed to be unable to achieve this level.

If ordinary people have enough chakra, and it is controlled by someone, then this person, in principle, should also transform into the form of an ordinary person…

And it is an all-around transformation.

Yuuji watched as Pakura was wrapped in a purple substance in fear.

In the end, he was swept into Hiruko and gradually melted.

The purple substance was currently wrapped around Hiruko, emitting a strange gurgling sound.

It was convenient for them to merge.

An obscure fluctuation spread out.

Yuuji did not make a move to disturb him, only silently watching from the side.

Half a day later, the purple substance gradually disappeared and gathered into Hiruko’s body.

At this time, Hiruko seemed to have changed slightly from his appearance, but he couldn’t tell what exactly had changed.

“Devour Pakura’s DNA to grasp Pakura’s bloodline…” Yuuji was deep in thought.

At this time, Hiruko let out a crazy laugh, with a kind of hysterical venting and madness.

“Success, I succeeded! I used half my life to develop Chimera Technique, and he really can take the blood of others for me!”

Hiruko’s face twisted.

The anger and unwillingness that had been suppressed for half a lifetime were all vented in this crazy scream.

No one could understand the anger and anguish in his heart, as well as the mentality of hating this terrible world.

Now, he had succeeded.

“Scorching Release: steamed kill!”

“Quick Escape!”

Hiruko tried his brand-new blood inheritance ability and revealed a look of infatuation.

He succeeded.

He only needed to give him more time to familiarize himself with it.

He could completely reach Pakura’s level.

“Not bad.

It seems that something is just as I guessed.”

Yuuji, who had been watching quietly all along, spoke up and praised.

Although a lot of things were not clear, a lot of things were mostly understood.

In this world, DNA should be regarded as a type of existence, supporting the chakra building on the foundation.

DNA, stable, but pressed at the bottom, hard, but the clearance level was the lowest.

You can use DNA to summon and control the undead, and you can also use DNA to refine and drive chakra, but in turn, chakra can also control DNA to create new blood vessels, change and even add the original DNA sequence.

Chakra is the bridge to the Pure Land, but DNA is the key to open the gate of the Pure Land… If this is the case, Rikudou Sennin’s undead is stationed in the Pure Land all year round, then the Pure Land is essentially…

On a deeper level, the blood lineage is followed by the blood net, which has all forms of middle and lower bloodlines, including all types of chakra…

Lava release, boiling release, and mist release, the blood chain can be used at will.

Blood Network can be immune to almost all Ninjutsu, but it can not be immune to Senjutsu, that is, there is a natural energy buff.

Natural energy, bloodline level, chakra level, pure land and yang world, as well as the DNA foundation located at the bottom, then this world…

“… I seem to understand, it is really interesting, but there are still some things that need to be verified…”

Yuuji looked at the excited Hiruko.


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