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Chapter 103 - How Can A Monkey Become Gorilla​

Terrifying fluctuations shook the distant region.

The roars and wails of the Four-Tailed Jinchuriki spread throughout the entire battlefield, shocking countless people.

At this time, even Namikaze Minato and the others who were suppressing the Five-Tailed Jinchuriki looked over in pleasant surprise.

“Yuuji actually stopped the Four-Tailed Jinchuriki.

He really did it… To have such an outstanding junior, I really feel honored.”

Minato praised.

“That kid is really not bad.

There is also that strange power.

It is probably what the two Sage mentioned… Minato, remember to pay more attention to him.”

The toad Wen Taitai slashed at the Five-Tailed Beast with his short knife and took the time to glance at it.

While he was shocked by Yuuji’s strength, he began to think quickly.

When he returned, he would talk to Fukasaku and Shima about this little brat.

“Aren’t they worried that their original fate will be disrupted Then let’s just bring this little brat into Mount Myouboku.

This way, Mount Myouboku’s title as the number one holy land will be even more stable…”

Gamabunta racked his brains to think of a way to get things done, and at the same time, the knife in his hand stabbed even more fiercely.

Weng, weng!

A large number of parasites flew around, surrounding a large number of them, attacking Han continuously.

Under their cooperation, Han displayed an increasingly large decline, gradually showing signs of being unable to hold on.

Everyone was shocked by this scene.

And as the gathering point of countless gazes.

Yuuji, on the other hand, calmly looked ahead.

He saw that the wounds on the body of the four-tailed Jinchuriki were slowly recovering at this time.

“The fusion of chakra is really convenient.

No matter what injuries, just having chakra is enough.

This is much stronger than a fragile human body.”

Yuuji calmly watched.

Then, the tail swung again, and with a loud bang, another particle cut over.

The terrifying blue light beam was already equivalent to a terrifying death god in the eyes of countless people, brewing the power to cut off everything.

“Bastard! Little brat, don’t get carried away by your pride!”

Roshi roared angrily, extremely furious.

He waved his hands, and once again, he ruthlessly smashed into the ground.


The earth caved in.

“Scorching River is spewing fire!”

One volcano after another burst out of the ground and rose from the ground.

In a very short period of time, an astonishing group of volcanoes appeared.

Each volcano erupted with terrifying lava.

The scene of a large number of volcanoes erupting at the same time was even more shocking.


The two techniques collided, and the result was almost like a natural disaster.

Countless magma surged and changed the terrain.

At this moment, Bijuu’s chakra was crazily transforming, but in the end, he was still cut down by more than half of the particles.

“Scorching River Great Fire Breath… It seems that this technique is your trump card besides Bijuudama.”

Yuuji calmly said.

It was indeed more convenient for Water Release to deal with the Yonbi.

It was no wonder that in the original story, Kisame had single-handedly defeated Roshi.

Yuuji leaped up and rushed towards the Yonbi, Jinchuriki.

“Damn it…” The Yonbi gnashed his teeth in anger.

However, he helplessly discovered that he really had no way to deal with this little brat in front of him.


During this period of time, Yuuji had developed even more deeply in his half- Godzilla transformation.

His appearance had also officially transformed into a Godzilla, the size of an ordinary person.


An astonishing wound appeared on Roshi’s body.

Roshi could only endure the pain, unable to be furious.

“It should be enough.

Maintaining this form for a long time is a great burden for me…”

Yuuji felt his body becoming heavier.

He had to seize the time to seize the Yonbi’s Chakra.

“Roshi, right What kind of feeling is it to be teased by a little ghost like me who you look down on”

Yuuji said indifferently.

In the next moment, without waiting for Roshi to open his mouth, Yuuji sent out a shot at White Hot Light in time, and with a loud bang, he smashed his huge body,

With a bang, he staggered.

The terrifying high temperature that had suddenly spread along with the original lava had changed the surrounding terrain.

Looking out, the large area where they were fighting had turned into a terrifying scorched black area at this moment.

All matter was melted, and then it began to solidify bit by bit, turning into a new ground.

This was the horror of a powerful ninja.

It had the power to change the terrain in a large area.

More importantly, everyone saw that the four-tailed Jinchuriki was showing an even greater decline.

He had no way to deal with Yuuji and Root.

In the end, he was forced to leave a huge wound on his body repeatedly.

A shot of Bijuudama suddenly condensed.

However, before it could form, it was struck by Yuuji’s tail.

His head tilted and directly sprayed Bijuudama into the forest in the distance.

“Little brat, you are very good, but you can’t do anything to me.

If you continue to delay, you will lose to me.

My chakra is unlimited.”

Roshi suddenly calmed down, but his eyes were still fierce.

“Is that so I am really honored… but there is one thing you are wrong about, your chakra is not infinite, and the four-tailed is not.”

Yuuji finally found an opportunity.

He grabbed Roshi’s back, and then slid down, his sharp claws doing the deceleration function, all the way down.

“These four tails, I will accept them.”

Yuuji suddenly spat out a White Hot Light.

The terrifying high temperature enveloped everything, and it temporarily blocked all attention.

Yuuji took the opportunity to strike.

He swung his tail down fiercely, and with a piercing sound, all four tails were cut off in one breath!

“Roar! Roar! Roar!” Roshi let out a painful cry.

When he resisted the terrifying high temperature, he turned his head again, wanting to take back his tail.

In his distorted vision, he vaguely saw that Yuuji was pressing on his tail, seemingly… absorbing it

“So that’s how it is.

What an arrogant little brat, actually having the idea of obtaining four-tailed chakra Bijuu’s chakra is not so easy to seize!”

Roshi laughed wildly.

In his body, Sun Wukong also coldly snorted.

Bijuu, can be said to be a combination of consciousness and chakra.

Every bit of chakra, in principle, carries its spiritual will.

If this little devil is too greedy and wants to seal these chakra into his body, so as to become another four-tailed Jinchuriki…

Humph, humph, you have good taste.

Sun Wukong grinned.

It is Bijuu.

It did not participate in the war for the sake of Iwa ninja Village.

The main reason is that Roshi wants to participate.

A small part of the reason is that it is restless and wants to cause trouble.

This guy knows to seize his high quality Chakra.

He is still smart…

But in the next moment, the expression of the Yonbi froze.

Because it suddenly lost control of the chakra, and with the passage of time, it couldn’t even sense the most basic of it.

Let me tell you a wide story, it’s really good, it’s worth pretending, after all, it can still read books slowly and read without a thread!

It’s as if it forever lost this part of the chakra, and what’s worse is that this loss is not the kind of loss that can recover after loss, but…

In terms of capacity, a portion of its four tails had been cut off.

Its chakra capacity had been reduced.


“What’s wrong, Sun Wukong This damn brat is too greedy.

He actually wants to swallow so many carats.

This is simply…”

“No, no! Roshi, quickly kill this little thing and take back my chakra! Otherwise, I will lose this chakra forever!” Sun Wukong roared.

“Eh” Roshi frowned, somewhat surprised and puzzled.

But it was obviously too late.

These four tails were absorbed by Yuuji at an astonishing speed, all fed to Godzilla in his body.

Hu —

A satisfied breathing sound came out.

It seemed that Godzilla was satisfied with the meal this time.

The amount of four tails was indeed a feast that he had never had before.

When he ate one of Three-tailed Beast’s tails, Godzilla already had the ability to supply chakra, and now he had swallowed four tails…

That ability to use chakra increased in a straight line, and it could create even more abundant amount of chakra.

It wasn’t like the first time when Yuuji wanted to obtain chakra to use, even if he wanted to use it, he would still need to use this explosive vitality and spiritual force to refine it.

“It seems that the absorption of foreign plants on this world is relatively successful for the time being…”

Yuuji chuckled, feeling the sudden surge of chakra, he felt satisfied.

Originally, he had consumed a huge amount of chakra in his body, but not only had it completely recovered, it had also increased by a wave without refining.

After the cover caused by extreme White Hot Light had dispersed.

Many people looked over again, but they were shocked to find…

“Where’s the four-tailed tail Why is it gone with such a big four-tailed tail!”

“This, a four-tailed beast without a tail, can it be called a four-tailed He is not even a monkey, isn’t this clearly…”

“A gorilla”

The ninjas from both sides who were fighting were also shocked by the scene in front of them.

Throughout the entire three battles, there had never been such a thing.

As they fought, Jinchuriki had beaten up all his tails

Monkey fought and turned himself into a gorilla

As expected of Yuuji-sama, he could actually do such a thing!

More and more people had strange expressions on their faces, feeling that they couldn’t stop this.

Moreover, Jinchuriki, who had lost four tails, had yet to create a new tail.

“What are you talking about Could it be that these four tails…” Roshi frowned.

“No more.

If I want to recover these four tails, I can only extract chakra from other parts of my body, or think of a way to kill that dangerous guy.”

“Tsk, did that kid use a sealing technique or some other method… However, it is very difficult to get rid of him here.

The situation of the battle is very unfavorable to us, Iwa ninja…”

Roshi looked down at the battlefield.

There were signs of collapse everywhere.

Even though there were two Jinchuriki on Iwa ninja’s side and none on Konoha’s side, they were still unable to gain the upper hand and were instead suppressed.

“It’s all this damn brat’s fault!” Roshi’s expression was gloomy.

At this time.

Han’s side could no longer hold on.

Under the combined attack of Minato, Gamabunta and Shibi, they could not bear the burden and let out an angry cry.

Han was beaten back repeatedly, and his body was riddled with scars.

When Commander Kitsuchi saw this scene, his face darkened.

Two Jinchuriki went all out, but they were actually forced to this point… Why is Konoha always so lucky So many geniuses have appeared!

Not to mention Minato, who had a super high space-time talent, mastered Flying Thunder God, and even further developed him.

The Aburame family, Minato’s peers, also had the power to fight against Bijuu.

It could be said that he had stepped into Kage level.

The Psychic Beasts of the three holy lands also signed a contract with Konoha’s fellows.

They did not give them any chance to the other villages, let alone Sage Mode.

They, Root, could not get their hands on anything.

Now, another Shiranui Yuuji, who came from a small family, could actually do this… Even Roshi couldn’t do anything to him!

“Moreover, Orochimaru and Tsunade haven’t made their move yet…” Kitsuchi’s face became more and more gloomy.

Compared to this gradually falling into a disadvantageous position, he was more worried about Orochimaru’s movements.

What kind of conspiracy was that poisonous snake brewing Was it wary of Suna ninja

The more he thought about it, the more aggrieved Kitsuchi felt in his heart.

Why was it like this

The two great Jinchuriki moved out, yet they were actually unable to win a local war.

This was simply inconceivable, even absurd!

But this just happened!

“Konoha, so rich that it makes people jealous.

The power left behind by Shoudai Hokage and Uchiha Madara is still protecting them.”

Kitsuchi looked at them with hatred and called over a communication Ninja.

“What’s going on with Suna ninja Hasn’t he made his move yet Tell Chiyo, if you don’t make a move, we will retreat immediately!”

In the southwest, Suna ninja’s Chiyo and Ebizo received a message from Kitsuchi.

He immediately fell into silence.

“Are you still not willing to take action” Chiyo frowned.

Ebizo sighed, “There’s nothing we can do about it.

You know Bunpuku’s personality.

What he hates the most is war.

Even if we win this war, we will be able to occupy a rich land and support more people…”

“Hmph, a guy with a rotten brain.

It’s a waste to let such a person serve as Jinchuriki.”

Chiyo snorted in dissatisfaction and ordered the attack, “Iwa ninja has attracted enough attention for us.

It’s time to make a move.”

Suddenly, there was a loud explosion in front of them.

Several giant snakes were coming at them.

“Orochimaru… Tsunade and he are staring at us!” Chiyo’s face sank.

Ebizo pondered for a moment and said, “But this is very strange.

Could it be that Konoha wants to split up his forces and fight us head on at the same time”

At this time, Suna ninja’s elite superior Ninja, Rasa, said in a low voice, “Whatever he wants to do.

Anyway, we have already fought our way into the Fire Country and swallowed a large amount of fertile land.

Even if these three battles drag on for four more years, it will be beneficial for us.

Because our Wind Country is so poor that it will die!”

“Yes, time is on our side.

Every day we occupy this place, we can get more benefits! Rasa, you can already think like a shadow.

Pakura, you have to learn a little.”

Chiyo laughed and looked at the two young people standing in front of her.

Rasa and Pakura were the two people she had seen before.

They were strong enough and had their own blood limit.

Suna ninja had lost Sandaime Kazekage, so he needed the young man to carry the banner.

“Then, let’s take action.

With the strength of our two villages, we can defeat Konoha…” Old Ebizo said in a deep voice.

“No, we can’t take action now.

We can continue to delay with Orochimaru here.” Chiyo shook his head, “We have fought with Iwa ninja’s group quite a few times.

We can take the opportunity to kill more people.

Isn’t that good We can hold back and deal with Orochimaru and the others who are attacking.”

“Sis, this might be Orochimaru’s…”

“Don’t say anymore, brother.

I have already decided! As long as we can break through Tangling Mountain, we can directly charge into Konohagakure.

After we defeat Konoha, our opponent will be Iwa ninja.”

Chiyo waved his hand.

Old Sea sighed.

Rasa and Pakura could only withdraw their troops and deal with Orochimaru with an extremely cautious attitude.

Konoha’s ninjas were also very cautious, and they carefully launched probing attacks.

The two sides were just like this.

But as time passed, Suna ninja and the others were shocked to find that Konoha’s attacks were actually not strong.

The attacking troops were very weak, and the thunder was loud and the rain was small…

By the time Suna ninja reacted, it was already too late.

In the northwest direction.

Kitsuchi was anxiously waiting for Suna ninja to attack and help them share some of the pressure.

On the battlefield, Han could no longer resist, and Roshi could not advance or retreat.

As for the other ninjas, more and more of them were retreating.

The situation of the war had gradually been reversed.

“Those guys of Suna ninja are overcautious!” Kitsuchi was furious.

At this time, in the empty rear of Iwa ninja, a group of troops suddenly appeared.

“Haha, just as I guessed, the weak Suna ninja didn’t move, and he was proud of himself.

This way, he could use the advantage of military strength and terrain to destroy Iwa ninja first…”

Orochimaru licked his lips and directly ordered the attack.

He himself personally rushed to the front, and with a raise of his hand, he summoned ten thousand snakes, easily breaking through Iwa ninja’s rear defense line.

“Our camp… Orochimaru! Suna ninja!!”

Kitsuchi was furious, and he understood everything in an instant.

But it was already too late.

Orochimaru personally led the assault team, and with the help of Ten-Thousand Snakes, tore apart all the barriers in front of him.

A large amount of Iwa ninja’s resources were destroyed on the spot.

Considering that this was the hinterland of the Fire Country and that Kannabi Bridge had been blown up, they had to travel a long distance to transport new supplies from the Earth Country…

In this battle, Iwa ninja, who had been unable to defeat Minato’s troops and make any substantial progress, had lost from the very beginning.

“Retreat… Retreat!” Kitsuchi’s expression was as firm as iron.

He suddenly formed a seal, aiming at the frenzied Snake and Orochimaru who was standing on top of the Snake.

“Earth Release – Earth Art!”

Two huge oval rocks suddenly appeared from the ground, one on the left and one on the right, trying to crush Orochimaru and Snake into meat paste.

“Allsnake Formation!”

Countless snakes were summoned, blocking the two boulders for a short period of time.

Taking advantage of the gap, Allsnake rushed out with Orochimaru.

“Kitsuchi, we’ve been fighting for several years.

It’s time to send you to your death.”

Orochimaru looked down at Sandaime’s son and sneered.

He had already won this battle.

As long as he killed Kitsuchi and defeated Iwa ninja, Suna ninja’s group were not worth mentioning.

The snake eyes in Orochimaru’s eyes were like a needle, staring greedily at Kitsuchi.

“Don’t even think about escaping.

Two years ago, I only broke one of Chiyo’s arms and let her take the opportunity to escape.

This time, I won’t make the same mistake…” Die here, Kitsuchi.

He couldn’t wait to end this war, and then go to perfect the undead reincarnation technique…

And then…

Orochimaru excitedly glanced into the distance and saw the figure that was constantly active.


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