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Chapter 102 - Defeat The Pretty Boy

Four-tailed Bijuu, Sun Wukong.

At this time, Yuuji was looking at the big monkey in front of him with great interest.

“Young man What are you talking about” “Little brat of Shiranui’s family, this is the first time we meet, and also the last time.

You will die in my hands immediately.”

Roshi turned into a big monkey and growled.

Surprisingly, he directly began to complete Bijuu’s transformation, not even pretending.

At the same time, he was also sizing up Yuuji’s current state.

What is this technique that is similar to Bijuu’s outer coat It can change part of the body’s indicators.

It is very similar to Bijuu’s chakra mode, but the outer layer of the body is also attached with a layer of chakra outer layer…

Roshi looked at Yuuji in front of him with doubt.

This strange creature with a tail was unheard of.

Using Bijuu’s chakra, he could create extra organs on his body, such as Han and Kumogakure’s Chimera, which could suddenly throw out a Bijuu’s tail from behind.

The next step was Bijuu’s outer clothing, and the next step was half Bijuu transformation, and the final form was complete Bijuu transformation.

However, in Yuuji’s current state, part of his body’s appearance has changed, and there is also a thick outer coat of chakra…

“Little brat, is there something sealed in your body…” Roshi said in a low voice.

“Don’t worry about these details.

Iwa ninja’s pretty boy.

Anyway, you will be beaten to death by me soon.”

Yuuji chuckled and attacked brazenly.

His whole body suddenly attacked and pounced on Roshi.

The moment a hand reached out, it began to collide, turning into a huge dark blue claw that slammed down in the endless ancient and awe-inspiring atmosphere.


This attack heavily smashed onto Roshi’s body, and in an instant, it left a sinister scratch on Roshi’s body.

“Brat, you have angered me! No matter what strange things you have in your body, I will kill you now and study them properly!”

Roshi roared, and the four tails behind him swung out, turning into four huge whips that were unparalleled in size.

“Lord Yuuji, be careful!”

“Is this Lord Yuuji’s forbidden technique It is really similar to Jinchuriki…”

“Damn it, I originally wanted to protect him with my life, not letting him have the chance to use the forbidden technique, but I didn’t expect that… Lord Yuuji took advantage of our inattention and rushed out!”

Many of Konoha’s ninjas were shocked by Iwa ninja’s two Jinchuriki’s, and their faces revealed deep worry.

On Shibi’s side, it was still alright.

With the help of dozens of parasite bugs, even if they couldn’t win against Han, they could at least hold him back and force Han to go crazy.

But on Yuuji’s side… he was fighting against the berserk four-tailed Jinchuriki alone


Four tails slammed down, carrying the power that could shatter a mountain, smashing towards the incomparably small Yuuji.


A Kunai suddenly swung over, brushing past Yuuji’s face.

In this split second, Minato instantly appeared beside Yuuji, raising his hand to place it on Yuuji’s shoulder.

In the next second, he disappeared, appearing several dozen meters away.


On the ground, four huge ravines appeared.

“Hmph, escaped Brat, your luck is really good.” Roshi sneered and locked onto the position of Yuuji and Minato.

“It was really dangerous just now.

Are you alright” Minato looked at Yuuji with a face full of admiration.

“What a talented junior.

He can even fight the Yonbi Moreover, this method of imitating Bijuu’s outer clothing… is clearly the other Jinchuriki.”

“Originally, when I received Lord Sandaime Hokage’s secret letter, I didn’t really believe it.

I didn’t expect you to really have this kind of power.”

Minato praised.

“Senior Minato, you actually didn’t have to save me just now…”

Yuuji shrugged.

However, Minato was indeed fast, really fast.

With a swish, and flash, he brought him to such a far place.

Space-time Ninjutsu,

It was really useful.


The huge Bijuudama suddenly attacked, aiming at Minato.

If this Bijuudama was detonated, who knew how many Konoha Ninjas would suffer.

“Fly Raijin to guide the lightning!”

Minato opened his hand, and a barrier seal was released, swallowing Bijuudama bit by bit and moving him hundreds of meters away.

The Bijuudama that exploded caused a brief storm.

“Flying Thunder God, what a troublesome tactic…” A hint of fear flashed through Roshi’s eyes.

Namikaze Minato, the newly advanced Kage-level, had shown off in the Three Battles Battlefield.


In Roshi’s line of sight, Namikaze Minato disappeared from where he was, and in the next moment, he had already appeared near him.

Big Jade Rasengan!

One shot of Rasengan smashed into Roshi’s head, but it only tilted the head, not causing any substantial damage.

When the tail of the four tails swung over, Minato ran back again, making Roshi very angry.

“What a headache.

An attack that is enough to kill ordinary people hit the huge Bijuu, as if it were forpricked with a needle…” Minato smiled bitterly.

In that case…

Summoning Technique!

“It’s been a long time, Gamabunta.

I have something to ask of you this time.”

“Oh Isn’t this guy the Four-Tailed If I wereto deal with Bijuu, I would have to put in some effort…”

The forty-meter-tall toad Gamabunta was the boss of Mount Myouboku.

It slowly drew out its dagger and blew out a smoke ring.

Its expression was solemn.

If it really wanted to fight one on one, it could not even defeat the weakest Bijuu, not to mention that the strength of the Four Tailed was not low among the nine great Bijuu.

“Gamabunta, buy me some time.

I want to try Sage Mode!” Minato said in a deep voice.

“What No! Even in a place like Mount Myouboku, it would be difficult for your Senjutsu to use it, let alone here! If you devour too much natural energy and turn it into a toad, I won’t save you!”

Gamabunta immediately scolded.

At this time, the four tails had already rushed over.

“The two of you, leave this guy to me.

If I delay him for the time being, I can still do it.

You guys go help Shibi-sensei and defeat the five tails as soon as possible.

Then come back and help me.”

Godzilla Coat – Nuclear Release – White Hot Light!

A huge wave of White Hot Light slammed into the body of the Four Tailed.

At that time, it repelled the Four Tailed and caused a huge burn damage to the Four Tailed.

“Roar! Roar! Roar! The pain is killing me, damn brat, I will kill you!” Roshi’s voice sounded, brewing a great pain.

In Godzilla Coat mode, White Hot Light’s power far surpassed the past, directly reaching the peak of 100,000 degrees.

Even a tailed beast with a pure chakra structure would feel pain in the face of such an attack..

Gamabunta laughed out loud.

“Little brat, you want to fight a Jinchuriki alone You have to know that even Minato… Wait, the power in your body… So that’s how it is.

Minato, we temporarily believe in this little brat, and quickly deal with the other Bijuu.”

Gamabunta looked at Yuuji at this time and narrowed his eyes.

He remembered what Fukasaku and Shima, the two Sage, were talking about.

An unknown creature… Was it this little ghost A mysterious creature that was not inferior to Bijuu

“… I understand.

Since you have made up your mind, Yuuji, take this Kunai and do not force yourself.

We will come back to help you as soon as possible.”

Minato handed a special Kunai to Yuuji.

He had always been a person who believed in his companions.

If someone was very determined to tell him how far he could go, then in most cases, Minato would choose to believe.

This was his character and also his trust in his companions.

“Gamabunta, let’s go.” Minato said in a deep voice.

In the next moment, Gamabunta brought Minato along and directly charged towards the other side.

The arrival of these two caused the already flustered Five-Tailed Jinchuriki to become even worse.

“Then, big monkey, as expected, it is still me who will deal with you.”

Yuuji put Kunai on his body and said calmly.

Well, I have another chance to pull out the Yonbi’s Chakra.

“When I cut off the Sanbi’s Chakra, my Godzilla successfully obtained a portion of the chakra, so when I use Godzilla Coat, I can also have a layer of chakra…”

“Then, this time I cut off a portion of the Yonbi’s Chakra, I think the harvest will be even greater.”

Yuuji slowly lowered his head, and a deep expectation flashed in his eyes.

As a foreign plant, Godzilla was not in the same system as the foreign plant, Jubi.

Godzilla would not have such a thing as chakra.

But if he devoured the power of Jubi bit by bit, he really did not know what would happen in the end.

Just thinking about it made him very excited.

“Arrogant brat, watch how I tear you to pieces!”

At this time, Roshi also rushed over.

At the same time, he was communicating with the will of the Four-Tailed Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong’s expression was solemn.

“Roshi, I suggest that you go all out and stop playing… This little brat gives me a very uncomfortable feeling.”

“Humph, I know, but you are Bijuu.

Are you scared by a little ghost” Roshi laughed and said bitterly.

If it were forany other time, Sun Wukong would have been furious and wanted to beat Roshi to death.

But now… Sun Wukong was unusually quiet.

It stared at Yuuji through Roshi’s vision.

It observed Yuuji’s appearance repeatedly.

“What exactly is going on It’s as if we’ve met some kind of mortal enemy.

No, it should be… natural enemy! Where did this feeling come from”

It shouldn’t be the Ten Tail

This is what makes Sun Wukong confused.

Only the Ten Tail can make it instinctively uneasy, but this guy in front of him who uses strange power…


Roshi would not think about this problem.

He had already rushed to Yuuji, wanting to kill him completely.

The terrifying four tails that came crashing down like a mountain caused the earth to tremble.

“It is indeed the first time to fight against a complete Jinchuriki alone It seems like I will have to pay a price.”

Yuuji’s expression was solemn.

This was Bijuu, a fellow that even Kage level found difficult to deal with.


Behind Yuuji, a long tail formed from chakra was unconsciously swaying.

Facing this incomparably huge four tail, Yuuji appeared so small and humble.


Roshi roared.

In the next moment, he slammed his hands on the ground.

A terrifying sea of magma began to spread out crazily, melting all matter.

“Little brat, aren’t you very good at using high-temperature Ninjutsu Come and try!” Roshi sneered.

In just a few seconds, this ocean of lava would explode like a bomb, turning into a terrifying volcano.

This was the amazing lethality of this technique, Flowerfruit Mountain.

“Flowerfruit Mountain, huh…” Yuuji raised his head.

Although White Hot Light had a high temperature of 100,000 degrees, it was activated under the combined power of chakra and Godzilla.

He was still a body of flesh and blood, and without using any external force, he would fall to the ground even if he fell into thousands of degrees of lava.

In the original work, the Eight Tailed would be slightly injured if he rushed up to shoulder the Flower Fruit Mountain, and a layer of skin on his hands would be burned off.

In the next moment, the lava began to explode, and the volcanoes were about to erupt.

“To deal with tailed beasts, you need to use some methods… Let’s shave the pretty boy boy first, if you can successfully use this technique.”

Behind Yuuji, Godzilla Coat’s mode went deeper, and a substantial tail began to extend out, perfectly fitting with the Chakra tail.

“With this tail, I might be able to reach that step…”

In Yuuji’s mind, he recalled a certain scene he had seen in his previous life.

Then, by obtaining Godzilla’s power, he began to brew a new ability.

In the next moment.

Yuuji suddenly swung the tail behind him, and with a loud ‘xiu’ sound, it seemed to shake everything.

In a loud bang, a large amount of chakra was crazily consumed, and all gathered on this long tail.

A dazzling blue light burst out, accompanied by a burst of thorns.

“Half- Godzilla Transformation, Nuclear Release… chakra cutting technique!”


A huge rumble was produced.

The tail suddenly swung out and turned into an unparalleled chain.

The terrifying blue light that was brewing was like thunder, but it surpassed most of the lightning movement techniques and suddenly slashed out.


A blue line visible to the naked eye and shocking to the ear appeared in the path the tail swung.

The tail swept out horizontally, and this blue horizontal line instantly burst forth, slashing out as it tore apart.

Everything was cut in half by this blue horizontal line on the spot.

In front of him, the condensed volcanoes were cut apart at the waist of Setsuna, who was about to erupt.

At this moment, all sounds seemed to disappear.

Only the scattered flames and the dissipating and solidified lava remained.

“How could this be My Flowerfruit Mountain… what kind of technique is this” Roshi was both shocked and furious.

He suddenly stretched out his hand and roared.

He brewed a lava ball and smashed it at the weakened beam of light.


After the loud noise.

Everyone saw a terrifying scar that made one’s head go numb deeply engraved on the body of the four-tailed Jinchuriki.

Roshi let out a painful roar and staggered.

“It can actually hurt me directly.

This technique…”

Roshi’s eyes were bloodshot with disbelief.

Even if it was the White Hot Light just now, at most he would feel pain, but his whole body was made of chakra, and the high temperature would only cause him to lose a layer of chakra to block, and he would be able to recover immediately.

But this attack… That terrifying blue light beam, with the terrifying killing power of horizontal cutting through everything, forcibly hacked into his chakra body.

“Even a cutting type ninjutsu like Water Severing Wave can’t compare to this technique… Could it be that this brat’s blood inheritance forbidden technique”

Roshi was so angry that he gritted his teeth.

In the spiritual space, Sun Wukong, who was watching the battle in silence, said in a deep voice, “Prepare for the worst.

The strength displayed by this little devil is somewhat beyond imagination… Moreover…”

Moreover, looking at the state of the little devil, it seems that in the previous Bijuu outer clothing mode, it has taken a step further and became…

It was similar to the form of a half- Bijuu!

In other words, it was still barely able to maintain its human form, but its entire appearance had already changed to the general appearance of Bijuu.

In the eyes of Sun Wukong, the current Yuuji had clearly become a small, unknown monster.

The outer coat of chakra on the surface of the body was gradually disappearing.

However, that huge change in appearance, was clearly surging with a power that made one’s heart palpitate even more.

Especially that wagging tail just now, it shot out a blue light beam…

Even Bijuu was about to be cut into a shocking wound.

“Roshi, if it really doesn’t work, then let me do it.

If I take the lead, then I will be stronger than you to control my chakra.” Sun Wukong opened his mouth.

His heart grew increasingly uneasy.

“No, not to that extent yet,”

Roshi said coldly.

At the same time, he lowered his head to look at his chest.

The terrifying scar had almost turned into a ravine that was deeply engraved on his body.

It was terrible.

Everyone who saw this scene knew that the four-tailed Jinchuriki, who had completely transformed into Bijuu, was actually… injured!

“This… What was that technique just now”

“That beam of light that cut through all barriers, I still feel trembling all over…”

“Is this also Lord Yuuji’s forbidden technique How many forbidden techniques has he used up until now”

“Bastard Iwa ninja, look, your Jinchuriki is injured.

You will lose for sure!”

The morale of many Konoha ninjas was greatly increased!

If he could even defeat the enemy Jinchuriki, then there was nothing to fear.

In stark contrast to Konoha’s ninjas, Iwa ninja’s ninjas were all agitated.

Their faces revealed deep uneasiness and even fear.

What the hell is going on

“Why is it like this Even Lord Roshi can’t kill that guy”

“This, Han was entangled by Namikaze Minato and the others.

How should we win…”

Many people revealed deep fear on their faces.

Their will would be shaken and they would directly react to their actions.

In the end, Konoha’s ninjas noticed that there were many Iwa ninja who had been defeated and killed.

No one had expected that Yuuji would actually be able to do this.

To be able to use that forbidden technique, not only was it not killed by Jinchuriki, but it even pressed forward step by step, causing considerable damage to the Four-Tailed Jinchuriki.

Shiranui Yuuji’s name resounded throughout the vast battlefield, and there were people chanting his name everywhere.

“What a pity, monkey, you are injured… This should be considered an injury, although you rely on Chakra to condense your body…”

Yuuji raised his head and looked at the big monkey in front of him.

This technique just now was an ability that planet Godzilla used in his memory.

Wait for the ion cut.

He swung his huge tail and used the ability of the ion cut to split all the barriers in front of him.

Unexpectedly, Yuuji really used it in his half- Godzilla form.

“Then, now I can think of a way to seize a part of the Yonbi’s Chakra…”


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