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Chapter 101 - Pretty Boy From Iwagakure

The pastries made by Anko… could they really be eaten

“No, Orochimaru-sama.

Since Anko made them for you to eat, it would be better for you to eat them all.”

Yuuji glanced at them and immediately said.

Anko snorted, satisfied with Yuuji’s attitude.

Orochimaru did not care, although he hated sweets.

“I heard about your performance on Kirigakure’s battlefield.

Yuuji is indeed extraordinary.

Shibi must be very pleased to see this scene.”

“This is all thanks to Shibi-sensei’s guidance.

Otherwise, I would not have grown up today… Orochimaru-sama, where did Shibi-sensei go”

“He is carrying out a reconnaissance mission alone.

You also know his character.

He likes to move alone.”

Orochimaru licked his lips: “Yuuji-san, let’s talk about your matter.

How far have you developed your bloodline Just Kinjutsu alone, you have already displayed two kinds.

Presumably, your lifespan is severely damaged.

I might be able to help you check your body…”

“There will be a chance.

Orochimaru-sama, the most important thing right now is to end this battlefield.”

Yuuji smiled, chatted for a while, and then left directly.

Orochimaru looked at Yuuji’s disappearing figure.

It seemed that the consumption of those two forbidden arts was much smaller than he had expected… Very good, this kind of body was exactly what he needed.

Orochimaru was getting more and more excited, and he couldn’t wait to end the war and concentrate on perfecting the undead reincarnation technique.

As long as he thought about the endless lifespan and the endless supply of blood for him to consume, Orochimaru immediately felt extremely excited.

“A technique that burns one’s lifespan.

Hehe, I like this kind of forbidden technique the most…” Orochimaru laughed.

“Anko, I’m sorry that I can’t restore your sense of tastes.

The related cells and nerves have already been destroyed…”

Orochimaru said in a low voice.

“It doesn’t matter, Sensei.

I’m already mentally prepared.

Anyway, it’s just a taste, nothing else.” Anko just looked at Orochimaru with a face full of worship.

The most important thing is to follow Sensei.

A mere taste… Well, it’s also quite painful.

No matter what you eat, there is no taste, damn Yuuji!!

By the time Yuuji saw Aburame Shibi again, it was already two days later.

Kikyo City had already become a super huge war fortress.

The entire Fire Country’s military strength and resources were crazily piling up here.

It was precisely in this madness that Aburame Shibi successfully returned.

“Long time no see.

I didn’t expect that we would take action in the form of a team again.” Aburame Shibi greeted his former disciples.

“Oh! Shibi-sensei, long time no see.

We have been working hard to grow and blossom our own light.” Guy raised his arm.

Shibi glanced at Guy.

It seemed that Guy was not immersed in the shadow of his father’s death.

Shibi said, “Minato has also met up with his subordinates.

the Battle of Kikyou Pass, we must win at all costs.

As for the specific strategy, Orochimaru-sama will make arrangements.

We only need to strictly carry out the mission.”

Everyone nodded.

Shibi looked at Yuuji seriously and was very satisfied with this subordinate.

With such great potential, even if he were to become Danzo’s disciple on the battlefield, he would still have Root and Uchiha’s clansmen following him.

This battle that would decide the entire situation of Ninja World would definitely be extraordinarily spectacular.

“Shibi-sensei, I wonder how your preparations are going.

I am looking forward to it very much…” Yuuji said with a smile.

“Actually, I’m looking forward to that technique too…”

Shibi pushed up his sunglasses.

Iwa ninja’s troops were the first to advance.

“Those guys of Suna ninja are still not willing to take action!” Kitsuchi sneered again and again.

Roshi said indifferently, “This is very normal.

In the Suna ninja Village, Sandaime and Kazekage are missing.

One tail Jinchuriki is a monk who fights back.

He only relied on Chiyo to support him.”

Suna ninja Village,

The environment was harsh, the resources were scarce, and the comprehensive strength could be said to be the last of the five great villages.

However, in the past three great battles of Ninja World, Suna ninja Village was the absolute main force against Konoha.

They beat Konoha more actively than anyone else, and they were the most miserable when they were beaten.

Facing such a ninja village, Roshi, as the four-tailed Jinchuriki, had absolute confidence and contempt.

Kitsuchi shook his head and looked up at the orange mountain in front of him.

As long as they could break through this place and destroy the city, they could advance to Konohagakure at any time.

In the third battle of Ninja World, Iwa ninja Village would be the final winner!

“If we hadn’t transferred ten thousand ninjas to kill Sandaime and Raikage, Konoha would have been unable to hold on for a long time.” Kitsuchi snorted coldly.

Moreover, a while ago, Kannabi Bridge was blown up by Minato’s team, which increased the difficulty and risk of transporting supplies.

“It’s useless to say so much.

Let’s make a move as soon as possible.

Suna ninja’s guys are waiting for us to make a move first.

They will attack Konoha’s troops from the side.”

Roshi got up and was eager to try.

“Han, aren’t you going to move around Or are you still fighting with the Gobi now”

“It is not easy to cooperate with Bijuu… Roshi, don’t show off in front of me.”

Han was a tall man with a bamboo hat on his head and a tea-colored mask on his mouth.

At this time, he slowly got up.

He was not interested in war, but since he was Jinchuriki from Iwa ninja Village, he had to do something.

“After this war, no matter what the result is, you can’t ask anything from me,” Han said coldly.

Kitsuchi frowned.

Roshi was also silent.

No one knew what he was thinking.

As time went on, Konoha found out about Iwa ninja’s movements.

“These guys are still here.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to deal with you guys on the border.”

Orochimaru licked his lips and sneered.

He let Minato lead the troops to stop Iwa ninja.

“The other side has two Jinchuriki.

This is a bit troublesome.

I don’t expect you to win, but at least you have to stop the other side and buy me time.”

Orochimaru ordered.

If it were forIwa ninja, with Minato’s strength, it would be a bit difficult, but it was not impossible to resist.

Orochimaru needed a precious opportunity.

Soon, under the command of Minato, a portion of Konoha Ninjas began to move.

The ninjas in front had already started a battle with Iwa ninja’s troops.

As more and more teams joined the battlefield, the war between Konoha and Iwa ninja erupted.

“Shibi, I will think of a way to restrain the two Jinchuriki of the enemy.

You will be responsible…” Minato took out a row of Kunai.

“No, Lord Minato, I will go with you.” “It is too dangerous for you to face two Jinchuriki alone.” Shibi pushed his sunglasses.

“Well, if you decide, then come with me.”

Minato looked at his peers in surprise.

Aburame Shibi was a very silent person, and it was rare for him to take the initiative to fight.

At this time, Yuuji also began to slowly form seals.

He smiled and said, “Senior Minato, I will also go and participate in the battle.

We have already reached this stage, so we can’t let Senior face danger alone.”

“Is that so Then you must be careful.

Even if you have a secret technique, do not easily approach Jinchuriki.”

Minato gave Yuuji a deep look, full of appreciation, specially reminding him.

Soon, Yuuji launched a radiation attack as usual, trying to weaken the power of Iwa ninja Village as much as possible.

At the same time, Minato and Shibi had already launched an attack, directly rushing to the place where the battle was the most intense.


Minato immediately threw Kunai crazily.

Relying on the powerful Kunai throwing technique, special Kunai was accurately nailed to various positions.

“Then, it’s time to start.” Minato said.

His figure disappeared in an instant.

In the next moment, he started to move back and forth in the direction of Kunai at an extremely fast speed.


It is simply impossible to capture this terrifying mobility with the naked eye.

“Damn it, it’s the yellow flash!!”

“Quick, get away from those Kunai and think of a way to destroy them!”

“My body is in so much pain… It’s that little brat Nuclear Release, bastard!!”

“The speed and efficiency of the yellow flash combined with the range attack of Nuclear Release’s little ghost… How are we going to fight this combination”

Many of Iwa ninja’s expressions changed greatly, revealing deep fear.

Needless to say, the order to “give up the mission when you encounter the yellow flash was given by their Iwa ninja Village.

And that vicious little brat, Nuclear Release, was a nightmare that Iwa ninja could not get rid of.

Two years ago, many of Iwa ninja had fought with Shibi’s team and even had a large-scale battle.

At that time, a large-scale war broke out, and many of Iwa ninja was poisoned to death by that little brat Nuclear Release.

It would be fine if they just died on the battlefield, but what really terrified them was that many outstanding Ninjas who came back from the battlefield had illnesses that could not be cured…

All the words that can be thought of can not describe the horror of that disease.

A large number of cells have died, body tissues have dissolved, and the brain has become sluggish…

What’s worse is that their disease is actually slightly contagious.

Many medical Ninjas who treat them also have discomfort…

“Bastard, bastard, I would rather face the yellow flash than meet that terrible kid!”

“It’s useless to not meet him.

His attack range is very large, and I don’t know how many people will die in his hands.”

“Don’t say anymore.

Everyone, cover your mouths and noses immediately.

If possible, cover your entire body as much as you can.

Don’t expose yourself in the air!”

Facing the yellow flash, they were agitated, but they still braced themselves and tried their best to stay away from those damned Kunai.

But in the face of Shiranui Yuuji, what could they do

There was a way, that was to turn around and run, the farther the better, but how was that possible

“Iwa ninja’s guys, since you know that I’m here, hurry up and surrender.

I can spare your lives.”

Yuuji calmly looked at everything in front of him, and an endless stream of radiation shot out.

Beside him were many ninjas that spontaneously gathered around Konoha.

Many people, Konoha, had long heard of Yuuji’s name.

The name of Konoha’s strongest genius was not exaggerated, but was built up through battle achievements.

In particular, many of the ninjas who participated in that battle two years ago looked at Yuuji with trust and peace of mind.

“If Lord Yuuji is here, there will be no problem in this battle.”

“No one can break his blood inheritance ability.

Those damn Iwa ninja are dead for sure!”

“Remember to protect Lord Yuuji.

Even if we only need to stall for time, we can drag the enemies to death!”

Many of Konoha’s ninjas surrounded Yuuji, vigilantly watching all directions to prevent anyone from sneaking in to assassinate Yuuji.

“Actually, there’s no need to do this…”

Yuuji shrugged.

Iroha was right beside him.

With Byakugan’s strength, it was enough to make all the people close to him unable to hide.

But forget it, it was rare for these companions to be so enthusiastic and trusting.

“Lord Yuuji, please rest assured, we will protect you with our lives!”

“Yes, we won’t let you use the forbidden technique.

You are still so young, don’t be damaged by the forbidden technique!”

Many Konoha Ninjas looked at him seriously.

Yuuji’s name was followed by one battle record after another, but at the same time, the information that he had mastered a powerful forbidden technique naturally began to spread.

Konoha Ninjas all knew.

Since Kinjutsu, every time he used it, he would definitely lose something.

It was best not to use it.

“It seems that everyone likes you very much, Yuuji-san…” Kazue used the three tomoe Sharingan to look around vigilantly.

At the same time, he laughed softly.

Of course he would like it.

Yuuji’s ability was on the battlefield.

As long as he did not die, that would be his greatest advantage.

Not to mention, even if the enemy escaped from the battlefield by luck, he would never be able to escape from the terrifying shadow of Yuuji in his life.

There was no one who did not like this kind of person.

This was the symbol of victory and the synonym of superiority.

More and more Iwa ninja had no choice but to attack under powerful orders.

Many of Iwa ninja’s Kurenai’s eyes were wide open as he avoided the special Kunai.

At the same time, he crazily pounced towards Yuuji.

Naturally, he also engaged in an intense battle with the numerous ninjas protecting Yuuji.

“This battle… How did it unknowingly change a little…” Shibi activated a large amount of Insect Jade to wrap and devour enemies one by one.

At the same time, he said in a low voice.

Regardless of the war, Yuuji must die

Yes, it was indeed a little interesting.

In the entire battlefield, the most intense area of the battle had become Yuuji’s side.

Countless Iwa ninja roared, and Kurenai glared at him to kill him.

However, many of Konoha’s ninjas also gathered together, roaring as they tried to retaliate.

Countless people, Kurenai, began to fight fiercely with their eyes open.

Every moment, someone died.

However, Iwa ninja’s attacks could only be like this.

The closer they got to Yuuji, the more terrifying the radiation they suffered.

More and more Iwa ninja was affected and fell to the ground in despair.

Those who wore protective clothing and covered their mouths and noses thought that this would work, but in the end, they collapsed and found that the use of Root was not as great as they had imagined.

“Bastard! What kind of material can really block the enemy’s chakra poison”

“There is no way.

In the end, can only use your life to fill out a path This is the worst situation…”

“Die, you bastards, Konoha.

Every one of you is extremely vicious and despicable.

If you have the guts, leave that little brat’s side and rush out to fight us!”

Iwa ninja and the others were a bit crazy.

They were almost driven crazy by this helpless situation.

How were they going to fight

If they attacked forcefully, they wouldn’t be able to attack, and they would have to suffer even greater radiation attacks.

In the end, their bodies would weaken, and they would be killed instead.

More companions would die.

If they didn’t attack or hide far away, it would also be a slow suicide, and if the time went on, they would all be finished.

Yuuji’s ability, on the battlefield, was simply… unsolvable.

He could only rely on the creation of Chakra to forcibly shield himself.

“Chakra is indeed useful, but the consumption of chakra is to constantly consume your combat strength.

When your chakra is exhausted, you will still die… Facing such a situation, you should attack regardless of anything.”

Yuuji looked ahead.

Countless ninjas were surrounding him, and with him as the center, they started a bloody battle.

Miserable screams, broken limbs, and blood splattered…

All kinds of messy Ninjutsu collided repeatedly.

Everyone was already crazy, doing everything they could to get rid of him.

“As long as that little demon is here, this kind of strange war will always develop…”

In the distance, Kitsuchi looked at the scene in front of him speechlessly, and his face revealed a deep fear.

Shiranui Yuuji, Nuclear Release has been born for the sake of the battlefield…

If this kind of bloodline can reproduce a few more descendants, then the future war…

Kitsuchi took a deep breath, turned around and said, “Roshi, Han, it’s time for you to move out.”

“It hasn’t been long since the war started, and we are going to move out… It seems that the enemy is very tricky.” Han slowly got up.

He did not like war, and he did not like to be ordered around.

Similarly, Roshi had the same temper.

“Let’s begin.

There are two targets.

Namikaze Minato and Shiranui Yuuji, one each.

I will kill Nuclear Release as soon as possible and then besiege Namikaze Minato,” Namikaze Minato said in a low voice.

Roshi said in a low voice.

His gaze was fixed on Yuuji from a distance away.

“This feeling of danger, it seems like the enemy’s Jinchuriki is going to make a move…”

Yuuji raised his head to take a look.

At this time, the five-tailed Jinchuriki began to launch an attack.


A huge white tail suddenly swung out from behind him.

Weng, weng!

A large mass of insects had already arrived and landed on his body.

“These bugs are useless to me.

Get lost!” Han snorted.

In the next moment, his body began to expand rapidly and began to transform into Bijuu.

With Yuuji here, Root was not in the mood to deal with them slowly.

If Yuuji did not die, their disadvantage would increase with every second.

“Bijuu, transform…”

Shibi raised his head and looked at the huge monster in front of him.

However, he did not panic at all.

“Shibi, step back, do not fight him head-on! I will deal with him!” Minato shouted at this time.

“No, I can deal with it…”

Shibi raised his hand.

As the countless insects buzzed, a group of special insects looked no different from parasites.

At this time, they also mixed into the insect swarm and pounced towards the five tails.


Huge steam burst out, killing all the insects that were biting him.

“I am Iwa ninja’s steam ninja.

Using these insects to deal with me is too ridiculous… Aburame’s people, die here.”

Han rode his huge body, shrouded in terrible steam, and rushed towards the small Shibi.

Shibi calmly stood in the same place and said calmly, “No, the method I want to deal with you is not the insect that was killed, but the one that was not killed.”


“Bug Escape: Parasite Bug.”

In the next moment, Han felt that something was rapidly colliding in his body, and it was crazily biting his chakra and flesh!


Han roared, trying to squeeze the insects in his body to death, but Root was useless.

The hardness and attack power of these insects were terrifying.

By absorbing the nutrition from his body, it reminded him to expand.

Everyone saw that big bags emerged from Han’s body one after another, and then the big bags shattered, and huge insects drilled out from them.

Soon, Han was surrounded by a large number of insects and was bitten.

“Shibi, this technique is…” Minato, who rushed over, looked at this scene with a shocked face.

He looked at his old friend with a delighted gaze, this so-called most perfect elite superior Ninja.

“Shibi, you have also mastered the technique to fight against Bijuu…” Minato praised.

“It was just an unexpected small discovery.

Thanks to Yuuji, I was able to cultivate such a powerful parasite.”

Shibi pushed his sunglasses and looked at the constantly howling and roaring five tails in front of him.

Although it was almost impossible to defeat Bijuu by relying on these dozens of insects.

But at least he saw a possibility.

This was the power to break the bottleneck of Aburame’s clan.

On the other side of Iwa ninja, they were also shocked by this strange scene.

It was the first time for many people to see such a terrifying insect.

It was a bit too big.

“This is also the parasite of the Aburame clan”

“A new species” “Hmph, we also have the insect control clan! Shui Dongliu clan, hurry up and stop the enemy of the Aburame clan!”

Many of Iwa ninja began to make noise.

Shui Dongliu’s clan leader revealed a troubled expression at this time.

He looked at the big bug that was tearing its five tails apart, and his eyes were even more jealous of Kurenai.

Shui Dongliu and Aburame were the only two insect control families of Ninja World.

The main insects of the Shui Dongliu Clan were bees, and the main insects of the Aburame Clan were parasites.

“In theory, Root should not exist at this level of parasite.

How did they cultivate it”

The head of the Shui Dongliu Clan was extremely jealous, but under the constant urging, he had no choice but to summon a large number of bees and rush over.

However, it was clear that these bees could not even break through the outer shell of the parasite, and were soon killed by the ordinary parasites.

“It’s really useless!” Kitsuchi cursed with a gloomy face.

Konoha, why did this guy always appear He could always take out all kinds of incredible secret arts!

“Yuuji… These bugs were actually cultivated using Yuuji’s ability He really is a guy who is good at creating miracles… Huh”

At this time, Minato praised.

He was going to fight the four-tailed Jinchuriki, Roshi, and subconsciously looked back in the direction of Yuuji.

In the end, he was stunned to find that Yuuji was gone.

He quickly turned his head and saw that Yuuji had already passed through the two sides of the battle.

He drove Godzilla Coat, and his whole body turned into a little monster, directly rushing to the front of the four-tailed Jinchuriki who was in the form of Bijuu.


With a leap, Yuuji smashed into the ground like a nuclear bomb.

The entire ground caved in and large cracks spread out.

He looked at the four-tailed Jinchuriki in front of him with interest.

“A monkey… Are you the pretty boy in Iwa ninja Village”


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