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 Chapter 100 - Reincarnation

Uchiha clan grounds.

“Yuuji, we meet again.” Fugaku welcomed Yuuji in.

“Lord Fugaku, I came in a hurry and didn’t know what to bring.

I could only casually prepare some.”

Yuuji placed a scroll on the table.

“Yuuji is too polite.

I don’t know what kind of gift it is, but it is specially packed with a seal scroll.” Fugaku’s expression changed, his face full of praise.

“It’s just an ordinary seal scroll.

Don’t worry about it.” Yuuji waved his hand.

In any case, Root had a lot of things like sealing scrolls, so he could just casually take them.


Would my Uchiha clan lack a sealing scroll

Fugaku took a deep breath.

“Yuuji is really humorous.

Please have some tea.”

The two drank together, silent, the atmosphere slightly stiff.

“Kazue is under the care of Yuuji-Kun..

If not for Yuuji-Kun, she wouldn’t have grown so quickly… I heard from Elder Setsuna that Yuuji-Kun seemed to have helped Kazue open her eyes.”

“This is all because of Kazue’s talent.”

Yuuji immediately understood.

After the return of the clan leader Fugaku, the Uchiha clan finally couldn’t hold back and wanted to inquire about the secret of his blood inheritance.

Was it really helpful to the Uchiha clan

The ability to attack the human body and destroy the cells of the human body had become more and more well-known.

There were more and more people among Ninja World who were studying and trying to crack Yuuji’s blood inheritance ability.

As the strongest genius of Uchiha’s family, Kazue, who followed Yuuji, had long been noticed by Setsuna and the other higher-ups.

“Lord Fugaku, I am Danzo’s disciple.

Is it really okay for you to ask this” Yuuji placed the teacup on the table.

“When you accepted my invitation, you already expressed your attitude.

Danzo inherited the extreme thoughts of the second Hokage and is full of malice towards our clan.

As his disciple, you should naturally lean towards him, but I still want to give it a try.”

“I admit that I have some understanding of Yuuji… As long as you want to, you can act as a bridge between our clan and Konoha.

At least it will not worsen the situation in the worst direction.” Fugaku said lightly.

“I can act as a bridge between our clan and Danzo, at least not to the point of worsening the situation.”

Just like that, they started setting up a lot of bets…

Fugaku’s wife was Kushina’s best friend.

When Namikaze Minato went on stage, this clan should be living a lot more comfortably.

Fugaku was waiting for Yuuji’s response.

“I have always been very optimistic about the strength of Uchiha’s clan.

Senior Fugaku, I still have some matters to attend to, so I will take my leave first.

In addition, it is better to not expose the power of your eyes at will.

Otherwise, it will cause a lot of trouble.

Those higher-ups are not like me.”

Yuuji got up and left without looking back.

Fugaku quietly sat in his seat and slowly raised his head.

That pair of Mangekyou Sharingan suddenly appeared, and fragments of fate began to appear.

“If I use this pair of eyes, I can see a different scene.

In the end…”

Fugaku stared fixedly at the back of Yuuji, and terrifying eye power shook as he peeped into a corner of the future.

He saw a huge dark blue light covering everything.

Black was spreading on the ground.

But in the next moment, Yuuji, who was leaving, suddenly stopped.

“Senior Fugaku, your eyes seem to be very interesting…”


An indescribable giant claw suddenly stretched into Fugaku’s field of vision.

With a terrifying roar, everything shattered.


Fugaku covered his eyes in pain as blood flowed down.

“Senior Fugaku, although I don’t care about all forms of fate and future, it is very offensive to stare at my trajectory and observe a corner of fate.

With this time, it is better to study Izanagi more.”

“If you don’t want that pair of eyes anymore, just come.

If there is a next time, I will personally dig them out.”

Yuuji slowly walked out of Fugaku’s house.

He did not even have the interest to continue talking to Shisui and left directly.

Shua, shua, shua!

The members of Root’s department silently knelt in front of Yuuji.

“My lord…”

“Don’t ask, go back,” Yuuji said lightly.

At home, Fugaku was panting heavily and only recovered after a long time.

“Shiranui Yuuji, who exactly are you And that giant claw, it was clearly the forbidden technique that imitated Bijuu’s outer barrier.

Just what is this…”

This was the first time he had used Mangekyou Sharingan’s power, yet this was the result.

“Patriarch, what happened just now Why is Senior Yuuji…” Shisui pushed open the door with Itachi and entered.

“There are some things that need to be confirmed.

This risk is worth it.

I have already won.

Even I can’t bear it and can distort the power of fate… Itachi, especially you, you have to get closer to Yuuji in the future.

He already understands what I mean.

Our clan can be his help.”

Yuuji walked out of Uchiha’s territory and looked up at the sky.

Fugaku’s eyes successfully attracted his interest.

The ability to observe the future, or more accurately, the ability to observe fate, had actually triggered the anti-control of planet Godzilla.

The big guy who was half asleep in his body actually sneezed.

Planet Godzilla is at least 20,000 years old and has once tied up a complete ecosystem.

The information in this is so huge that it is terrifying.

Root is not someone that a pair of Mangekyou Sharingan can pry into.

It was already good that Fugaku’s eyes did not go blind on the spot.

Through this time, it was the first time that Yuuji had come into contact with something like fate.

“As I speculated before, the so-called observation of fate, the so-called prophecy technique, is essentially a kind of use of chakra.

As long as there is a place covered by chakra, it can naturally be touched by the chakra itself to achieve the purpose of observation.”

Using chakra to observe chakra, only chakra can form a connection with chakra.

One must know that at that time, Rikudou Sennin also wanted to use chakra to connect with the will of human beings, so that everyone could understand each other.

Even the mind and soul can be shared with information through chakra.

What’s more, it was to observe all the changes and trajectories of other chakra.

“Although I can’t really confirm it, after all, I haven’t mastered the forbidden technique of Fate, but my conjecture should be more or less correct.”

Perhaps, the forbidden technique of Fate related to the subtle relationship between chakra and natural energy.

“It seems that I have to find a way to get a Sharingan to test Izanagi.”

Yuuji silently pondered.

At this time, a n Anbu suddenly appeared.

Sandaime Hokage Ninja asked him to go to the Hokage building and said that he had an important task for him to carry out.

Mount Myouboku.

“Fate has changed again…”

In the main hall.

An extremely old toad took a nap before slowly opening its eyes, revealing a deep look of doubt.

“What’s wrong, Great Master Did you dream of something again” Fukasaku, Sage, asked hurriedly.

The big toad slowly nodded.

“Go and call Jiraiya in.

This matter is very strange.

You must tell him.”

Soon, Jiraiya was summoned to the main hall.

“Why are you in such a hurry” “Although the war on the eastern front is basically over, just in case, I still have to be on guard against the enemy at all times…”

Jiraiya’s expression was solemn.

Fate has been changed once again.

That terrifying unknown creature broke into fate and tore the original fate into pieces.

That, what is your name again You have to be responsible for investigating this matter.

The big toad Sage said.

“He is Jiraiya, big master!” Shima Sage shouted.

“Oh, so it is Jiraiya… Who, what is your name”


“… An unknown creature” Jiraiya frowned.

The first thing he thought of was Yuuji.

The unknown creature that tore up the old and changed everything… could it be Shiranui Yuuji

After the decisive battle in the eastern front, Jiraiya would occasionally think and ponder about it.

This was not something that could be done by relying on one’s own chakra.

This meant that Yuuji grasped some kind of extra chakra source.

“Is it Yin Seal that is similar to Tsunade, or is there some unknown power sealed in Yuuji’s body”

Jiraiya scratched his head and felt that it was better to leave this matter to Sandaime Hokage, because there was Danzo, the guy who was not easy to deal with, standing behind Yuuji.

“About the matter of the prophesied child…” Jiraiya asked again.

“Jiraiya, you are the master of the prophesied child.

There is no doubt about this, but you need to find out who is the prophesied child.” The big toad said.

Jiraiya nodded silently.

Nagato and Namikaze Minato… Between these two, who was the prophesied child

From the looks of it, it was obvious that Nagato, who had Sage’s eyes, was more like him.

He wondered how he was doing in the Rain Country.


Yuuji and his team stood in front of Sandaime Hokage, ready to set off.

“Iwa ninja and Suna ninja have launched another attack.

The situation in the west line is very dangerous.

Orochimaru has already led the troops all the way to Kikyou.”

Sandaime Hokage looked at the three people in front of him and said in a deep voice, “Yuuji, I will now officially promote you to superior Ninja.

You have to lead your team to the Western Front as soon as possible to support Orochimaru.

This battle… can not be lost! If it is necessary, I will also rush to the battlefield.”

Sandaime Hokage looked at Yuuji with a meaningful gaze.

Yuuji nodded solemnly, “I understand, Hokage Sama, if necessary, I will use the forbidden technique… for Konoha.”

Sandaime Hokage nodded with a look of appreciation.

He had no doubt about Yuuji’s will of fire.

“I heard that you have a forbidden technique to imitate Bijuu’s coat”

“Yes, Hokage Sama, I was inspired after seeing the coat of the Hachibi, Bijuu.”

“So that’s how it is… Is this power stable and controllable I mean, is it also Kinjutsu” Sandaime Hokage stared at him.

“Yes, it is also my exclusive forbidden technique.

The price is greater than that of White Hot Light, and it is also more dangerous.

If you are careless, you will be devoured.”

Sandaime Hokage pondered for a moment, thinking about writing this technique into the Book of Seal, but it seemed to be a bit too much.

“I don’t know exactly what source of power you have, but you have to be first in terms of control…” Sandaime Hokage pointed out.

Yuuji nodded solemnly.

If Danzo could guess that there was something in his body, there was no reason for Sandaime Hokage to not guess.

After bidding farewell to Sandaime Hokage, Yuuji and his group quickly left Konoha and headed straight for the west line.

Naturally, a group of Root’s ninjas followed silently as Yuuji’s guards.

Not only that, but even Uchiha’s clan had sent out more than thirty clansmen to follow Yuuji to Kikyo Mountain.

Kazue was in charge of leading the group.

“Iroha, when you arrive at the west line battlefield, you must properly use that eye of yours.” Yuuji chuckled as he moved quickly.

“Yes, Lord Yuuji.

This eye of mine will be Lord Yuuji’s most capable weapon.” Iroha slowly raised his head.

Under the mask, his right eye emitted a white luster.

“Tsk, it’s just Byakugan…” Kazue let out a cold snort, and the three magatama in his left eye kept spinning.

If she had found that feeling, the feeling of being able to vaguely condense the three magatama together… A mere Byakugan was not worth mentioning.

She stared at the defeated opponent who had fought against her in the graduation competition.

Iroha remained silent and followed behind Yuuji indifferently.

Time passed, and after a full day of running at full speed.

Yuuji finally arrived at the last stronghold of the Western Front battlefield – the Kikyou City next to the Kikyou Mountain.

From all over the country of fire, endless reinforcements were coming one after another.

Even the famous and nobles were risking their lives to send their ninjas’ forces over.

If Konoha collapsed, the entire country of fire would be divided up, and they would definitely not have a good time.

Many ninjas who were retreating from the west line were also busy in Kikyo.

Everyone was tense.

Even if they were extremely tired, they were still trying to prepare for the final battle.

“Uncle Umino, you are still alive.

It has been hard on you.”

After Yuuji confirmed his identity, he directly walked into the camp and met an acquaintance.

“Damn it, you are still so unlikeable…” Umino Ikkaku was wrapped in bandages.

When he saw Yuuji, he heaved a sigh of relief.

He walked over and punched Yuuji hard.

“I heard about your battle achievements at the eastern front.

You’re really amazing.

You actually joined forces with Lord Jiraiya… Seeing that you can come, I feel at ease, but I still feel that this battle is very dangerous.”

Umino Ikkaku said in a low voice.

He participated in the war at the western front, especially from the border of the Fire Country.

He was chased all the way to Kikyo City by enemies…

“Senior Umino, for you to say such words, I actually feel that this battle is secured.” Yuuji patted Umino Ikkaku’s shoulder seriously, feeling extremely gratified.


However, in the final battle of the Western Front, Konoha’s side had to face the joint attack of Iwa ninja and Suna ninja, and the strength was far greater than the Eastern Front.

Yuuji frowned slightly.

The Battle of Kikyou Pass, as long as we win this battle, the third Ninja World battle will basically end, and the remaining conflicts are nothing more than the aftermath of the three battles.

Orochimaru, Namikaze Minato, and Konoha have two Kage level who can fight.

Tsunade is in the rear, configuring the antidote.

Iwa ninja and Suna ninja let go of each other this time and joined forces to attack Konohagakure…

“No matter how I think about it, I feel that this battle will be very troublesome.

If I am not careful, I will also be killed.”

Yuuji shook his head.

He went directly to the central tent to meet Orochimaru.

After not seeing him for a long time, Orochimaru still had that gloomy and sorrowful personality, but there was still a trace of deep exhaustion hidden within.

“Ah! Shiranui Yuuji, you bastard, return my sense of taste!” Anko stood next to Orochimaru, and as soon as he saw Yuuji, he immediately flew into a rage.

“Anko, don’t be so rude.

Be careful, you might get killed by Yuuji…” Orochimaru’s eyes immediately lit up the moment he saw Yuuji.

They finally met again.

This kind of terrifying blood limit with great potential…

It seems that it is suitable for the technique of immortality that he is gradually perfecting!

“Hehehe, Yuuji, you have worked hard from afar.

Do you want to eat snacks Anko made it for me personally.

I can share it with you…”

Orochimaru stuck out his long tongue and swung it around.


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