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Today’s life in Konoha was still simple and unadorned.

Although the situation at the front line was getting even more tense, it only caused a little tension in the village.

From time to time, Kakashi’s deeds came from the front line, and he was called the youngest super genius in history at any time.


In the Ninja School, the theory courses were constantly decreasing, and the actual combat courses greatly increased.

It was as boring as ever.

“Recently, the main focus is still the previous combat classes.

The outstanding people will get the opportunity to graduate early and become a glorious Konoha Ninja!”

Yoshida sensei announced the news.

The whole classroom was boiling, and the students who didn’t know what was going on cheered and rubbed their palms together.

It was as if after graduation, they would immediately become the second Kakashi, shining and bringing glory to the village.


“It seems that Konoha can’t hold on for much longer.

The war on the front line is getting more and more difficult.

We urgently need to replenish our troops.”

In the corner of the classroom, a guy wrapped in special bandages lazily raised his head.

In the third Ninja War, Konoha fought against four, and its cruelty far exceeded that of the first and second Ninja War.

It lasted for a very long time, and the casualties were particularly tragic.

Although there was a Hokage-level expert like Namikaze Minato, and there was also a super-genius like Sakumo and Kakashi who had set a series of records in Konoha, more tragedies occurred during the third battle.

Shiranui Yuuji was already prepared for what was happening in front of him, but when it came to this moment, he couldn’t help but scratch his head, “Forget it.

Although the preparation is not completely in place, it is still enough.

My body has finally adapted to the radioactive substance that Godzilla emitted.”

Yuuji could not help but shake his head.

The Naruto world was a world that emphasized bloodlines.

Whoever was closest to Rikudou Sennin would have a noble bloodline, and whoever had a higher bloodline would be stronger.

Fortunately, Yuuji also had a cheat, but it had nothing to do with Rikudou Sennin and Old Ancestor Kaguya.

The moment he, a transmigrator, came to this world, he discovered that there was a giant monster in his body at the same time.

This was his unique power, and it was also the biggest secret that he tried his best to hide.

One giant fell into a slumber… Godzilla!!

In other words, he, Shiranui Yuuji, had become an existence similar to a Jinchuriki*, and there was a big guy in his stomach.

[*TL Note: Jinchūriki (literally meaning: Power of Human Sacrifice) are humans that have tailed beasts sealed within them.

They exhibit extraordinary powers due to the immense chakra reserves they possess.]

“After so many years of trying to adapt, I did not let the nuclear radiation in my body leak out… I am really a great man.

The people in this classroom can live until now.

They really should thank me for not killing them.”

Yuuji lazily looked at the noisy classroom.

As long as he was not paying attention, he would loosen the bandage on his body that was used to block radiation.

Even if they did not die, the people in this room had genetic mutations.

Although there’s no guarantee, the Uchiha clansmen in the front row might suddenly open their Sharingan.

And the Hyuga clansmen might open their byakugan.

Nuclear radiation was a catastrophic weapon.

In the world of Naruto, there had never been such a thing as nuclear radiation, but there were a few spells that were comparable to nuclear explosions, such as Bijuudama.

After all, a creature like Godzilla was a terrifying nuclear radiation source.

Not to mention releasing an atomic breath, even if it were for just a casual move, it could pollute the environment, leaving behind terrifying nuclear radiation that covered a large area nearby.

Although Yuuji did not know what level the Godzilla in his body was, the continuous nuclear radiation from his body was real.

In the past few years, as he grew up, he seemed to have unlocked Godzilla’s shackles to a certain extent.

It increased the amount of nuclear radiation in his body year by year.

Fortunately, during these two years, Yuuji continued to refine Chakras and began to try to control the nuclear radiation in his body.

The effect was brilliant, and he successfully controlled and suppressed the increasing amount of nuclear radiation.

“Give me another year, no, half a year.

I am confident that I can perfectly control all the nuclear radiation and completely abandon these troublesome bandages.”


Masada Yoshino sensei looked at the noisy classroom and sighed silently in his heart.

He knew that this was not a good thing.

Now that they had graduated, they had to participate in the war.

He didn’t know how many people would survive after the war ended.

“Hey, Yuuji, you have to be more enthusiastic.

Are you not interested in the honor of graduating early”

When he saw the Yuuji in the corner, he could not help but shout.

A deep sense of powerlessness rose in his heart.

Shiranui Yuuji was simply a legend in the whole school.

—Every year, he was a strong candidate to fight with Uchiha Obito over the last place in the Actual Combat Lesson.

It was said that Uchiha Obito only had a strong external nature, which led to inexplicable mistakes, but at least Obito had been working hard.

But Shiranui Yuuji… was really a weirdo.

In Theoretical class, he was the absolute first, with full marks in science.

He was a super genius in the whole year and ever since the school was built.

Especially for the series of courses about the Will of Fire, the reading questions made by Yuuji were particularly wonderful, which made people clap on the table.

He had written “Analysis of the Will of Fire and the Inheritance of Village Leaders—Taking the Three Generations of Hokage as an Example”, “Analysis of Villagers’ Common Understanding of ‘Where the Leaves Fly, the Flames Grow Continuously”, “My Views of People in a Village Who Loves Each Other” and other content.

It was said that the Hokage had read it well.

As long as it involved theoretical classes, especially the ideological classes, Shiranui Yuuji could be called the god of Konoha.

But as soon as it came to the Actual Combat Lesson… this guy was just a pity.

He basically never won a fight.

He fought with Uchiha Obito and fought bravely for the honor of being the last.

“This is not good.

Ninjas always have to fight.

It is not good to rely on theory alone.” Masada Yoshino criticized.

“Got it, Yoshino-sensei, so can class end now” Yuuji lazily raised his hand.

The entire classroom burst into laughter.

Only Yuuji, who was naturally lacking in fear of Masada Yoshino, could always say what everyone wanted to say at a critical moment.

Although Yuuji was very salty, his popularity had always been very high.

‘I remember that in this batch ninja student, other than Kakashi who graduated at five years old and Might Guy who graduated at eight years old, Obito and the others stepped into the battlefield around the age of eleven years old….’

‘Obito was scared to tears when he went to the battlefield, but thanks to Minato, he saved Obito.’

No one knew that Shiranui Yuuji was sitting in the classroom, looking at the few classmates who could survive in two years, but his brain was working rapidly.

The teaching system of the Ninja School was six years.

However, it would soon be changed to four years.

The third Ninja World War had already been going on for more than two years, and the frontline had suffered heavy casualties.

It was when Obito, Guy, Aoba, and Ebisu all stepped onto the battlefield.

Therefore, it was inevitable for Shiranui Yuuji to take a walk on the battlefield.


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