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Eternal Love of Two Souls forced marriage 2

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At first, Lily is very happy that she got married to Shen li but after when she listens to his words her heart shattered because she is just his stepping stone for him ...

he wants to escape his marriage with the crown princess Lara who madly loves him

Shen li wants revenge on angles because his father dies brutally at the hands of angles...

thats when he wants revenge to kill his fathers murderers

so he married her because of the blue stone and he has even forcefully taken that stone with him when she got married to him

if he wants to kill angle this blue stone is enough to kill every angle

her heart priced when she taught his attitude and odd behaviour of his ...

I know, I was wrong, I am the fiancé of his brother but still, I sinned to fall for him

I know he already knows about my engagement with his brother but still, he forced me to marry him and even though I love him so its not forcefully, what happens when the emperor king learns about our marriage...

Im sorry Lara I selfishly took your love from you ... I know how you love him soo sorry ...she sat on the stone and thought deeply about their future ... if she had the blue stone with her she can see the future on it but Shen li forcefully take her the blue stone from her

she sighed and saw her surroundings she was terrified because the whole cave is filled with the blood of beasts ...

she can use that blood to cultivate but it is impossible to cultivate without using the blue stone

she wants to puck because the smell is too strong and she ran out of the cave to take a deep breath...

how can Shen li leaves me here with the powerful beasts

without blue stone Im nothing

my father must be worried Im sorry dad because I gave importance to my love sorry dad ...I committed the sin of not telling you about my love and I didn take your permission when I got married today this night is beautiful but who knows which beast comes and eats me ...

don worry, our lord created the shield she heard someone. she searched for the person who is speaking with her but she didn find any

hey, why are you here why my master locks you in this forest... the same voice asks her

she sighed and shut her mouth properly because Shen li ordered her never to discuss it with anyone ...

sorry, I don want to tell you the reason why am I here.

you passed my test my wifey ... let me know why I leaves you here ...Shen li said and come in front of her

he gripped her small waist and said I leave you here because that bitch Lara is searching for you to kill so this is the safest place for you ... I know I forced you but still, I don want to lose you because now you are my responsibility to take care of you ...I know we don love each other but still, Im married you so stay here for some time till I handle that blood monster ...

What if I tell you that I love you do you believe me

Shen li is shocked because of her confession but he doesn fall into the trap of the angles



okay then prove to me how strong your love is

how can I prove my love to you hubby ...

its your problem wifey ...he seductively said and tighten his grip on her waist

Lili gasped and hugged her neck and kissed him suddenly will you believe me now I love you hubby ... I know I am your brothers fiancé but still, I fall for you sorry for that, but my love is true and its only for you

I got your sensitive spot wifey ...he whispered in her ears and said cruelly you know what. you are just like a slut he pushed her and make the distance from her

lili saw him and said Im just a slut in your eyes then why do you marry me

because I want to show my brother that he lost everything to me

so in your eyes, Im just slut ... thank you you are the one who told me the real me

yes, in my eyes you are just a slut with a bad character ...

then this slut wants someone who loves her dearly ... will you give me the love which I want she asked him with teary eyes ...

why not ...he tore her clothes and forcefully made her his ...

after the long night, Shen li went to his palace and leaves her in the cave by herself ...because he doesn know how to face her after he destroyed her and her heart how can he face her ... after he stops his visit to an invisible forest

after two days Lara searched for Lili on every corner in all realms but she didn find any clues about her where she is Lara thought deeply and went to the demon realm but still, she didn find her.

where are you Lili...she screamed and went to Shen li room

she sat near the window and searched his room how long should I wait for you Shen li

I want to live in with you how long should I wait Lara sees every corner and went to his treasure room which is near to his room some of the important people know the place of the treasure room

she went to the room and was shocked because she saw the blue stone which is placed in the treasure room ...

she takes that blue stone and replaces the fake stone in the place of the real stone

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