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Is it interesting

Liu Mengning was clearly talking about the experience of riding a roller coaster.

However, Xia Xueqi felt that she seemed to be describing her ups and downs just now.

She was holding Mingyuan’s hand and was about to reach the peak of this date, but the appearance of this bad woman suddenly knocked her to the bottom, and then Mingyuan’s retention lifted her mood instantly.

Wasn’t it like riding a roller coaster

Did this damn woman come here on purpose, just to make me feel like this

“Why are you two still in a daze, hurry up and follow me!”

Liu Mengning took a few steps forward and saw that the two of them were a little stunned because of what she had just said, so she stopped, and waved to the two of them.

She seemed to have a wonderful magic power on her body, which made people follow her pace unconsciously.

When sitting on the seats of the roller coaster, Su Mingyuan and Xia Xueqi were relieved, thinking, It’s obviously a date between the two of us, so why was Liu Mengning dragged into the ride together

During this period, Liu Mengning didn’t deliberately say that she was going to get stuck between the two and force a place between them.

Or pull her good sister Xia Xueqi to sit together.

Su Mingyuan, you are a scum, or something like that.

She sat alone in the front row, and let the dating couple, Su Mingyuan and Xia Xueqi, sit behind her holding hands, as if she didn’t take it to heart at all.

The roller coaster started slowly.

Liu Mengning grabbed the armrest with anticipation.

Su Mingyuan and Xia Xueqi’s hands were tightly held together, as if as long as they were held together in this way, they would not feel afraid and feel at ease.

This was actually Su Mingyuan’s original plan.

He originally wanted to take Xia Xueqi to

experience exciting rides such as roller coasters and pirate ships.

The dangers simulated by this kind of ride became the only straw around Xia Xueqi when her heartbeat was racing, and she was nervous and fearful.

The suspension bridge effect.

After finishing this ride, he could take her in his arms naturally, comfort her gently, give her the peace of mind she needed most, and then take her to experience other soothing and romantic rides, such as the merry-go-round.

During this process, her feelings would slowly transform into dependence and love for him.

When this relationship gradually warmed up, he would hold her hand and sit on the Ferris wheel, watching the gorgeous fireworks when the Ferris wheel rose to the highest point.

It was a wonderful romantic scenario.

Everything had been planned perfectly.

that is……


“It’s like flying!!!”

The roller coaster began to descend steeply.

When it reached the highest point.

Liu Mengning clutched the handrail in front of her tightly and shouted happily and wantonly.

Her hair fluttered in the air, and her voice sounded so happy and relaxed.

The tense and exciting atmosphere that should have been created by the powerful back-push, weightlessness, and extremely impactful falls under this super-fast acceleration, disappeared due to her cheerful shouting.

Su Mingyuan was speechless.

He originally thought that under such circumstances, Xia Xueqi would hold his hand tightly and regard him as the only source of security and peace of mind for her.

As a result, Liu Mengning’s shout completely destroyed the atmosphere that it should have.

Xia Xueqi was also speechless.

She originally wanted to cooperate with Su Mingyuan’s plan.

After getting out of the car, she just pretended to be pale and frightened, and leaned on his shoulder logically.

As a result, Liu Mengning, an atmosphere destroyer, not only made her unable to disguise herself at this moment, but she was full of foreign thoughts.

Liu Mengning, why are you so happy

Mingyuan and I are holding hands and sitting behind you, dating in front of you!

Don’t you feel a little bit of sadness and


Do you really just want to experience the joy of riding a roller coaster today

At this moment, Xia Xueqi couldn’t even help but begin to wonder, could Liu Mengning not actually be reborn

Her appearance today was really just an accident Did she not come to mess with me

After the roller coaster ride, Liu Mengning began to look for the next ride with great interest.

She wasn’t with them the whole time.

Sometimes she went to play other rides alone, and sometimes she joined them when they were about to do a certain ride, but she didn’t intentionally affect them.

She had no scruples.

When she saw anything interesting, she ran over to participate with great interest.

The whole playground was like her home, and roamed freely.

She seemed to be simply here to relax, play, and find excitement.

In the entire amusement park, her happy laughter echoed everywhere.

It was obviously a date for two people.

If you want to say that you were disturbed, Liu Mengning didn’t seem to be bothering on purpose.

But, listening to the occasional laughter in their ears, Su Mingyuan and Xia Xueqi always felt a little…weird.

It was the kind of atmosphere that somehow always felt a little bit weirder.

As if the two of them were just ordinary tourists, and Liu Mengning was the owner of the amusement park tonight.

Finally, most of the ride had been enjoyed by them, and Su Mingyuan felt that there was no need to delay it any longer.

Although the atmosphere was still a bit off.

On the Ferris wheel, during the time it would slowly rising, it was enough for him to create an atmosphere.

And when the Ferris wheel rose to the highest point, the fireworks he arranged in advance would bloom like a gorgeous sunset, illuminating the entire night sky, bringing romance to the extreme.

However, when Su Mingyuan led Xia Xueqi to the entrance of the Ferris wheel.

There was someone waiting there.

Liu Mengning.

The moment he saw her figure, Su Mingyuan’s heart suddenly panicked, and he had a bad premonition in his heart.

Hey, Liu Mengning, you didn’t bother me and Xueqi’s appointment before, so you wouldn’t suddenly force me to ride on the Ferris wheel, right

Although he was a little flustered the moment he saw Liu Mengning’s figure, he quickly calmed down, and made a firm decision in his heart.#pleasereadthischapteratwondernovels.com

Tonight is a huge opportunity, and it is the biggest thing to win over Xueqi!

Liu Mengning, if you make trouble, believe it or not I will drive you away this time

Xia Xueqi’s pupils narrowed suddenly at this moment.

The cold and unkind eyes looked at her with vigilance.

Sure enough, Liu Mengning, the laughter and joy in front of us was just a disguise, and now you finally choose to show your sharp fangs

You’ve been waiting for this moment, haven’t you

Waiting for this moment to destroy the final romantic surprise that Mingyuan prepared for me

Waiting for me to feel the heartbreak of being on a roller coaster again and getting slammed down into the abyss from the highest point


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