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Demons of the fog There is no other choice

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Saras POV

I was getting myself up difficultly. I saw Hordward jump over the barrier of the battlefield and run towards me with tears in his eyes.

Hordward: " SARAAAAAA...(*sobs*)" (*while jumping on Sara*)

Sara: "hey, there there, its okay" (*trying to comfort the crying Hordward*)

Hordward: " Sara, you are really...amazing. I was scared"

Sara: " it takes way more to take me down(*chuckling*)"

As I was hugging Hordward, I couldn help but think about something odd. ("Yes I won but I was losing, I was gonna die but something gave me energy and (*looking at her arms*) healed me"). I was feeling greater than ever, I was just tired of using so much magic at once.

Kings POV

I was standing up to see my little warrior who just won over the Volkarmor, when suddenly, someone grabbed my arm. I turned to see Aldea with a worry expression.

King: " what is it that worries you?"(*as he sat back*)

Aldea: " there is definitely something in the town that is going on...my bees detected more than a hundred movements but..."(*her eyes widened*)

King: " but what Aldea?" (*getting anxious*)

Aldea: " I tried to neutralize their actions but once my bees tried to touch them, those guys just disappeared and I saw a face when the bees disappeared...but its troubling"

King: " Do you know that person?"

Aldea: " yes...it was Irkaan "

As Aldea said that, the king shivered a bit as he hurriedly tried to look for master Irkaan.

Kings POV

I was sure something was wrong with Master but I didn know what exactly. He was no different in actions but his aura was really disturbing like there was someone else than in his soul.

As I was looking at his sitted place, he wasn there, my eyes trying to look for him in the crowd caught him. I jumped over the barrier and ran full speed. He was just behind my sons tables.

He was...holding a...dagger?!

King: " Don you dare!"

As I shout everyone turned to look at me, Irkaan looked at me with a sorry expression as he caught Ingus by the arm.

He was pointing it on his throat while saying " I am so sorry Ardy...I don have any choice"

I stopped as I was worried he could kill Ingus.

King: " why are you doing this? Let him go! "

I saw Ingus wasn even horrified, he was rather calm. I was too worried to pay it a mind now. I saw Vardus trying to approach Irkaan.

Varduss POV

We were really enjoying Saras win when I saw Father running towards us then he growled something I didn really heard then I heard someone behind, I turned back to see Master Irkaan holding Ingus and pointing a dagger at his throat.

Vardus: " M-Master, what are you doing?"

Master: " don move! "

I saw Ingus looking at me with a calm expression.

Vardus: " Master, let him go!"

I took a dagger I usually hide under my sleeve, I used my techno magic to add a Plasma edge to perfect the choppiness.

I pointed it at Master in a fighting style.

Master: (*Shouting*) " YOU DONT UNDERSTAND, I HAVE TO DO IT"

He was lifting his dagger high up then I heard a familiar voice.

Uriel: " Dad?! What the hell are you..."(*interrupted by something invisible grabbing her throat and lifting her then slowly appearing to reveal...*)

Kings POV

I was there looking at Irkaan then his daughter shout but stopped to start floating in midair before a ...Dark sentinel appeared to be holding her.

Everyone started to scream and run in panic.

In a matter of seconds, there were 10 people left, us and the elders who all took their weapons out.

The Dark sentinel began to laugh then said in an echoing voice

"do...it...kill...that...child...or...I...will...end... your...daughters life..." (*laughing*)

Master: " Uriel?! ... I am so sorry Ardy..."

Master Irkaan was going to slay Ingus, I tried running towards him as fast as I could but then a bright orange light enveloped the entire place. I got blind for several seconds, before...

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