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Demons of the fog Joy and discovery

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After the bath, Vardus took his towel and placed it around his waist.

Meanwhile Hordward was helping Ingus to get out of the water.

Vardus looked at Ingus and told him that he will go grab some clothes for him and told as well to Ingus to wait in his room while he was gone.

Hordward who just finished to dry off, attached his towel and helped Ingus to do as well. Then he carried once more Ingus on his back.

The trio left the bathroom and split up. Vardus just kept going forward while the others took to the left to Inguss room.

Hordward: " so Ingus, tomorrow I wanted to go to the town nearby and I was wondering if you wanted to join..." (*stopped walking in order to hear the response*)

Ingus: " sounds great, but I am not sure I would be able to walk yet and I don want to be a burden to you." (*Looking down in concern*)

Hordward: " Ingus, youll never be a burden to me okay, as long as you can walk Ill carry you on my back! Thats what big brothers do, they care about their little brothers " (*giving Ingus a warm smile, patted his head and start walking*)

Ingus: " o-okay, thank you Hordward"

Ingus hugged Hordward while still on his back.

Hordward and Ingus finally reached Inguss bedroom.

Hordward: " oh I forgot before I got you into your room, this is my room. See? next to yours and right infront of mine Varduss bedroom." (*While showing the doors in the hall*)

Ingus: " but why Vardus took another way then, I mean, wasn he supposed to go for his room..."(*looked confused*)

Hordward: " yes, but he has two rooms for himself, one is his bedroom and the other one is..."

Hordward got interrupted by Vardus who arrived dressed only in some kind of underwear made of soft white cotton fabric with some extra fancy clothes for Ingus.

Vardus: " the other room is my lab, but as I am more there than in my bedroom, I brought there also some clothes...I will show you tomorrow, now its time for sleep"

The trio got in Inguss room. Hordward put down gently Ingus on the bed and got out to his room, leaving Vardus and Ingus.

Vardus: " it might be a bit hot this season, so I suggest you to wear only this underwear, don worry I never wore it" (*while giving Ingus the underwear similar to his own, an underwear looking more like a tiny short with a small rectangular strip that covers the front and goes slightly beyond the underwear*)

Vardus then turned back to the closet and put the clothes inside of it.

Vardus: " well, if you need anything Ill be in my bedroom as I don have work today...oh yeah sorry..."(*realizing he forgot that Ingus can wear his underwear alone*)

Vardus then helped Ingus putting his underwear while looking away in embarrassment. After some efforts he managed to succeed.

Vardus: " okay, Ill be on my way now, good night Ingus " (*patting his head before getting out shutting the door behind him*)

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