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Damn itYou Call This Beast Taming Chapter 9 - Instant Kill

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Chapter 9: Instant Kill

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The factions in Diming base city were mainly divided into three levels, big, medium and small. The Tao family was barely able to rank among the big factions and possessed inherited beast tamer talents. Such a beast tamer talent would only occasionally appear in the family.

A-rank beast tamer talent, strengthening type, [defense stacking]!

Logically speaking, as long as Tao Dong had enough time, he could superimpose an exaggerated defense stacking on his pet beast. But this had something to do with his strength and the limit he could maintain. There was no way to achieve true infinity.

Chu Feng couldnt help but think that if he could stack it indefinitely, he would at least need an S-rank talent, right

He didnt give Tao Dong a higher evaluation of his skills because the defense stacking skill could only be applied to his pet. The Beastmaster was the greatest weakness! On a real battlefield, the Beastmaster had a role to play as well.

Tao Dong said, “Chu Feng, you cant beat me. Admit defeat as soon as possible.”

His expression was very serious as if he was thinking for Chu Feng.

Chu Feng smiled. “No need. Its better not to be too full of yourself.”

He couldnt help but feel a trace of disdain in his heart. Principal Gao had already said that he would give a treasure as a reward for the final victor. Even if they really couldnt win, no one would admit defeat. This was because admitting defeat wasnt the same as being defeated passively. Admitting defeat would lower ones impression in the Principals heart.

Chu Feng didnt like Tao Dongs hypocritical appearance.

Tao Dong didnt have much of a reaction and calmly said, “Youll understand soon enough.”

The first match was between Chu Feng and Tao Dong. They distanced themselves first before summoning their pet beasts.

[Earth-protecting Dragon]

[Level: Level 5 awakening]

[Bloodline: Advanced sovereign]

[Talent: Advanced defense talent, advanced rock talent]

[Skills: 1. Hardening, 2. Earth shield, 3. Rock explosion]

Tao Dongs pet beast was a sub-dragon type Earth-protecting Dragon. The sub-dragon type was a type of pet beast with the bloodline of the dragon race. Even if its bloodline was very weak, it was enough for the Earth-protecting Dragon to perform exceptionally well among its peers.

In the world of beasts, the dragon race was a very special existence. As long as it was a pure-blooded dragon, it would have the king-level bloodline. In terms of combat strength, beasts belonging to the dragon race had the highest combat strength among their peers! Legend had it that some large-scale base city families called themselves the Imperial Dragon families. They only formed contracts with the pure-blooded dragon race and were known as the Imperial Dragon Masters. Every Imperial Dragon Master possessed the strongest combat strength among their peers.

However, Tao Dongs Earth-protecting Dragon was obviously not a real dragon. It was just a sub-dragon species that the Tao family had specially prepared for him. Pet beasts with higher talent, such as those with commander-level bloodlines, would not easily form a contract with him. As for pure-blooded dragons, Tao Dong had no hope at all. He could not even dream about it.


Wild Bear appeared on the field. It was still a little sleepy and could not help but yawn. For some reason, it looked rather cute. The Wild Bear immediately woke up when it saw Principal Gao. It glared angrily at Principal Gao. It was obvious that it still held a grudge against him for carelessly throwing it into the training center!

Principal Gao stroked his beard and smiled helplessly. What a vengeful little fellow. His smile suddenly stopped. The Wild Bear had undergone a great change. Just the aura emanating from its body was many times stronger than before.

He couldnt help but feel astonished. What kind of treasure had Chu Feng used on the Wild Bear How could its realm rise so quickly He was now looking forward to the battle between the Wild Bear and the Earth-protecting Dragon.

[Wild Bear]

[Level: Level 6 awakening]

[Bloodline: Advanced king]

[Talent: 1. Top-level strength talent Level 1, 2. Top-level defense talent Level 1, 3. High-level speed talent Level 1]

[Skills: 1. Great strength Level 10, 2. Great transformation Level 10, 3. Wild body Level 5, 4. Wild domain Level 4]

From the attribute panel, the levels of the Wild Bear and the Earth-protecting Dragon respectively were the same. They were both at level 6 awakening. However, Chu Fengs Wild Bear had just levelled up. As for Tao Dongs Earth-protecting Dragon, the Tao family must have prepared it for him so that he could be ahead of the others.

Chu Feng was somewhat speechless. No wonder Tao Dong was so confident. It turned out that the Earth-protecting Dragon was already at level 6. When he first formed a contract with the Wild Bear, the Wild Bear was only at level 1. If it wasnt for the fact that enhancement skills could also increase the level of pet beasts, the Wild Bear would only be at level 2 now.

Lan Xi said, “Begin!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Tao Dong immediately used his full strength. He used the A-rank strengthening type beast tamer talent [defense stacking] and began to stack a shield on the Earth-protecting Dragons body! Meanwhile, a layer of grey energy flashed across the Earth-protecting Dragons body. It was the hardening skill! At the same time, a layer of rock protruded from the ground. It was a mid-level skill [earth shield]. Tao Dong revealed a smile. The Earth-protecting Dragons defense had already been fully activated. He was destined to win!

“Awooo~!” The Wild Bear ignored the Earth-protecting Dragons actions as if it was waiting for Chu Fengs command.

Chu Feng smiled. “Wild Bear, use your strength to shatter its ridiculous defense!” He didnt intend to let the Wild Bear use any other skills. He only needed to use a single move of great strength!

The Wild Bear rushed out at high speed. Its body was less than a meter tall and it seemed to contain infinite energy! It let out a roar!

The Earth-protecting Dragon didnt dodge at all. Its eyes even became filled with disdain. Ha, the strength of a bear! How could such a low-level skill break through its defense It was extremely stupid!

The next moment, the Wild Bear punched the Earth-protecting Dragon with great strength. Cracking sounds rang out continuously. The earth shield was shattered and the stacking defensive shield was also shattered! There was a loud bang! The Earth-protecting Dragon was sent flying by the Wild Bears punch!

Tao Dongs face went pale and his eyes were wide open. It was unbelievable!

The Earth-protecting Dragons body had already been deformed by the punch! The dignity that a precious sub-dragon pet beast should have completely vanished! One strike! Just one strike! It had been defeated!

The students in the class were also in disbelief as they discussed among themselves.

“Oh my god, is there something wrong with my eyes Chu Fengs White Bear had killed Tao Dongs Earth-protecting Dragon in an instant”

“The Earth-protecting Dragon is a sub-dragon type and its level of growth must be quite high. How did Chu Feng do It”

Not only were the students surprised, but so were the teachers.

“How did Chu Feng do it Even if Chu Feng received the schools start-up funds, Tao Dong, as a direct descendant of the Tao family, must have spent more than ten million yuan on the Earth-protecting Dragon!”

“Using a B-rank talent to fight against an A-rank talent and killing it with a single strike. Isnt this too surreal”

“Chu Fengs pet beast White Bear could be a mutant. Otherwise, it wouldnt be so powerful!”

Chu Fengs Wild Bear didnt even use such iconic skills as the wild body and the wild domain. It only used its great strength skill. Because wild bears were rare, apart from Principal Gao, no one present could recognize them.


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