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Damn itYou Call This Beast Taming Chapter 11 - Challenge the Ruins

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Chapter 11: Challenge the Ruins

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Chu Feng ignored Tao Dong and went straight to the principals office.

Principal Gao sat there and looked at him with a grin. “Chu Feng, have you made up your mind” He was naturally referring to the exploration of the ruins.

Chu Feng said resignedly, “Of course, Im going. Do I set off now”

Principal Gao said, “You can do it anytime, but you have only three opportunities to explore the ruins.”

Chu Feng pondered for a moment. He didnt have much to upgrade now. At most, he could give the Wild Bear some wild crystals to improve its foundation and level of growth. But he thought about it carefully and felt that there was no need for that.

After Chu Feng utilised the enhancement points, the Wild Bear already had the most solid foundation. If he were to use the wild crystal on Wild Bear, it would probably reach the extraordinary level directly. From the awakening level to the extraordinary level, it was naturally a very big improvement. But for Chu Feng, it was only a matter of a few days.

In the end, he gave up using the wild crystal and told Principal Gao, “Lets go now.”

Principal Gao nodded and waved his hand as if he was summoning a pet beast. Without waiting for Chu Feng to react, the scenery in front of him changed.

Principal Gao put away his pet beast and said indifferently, “That was my space type pet beast, the [Space-piercing Spider]. Youd better not look at it, or else you wont be able to sleep.”

Chu Feng nodded. He felt that the Space-piercing Spider was probably an extremely ugly beast, that was why Principal Gao didnt want others to see it. He asked, “Where are we”

“In the wilderness, five hundred kilometres outside the Diming base city.” Principal Gaos expression was calm as it was an extremely common thing to traverse five hundred kilometres repeatedly.

Chu Feng nodded and asked, “Where are the ruins”

A trace of uncertainty flashed through Principal Gaos eyes as he said hopelessly, “Cant you just exclaim in admiration Being able to traverse five hundred kilometres in an instant is something only a king-level space type pet beast could do!”

Chu Feng faked a smile. “Principal Gao, youre amazing!”

Principal Gao couldnt help but roll his eyes, he said, “Forget it, Ill take you to the ruins. One thing to take note, well be separated after entering the ruins. The ruins were divided into three zones: awakening level, extraordinary level and sovereign level. After entering, youll be in the awakening level challenge zone.”

Chu Feng was shocked. “This is a challenge-type ruin”

He had read up about ruins before. Ruins were the remnants of the ancient era. Even the human Beastmaster civilization, which had developed for two hundred years, still hadnt figured out what had happened in the ancient era. Many Beastmaster scholars boldly speculated that an even greater Beastmaster civilization had existed tens of thousands of years ago.

After its destruction, that civilization had left behind many ruins, allowing future generations to explore them. There were even rumours that the Beastmaster who had awakened his talent in the first place had started his path as a Beastmaster precisely because he had discovered a certain ruin.

Among the numerous ruins, most of them were filled with danger. It was the same even for commander-level and king-level Beastmasters. Some ruins werent dangerous at all. They were specifically used to train new Beastmasters. They were divided into several levels to test and train these Beastmasters. These kinds of ruins were usually extremely precious. Once they were discovered, they would be divided among the major factions.

Chu Feng didnt expect that the ruins that Principal Gao brought him over were challenge-type ruins. He was willing to give him such a precious spot. Compared to this, the wild crystal that was worth 20 million yuan was so much inferior.

Principal Gao seemed to have read his mind. He smiled and said, “Dont think too much. The wild crystal and the spot were all paid for by that old bear.”

Chu Feng nodded. “Lets begin.”

He saw Principal Gao take out a completely transparent stone that looked like a piece of glass crystal. Some kind of magical power rippled out, creating countless ripples in the space. A door quietly opened...

“Lets go!” Principal Gao strode in.

Chu Feng followed him in, but he didnt see Principal Gao in front. He guessed that he had been teleported away by the ruins. He had probably arrived at the awakening-level challenge area by now

[Challenger No. 80002, do you wish to initiate the challenge]

A voice suddenly rang out in Chu Fengs mind. Chu Feng summoned the Wild Bear. The Wild Bear staggered over and slowly woke up.

“Awooo!” The Wild Bear also heard the voice and was immediately filled with fighting spirit!


The surrounding scene quickly changed and turned into a spacious room. The walls seemed to be made of earth, but they were glittering with a metallic lustre, giving off a very strange and bizarre feeling.

[Challenger No. 80002, the challenge begins!]

[The first stage.]

A ferocious beast slowly appeared in front of Chu Feng.

[Lonemoon Wolf (illusory)]

[Level: Level 10 awakening]

[Bloodline: Elementary soereign]

[Talent: Advanced light talent, moderate speed talent]

[Skills: 1. Howling, 2. Moonlight, 3. Light, 4. Berserk]


Lonemoon Wolf let out a low growl. It directly used howling and berserk and pounced towards the little Wild Bear. Light flashed and the room became much brighter.

“Little Wild Bear, great strength!”


The Little Wild Bear mobilised all the strength in its body and slammed down its opponent with one punch!

So what if it had level 10 awakening

After the Wild Bear unleashed ten times of its strength, the berserk Lonemoon Wolf was instantly blasted into specks of light and dissipated!


[The second stage, begin.]

In the second stage, another ferocious beast appeared in front of Chu Feng. It was also a level 10 awakening beast, but its bloodline had changed and became a mid-level sovereign.

[Poisonous Flame Lizard (illusory)]

[Level: Level 10 awakening]

[Bloodline: Mid-level sovereign]

[Talent: Advanced fire talent, advanced poison talent]

[Skills: 1. Tearing, 2. Venom, 3. Raging fire, 4. Raging poisonous fire]

Compared to the Lonemoon Wolf, the Poisonous Flame Lizard was indeed much stronger. After all, there was still a big difference between bloodlines and it became more obvious in terms of strength.

“Wild Bear, great strength!” Chu Feng wasnt afraid at all. The Wild Bear could easily deal with the ferocious beast in front of it.

“Awooo~!” The little Wild Bear was extremely excited. It immediately charged forward. It was still the same punch, it was still ten times stronger, and it defeated its opponent with that one punch! The Poisonous Flame Lizard also gradually dissipated into specks of light.


[The third stage, begin.]

Another beast appeared in front of Chu Feng.

[Storm Eagle]

[Level: Level 10 awakening]

[Bloodline: Advanced sovereign]

[Talent: High-level wind type talent, high-level speed talent]

[Skills: 1. Wind power, 2. Wind wings, 3. Sharp claws, 4. High speed]

When this Storm Eagle appeared, its body was wrapped in a fierce aura. It arrived and gave off a loud cry.


After the howl, it began to move at high speed as if it had assumed the form of real wind. It surged over with great momentum! The clothes on Chu Fengs body were fluttering in the wind.


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