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Damn itYou Call This Beast Taming Chapter 10 - Treasure Collection

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Chapter 10: Treasure Collection

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As for those who had met Principal Gaos Wild Bear King, it was hard to relate it to the little Wild Bear. After all, a pet beast that had grown to the king-level was way beyond expectations!

President Gao couldnt help but praise Chu Feng, “Youve trained it well.”

With his level of skill, one could naturally see more. The Wild Bears great strength skill had already reached its limit under normal circumstances. From the Principals point of view, Chu Feng had probably used all his resources to enhance the Wild Bears great strength. Otherwise, there was no way to explain the current situation. However, he didnt know that Chu Feng had only used very few enhancement points.

Chu Feng smiled. “Principal Gao, you flatter me.”


The Wild Bear tilted its head and looked as if it didnt want to pay any attention to Principal Gao. It was extremely arrogant.

Principal Gao smiled helplessly and said to the Wild Bear King in the beast space, “Your son seems to be angry.”

“Theres nothing I can do about it. Banishing the descendants is something every wild bear has to experience. It was the same for me when I was young.” The Wild Bear King replied while staying in the vast space. It was as big as a mountain and its voice was very deep.

Principal Gao thought of the memories and smiled. “Thats right. You were very angry when you were young. Later, you ran to your father and provoked him. After being beaten up, you became obedient.”

The Wild Bear King said helplessly, “Alright, lets not talk about those old days.”

Principal Gao smiled and exited the beast space. He saw Tao Dong leave the arena dejectedly without saying a word to Chu Feng. Compared to pre-battle, he seemed to be completely different now.

Principal Gao couldnt help but shake his head. He thought to himself, “It seems the Tao familys future is very worrisome. Tao Dongs temperament is so much worse than Chu Fengs. So what if hes talented Chu Fengs future achievements are destined to be higher than Tao Dongs.”

Chu Feng ignored Tao Dong as he was just a loser. He returned to his seat and began to watch the battle between Bao Mingyun and Wu Yan.

[Poisonous Vine]

[Level: Level 3 awakening]

[Bloodline: Elementary sovereign]

[Talent: Advanced plant talent, advanced poison talent]

[Skills: 1. Vine, 2. Poison, 3. Poison spread, 4. Vine planting]


[Lonemoon Wolf]

[Level: Level 3 awakening]

[Bloodline: Elementary sovereign]

[Talent: Advanced light talent, moderate speed talent]

[Skills: 1. Howling, 2. Moonlight, 3. Light, 4. Berserk ]

There was no suspense in their battle. Even if Wu Yans Lonemoon Wolf used berserk on the spot, it was still unable to break free from the control of the vine. The poisonous vine seeds began to sprout on the Lonemoon Wolfs body, constantly sucking on the Lonemoon Wolfs blood and spreading continuously. This scene was truly terrifying.

Chu Feng didnt expect that this delicate-looking girl, Bao Mingyun, would use such a dirty tactic. But since it was a poison type pet beast, it could only deploy such tactics in battle.

After a short break, a teacher got a sovereign-level Healing Bird to heal Bao Mingyuns Poisonous Vine.

The final battle was between the Wild Bear and the Poisonous Vine.

Bao Mingyun was not prepared to give up. The treasure from a king-level Beastmaster was indeed very tempting.

“Chu Feng, I know you are very powerful. You can even defeat Tao Dong. However, in a battle between pet beasts, not only is it a competition of strength, but tactics are also important! I will win this battle!”

Chu Feng raised his eyebrows but did not say anything.


The Wild Bear was looking forward to the next battle! It could sense that the opponent in front of it, the Poisonous Vine, was too weak!

Lan Xi said, “Begin!”

The Wild Bear began to dash towards her. Bao Mingyun was still deploying her battle tactics. She wanted to use the vines to parasitize the Wild Bear and stall for time, then wait for the poison and vines to take root and sprout!

She wanted to exhaust the Wild Bear to death! However, her tactics failed. This was because the Wild Bear possessed a high-level speed talent! A white shadow flashed past and the Wild Bear smashed its fist into the Poisonous Vine. Countless poisonous juices sprayed out! These juices were equivalent to the blood of the Poisonous Vine! Wild Bear gave it one punch and the Poisonous Vine fainted!


The Wild Bear roared!

Chu Feng laughed, “I know youre very powerful.”


The Wild Bear turned its head proudly.

“Of course! Didnt you see who the person who trained me was”

Chu Feng was speechless. It was quite good at flattery!

Lan Xi said, “Chu Feng, victory!”

The teachers all nodded. After Chu Fengs Wild Bear began to display its strength, the outcome of this duel became certain! Bao Mingyun was also quite good, but only when compared to the other new students. After the teachers evaluation, they felt that Chu Feng might be the top student out of this batch of new students. Even if it was just a temporary number one, he was still very powerful.


The Wild Bear motioned to Principal Gao, who was not far away. Where was the promised reward

Chu Feng smiled. “Its not very sensible. Dont mind him, Principal Gao.”

Principal Gao snorted. “Are you two doing a crosstalk”

Chu Feng smiled. He was also looking forward to the treasure Principal Gao had mentioned. Principal Gao was helpless. He cast out a hazy ray of light. At the same time, a voice rang in Chu Fengs mind. “This is a wild crystal. It can greatly strengthen the Wild Bears foundation and increase its growth level. Its worth about twenty million yuan. This is an authentic treasure. I cant give it to you for free. You need to do something for me.”

Chu Feng replied, “Principal Gao, didnt you say it was a prize”

At the same time, he thought to himself, “Could it be that Principal Gao was not able to fulfil his promise”

Principal Gao said helplessly, “Dont say anything. Its not that I am not able to fulfil my promise. I need you to explore a relic. It will be very beneficial to you.”

Chu Fengs eyes lit up. A relic


The bell rang. Qiao Xingran immediately walked to Chu Fengs side with a face full of excitement.

“Chu Feng, youre too powerful! You killed that Tao Dong in an instant!”

Chu Feng laughed. “Tao Dong isnt as powerful as you think.”

Qiao Xingran agreed with him. “Thats right. From his performance, I thought he will win for sure, but in the end, he couldnt even make a single move. I originally thought he was very powerful but it turns out hes just average!”

He didnt control the volume of his voice. Tao Dong, who was not far away, naturally heard him and clenched his fists with a pale face.

Chu Feng wasnt afraid at all. “Youre welcome to challenge me again anytime.”

Tao Dong snorted coldly. “Chu Feng, dont be complacent. The Tao familys foundation is beyond your imagination. Even if youve gained the Principals favour...”

He suddenly couldnt continue. The Tao family had a foundation. Could it be that Diming high school year 3 didnt have one Chu Feng was a direct descendant of Diming high school year 3, and he had even received the Principals approval. Given the same resources, Tao Dong still didnt know when he would surpass Chu Feng.

Tao Dong grunted indifferently, “I have an A-rank beast tamer talent and my beast space will accelerate the growth rate of the pet beast by thirty-two times. Just you wait, Ill beat you sooner or later!”

Chu Feng raised his eyebrows. An A-rank beast tamer talent How could it be compared to his SSS-rank beast tamer talent


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