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Chapter 2311: You Can Still Drink It

“No, not at all.” Jiang Yao did not mean what she said.

After all, they had only been apart for a day, and she had slept for a few hours.

When she opened her eyes, she ate some food, and Cheng Jin kept bothering her.

She really did not miss Lu Xingzhi at the moment.

“What a cruel woman.” Lu Xingzhi let out a long sigh.

“My night is long.

My wife isnt here, and my son isnt here.

I probably wont be able to sleep the whole night thinking about you and my son.”

Jiang Yao was amused by Lu Xingzhis half-truths and burst into laughter.

The two of them chatted for a while, and when Jiang Yao saw that Master Cheng was looking for Lu Xingzhi to discuss something, she handed her phone to Master Cheng.

Then, she naively competed with Cheng Jinnian to see who could finish the yogurt first.

Cheng Jinyan, who was sitting at the side, was so surprised that his eyebrows twitched.

He probably thought that Jiang Yao had always been very well-behaved in his impression of her; he did not expect that she would compete with Cheng Jinnian in that kind of competition.

He heard Cheng Jinnians smug laughter after winning the competition.

The winner requested to touch his nephew.

The loser grunted and turned her stomach in Cheng Jinnians direction.

Cheng Jinyan could feel that Jiang Yaos relationship with his family had changed.

There was no longer any resistance, and there was no longer any sense of alienation.

She showed her true self naturally in front of her family.

She did not hide; she did not suppress her genuine emotion.

She began to accept everyone in that family, showing her friendliness.

Cheng Jinyans impression of his family was rarely that lively.

Cheng Jinnian, that little adult who had always pretended to be mature since he was a child, had rarely laughed so hard.

Sometimes, a person can change the state of the family.

The family had become warmer as a result of Jiang Yaos presence.

She brightened her mothers day.

Her mother was overjoyed.

His father was delighted.

Her parents were thrilled.

Cheng Jinnian was ecstatic as well.

Naturally, he was pleased as well.

“Sister, Mom is making fruit juice in the kitchen.” Cheng Jinnian touched Jiang Yaos stomach with one hand and whispered, “Can you still drink someYes, I can.” Jiang Yao admitted that she had a big appetite.

“Its only fruit juice.”

Cheng Jinnian looked at Jiang Yao with admiration.

He drew a big circle in the air with both hands and said, “Youve eaten so much during dinner.

How can you still drink fruit juice Is there a balloon and a baby in your stomach”

Jiang Yao almost burst out laughing.

Her appetite had been enormous recently, but pregnant women always had such a stage where they could eat a lot.

The news of Colonel Lus wifes disappearance spread overnight throughout the entire army.

Colonel Lu dragged his injured body and went to the scene to investigate despite everyones dissuasion.

The news that he did not return to the army base for a whole night and was eventually sent to the hospital was also discussed.

It was unknown who was the first to investigate the reason for Mrs.

Lus kidnapping.

Some speculated that he fainted because he was so enraged.

Some assumed that it was because he had found Jiang Yaos body.

Local newspapers had reported on the hijacking of the cruise passengers and the disappearance of the universitys professor and student.

The local disappearance proved to be the bigger news..

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