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He leaned over and looked down, his gaze level with her.

From this perspective, his sharp eyebrows became much softer, and he even said to her in a tone that made Su Qiuge suspect that it was almost begging for weakness, “Don’t wear this outside, okay”

The tone of the voice is gentle and restrained, and it fell on the ear like a clear wine, with a heart-trembling mellow aftertaste.

Su Qiuge was taken aback by his tone.

He always seemed to know what she couldn’t resist the most.

He was really cunning.

So she didn’t scold him anymore, lowered her head, then hesitated for a moment and said slowly, “I promised her, they don’t have enough manpower in the club…”

Xie Xinglin pinched the collar on the back of her neck with one hand, rubbed it slowly, thought for a while, and looked down at her.

“If there is a shortage of people, I have someone.”

Su Qiuge:

When Han Ming was called over by Xie Xinglin, he didn’t know what kind of fate was waiting for him.

All this stems from Xie Xinglin sending him a message on WeChat.

Xing: Don’t you want to know who the person I mentioned before is

Han Ming replied: Yes, yes, yes!

Xing: I’ll tell you if you’re willing to do me a favor.

Han Ming: I’ll do it! I’ll help with anything!

People’s curiosity was unlimited, and Han Ming, who has been entangled  with this mystery for a long time and was not very sure about guessing, arrived at the scene.

When he arrived here, he saw Su Qiuge also there.

He immediately understood, showing an expression that I knew, and then smiled and patted Xie Xinglin on the back, “Don’t worry, brother, I understand you, I have already guessed it.

Xie Xing nodded without changing his expression, then looked away, pointed to the maid’s costume on the table, and said, “I have already told you who she is.

The clothes are there, put them on.”

Han Ming:

Han Ming glanced at the maid costume on the table and then reluctantly smiled, “Brother Xing, when did you like to joke”

Xie Xinglin looked at him in a blink of an eye and said lightly, “I’m not kidding.

Didn’t you say that you were willing to help with anything”

Han Ming: “……”

Xie Xinglin also deliberately took out the chat history and showed it to him.

Han Ming responded clearly, “I’ll do it! I’ll help with anything!”

Xie Xinglin said lightly, “Since you have already agreed, if you don’t change it today, you won’t get out of this room.”

Han Ming:


Although he said this, he didn’t expect it to be this help

Wen Mingming realized that Su Qiuge had taken a long time to change and finally came out in her strict school uniform.

Her expression was a little puzzled.

She had just gone to another classroom and changed into a butler’s outfit.

She tied a bow tie while asking with her head tilted, “Qiuqiu, didn’t you change your clothes”

Su Qiuge was taken aback for a moment.

Her eyes turned to the dressing room, and her gaze became a little complicated, “Someone… ummm… volunteered and took the initiative to promote your club, and by the way, show it in front of everyone.”

Wen Mingming’s expression changed for a while, and she asked excitedly, “Which girl is so confident”

Just as her voice fell, the door was opened.

A slim figure with a cat headband and bell collar walked out from behind the door……

A man.


A man

Wen Mingming would never forget this scene for a long time, or the feeling of being thunderstruck when she was facing Han Ming’s eyes.

The skirt was a bit short for him, and it reached his thigh, which felt titillating.

At this time, other people from the cosplay club came over and held their breath when they saw this scene, not daring to approach.

Peng Jianda cosplayed a pastry chef.

He walked over with a chef’s hat.

When he caught a glimpse of Han Ming, he took a deep breath.

When did the culture of women’s clothing become so popular in their school

He wiped cold sweat and smiled a few times in order to enliven the atmosphere, “Lao Han, I didn’t expect you to wear this, it’s not bad.”

Han Ming blushed, looked at Xie Xinglin who was staying out of the way next to him, and reluctantly said, “Really”

When Wen Mingming thought that she was going to partner with him, she also chimed in with a blushing face, “There is a mirror, do you want to see it”

Han Ming: “……”

“No need.”

The lively level of club activities was much higher than yesterday’s garden tour.

Various clubs had strange publicity methods.

The table tennis club directly pulled a table and started a fierce doubles game in the middle of the road.

Of course, the cosplay club won the top spot among the many strange things by going off of the popularity of Class 12 women’s clothing.


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