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Chapter 619: Dire Situation

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Gongsun Ling was indeed at the end of her power.

If she just created a terrain illusion, it wouldnt take a lot of energy.

The difficulty was that she had to create a lot of battle illusions, so that the guys who go deep into the geographical map of mountains and rivers wouldnt feel suspicious.

Fortunately, things have come to this point, all the guys have been put to death, and for the time being, Gongsun Ling does not need to fully control anything.

Gongsun Ling also quickly released the control and put all the disciples of the Pure Yang Palace back into the real world.

In the real world, the Pure Yang Palace was still the Pure Yang Palace, and there was no change at all.

After the raid in the middle of the night, the disciples of the Pure Yang Palace behaved as if nothing had happened.

The only difference was that in an empty place on Meiqing Mountain, there were thousands of dead bodies.

Of course, some cultivators have no corpses at all, only their heads remain.

There were smart people who fled Meiqing Mountain in a hurry when the raid was launched, and they naturally knew what happened last night.

Even if they left the Meiqing Mountain, they could see the Meiqing Mountain blazing into the sky and turning into a piece of rubble.

But what they didnt expect was that overnight, everything was restored to its original state, and it seemed that nothing had changed.

If they have to talk about changes, it was that there are many fewer people among the disciples of the Pure Yang Palace, and there are many more corpses everywhere.

Such a major event, of course, cannot be concealed, and the news spread at the fastest speed.

Soon, the major sects knew what happened in the Pure Yang Palace and the result.

Speaking of which, almost all the core elders of the five sects were unaware of the actions against the Pure Yang Palace this time.

Although the Greatest Heaven Sect wished that they could immediately destroy the Pure Yang Palace and take Yang Chen away, Sect Master Li was not crazy enough to deal with the Pure Yang Palace right now.

The other sects have no reason to be against the Pure Yang Palace.

They also expect to buy better medicine pills from Yang Chen.

How could they easily do such a thing as self-destructing the Great Wall.

Some things cant be solved by destroying the Pure Yang Palace or capturing Yang Chen.

As the core elders of the major sects, they are very clear about this.

Although the price was slightly more expensive, it can maintain the basis of cooperation.

The problem was that when something like this happens, the core elders of the five major sects have begun to sit on the wax.

Especially the Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect, they should be the sects that cooperated most closely with the Pure Yang Palace, but they also joined this attack on the Pure Yang Palace, which was really incomprehensible.

If there was no clear account of this matter, they believe that no one will deal with the five major sects in the future.

Even a sect like the Pure Yang Palace was almost wiped out.

What else could other sects do except wash their necks and wait to be slaughtered

The core elders of the five major sects were collectively angry, this was not a trivial matter, it was related to the reputation of the sect.

The most important thing was that the elders below them did such a thing without telling the core elders.

The core elders of the sect have lost control of the sect.

No matter which sect, such a thing means disaster.

It was a taboo that the core elders cant control the sect.

It was like the emperor was overthrown by the ministers.

No high-level sect will allow such a thing to happen.

In the world of ordinary people, what these criminals do was equivalent to a rebellion, and they must be brutally suppressed.

In addition to the anger, the core elders were also very distressed.

On average, every sect has lost a few Dacheng stage masters, hundreds of Yuanying stage masters, and countless others at the Jiedan stage.

It was not easy for a sect to secretly cultivate these masters.

How many sect resources have been lost in this battle.

Sometimes, when the five major sects thought of this, they hated the ruthlessness of the Pure Yang Palace so much that they didnt leave a single one alive, and all were executed.

But at the same time, they were relatively fortunate that the Pure Yang Palace has not left a living hole, which provides an opportunity for them to turn around in the future.

Everyone can explain it with ignorance, and then slowly repair the relationship.

If they really leave a few important people for them to tell the truth, the five major sects could only turn against the Pure Yang Palace.

At that time, the Pure Yang Palace will find it difficult, but the five major sects may not feel good either.

This time, dozens of Dacheng stage masters and thousands of Yuanying stage masters returned without success and were wiped out.

Judging from the situation at the scene, the Pure Yang Palace may have used a large illusion array, otherwise, such a situation would not have happened, but what kind of formation method and what kind of function it has, no one can say for sure.

There were already many small sects who have sent messages to Gong An, the palace master of the Pure Yang Palace, through various relationships, and want to ask whether this mountain protection illusion can be bought.

The elders of several sects who used their sects to hide their power privately discovered the abnormality of the Pure Yang Palace early the next morning, and then they realized that they were finished.

Even if this matter was directly instigated by the big sects, they will be pushed out as scapegoats, not to mention that this was the manpower they secretly used without the knowledge of the sect.

They thought that as long as things were successful and Yang Chens secret was obtained, they would be able to convict and even reward them, but they did not expect that the previously weak Pure Yang Palace would become so difficult to bite, so they acted directly with confidence but became annihilated.

Returning to the sect was also a death, but no one dares not to go back.

If they confessed their crimes and obeyed the law, the sects might be able to keep their families alive.

If they dared to abscond, the sects would uproot their families as an example.

This point, even the Pure Yang Palace could do it a long time ago, not to mention the five sects that have already established great prestige.

The Pure Yang Palace didnt say a word on this matter, and didnt raise any protests or other things to any sect, they just kept silent and responded silently.

The more this was the case, the more impatient the five sects felt, and the five sect masters have to go out in person to express their goodwill to the Pure Yang Palace.

Along with them, in addition to their respective core elders, there are also a group of elders from various sects who were involved in this incident.

If you want to express kindness, you must first show enough sincerity.

The lives of these errant guys are the sincerity of the five major sects this time.

Of course, in addition to these, it was estimated that many concessions will also be made, which depends on the results of their negotiations with Palace Master Zhang Ao.

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