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In fact, the reason why the Ancestral Dragon chose to leave the entire Xuan Yuan clan back then was that his own thoughts only occupied a very small part of it.

The vast majority of the reason was because of the situation at that time.

It was because, at that time, his cultivation was very weak.

If he wanted to aim higher, he needed to walk his own path.

Moreover, he was not like Ye Xiao, who possessed the Golden Book divine soul.

The path he wanted to walk had to be a path that he had to rely on himself to create step by step.

In the end, the path he chose was to increase his strength through battle.

That path was destined to be lonely.

That was because as long as he wanted to become more like him, he would have to challenge more opponents.

In that case, he would have to abandon his worries.

That way, it was for his own good and for the good of the entire Xuan Yuan clan.

Otherwise, if others were to target the Xuan Yuan clan, he would be restrained and the Xuan Yuan clan would also be in big trouble.

Therefore, he had no choice.

He did not have a deep enough background and no teacher to teach him.

It was already extremely rare for him to be able to find such a path.

In the entire void, who knew how many universes, there were people who were able to walk a path that belonged to them.

It was extremely rare!

It could be said that there was not much to talk about.

Otherwise, there would not be just a few people who had achieved the supreme.

That was a dilemma.

In the end, he had no choice but to choose to leave the Xuan Yuan clan.

At that point, he suddenly felt that the hard work he had put in his entire life could not even catch up to Ye Xiao.

In fact, he was only slightly stronger than those Xuan Yuan clansmen who had received Ye Xiaos favor.

That made him feel a sense of defeat in his heart.

Xuanyuan Long noticed the Ancestral Dragons expression and could not help but ask,

“Ancestral Dragon, whats wrong You seem to be a little unhappy.”

The Ancestral Dragon took a deep breath and said somewhat dejectedly,

“I once abandoned the Xuan Yuan clan, but in the end, theres a high chance that I cant compare to the Xuan Yuan clan.

Now that I want to return, I have no face and feel that Im too laughable.”

Everyone shook their heads when they heard that.

“Ancestral Dragon! Please dont say that.”

“Thats right!”! Before you left the Xuan Yuan clan, you had already given us many gifts.

If it wasnt for you successfully advancing to the Godly Emperor realm back then, Our Xuan Yuan clans bloodline wouldnt have lasted for so many years.

We might have already become an extremely ordinary god clan.

We might even have been exterminated by others.”

“Thats right! Youve made great contributions to the Xuan Yuan clan! Although you left the Xuan Yuan clan in the end, it was also because we were too much of a burden to you.

“We should be the ones who should be apologizing to you.

You dont owe us anything at all.”

“Moreover, if it werent for you leaving us, you wouldnt have been able to successfully advanced to the Supreme Sovereign realm.

And if you werent able to successfully advance to the Supreme Sovereign realm, you wouldnt have been able to help Ye Xiao in the future!

“If that was the case, what kind of situation would Ye Xiao be in now

“From that perspective, it was equivalent to you saving our Xuan Yuan clan once again!

“Therefore, not only did you not do anything wrong, but you also helped the entire Xuan Yuan clan.

You will forever be our pride.”

The Ancestral Dragons heart trembled, and immediately, streams of warmth surged out.

“You all… Are you all really thinking this way”

“Of course! Furthermore, its not just us who think that way.

The entire Xuan Yuan clan and the other clansmen should also think this way, right As long as your name is mentioned, I believe that not a single person would not feel proud.

“Furthermore, all of us are looking forward to your return to the Xuan Yuan clan!”

“Thats right! Ancestral Dragon, come back! Even though we cant fight alongside you now, Ye Xiao can.

He has already grown into a Supreme Sovereign!

“In the future, we will have even more Supreme Sovereigns.

On the way forward, you wont be lonely anymore.”

“Everyone… Thank you.”

Ancestral Dragons eyes were a little sore.

At that moment, he suddenly felt that he was not that lonely.

Whether it was in his previous life or this life, he had always been a lonely existence.

The pain of walking forward in loneliness was something that no one could understand.

At that point, he felt that there were times when he did not need to be so lonely.

He had been too tired and exhausted along the way.

Since he could not compare to Ye Xiao, what was the point of working so hard

He might as well choose to lie down.

Taking a deep breath, he clenched his fists and said with a serious expression,

“You guys are right.

Its time for me to return.

Ill go look for Ye Xiao immediately and tell him that I want to rejoin the Xuan Yuan clan!”

Joining a clan was not as simple as saying it.

He needed to find the person with the strongest strength, the strongest bloodline, and the purest bloodline in the clan.

Only by using his fresh blood could he obtain the bloodline power of the clan.

Ye Xiao was that person!

Ye Xiaos pure True Immortal blood was the purest in the entire Xuan Yuan clan!

“Everyone, lets chat later.

Ill go look for Ye Xiao first and get him to help me change my blood.


After saying that, the Ancestral Dragon instantly disappeared from where he was.

Everyone was rather speechless.

“Isnt he too impatient As long as he talks to Ye Xiao, its not like Ye Xiao wont agree.

Why is he so anxious”

Yun Cangqiong sighed with emotion,

“Perhaps, hes too lonely After all, hes finally returned after wandering outside for so many years.

“We people are different from him.

Were together every day, so we dont have the same feeling as him.

Right now, hes like a wanderer returning home.

The earlier he gets his home back, the earlier he can feel at ease.”

Everyone nodded.

“That makes sense.”

At the same time, on the other side.

On Ye Xiaos side, he had just returned to his own house.

Feng Nishang was wearing a plain-colored long dress, and she was coaxing her daughter to play.

Ye Xinyis strength was very strong, and she had already reached the level of a Celestial Sovereign, far surpassing her mother.

However, previously, in order to prevent Ye Xinyi from accidentally injuring Feng Nishang, Ye Xiao had specially made a seal so that Ye Xinyis cultivation would not be able to display too much.

It could not only protect Feng Nishang but also prevent Ye Xinyi from becoming conceited due to her own strength during the process of growing up.

Otherwise, it could cause her to bully others and become a profligate young master.

If that were the case, he would have a headache.


Ye Xiao called out.

When Feng Nishang saw Ye Xiao, the joy in her eyes was speechless.

It was as if there were stars, and both of her eyes lit up.

“My husband!”

She quickly flew into Ye Xiaos arms and hugged him.

“Youre finally back.

I missed you so much.”

Ye Xiao hugged her tightly and whiffed her hair fragrance.

His heart was both moved and filled with emotion.

He did not know when it started, but the cold and arrogant Phoenix Empress had already become a housewife.

Not only would she act coquettishly in his arms, but she would also be strong enough to support his family and take care of their child by herself.

“I also miss you very much.

Its been such a long time.

Its been hard on you, taking care of the child by yourself.”

Feng Nishang shook her head and rubbed against Ye Xiaos chest.

“All of this is what Ive been dreaming of, so its not hard at all.”

“Thank you.”

Ye Xiao was really touched in his heart.

Being able to marry Feng Nishang should also be a great fortune for him.

Feng Nishang stretched out her finger and blocked his mouth.

“Dont thank me because Im your wife.

Everything Ive done for you was willingly done.

If you thank me, it would make me feel estranged.”

Ye Xiao nodded, and a smile appeared on Feng Nishangs face again.

However, she quickly turned around and waved at their child behind her.

“Xinyi, your father is back.

Hurry up and come over.”

Ye Xiaos gaze had actually long noticed that behind the pillar was a cute little girl who had just learned how to walk.

She even peeked at him from time to time.

She was extremely cute.

His eyes revealed love and guilt.

His daughter had just been born not long ago.

In order to improve his strength, he went out and did not return during that period.

The child did not have his company at her most precious age.

He had indeed owed her too much.

At that moment, although she had already heard her mothers call, Ye Xinyi still hid behind the pillar and did not come out.

She had even peeked at him from time to time earlier, but at that moment, she did not even dare to look at him.

Feng Nishang could not help but laugh.

“This little girl is really shy.

If it was a stranger, she would not even dare to speak to him.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

He still remembered that when he was young in his previous life, his parents were both working in other places.

They could only come back once a year during the New Year.

Every time he just came back, he felt that they were very distant.

However, once he got used to getting along with them, he could not bear to part with that kinship.

“She hasnt seen me for a long time.

Its normal for her to be estranged.”

Ye Xiao let go of Feng Nishang and walked toward the pillar.

His footsteps were very light as he quietly came to the side of the pillar.

At that moment, Ye Xinyi peeked her little head out to take a peek.

When she saw Ye Xiao, she immediately blushed and quickly retreated.

Ye Xiao turned his finger and a candy apple appeared.

“Sweet girl, look at what Daddy has for you.”

Ye Xinyi stuck her head out and took a look at the candy apple, swallowing a mouthful of saliva.

Her cultivation was very strong, but that was a gift from Ye Xiao.

Her comprehension had yet to reach that level.

She was only a little girl, or to be more precise a little girl with very powerful strength.

However, no matter what kind of little girl she was, the most important thing was that she was still a little girl.

Since she was a little girl, there was no way she could resist the candied fruit.

She bit her finger and looked at Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao stretched out his hand and handed it to her.

“Here! Take it and eat it.”

Only then did Ye Xinyi laugh happily and take the candy apple.

Ye Xiao took the opportunity to hug her in his arms.

She swayed a little and did not struggle anymore.

Instead, she stuck closer to her fathers embrace.

Feng Nishang walked over with a smile.

“You both are family after all.

Xuanyuan Long and the rest had also used some treats before.

They tried to hug her, but none of them succeeded.

She would never eat anything that was given to her by anyone other than me.

“Even though you havent seen her for a long time, she still chose to eat your food the moment she saw you.

“Perhaps she knows that you are her father.”

Ye Xiao said smugly,

“Thats only natural.

My daughter will definitely be close to me! Right Little baby”

Ye Xinyi was still at the stage where she was babbling, so she only smiled happily while her mouth squeaked.

Ye Xiao did not want to let his daughter directly have an adults mind through memory implantation or comprehension implantation.

He wanted Ye Xinyi to have a complete childhood.

A complete childhood was very precious.

Some people used their childhood to heal their entire life, while others used their entire life to heal their childhood.

Only once Ye Xinyi grows up would he prepare to help her with her cultivation.

“Just be smug.

Youre deliberately making me jealous, arent you”

Ye Xiao smiled.

“I really didnt mean that.

However, its a rule for daughters to be closer with their fathers.”

“Then wouldnt I be at a disadvantage The daughter that I cared for after ten months of pregnancy will end up being closer to you in the end.”

“You dont have to be jealous.

If you want one to be close to you, then why dont you give birth to a son If we have a son, he will be closer to his mother.

In that case, you dont have to feel wronged anymore.”

Feng Nishangs face turned slightly red.

“Youre just trying to advantage of me.

Giving birth to another son is also a disadvantage for me, alright Because I gave birth to both of them, but in the end, only one of them was close to me.

Moreover, they might not even be close to me.

If they were to be close to you, wouldnt I be at a great disadvantage

“I wont listen to you trying to trick me.”

Ye Xiao immediately retorted,

“You cant put it that way.

Its as if giving birth is only your personal matter.

Im also involved!”

“Oh, please! You call that participation Youre purely having fun.

In the end, you still need me to clean up the mess.

You dont need to spend ten months caring for them.

Im not stupid!”

“Dont say that.

The two of us are so strong.

You dont have to worry about becoming old and fat like those ordinary women.

Its such a pity that such good conditions didnt create a few more peerless cultivators for this universe.”

“Youre bullying me.

I wont bother with you anymore.”

After saying that, Feng Nishang turned around and left shyly.

Ye Xiao smiled.

It was pretty good to have a wife.

It was not against the law to bicker with her and even tease her a little.

Nothing feels better than that.

Of course, it was all thanks to him in the past.

He was very intelligent.

When his strength was very weak, he did not find a woman and focused on cultivating, allowing his strength to increase rapidly to reach a high level.

If he had looked for a woman very early on, he might not have been Feng Nishang.

He might have been an extremely weak existence.

Then he still had to think of a way to help her increase her strength.

In the early stages, because of her, it would delay his cultivation progress.

It could be said to be a lot of inconveniences.

It was impossible for him to be as happy as he was at the moment.

“Ye Xiao, are you at home”

At that moment, the Ancestral Dragons voice suddenly sounded.


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