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Although the little girl was young, she was cute.

Her face was full of curiosity.

She tiptoed and wanted to see Lin Qiye.

“Daddy, let me see my little brother!”

Gu Xuan immediately carried Lin Qiye to the little girl carefully.

A young face suddenly appeared in Lin Qiyes eyes.

“Little brother! You are so cute.

Im your sister.

“Call me sister!”

The couple laughed.

“A newborn child cant talk.”

Then, the little girl stretched out her hand and touched Lin Qiyes little hand.

Her movements were very light,as if she was afraid of breaking Lin Qiyes skin.

Lin Qiye was unmoved.

His eyes were bright and cold as he pondered.

“According to the hints from the main world, I can awaken a talent in this spacetime.

“Thus, the increase in strength should be related to my talent.

When I awaken, could it be the Deduction of Genesis This talent is probably not suitable for battle.

“It cant be Minor Enlightenment as well… It cant be used for battle…”

Suddenly, Lin Qiye was a little nervous.

He immediately activated the Deduction of Genesis.

[This deduction requires 10,000 movement points, leaving 220 points after the deduction.]


[ The deduction is successful.

The talent you awakened would not be the Deduction of Genesis.]

“Then its fine.” Lin Qiye was relieved, but his heart was still hanging.

It was really challenging to overcome the hurdle when he is one-year-old.

Unfortunately, Lin Qiye couldnt think of a way.

He could only close his eyes and sleep.

At least when he was half-year-old, he could be carefree… right

Lin Qiye slept soundly.

When he woke up, it was already late at night.

He drank a mouthful of milk andcontinued to sleep.

The next day, his innate Qi reached 200 wisps.

It increased by 20 times.

“As expected of the Holy Violet Genuine Qi! Its too fierce! According to this trend, in three months, my Innate Divine Body will be complete.”

Lin Qiye revealed a delighted smile.

Time flew by like an arrow.

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed.

Lin Qiye grew stronger and stronger.

The innate Qi in his body reached 20,000 wisps.

And under their nourishment, Lin Qiyes height shot up like a bamboo shoot to the point that in merely a month, he was as tall as a one-year-old child.

Such speed really shocked his parents.

On the sofa in the villa, the couple looked at Lin Qiye walking around on the floor and fell into deep thought.

“What kind of monster did we raise”

“Whats going on”

The two looked at each other, both confused by Lin Qiye.

Is this a one-year-old child

Even if they were five percent Awakened, they could not understand.

However, after learning how to walk, Lin Qiye familiarized himself with the villas environment and went straight to the bookshelf.

He stared at the books.

He didnt know the language of this world and couldnt understand anything.

“Whats wrong, Shaoshang Do you want to read”

Lin Qiye nodded.

“Hubby, why dont we buy some popular science books tomorrow to help Shaoshang learn”


The next day, Gu Xuan, Lin Qiyes father, bought some reading materials and began to teach him seriously.

Lin Qiye only used one day to learn five or six simple books.

After having some basic reading skills, he ran to snatch the textbooks from his sister, Gu He.

He started to learn slowly.

With Lin Qiyes gold-tier Wisdom Card, he flew through the books.

In a short day, Lin Qiye had absorbed everything.

His astonishing learning speed left his parents speechless.

“Little Shaoshang, youve learned everything”

Lin Qiye nodded.

He opened the book and read an article.

The Gu couple: “…”

“A genius! Or a God from heaven” The couples hearts were in turmoil.

How is this a one-month-old child

However, Lin Qiyes future performance was even more shocking.

Time passed in the blink of an eye.

Three months later, Lin Qiyes Innate Divine Body was completed!

Every bone in his body had been tempered into divine bones, and the part of his Holy Violet Root Bone was recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye!

Lin Qiyes height exceeded that of his seven-year-old sister!

At this moment, Lin Qiye was meticulously reading the books on the bookshelf.

Only Father Gu, Mother Gu, and his sister Gu He were staring at Lin Qiyes back with their mouths agape.

“Dad, Mom, why is little brother growing so fast Hes even taller than me.

Is he really my little brother”

“Yeah… Your little brother is more special.

He might be a genius.”

“Dont tell outsiders.”

“Whats my brother doing”


“Whats he reading”

“I dont know…”

While the family of three whispered behind him, Lin Qiye closed a thick book.

“So this is what its like to awaken a talent Some people can awaken muscle strengthening; some can awaken superhuman speed; some can become indestructible; some can use shadow stealth; some can listen to animals; some can control magnetic fields; some can control corpses… In short, all kinds of strange talents exist.”

Lin Qiye frowned and pondered.

“Talents are divided into C, B, A, S, SS, and SSS grades.

Whether it is S, SS, or SSS, they are all extremely rare.

Legend has it that in the entire country, there are only two SSS-grade talents on the surface.

They are so elusive… They are the pillars of the country.

“I wonder what kind of talent I would awaken”

Lin Qiye was curious about his talent.

“If it were me, perhaps I could control lightning”

He nodded slightly, opened another book, and read it carefully.

The book was about the basic knowledge of this world.

Twenty years ago, the world changed drastically.

The continent became thousands of times larger.

The existing birds and beasts species began to mutate and became ferocious demon beasts.

They have fierce fighting strength.

Some could kill thousands of people, and some could even be completely unharmed by tank shells.

And so, the humans were defeated one after another.

Fortunately, an Awakened appeared, leading the humans to stand firm and rebuild their city, reaching a balance with the demon beasts and demons.

However, the humans were no longer as glorious as they were in the past.

They could only occupy the scattered terrain that was easy to defend and difficult to attack, building cities.

As for the wilderness, a large area of wasteland was occupied by demon beasts.

Twenty years had passed, and many demon beasts were in the wilderness.

Among them, the Winged Wolf Tribe was their commander.

At the same time, there was also the invasion of demons.

All kinds of demons appeared in the human world, causing murder after murder.

Sometimes, even half of the city would become a slaughter ground for the demons.

Countless Awakened ones had to sacrifice themselves before the demons could be eliminated.

After reading the content, Lin Qiye felt a chill in his heart.

“I reckon that when I am one year old, my parents will die because of an outbreak of demons.”

Lin Qiye understood the situation.

“Ill spend some time understanding all known types of demons and demon beasts before deducing the specific situation.

“As long as I predict the danger the two of them will encounter in advance and find a solution, they wont die, right”

Lin Qiyes eyes burned.

He immediately began to read all the books.

One month later.

Lin Qiye had read through all the books on the bookshelf, as well as the books his parents had bought at the last minute.

The knowledge was stored in his mind.

As long as he wanted to, he could find the key information without missing a single word.

After everything was ready, Lin Qiye silently started the Deduction of Genesis.

[This deduction requires 100,000 movement points, leaving 2.1 million points after consumption.]

“100,000 movement points I already know so much, and you still want 100,000

“No, from the looks of it, this demon is extremely dangerous!

“With the strength of my parents, even if they knew its weakness, they would still die.

So… I cant let the two of them leave! Otherwise, Im doomed!”

Lin Qiye realized something was wrong andtemporarily put his plan on hold.

At this moment, hewas four months old.

Only eight months were left before the tragedy erupted.

Lin Qiye could not awaken, could not cultivate, and did not even have the chance to read any books.

He could only quietly wait for his body to mature.

One day after eight months, Lin Qiye suddenly heard the conversation between his parents.

“Hubby, the captain said we havent carried out a mission for a long time, and we owe a lot of debt!”

“Also… Our daughter is eight years old, and there are only six years left before she awakens.

Should we prepare a better Awakening Crystal Ball I heard that the probability of awakening a high-level talent is much higher this way.”

Upon hearing this, Gu Xuan thought for a moment, and it was a done deal.

“We will go! Captain has taken extra care of us for a year.

If we dont go on the mission now, it wont make sense!”

Hearing their conversation, Lin Qiyes heart trembled.

It came!

Without a doubt, this mission was the event that caused the couple to die tragically, leaving only their ashes behind.

As a result, the young Lin Qiye and his eight-year-old sister were killed by the enemy.

‘I absolutely cannot allow them to carry out the mission!

Lin Qiyes eyes were calm.

He used the plan that he had long prepared.


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