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When she met Gu Ci in the dining room, she saw him greet her with a smile.

When those eyes appeared so clearly in front of her, her dream last night seemed to reappear again.

Yan Luqing could hardly look at him directly.

Maybe her mask of pain was too obvious.

After he greets her, Gu Ci said with a very humanitarian concern: “What’s wrong”

He probably only asked casually, “Did you have a nightmare”

Yan Luqing was silent for a few seconds.

“To be honest,” she said deeply, “I don’t know either.”

Although it has nothing to do with nightmares, it will make people suspect that her brain is broken.


When Gu Ci saw her slightly exaggerated expression but there was no sign of not sleeping well on her face, he didn’t mention the topic again.

After breakfast, the two went to school separately.

After reading the post of the forum, or in other words, after experiencing a mentally retarded dream like last night, Yan Luqing’s ability to accept many things seems to have become higher——For example, she doesn’t care that much anymore when the eyes of beautiful women were quietly casted towards her again.

And the more important things lie in front of her eyes now——

Today is November 10th, two days before Gu Ci’s birthday.

In the classroom, Yan Luqing looked at the heavenly scripture on the screen in front of her, turning the pen in her hand, and her thoughts drifted far away.

She never thought about what gift to prepare for Gu Ci.

She gave the matter about preparing the birthday celebration to Big Black and Little Black.

Then what about the gift Gifts must also be given.

She thought and thought again, but still couldn’t help tugging Little Twisted Braids next to her: “Tell me, what’s a good birthday gift for a man”

Little Twisted Braids smelled something different: “Gu Ci is going to celebrate his birthday soon”

“Yeah…” Yan Luqing nodded, “I have no experience in this matter.”

Little Twisted Braids: “But why did you ask me”

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Yan Lu said strangely: “Don’t you have a boyfriend I think you should be very experienced in giving gifts to men——”

“No, no, no.

Giving gifts to a boyfriend is a completely different concept from giving gifts to a man!” Little Twisted Braids interrupted her, laughing quite treacherously, “Haha ~ Just be honest with me, have you already regarded Gu Ci as your boyfriend in your heart since long ago” She slapped her thigh: “I just knew it! It’s sugar, it’s sugar!!”

Yan Luqing: “……” Shit, can this even be nibbled too

Yan Luqing gritted her teeth bitterly: “Hey, I am really serious! I really don’t know what to give.”

“Gu Ci, that man, I don’t know how many expensive things he has seen since he was young.

There must be nothing that enters his eyes.” Yan Luqing carefully analyzed, “If you want to advise me to give something novel to him, I can’t even think of anything that is novel and can be given to him as a birthday gift, and…”

Little Twisted Braids looked at her side face.

The girl in front of her counted with her fingers, eliminating every choice one by one and was seriously distressed.

She suddenly feels that if the love is not laid openly, it is also very beautiful.

Just looking at Yan Luqing’s appearance of falling in love without knowing it…

She can still nibble it for another hundred years!

After Yan Luqing finished speaking, Little Twisted Braids also finished appreciating it.

Then, as a member who really hoped that the two would get married, she also answered a wave of Yan Luqing’s questions quite seriously.

“I don’t think that the more expensive or the more exotic the gift is, the better it will be.” Little Twisted Braids said: “The more he wants something, the better that something is as a gift.”


Yan Luqing has been struggling all morning, thinking about what kind of things can be regarded as novel and suitable as gifts.

Hearing Twisted Braids’ words, she immediately felt that she had found the direction.

She patted Little Twisted Braids on the shoulder.

“Concubine Braids, what you just said, this Emperor would like to call it the most nutritious thing you have said so far.”


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