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“Try your own temperature again.”

Yan Luqing: “….”

What kind of operation is this blow

Let her touch his earlobe, and then touch her own earlobe again, just to prove that her earlobe is really hot, not his hand that is cold

Yan Luqing was shocked and ashamed.

She didn’t know whether it was Gu Ci that has turned crazy or the world that has turned crazy, or whether she was the one who has turned crazy.

She quickly pulled her hand back to straighten her hair, covered her ears tightly, and glared at Gu Ci fiercely: “It’s my earlobe that is hot! Okay!”

This appearance of hers really looks like a kitten that is showing its teeth.

“Oh, now you finally admit it.” Gu Ci smiled and continued to ask, “So, why is it hot”

“Because I’m pure, I’m shy.” She simply feels there’s no need to hide the shame anymore, “I just can’t watch this kind of scene! Okay!”

Gu Ci smiled even more and nodded: “Okay.”

Then the two of them looked at the car window beside them at the same time, but a happy smiling face was reflected on one side of the glass, while a blushing and annoyed face was reflected on the other side.

Yan Luqing didn’t talk to Gu Ci much after they got home in the evening.

He took the initiative to come and talk to her, and her answer was basically unpleasant too.

However, her anger came and went quickly.

When she returned to the room to take a bath, her inexplicable anger towards Gu Ci disappeared and was replaced by some strange and messy emotions.

She began to think of the moment their eyes met each other in the movie theater, and when he touched her eyes.

And when he touched her earlobe after getting in the car, also when he held her wrist through the clothes…

After thinking about it, she realized that she had so much physical contact with Gu Ci today!


There’s an explosion in Yan Luqing’s heart, and then she picks up the human shaped pillow with a very high appearance and also a very dazzling face printed on it, “Who allows you to do this kind of physical contact! Who allows you!”

How can this person have no self-respect at all like this!!!

Completely unaware of the big problem in her logic, she stared at the pillow for a few seconds before she finally slowly released her hand, smoothed out the folds, then hugged it into the bed and turned off the light to sleep.

Since Yan Luqing suspected of herself being counter-hypnotized last time, her sleep quality has returned to its former top level.

And since she has the pillow, she sleeps even better and faster.

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Having not dreamed for so long, she unexpectedly began to dream again.

There was no bizarre or frightening scene in the dream, just a simple replay of the intimate scene in the movie theater.

From the beginning to the end.

It is even continuously refined, constantly zooming in and out, close-up and long-range, in all kinds of angles, and with all kinds of camera positions.

She watched what was played in the movie once again.

What was not shown in the movie was also shown in her dream.

Even the atmosphere is the same as that of the movie she watched, which is based on the atmosphere before the protagonists go to bed.

At the end of the play, as if the scene was repeated, she really couldn’t hold it anymore and turned her head, then found herself meeting a pair of smiling eyes.

It was a pair of very recognizable, beautiful eyes with dark pupils.

She knows at first glance that it is Gu Ci.

After experiencing such a dream, when Yan Luqing woke up early in the morning, she was stunned.

Is she not suitable for watching movies, because she is too invested when she watches it and dreams about it

But even if she dreams about it, why didn’t she just dream of the movie scene… Instead, she dreams of watching the foreplay before the protagonists go to bed with Gu Ci

Will this dream evolve

Could it be that she and Gu Ci will be watching porn hand in hand tomorrow

Yan Luqing’s belly was full of complaints when she was cleaning herself up and changing clothes, and then went downstairs to eat.


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