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After Gu Ci retracted his hand, his eyes and expressions did not change, and he still looked at her while saying: “So do I.”

That posture, it seems that if she said something else, he would also say ‘So do I’.

This thought popped into Yan Luqing’s mind and she felt weird again.

What else could be the reason

No more, that’s the only reason.

The atmosphere instantly fell from the high point just now.

“… Let’s continue watching the movie then.

It’s almost over.”

After speaking, she took the lead in turning her head and staring at the big screen, forcing herself to focus on the picture.

By now, the Male Lead and Female Lead have passed the R-18 session.

The camera shifts from the bed to the window, recording the night to sunrise, showing that the time has passed one night.

In the early morning of the next day, the camera was shifted to the bed again, from the end of the bed to the head of the bed, and the two people who were still sleeping against each other appeared again.

The Male Lead and Female Lead opened their eyes and looked at each other, then they kissed again.

Yan Luqing: “….”

But fortunately, after kissing for a while, the camera changed and the scenes returned to the style of comedy, and there were no more sticky scenes until the end.

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But in any case, this intimate scene inserted in the middle is still the most popular——Yan Luqing saw the joke at the end of the movie, followed all the audience to laugh, and when they left the theater, she still remembered the kissing scene in her head.

Angle, lighting, gasping, close-ups of lips…

From the shopping mall to the parking place, and then to the car, Yan Luqing’s mind would pop up a few pictures of that episode from time to time.

After sitting firmly in the car, she fiddled with her hair irritably, not noticing that her hidden ears were fully exposed.

Immediately afterwards, the sound of the door closing next to her sounded and from the corner of her eyes, Yan Luqing saw a shadow flashed by.

Then the next second——

Something icy and cold suddenly stuck to her ear.

She froze and looked up a few seconds later.

Gu Ci leaned against the back of the back seat of the car, sitting lazily while his fingers were touching her earlobes.

When the cold fingertips touch the hot skin, it feels quite marvelous, as if the pores on their whole body are opened, and every touch is extremely sensitive.

He seemed to have found something interesting, and said with a smile: “I think it’s too hot.”


Gu Ci then asked: “Is it because of the movie”

“….” Yan Luqing didn’t want to admit it, so she randomly pointed out: “It’s obviously your hands that are cold.”

“My hands are cold” Gu Ci repeated her words with a smile.

After that, he suddenly raised his hand and touched his earlobe.

Then he leaned towards her, slightly lowered his head in front of her, and grabbed her wrist, lifting it to his ear——

Then he said flatly: “Try the temperature then.”

All this came too suddenly, and his tone of voice was too natural.

Gu Ci’s strength in grasping her was not strong and Yan Luqing obviously could break free from it, but because of this sentence, she opened her fingers curiously——and pinched Gu Ci’s earlobe just like how he pinched hers just now.

Warm, soft, slippery.

The touch is very delicate.

It really feels so good.

Yan Luqing pinched it once and subconsciously pinched it again.


It was not until Gu Ci raised his eyes and looked up at her that she realized what she had just done.

A few seconds later, a chuckle appeared in the car.

Gu Ci looked at her with an arc at the end of his eyes: “I let you try the temperature, but I didn’t let you play with it.”


At this moment, Yan Luqing had the same feeling that she almost exploded in the movie theater not long ago.

But Gu Ci has not finished yet.

With a smile on the corner of his mouth, he held her wrist and moved it to her own earlobe again.


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