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Yu Fan glanced aside.

Chen Jingshen had not yet fastened his buttons, his collar and forehead hair were still messy, his unique appearance had dissipated a lot, and the lines of his facial features were not so cold.

The moment Chen Jingshen lowered his eyes, Yu Fan immediately closed his eyes.

” No, no.

You’re annoying.

When they got out of the school gate, the road was clear.

Yu Fan unconsciously pinched his homework, hurriedly threw down the sentence “go”, and walked into the flow of people without hesitation.

Today is Friday, when school is over again, there is a heavy flow of people on the street.

Even the line at the door of an unknown snack shop in front of the old neighborhood occupied half of the road.

Then he used to describe the barber shop that Fan usually goes to most often.

The shop is very small, the glass door is open, and unknown earthy DJ songs come out of the shop.

There is a small blackboard outside the barbershop.

The board is written in colored chalk: “the boss is in love! All items are on sale today! ”

Seeing the discount, Yu Fan paused in front of the door.

The next second, the glass door opened for him immediately.

The shop assistant who knew him had purple hair and raised his chin at him: “Yu Fan, is school over”

Yu Fan’s father has made a name for himself in this area, and the neighbors are so afraid they avoid him.

The spiritual boys in this shop don’t care much.

Every time Yu Fan comes for a haircut, they have to have a chat with him.

Yu Fan gave a sound and pointed to the card: “your boss doesn’t have a second child” .

“he believes that he is madly in love with the landlady forever.” The other party said, “Don’t ask, do you have a haircut you want It’s on sale today, and the haircut is eight yuan.

Do you want it cut ”


He spoke in front of Chen Jingshen today that he would have it cut, not to mention the fact that it is still on sale.

Yu Fan stood still.

“Yo, did you take your textbook home with you” When he saw the things in his hands, he was stunned and asked, “if you have your hair cut, the school won’t catch you.”

Another clerk, who was giving a customer a haircut in the shop, grunted, “but the teacher thinks it’s handsome, too.”

Yu Fan has long bangs, but not the kind of straight long hair.

But because he usually likes to grab his hair, his hair is always fluffy and bulging.

Other boys are required to blow it out after washing their hair.

With his face and those two faint moles, the atmosphere is too strong.

Yu Fan occuppied the pocket with one hand, suddenly turned to his face and asked, “can you shave letters”

The other party was stupefied for a moment: “Yes.

I can shave out all 26 letters for you.

Yu Fan tested for a few seconds: “do you shave double dragons and play with beads”

” Not really.

“Oh.” Yu Fan turned and left, leaving a sentence in the wind, “then I won’t ask for a haircut.”


When he got home, Yu Fan walked straight into the room and took out his room key with a slight meal.

He frowned and bent down to take a closer look.

There are two inconspicuous scratches next to the lock of his room.

There was bad law and order in their area a few years ago, and the door of his house was often pried, and the lock that was pried was either broken or scarred.

The appearance on his door is much shallower and does not scrape much.

However, it is too long to trace the traces of time.

Yu Fan sharpened his fingers on the upper floor.

Then he pressed the key in and opened the door without hindrance.

The door lock is not broken.

Yu Fan stood in place for a few seconds before he got up and went into the room.

Before closing the door, he glanced at Yu Kaiming’s closed room next door.

Nine o’clock in the evening.

Chen Jingshen bounced over the video and it was not picked up until he was about to hang up.

Chen Jingshen looked up at the screen.

Before he could see it clearly, Yu Fan had already taken the lead in attacking him–

“what are you looking at” Yu Fan, sitting cross-legged and wiping his hair on the chair, looked unhappy and said, “the barber shop is closed today.”


Chen Jingshen said, “it’s closed on Friday Then they are not good at doing business.

Yu Fan opened his eyes and said vaguely, “cut tomorrow.”

After talking about a classic question, Chen Jingshen drew a similar question for him to do now.

Recently, the things he is studying are becoming more and more difficult.

Yu Fan has a headache and the whole person is lying on the table scratching his hair.

The video was quiet for two minutes.

Chen Jingshen suddenly said, “in fact, you don’t have to cut it.”

Yu Fan made a move.

He turned on the rear camera, and now the phone was lying flat on the table, leaving only a dark image of Chen Jingshen.

But Chen Jingshen raised his eyes and looked at him as if he were looking at him.

“if you cut it, it will be easy to know if you sleep in class later.” Chen Jingshen spoke faintly.


Yu Fan, who had not slept in a serious class for a long time, blinked: “…Oh, ok ”

“and if you cut ut, it will be very prickly and it will be uncomfortable to sleep.”

“how do you know”

“When I was very young it was so hot, so I cut it.

I didn’t sleep well during that time.

Yu Fanshun slid down the steps, a very annoying tone, “then forget it.

I’ll see you later.

Chen Jingshen said, “have you done the problem yet”

“No, I’m watching.

Don’t rush it.” It’s really annoying this time.

Chen Jingshen bowed his head and turned his pen twice.


That day, Hu Pang and a group of people stormed to Class Seven of Senior High School.

Zhang Xianjing made it up a while after seeing him, saying that Chen Jingshen was ill.

Yu Fan and Wang Luan sent him to the hospital.

Hu Pang had 100% confidence in Chen Jingshen, and immediately there was nothing more, but with a big wave of his hand, he asked the man behind him to cut off Zhang Xianjing’s curly hair.

Because of this, Zhang Xianjing poured all her anger on Wang Luan ‘s arm the next day and hammered out his muscles.

Not long after the mid-term exam, there was another monthly exam.

However, the monthly exam process of Nancheng No.

7 HighSchool is not as complicated as the mid-term exam, and you don’t even have to change seats, similar to a classroom test.

As soon as the exam was finished on Wednesday, the teachers finished correcting it on Friday and handed it out to begin to talk about the papers.

After class, Wang Luan took Yu Fan’s math paper and said painstakingly, “you, math, why are you 3 points higher than me ”

It was hot in midsummer, and the air was dry and hot, and several big fans above the classroom creaked like they were out of breath.

Yu Fan folded the physical book to a fan and raised his eyes: “what do you mean”

“No, I scored dozens of points higher than you in math in the final exam last semester.

The math paper is so difficult this time, how can you get a score of 70 on the exam.

” Wang Luan accepted, “can you honestly tell me that you have secretly made up lessons behind my back”

Zhang Xianjing’s legs shook: “is it OK, he …… ”

“I did math.”

Yu Fan’s hands were so strong that every gust of wind from the fan floated slowly to the face of his deskmate.

Both of them were stunned.

Zhang Xianjing looked at him in shock: “really”… ”

“I knew it! How can you rush so fast without losing your grades ” Wang Luan leaned up and asked, “which supplementary class” I’ll go with you.

Yu Fan’s action slowed down and subconsciously glanced at Chen Jingshen.

Somehow, Yu Fan doesn’t really want to.

It’s normal for students to help each other, isn’t it

Chen Jingshen is focused with a cold and attentive expression.

Yu Fan thought he was not listening to them, but the next second Chen Jingshen raised his eyelids and looked him in the eye and said faintly, “are you looking for an one-on-one teacher”

Wang Luan: “are you kidding”

Yu Fan: ” No.

“it’s normal to improve quickly.

One-on-one teachers are all aimed at teaching.” Wu Jing came over with the scroll that Zhuna Xingqin had just wrote, and bent over, “high achiever, what did you choose for this question”

Wu Jing is now sitting with Wang Luan.

When Zhuang Xingqin and asked him if he was willing to change his seat, he agreed.

One said that he was not nearsighted and could sit anywhere; the other said that Wang Luan ‘s usual remarks were also very interesting.

After sitting for a while, he thought the replacement was not bad.

Although the grades of the students around them are relatively low, they are not noisy in class and lively after class.

Chen Jingshen drew the paper directly from the drawer and showed it to him.

“all right, is one-on-one expensive” Wang Luan asked.

Yu Fan took out his cell phone to open the game and vaguely said, “it’s okay.”

“Chen Jingshen.

A low voice came out of the window.

It just happens that a game of gluttonous snakes is over.

Yu Fan’s eyelids jumped and looked sideways.

There is a boy standing outside the window.

Like someone else, his school uniform is tied to the top, with short hair and curly hair.

He had heard many glorious stories about Yu Fan.

When the two of them looked at each other, the other took a step back in fear.

Chen Jingshen: “Why”

“Come out for a moment” The boy’s voice is quite light.

“I want to discuss with you about tomorrow’s physics competition.”

Chen Jingshen put down his pen and went out.

Chen Jingshen has been transferred to class for so long that it is the first time that he has seen classmates from other classes come to him.

Wang Luan looked out of the window with his chin propped up.

He asked curiously, “What class is this man in I haven’t seen it before.

“Class Five.” Wu Jing.

“How do you know”

Wu Jing was stunned: “I used to be in the same class as him, so I should know.

He used to be our rank one’s desk mate, and his physics is very awesome.

His competition level is amazing.

Oh, my former deskmate.

Yu Fan looked out for a moment, then quickly closed his eyes and continued to bow his head and eat snakes.

“that’s it.” Wang Luan blurred, “then why didn’t he say hello to you”

Wu Ying: “I don’t know him very well.

He has a good relationship with girls….

And high achiever.

He counted the few people in our class who used to say two words with high achiever.

The two men outside the door stood at the back door and talked.

Yu Fan was so close that he could hear them.

“shall we go to tomorrow’s competition together” Miao Chen speaks clearly and speaks beautifully, just like the voice of the radio at the end of school in their school every afternoon, “is the examination room in Yuhe Middle School I’m not familiar with the road there.

“No.” Chen Jingshen.

“Oh.” Miao Chen paused for a moment.

“then it’s exactly twelve minutes after the exam.

Why don’t you join us for lunch I want to get review the right answers.

The class bell rang and it covered up all the conversation.

When the bell ended, Yu Fan only heard Miao Chen: “then let’s chat on Wechat.”


Chen Jingshen came from the back door, sat down and took out the papers for the monthly exam from the drawer.

After studying by himself in this class, he asked, “are there any questions that you don’t understand in today’s lecture”

“No.” Yu Fan continued to play gluttonous snakes without looking up.

Chen Jingshen turned to look at him: “do you understand the last big question”


“how did you solve it”


Chen Jingshen picked up Yu Fan and rolled to the corner of the table, he picked the pen that was about to fall to the ground said, “take the test paper home and I’ll tell you again in the evening video.”

It’s a pity that the video didn’t work out that night.

As soon as the video was connected, Yu Fan heard the buzzing sound.

He asked, “what’s that noise”

Chen Jingshen’s mobile phone was originally left on the stage, but he picked it up and looked at it: “Wechat message.”

Yu Fan saw Chen Jingshen looking down at the screen as if he had read a piece of message.

After reading the message, Chen Jingshen said, “is there anything else besides the last question”

The cell phone buzzed and shook again.

Chen Jingshen: “wait a minute.”

After three times of repetition, Yu Fan looked cold and wanted to paste a cigarette on Chen Jingshen’s face across the screen.

A ballpoint pen picked up was crunched by him.

Chen Jingshen: “all right.

Let’s start with the last one.

“forget it.” Yu Fan shook his pen and said, “No more.”

Chen Jingshen acted and looked up at him: “what’s the matter”

After that, there was another shock.

Yu Fan: “I don’t want to learn tonight.

I’ll hang up.”

As soon as the voice fell, the video was cut off with a beep.

Chen Jingshen looked at the dialog box and thought silently for a moment, making sure that he should have done nothing just now, and his cell phone buzzed again.

Mom: I said that this social software is of no use to you, it will only increase your meaningless communication.


[mom: use it when you go to college.

Listen to mom, okay ].

[Mom: by the way, you’ve been covering the monitor for a long time lately.


Chen Jingshen leaned back in his chair and typed.

[s: it’s late there.

Go to sleep.


After he hung up the phone, Yu Fan went to the balcony to smoke.

He leaned against the fence, his eyebrows furrowed and his eyes filled with smoke.

He exhaled a puff of smoke, and as he shook the ash, he couldn’t help thinking–.

What’s **ing bothering me.

If you think about it, Chen Jingshen didn’t do anything just now.

He just read two pieces of messaged from his former deskmate.

Oh, no, no, no.

Isn’t that quite a chat Usually, Wang Luan and Chen Jingshen were in the crowd, and they had never seen Chen Jingshen say a few farts except, mm-hmm.

At one point, he thought that Chen Jingshen could not type without his dialog box.

Yu Fan wrung out the cigarette and was about to touch the cigarette case again when his cell phone buzzed.

Chen Jingshen first sent a video to show how to silve the last problem.

The last one is a voice message.

“remember to do your homework and play the video directly if you can’t.

I’m going to brush some competition papers tonight.

Yu Fan, leaning on the anti-theft net, browsed moments.

By the time he got over it, he was already in Chen Jingshen’s circle of friends.

It’s empty.

There is nothing about the wall, profile, and trends, just as boring as he is.

He withdrew the dialog box with Chen Jingshen, ready to sleep in the room.

Before leaving the balcony fence, he can not help pressing the voice message, the wind blew lightly.

“stop playing, go to bed, and take your time talking to your former deskmate.”

Yu Fan did not close the dialog box, and since his voice was sent out, his head has been saying, “it is being typed.” .

Yu Fan carried his cell phone to wash and stared at it on the shelf.

After washing, it’s still typing.

He took it to bed and looked at it for a few minutes with his cell phone in his hand.

Finally, unbearably, another message was sent: “what took you so long to type”

Chen Jingshen looked at the words he had typed and thought, “there is no chat” after sending it out.

[s: no.

I’m not talking to anyone.

Go to sleep.


Yu Fan didn’t sleep well.

He stayed up late to break Chen Jingshen’s gluttonous snake record and fell asleep in a trance with his cell phone.

When the sunlight coming in from the window hit his eyelids the next day, he remembered that he had not closed the curtains before going to bed.

Yu Fan covered his eyes and stretched out his hand to pull the curtains.

The curtains were of poor quality and did not block the light at all.

The room was just dim.

He can’t sleep.

He took out his cell phone and played for a while, getting more and more bored.

During this weekend, it doesn’t seem to be interesting.

Yu Fan stayed in bed for a while, and Wechat jumped out with an @.

[Zuo Kuan: @ all LOL visitors, five people play for one day.


Wang Luan: dad is coming, isn’t he ].

[Zuo Kuan: stupid.


[Zuo Kuan: Yu Fan, ask him to come, too.

We need an AD.


Wang Luan: it’s not even National Day holiday.

He can’t get up until National Day holiday.

And he doesn’t surf the Internet much lately.


[-: I’ll do it.

Wait a minute.

I’ll get up and go to the Internet bar.


The Internet bar downstairs is small again.

Today is a weekend, it must be full of people now.

They need another one.

Yu Fan rubbed his eyes, opened the map search net, sorted by location, and delimited slowly from top to bottom.

At twelve o’clock in the afternoon, the exam was over and the gate of Yuhe High School was pushed open.

There are many parents standing outside the school gate.

The sun at noon was fierce and dazzling, and the door was full of black and beautiful umbrellas.

Chen Jingshen walked so fast that Miao Chen trotted out of the classroom for a while before he caught up with him.

“how did you do in the exam” Miao Chen asked.

“it’s all right.” Chen Jingshen.

“Oh, that’s good.” Miao Chen said, “this school classroom is too old, my examination room fans are broken.

There is a Fresh Juice shop in Qianqian.

Would you like to buy a bottle to quench your thirst I’ll treat you.

Chen Jingshen glanced forward with his words, and just thought about it, suddenly he saw a tall and thin figure.

The man hurriedly turned his back before he looked over, and he glanced vaguely at the side of his face.

Chen Jingshen didn’t see, did he

He occupied his pockets with both his hands and mixed with the crowd, he was so surprised and dare no look back.

His hair was lit up by the sun as if it were on fire.

Yu Fan recalled that he should have not slept well last night and had a brain attack before he went to the computer shop to surf the Internet.

Did Chen Jingshen see me or not

He doesn’t think I’m looking for him, does he

Another bus passed in front of the city.

Yu Fan hesitated for a moment and looked at it without showing any trace.

Is anyone here

Yu Fan frowned and swept around the school gate and finally saw his deskmate in the queue in front of the juice shop.

His former deskmate with him.

The two stood in line and Miao Chen poked his head forward from time to time to say something.

Chen Jingshen bowed his head and his white baseball cap hung down to cover his eyes so that people could not see his expression clearly.

The tension just melted away.

Yu Fan’s eyes widened, he twisted his head, took out his cell phone and turned on the navigation, and searched other Internet cafes nearby.

A message just popped up.


Wang Luan: brother, did you get stuck on your way to the Internet bar I’ve been waiting for you for more than ten minutes.


Yu Fan turned around and walked in the direction of navigation, typing while walking: the Internet bar I always went to is full of people.

I’ll go somewhere else first.

His t-shirt was grabbed from behind.

Yu Fan paused and looked at it with a glance.

He acidentally bumped into Chen Jingshen’s eyes, Yu Fan’s head was blank and he blurted out: “Wang Luan, they asked me to play games.

The Internet cafe is full of people, so here to find a place to surf the Internet.”… ”

On his head, Yu Fan looked at the white brim that suddenly appeared on the top of his eyes, and there was no sound.

Hishair, which had been sunburned for a long time, suddenly cooled down.

“mm-hmm.” Chen Jingshen raised his hand and adjusted the brim of his hat.

“since I ran into you, would you like to go to dinner”

Yu Fan was only stupefied for a second.

He looked at the two glasses of juice held by Chen Jingshen in the other hand and hung the self-righteous killer face: “No, eat with your former deskmate.”


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