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Ch70 - Rivers and Lakes (9) — Heavy Rain

To deal with these assassins, Chou Xuanyi has always taken the life of a person with a single drop of blood.

In the past, even if there were hundreds of assassins, they would not dare to surround Chou Xuanyi like this, because they knew that once Chou Xuanyi made a move, it would be a fatal move. 

But now that Chou Xuanyi was seriously injured, the assassins felt that this evil spirit was not so scary anymore.

Chou Xuanyi raised his hand.



The glint and flash of cold steel, and blood splattered everywhere.

Su An sees every gap and sticks a needle, and in just a few moments, dozens of assassins die and flee, leaving only a field of blood and water after a torrential rain.

Chou Xuanyi’s breath was hot, his heart was beating so fast that it seemed to be able to pierce his flesh and jump out of his chest cavity.

The mother Gu squirmed crazily in his restless blood, and once Chou Xuanyi came back to his senses, he walked towards Su An step by step. 

Yu Su’an was also so tired that his hair was drenched in sweat.

He leaned against the tree and turned his eyes at Chou Xuanyi.


“Monk, since I’ve been with you, every day has been more exciting.”

Seeing that his lips were red and there was still a drop of blood on his face, Chou Xuanyi couldn’t help but chuckled deeply, “Let me regain my breathing.”

He lowered his head and sucked Su An’s lips.


Su An’s eyes widened suddenly.

The monk stared at him intently, and the tip of his tongue abruptly stuck out, touching the root of Su An’s teeth.

The monk’s stature is majestic, but at this moment it brings Su An an indescribable sense of oppression.

Su An pushed him, but he didn’t dare to hurt him too much, but the monk didn’t care about it, and even completely indulged in the sweetness of his lips and teeth, making his aggression even more fierce.

Su An gritted his teeth, and suddenly felt an itch in his waist.

He exclaimed, but the monk had already hurried in.


Breathing back and forth dozens of times, aided by deep internal force, when separated again, the lips of the two have pulled apart the silver thread. 

The monk’s ascetic face was gloomy, and his eyes were full of Su An’s flushed face.

When Su An gasped lightly, the monk came over again, but Su An said sternly: “Chou Xuanyi, I don’t like men!”

Chou Xuanyi repeated: “Don’t like men”

Yu Su’an looked troubled, and said cruelly: “I really only regard you as a friend.” 

Chou Xuanyi said indifferently: “I’ve heard in the past that the young master of Heaven and Earth BiaoJu is very popular with women and has always been gentle and generous to women.

And there are so many beauties in the rivers and lakes, you know 50% of them.”

Yu Su’an blushed slightly, “That’s it.

You can’t force a person who doesn’t like men to like you, unless you are not a man.”

Chou Xuanyi’s heart suddenly surged with some blood, he suppressed his furry, and hooked up a smile, “Then do you think, I, a monk, am a man”

Yu Su’an nodded, “Of course you are.” 

Chou Xuanyi’s face turned cold, “Then you’re still talking nonsense.

I am a man, but I have already married you.”

Yu Su’an was about to curse in a low voice when the monk said: “Untie your robe.”


Su An was taken aback: “Untying my robe for what”

“Look at your chest, look at your ass,” The monk was already angry and spoke rudely, “Look at these two things of yours.

Do you like to be flirty with men, or do you like to be affectionate with women” 

Su An was so angry that his chest heaved violently, look ah, do you even have the ability to look, ah

He also turned cold, his white face completely became cold ice, “Chou Xuanyi, since you don’t regard me as a friend, then——”

The monk suddenly grabbed his hand and put it on his own thing.

Oh my god. 

Su An’s hands trembled, almost getting burned.

The monk thought that he was unfamiliar and afraid, so he laughed in a low voice, and licked his ear, “Half an hour, if you make it comfortable, I believe you like women.”

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Ve Cc pfgxfv tlw boo klat j gfv ojmf. 

For more than an hour, the monk’s eyes were so hot that Su An was almost sweating.

Finally, Su An asked shyly: “Are you comfortable”

The monk frowned, and said honestly, “I don’t know how to start, but it hurts a little.”

Su An: “……” 

Ah pei.

But in fact the monk lied.

Even though Yu Su’an skills were inexperienced, Chou Xuanyi was already sweating profusely with patience.

He just didn’t want to admit that it was refreshing, and then admit that Yu Su’an likes women. 

The monk’s hoarse voice sounded in Yu Su’an’s ear like a muffled thunder that never fell in summer: “Kiss me again.”

Yu Su’an felt like a bug was crawling all over him when he heard his voice, “The obscene monk, no!”


Chou Xuanyi murmured: “How can you just say no to it.”

His fingertips were as fast as lightning, and he touched Yu Su’an’s acupuncture points in an instant.

Yu Su’an stood motionless, watching the monk leaning forward again. 

“Chou Xuanyi,” Yu Su’an couldn’t hold back his mouth, and his pronunciation was unclear, “If you like this, then go find someone else.

I’m really angry, you have gone too far today.”

Chou Xuanyi took a deep breath.

After wiping Su An’s saliva, he suddenly carried Yu Su’an on his back, and slowly walked out of the pile of corpses.

Yu Su’an asked: “What are you going to do” 

Chou Xuanyi said: “A monk has no desires.”

Yu Su’an was so angry that he almost laughed, “Then what were you doing just now”

The monk said: “I only have desires for you, benefactor.”

Yu Su’an’s face flushed suddenly, and spit in contempt several times, but he still felt a little uneasy. 

The monk said: “Benefactor, those women you like are all admired by others, and they don’t need you to ferry them.”

The monk said: “However, I regard the four seas as my home, and I am alone.

I want you…to take me across.”

Yu Su’an suddenly went silent.

He looked at the side face of the monk.

The wound on the monk’s body was still not healed, but he still walked steadily, which didn’t make Su An feel a little staggering. 

But there were sweats on his temples, and his sweats that were as big as beans rolled down one by one.

Yu Su’an wanted to say something, but didn’t know how to say it.

In the end, he closed his mouth sullenly, and muttered in a low voice: “Knowing you, this must be this young master’s bloody bad luck.”

He raised his hands slightly, and was about to wrap his arms around the monk’s neck. 

Suddenly there was an angry roar from behind: “——Monk, let go of my little brother!”

A figure abruptly rushed to hold Yu Suan back, and quickly slapped Chou Xuanyi with his palm, before running away.


The man ran anxiously and said: “Little brother, why are you with that demon monk! Fortunately, when I was escorting the caravan, I saw a group of men in black fleeing from the dense forest, and I saw the throwing knife you used on them.

Otherwise, wouldn’t you be bullied by that demon monk Fortunately, I arrived on time, but that demon monk is too powerful, I can’t beat him, so let’s run away first!”

The incident happened so suddenly, and Su An couldn’t react at all.

He looked up and saw that the person who came was Yu Su’an’s elder brother, Yu Chengke, the eldest young master of the Heaven and Earth BiaoJu. 

Su An didn’t have time to answer big brother Yu’s question, he hurriedly looked behind, and the shadow of Chou Xuanyi was getting farther and farther away.

“Big brother, I want to go back.” He said with a shiver.

Big brother Yu was afraid of the demon monk to the extreme, so he led Yu Su’an to flee for his life in fear.

He didn’t hear what Yu Su’an said clearly, “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, big brother will take you to escape immediately.”

Su An: “……” 

Big brother, if you really take me back, that’s what’s going to kill me.

Yu Su’an’s acupuncture points were tapped, so he could only shout loudly, “Yu Chengke, I told you to stop!”

“Send me back!”

His voice became hoarse with anxiety, “Take me back quickly!” 

Big brother Yu, however, did not stop his feet, and he left the dense forest in a blink of an eye.

Their figures became farther and farther away, gradually disappearing.

Chou Xuanyi, who was seriously injured, received another palm strike.

He stood on the ground with his sword, his arms bursting with veins, and he supported his legs and chased forward step by step.

Yu Su’an… 

He snatched Yu Su’an away.

Blood dripped on the ground, forming a zigzag line.

Chou Xuanyi’s eyes turned black, and his breathing was intermittent.

If someone saw his appearance at this time, he would definitely not think that he was a person.

Chou Xuanyi has lost his human form, and looks like an evil ghost everywhere. 

The tip of the black iron sword was stained with mud, and with more and more mud, and his body became heavier and heavier.

Chou Xuanyi suddenly coughed up a stream of blood.


A mysterious thunder exploded in the sky, and dark clouds covered the sky, a torrential rain was about to fall.

The sky was not good. 

Chou Xuanyi thought wholeheartedly, maybe even the heavens is looking over his shoulder, and doesn’t want him to catch up with Yu Su’an.

Twenty-five years ago, on that day, his birth was celebrated, but eighty-one members of the Mu family were slaughtered to death.

Did it also rain like this that day, did they come to cry and tell him that he, a man with a lonely fate, has caused his family to be exterminated

Chou Xuanyi has always had nothing. 

He knew that the road he was going to take was an extremely difficult one.

Dao emphasizes the world, and Buddha emphasizes reincarnation.

Reincarnation pays attention to right and wrong, cause and effect, and pays attention to one life rather than to build a seven level pagoda.

He killed too many people, committed too many murders.

That day he broke out of the Baolou Temple, he seriously injured Master Tianshou, and knew that there was no turning back.

This road of bloody hatred, there were thorns everywhere, with with mountains of knives, oil pans, and every step was difficult. 

But Chou Xuanyi wanted to go on.

He already had nothing, so he no longer needed a good reputation, and he didn’t need others to know what he was carrying.

If there is a cause and effect for the murders that were committed, then he will pay it back after he dies.

He’s already sailing against the current, if he does not advance, he will retreat.

For such a difficult road, it is better for him to walk on his own.

But he became greedy again. 

Even ants wanted to shake a tree, even a mantis tried to stop the chariot.

He wanted to live a good life with Yu Su’an.

The road ahead is difficult, he came to clear the obstacles, muddy mountains and dry rivers, he just wanted Yu Su’an to follow him through cleanly.

Chou Xuanyi didn’t want to die, he’s not willing to die. 

The torrential rain fell, hitting Chou Xuanyi like a stone.

More and more blood was washed out, Chou Xuanyi pulled out the black iron sword from the ground, and he continued to lean on the ground to move forward.


However, puddles had formed on the ground, and the tip of the black iron sword slipped, and the ghost-like monk suddenly fell to the ground.

It’s like a towering mountain that suddenly collapsed to the ground with a bang. 

His eyes were wet from the rain, and white raindrops exploded beside his face.

Bean-sized water droplets mixed with soil splashed on the monk’s bloodless face.

Muddy water doesn’t taste good.

Chou Xuanyi took a breath and continued to crawl forward.

His arms were stiff, a sign of exhaustion.

The palm strike of the person who snatched Yu Su’an went into Chou Xuanyi’s heart, so it hurts whenever he moves, it hurts everywhere. 

Naturally, it hurts even if he doesn’t move, because thousands of raindrops are like thousands of termites eroding his bones.

His breathing was weak, his five fingers were pierced by stones and dust, and traces of blood flowed out.

The heavy rain hit Chou Xuanyi even more torrentially, and another loud thunderbolt exploded.

Chou Xuanyi’s eyes became blurred. 

He struggled through the rain curtain to see the distant scene.

But there was nothing.

There was no light, no one, just an overwhelming black cloud.

Finally, the monk had no more strength and fell heavily into the rain. 


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