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Unlike ordinary rooms, this room did not have a door.

Standing at the door, the butler saw a huge and luxurious double bed in the room, and there were fresh flowers on the bed.

There was a heart shape on the bed made with fresh roses.

As long as these flowers showed any signs of withering, the head of the Di family would get someone to change all these flowers.

The chief butler stood at the door and slowly exhaled.

Then, he lowered his head respectfully and reported, “Patriarch, Seventh Young Master escaped again.

This time, he left a letter written in Morse code.

He said that he wanted to find Sixth Miss.”

Speaking up to this point, he raised his head and looked into the room.

Seeing that the man had no reaction, he continued, “Ive already informed all the traffic and passes.

As long as anyone finds any traces of Seventh Young Master, they will immediately inform the Di Palace.

However, for the sake of Seventh Young Masters safety, Patriarch, please seal off the entire Seven Stars Continent immediately.

One could only enter but not leave.

It will be lifted after we find Seventh Young Master.”

However, to the embarrassment of the chief butler, after he finished reporting, the person in the room did not answer him.

He did not dare to rush him either.

He could only stand at the door respectfully and wait.

However, it was too cold here, making him shiver from time to time.

Five minutes, twenty minutes, forty minutes.

Just as the butler felt that he was about to be frozen into an ice popsicle, he finally couldnt help but say, “Patriarch, you…”

“Get lost!” Before the butler could finish speaking, he heard an angry shout from the room.

This voice was filled with anger and instantly dispelled the surrounding cold air.

However, the butler trembled even more because there was no sign of life in this voice, as if the person who spoke was a wild beast.

A low and hoarse voice sounded.

Although the voice was not loud, it was like a tiger that had been woken up.

It let out a deafening low roar.

Sensing the killing intent that rushed at him, the chief butlers legs went weak and he knelt on the ground.

He said nervously, “Lord, Lord Patriarch, Im sorry to disturb your reunion with Madam, but Seventh Young Master is missing.


This time, the person in the room finally reacted.

A tall and straight figure stood up from the chair beside the head of the bed.

On this day of celebration, the man was only wearing a black suit.

Judging from the lines of the suit on his body, the mans figure was quite good.

Moreover, his entire body was filled with explosive muscles.

The man adjusted his collar, and there was a cold aura between his brows.

The man looked to be around 35 or 36 years old.

He had a sharp chin, a high nose bridge, large eyes, and a sharp face.

If Xie Jiuhan was handsome, this man was devilish.

He was as exquisite as a devil.

Especially his black eyes, they were like a huge vortex that wanted to sweep everything in its path into it.

His perfect facial features, exquisite facial outline, and a shallow fringe were so perfect that it was a little unrealistic.

If one looked at him from afar, they would even mistake him for a carefully carved wax statue.

If one had to pick out a flaw from the man, it would be his arrogant and violent eyes.

After the man tidied up his clothes, he placed his hands in his pockets and looked coldly at the butler kneeling at the door.

He was like a handsome vampire who lived in the Middle Ages, like an otherworldly god.

The man said, “You came to disturb Yiru and me because of this”

Hearing the mans questioning voice, the chief butler knocked his forehead hard on the cold tiles and said, “Patriarch Seventh Young Master is still a child after all.


Before he could finish speaking, the man snorted.

However, the chief butler did not stop this time.

Instead, he braced himself and said, “Patriarch, Madam Yiru once instructed me to protect Seventh Young Master well and not let him be in any danger.

Now that Seventh Young Master is missing, Im very worried about his safety…”

The man said coldly, “Oh, since its what Yiru instructed you to do, shouldnt I send you to hell if you dont do it well”

With that, a black gun appeared in the mans hand.

The cold and dark gun was aimed at the butlers head.

At the same time, the sound of the safety opening and loading rang out.

The chief butler, who was kneeling on the ground, was so scared that his entire body could not help but tremble.

He did not doubt that the man would pull the trigger at all.

The man in front of him was a lunatic.

His hands were stained with countless fresh blood, and he did not care about his life at all.


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