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After guarding the woman for half an hour, the bell on the television rang for New Years Eve.

The man kissed the womans forehead gently in the first minute of the new year.

Xie Jiuhan kissed her very gently, but it was a deep kiss.

The woman in his arms was still sleeping soundly, as cute as a baby in swaddling clothes.

After the kiss, the man looked at the woman and said softly, “Wifey, Happy New Year!”


Unlike the entire Xia countrys joy, the Seven Stars Continent, which was in the southernmost region, was silent.

Other than the Capital and a few other super cities in Xia country, other cities were not prohibited from setting off fireworks.

Originally, the Seven Stars Continent was no longer controlled, but ever since the Seven Stars Continent became autonomous, it had always been forbidden to set off fireworks and firecrackers, in order to reduce environmental pollution.

Therefore, every time there was a festive season, the people of the Seven Stars Continent liked to go to Xia country to experience the liveliness of the world.

And the people who stayed in the Seven Stars Continent, apart from feeling the festive atmosphere through the television, were basically no different from their usual life.

On a high mountain in the north of the Seven Stars Continent, there were ancient buildings.

The most dazzling one was a crystal castle that kept changing color.

From afar, it looked very dreamlike and mysterious.

Everyone in the Seven Stars Continent knew that this crystal castle was built by the head of the Di family at a high price for his daughter.

Unfortunately, the Di family had not been able to find the sixth princess all these years.

The annual maintenance cost of this crystal castle was an astronomical figure, but it had always been empty.


More than ten servants and bodyguards hurriedly ran down the corridor.

Everyone had an anxious expression on their faces.

When they met the butler, they reported the situation.

A bodyguard said, “Butler, weve searched the northern area and searched every corner.

We really didnt find Seventh Young Master.”

A few bodyguards ran over from another direction.

One of them reported, “Butler, we just searched all the places in the west and didnt find any traces of Seventh Young Master.

However, we just received news from the Di Palace Dark Network Department.

They have successfully deciphered Seventh Young Masters Morse cipher letter.

Theres only one sentence written on it.

Seventh Young Master said that he will find Sixth Miss.”

Upon hearing this, a layer of sweat appeared on the butlers fair forehead.

He looked at the bodyguards who were gradually running back to report and said, “Ive already informed all the airports, ferry ports, train stations, and passenger stations in the Seven Stars Continent.

Ive even informed the taxi company to send someone to search for Seventh Young Masters whereabouts.

Unless Seventh Young Master doesnt leave the Seven Stars Continent through these methods, there will definitely be news.”

Although he was right, his heart was in a mess.

Two hours had passed, but there was still no news.

He didnt know where Seventh Young Master had gone or if something bad had happened.

At this moment, a servant asked, “Butler, does the Patriarch know that Seventh Young Master is missing”

The chief butler said with a bitter expression, “I dont even know where the Patriarch is now.

How can…”

Halfway through his sentence, the chief butlers voice stopped abruptly.

He suddenly had a flash of inspiration and said, “I know, the Patriarch must be there!”

The chief butler turned around and ran deep into the Di Palace.

Then, he found an elevator and quickly went to the seventh floor underground.

As the elevator went down, the temperature below became colder.

When the elevator door opened again, a sinister cold wind blew at him.

The chief butler, who was wearing a tuxedo, couldnt help but shiver even though he was prepared.

His gaze glanced at the temperature control on the wall.

It showed the number -15 degrees.

The underground seventh floor of the Di Palace was a place that the head of the Di family often came to.

Only three people in the entire Di Palace had the right to enter the seventh floor, and the butler was one of them.

Back then, Fourth Young Master had caused trouble on the seventh floor underground and was almost killed by the head of the Di family.

It was the chief butler who came in time to save Fourth Young Masters life.

Later on, Seventh Young Master had also sneaked in here and was discovered.

He was punished to stay in the princesss room for three months.

At this moment, the chief steward walked out of the elevator carefully.

To his surprise, the entire underground seventh floor was filled with smoke at this moment.

White smoke was everywhere.

When the Di Palace was designed, the underground seventh floor was designed to be a large icehouse.

However, in this icehouse, everything that was used for living was available.

The chief steward barely identified the direction under this white smoke.

After turning a few corners, he stopped at the door of a room.


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