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The mans body was very heavy.

Feng Qing barely managed to push open a gap, so her legs slid down, planning to escape from the mans arms.

However, she was pulled back by him halfway.

The man said deeply, “Lets go.

Ill accompany you to watch the New Year fireworks.”

In the past few years, she had been with Xie Jiuhan every new year.

However, because she was blind, she could only hear the roar of fireworks.

Feng Qing had never seen the New Year fireworks in the Capital.

The man brought her to the combat helicopter on the tarmac.

Feng Qing sat in the front passenger seat and looked at the night sky outside the window.

“Arent fireworks prohibited in the Capital this year”

The corners of Xie Jiuhans mouth curled up.

He stretched out a finger and pointed at the deep night sky in the distance.

“In the sky.”

Feng Qing raised her eyebrows, not understanding.

Didnt the fireworks go off in the sky However, she quickly realized why Xie Jiuhan had brought her to the helicopter.

Could it be…

“Ah…” Before Feng Qing could ask anything else, she heard an explosion in the sky.

“Whoosh… Pa!”

She subconsciously looked out of the window and saw sparks flying into the sky.

Dazzling sparks erupted in the pitch-black night sky.

At the same time, the helicopters propeller started to spin.

Xie Jiuhan piloted the combat helicopter and slowly rose into the sky.

Then, the helicopter flew towards the distant night sky at a steady speed.

Unlike ordinary helicopters, the vertical flight height of the combat helicopter could easily reach more than two hundred meters, and the blooming height of ordinary fireworks was less than a hundred meters.

Soon, Xie Jiuhan brought Feng Qing to the sky above the area where the fireworks were set off.

At this moment, under their feet, beautiful fireworks bloomed in the night sky.

Feng Qing looked down through the door and windows.

In the past, before she returned to the Feng family, she had seen such a similar fireworks show in the county city, but at that time, she had stood on the ground and looked up.

This was the first time she had encountered a situation like this where she was looking down at the fireworks from the sky.

However, she did not expect that there was actually a different kind of beauty when she looked down at the fireworks from the sky.

The colorful fireworks seemed to have bloomed under her feet, one after another, turning the entire sky into a beautiful sea of flowers.

Feng Qing looked at the sea of flowers under her eyes, her large eyes reflecting the beautiful colors in the night sky.

“Look at that green firework.

Its too pretty.

Moreover, it can change from a flower bud to a blooming form in the air.” Feng Qing shouted excitedly as she looked at the overwhelming fireworks below.

However, when she turned to look at the man, she realized that the man was not looking at the fireworks outside at all.

Instead, he was staring at her.

Feng Qing asked, “Isnt it beautiful”

Xie Jiuhan nodded.

“Yes, beautiful.”

Feng Qing smiled sweetly.

She knew that Xie Jiuhan was not talking about fireworks, but praising her for being beautiful.

The two of them looked at each other affectionately in the night sky.

Colorful lights kept flashing outside the window, and their faces were illuminated by the colors.

Feng Qing said sweetly, “Hubby, happy New Year!”

Before she could finish her sentence, Feng Qing pounced on him.

She hooked her arms around the mans neck and kissed the side of his face.

“I love you~”

After being kissed by the woman, the man couldnt help but pout and ask, “Tell me, what do you want for the new year”

Feng Qing sat back down and said, “I only ask for one thing in the new year.”

The man asked curiously, “What is it”

Feng Qing replied, “I only want Little Jiu Jiu to be safe and healthy and not be hurt again.”

With that, Feng Qing smiled sweetly.

“Why dont you make a wish”

Xie Jiuhan turned the plane to automatic hover and gently leaned back in his chair.

Feng Qings smiling face was reflected in his ink-black eyes.

Xie Jiuhan said, “I only have one wish, and that is to be with you forever.”

Listening to the mans sweet words, Feng Qing kissed the mans face again with a sweet expression.

Then, she looked into the mans eyes seriously and said, “Xie Jiuhan, your wish can be fulfilled.”

The next second, the two of them kissed amidst the colorful fireworks.

Feng Qings breath was filled with Xie Jiuhans aura.

In the dark blue night sky, the fireworks were resplendent, and the sea of fog was surging.

The various buildings that reached into the clouds were lit up by the fireworks, like palaces in the sky.

Half an hour later, with the last firework blooming, Xie Jiuhan stopped the helicopter steadily.

Then, the man carried Feng Qing back to the room.

After placing Feng Qing on the bed, he gently caressed her long hair.


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