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A moment later, she and Liu Yan walked at the back of the other interns.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of her.

Liu Yan was shocked, but he instinctively stood in front of Feng Qing and opened his arms like an eagle protecting a chick.

However, when Liu Yan saw the person in front of him clearly, he could not help but be stunned.

Standing in front of him was a middle-aged woman dressed elegantly.

Feng Qing, who was standing behind Liu Yan, frowned because this middle-aged woman was none other than Fu Anlan.

When she saw Feng Qing, Fu Anlan had a smile on her face.

Moreover, her smile was extremely flattering, even a little terrifying.

Just as Feng Qing was about to forget her cheap mother, she actually appeared in front of her again.

After Feng Qing looked at her, she walked around Fu Anlan and pretended not to know her.

This made the smile on Fu Anlans face quickly disappear.

“Qingqing! Qingqing”

“Hey, Feng Qing! Im talking to you!”

“Child, why are you…”

After calling Feng Qing a few times, Feng Qing still pretended to not see her.

Fu Anlan could not help but take two steps forward and arrive in front of Feng Qing.

After hearing the voice behind them, many interns in front turned around to see what was going on.

Liu Yan frowned.

“Auntie, you are…”

Fu Anlan said directly, “Im her mother!”

Liu Yan was stunned.

“Auntie, speak properly.

Its not good to scold people like this.”

Fu Anlan : “”

She sized Liu Yan up from head to toe and realized that he was dressed ordinary and had an ordinary appearance.

However, the thick glasses on his face meant that he was a child who was good at studying.

Fu Anlan asked, “Whats your relationship with Qingqing”

Liu Yan replied, “Oh, were both finance students, but Im in my third year and can be considered Qingqings senior.”

While they were talking, Feng Qing did not stop and walked straight towards the end of the corridor.

She was too lazy to listen to them, nor did she want to look at Fu Anlan again.

Seeing Feng Qing walk away, Fu Anlan did not care about talking to Liu Yan anymore and hurriedly chased after her.

“Qingqing, I came to look for you because I have something big to tell you, but youre so cold and heartless to your parents.

But as long as theres something good in the family, your father and I will always think of you in our hearts,” Fu Anlan said earnestly.

Upon hearing this, Feng Qing found it funny.

The interns stood on the spot and looked at Feng Qing and Fu Anlan curiously.

Everyone wanted to see Feng Qing make a fool of herself, so they started whispering.

“Tsk tsk, isnt that Feng Qings mother Theres still the video of the Feng familys commotion on the Internet.

This old woman looks like Feng Qings mother in the video.”

“Eh, thats strange.

I remember that Feng Qing seemed to have cut off all contact with her parents last time, right Moreover, theres a video as evidence.

Why is her mother here again”

“Student Feng Qing is really ruthless.

As expected of a child who has been wandering outside since she was young, she doesnt have any feelings for her parents.

She actually severed ties with them just like that.

Shes really ruthless!”

Lu Yingying looked at them coldly.

The Feng family, which had moved from Penang, was simply uncouth in front of her, a young lady born and raised in the Capital.

She did not care at all.

Seeing that his classmates were discussing the Feng familys matter non-stop, Professor Sun Bin pushed his glasses up his nose bridge and said, “Alright, stop looking.

This is someone elses family matter and has nothing to do with us.

Lets go.”

With that, Professor Sun Bin did not stay any longer and led the interns towards the elevator.

They were going to the dining room on the fifth floor to eat.

The Xie Corporations lunch break was very short, so they needed to eat quickly and deal with their personal problems before preparing for work.

Fu Anlan found Feng Qing.

Lu Yingying did not want to stand here with the other students and wait for the two of them to finish speaking.

This was simply a waste of time.

Hence, Lu Yingying lost interest and was the last to turn around and leave.

Fu Anlan realized that she couldnt talk to Feng Qing for a long time.

Hence, she had an idea and shouted at the top of her lungs, “Qingqing, quickly go home with me.

Dont waste time in the Xie Corporation.

You can go to the Seven Stars Continent to live and study soon.

Although the Xie Corporation is not bad, its simply nothing compared to the Seven Stars Continent.

As long as you go to the Seven Stars Continent, youll be above everyone else.

Therefore, I specifically came to inform you of this good news today.

Think about it, thats the Seven Stars Continent, a place that many people dream of.”


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