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Lu Beichen also stood up.

“Ill go take a look too.”

When the two brothers went in, Lu Xiaocha was stealing food openly.


The cook was asking her, “What is this meat you brought back, young lady I have never seen such an ingredient.”

Lu Xiaocha knew that she could not tell others about heretics.

She only vaguely said that these were given to her by others and that she did not know either.

Regretfully, the chef put the finished dish on a plate.

“Ill do it, Ill do it.”

She turned around with her plate and saw her brothers, smiling and showing neat white teeth.

“Brother, you guys want to eat too.”

Lu Beilin chuckled softly.

“Lets go.”

She set the dishes on the table and sat down next to her mother so they could taste them quickly.

“This meat is especially delicious.”

Lu Zhan and the others took a bite.

It was smooth and fragrant.

This taste was indescribably delicious.

Even if they werent gluttons, their eyes lit up.

The meat was cooked in various ways by the chef.

Each texture and taste were different, but the deliciousness was the same.

In the end, everyone could not help but overeat.

Lu Zhan blushed.

He was already so old, but he still ate till he was stuffed.

Pei Anran gracefully wiped her mouth.

“Shall we go for a walk”

Lu Zhan was the first to agree.

The others also stood up.

Today, the whole family might as well go out for a walk to digest their food.

But as they walked, they realized that something was wrong.

Their noses were bleeding!

Everyone who ate the meat had a nosebleed, except for Lu Xiaocha!

After scrambling, the doctor examined them and said earnestly.

“Some great tonics are best eaten sparingly.”

The Lu family members were speechless.

Their bodies were fine, but they had taken too much nourishment.

The doctor prescribed medicine and left quickly.

However, the after-effects of the snake meat did not dissipate so easily.

After a nosebleed, their bodies started to heat up, as if they were drunk.

Lu Xiaocha walked around them and took care of them.

She pursed her lips and blamed herself.

“Dont worry, its just too nourishing.

Its nothing serious.”

The Lu family members even comforted her.


Lu Xiaocha thought about it and suggested, “Lets box.”

Anyway, they probably needed to vent their energy in this state.

The Lu family looked at each other and could not bear to reject her, so they followed her to the courtyard.

The petite girl stood at the front and began to teach with a serious expression.

This technique was both hard and soft, suitable for both boys and girls.

Then, everyone from the Lu family stood in the courtyard and started practicing with Lu Xiaocha.

They were flustered when they first learned it.

Lu Xiaocha went over to help them correct it.

She would continue with the next move after everyone learned it.

No one in the Lu family was stupid.

This set of boxing techniques was not difficult and they quickly learned it.

They didnt know if it was because of psychological effects, but they felt that it was really useful.

Moreover, after finishing the entire round of boxing, their bodies were covered in sweat.

Their bodies felt exceptionally relaxed, and the heat in their bodies seemed to have evaporated as they moved.

Lu Zhan felt unprecedentedly comfortable.

Surprise flashed across his cold eyes.

They all knew that this meat and boxing were probably good for the body.

They were full of energy.


That night, Lu Xiaocha and her family practiced boxing in the courtyard three times.

Everyone was covered in sweat, but they felt happy and relaxed, as if a heavy rock had been lifted off their shoulders.

“By the way, Xiaocha, what kind of meat did you bring back”

After taking a shower and changing their clothes, they felt light-headed.

This feeling was too satisfying.

The meat matched the punch she had taught them.


“Big snake meat.”

Pei Anran, Lu Beilin, and Lu Beichen staggered when they heard her answer.

“What meat is that!”

Lu Beifeng added, “Its indeed snake meat, but its different from ordinary snakes.

Its probably… about ten meters long and much taller than Dad.”

The Lu family members were speechless.

Is this a f*cking snake and really not a monster

Lu Zhan thought of something and asked, “Is it a heretic”

Lu Xiaocha nodded.

“Yes, I found it in the underground palace.

Theres so much meat after I killed it.

It would be a waste not to eat it.”

Youre really an expert in the food world!

Lu Xiaocha asked carefully as she looked at her mother and brothers slightly distorted expressions.

“You dont like it, do you Are you going to eat it next time they cook it I kept a lot of meat in the heretic bureau.”

The thought of snakes was terrifying.

Other than feeling a little disgusted, they were really delicious.

But this stuff was too nourishing.

The first to react was Pei Anran.

Her eyes were murderous.


It was just a snake.

What was there to be afraid of

If she restrained himself and practiced boxing after eating, she would feel relaxed and refreshed.

Even the fatigue from a days work would disappear.

She felt that her body had returned to the peak of her youth.

Lu Beichen had eaten snake meat once before, so he quickly accepted it.


“Sister, what did this snake do to piss you off”

The first time they caught the snake, he and Third Brother firmly resisted her and let it go.

The second time they caught it, they were skinned and eaten by Fu Ye.

This third time…

And each one was bigger than the last!

When they went to bed at night, almost everyone fell asleep as soon as their heads touched the pillow, and the quality of their sleep was surprisingly good.

They slept dreamlessly until they were woken by the alarm.

The next morning, Lu Xiaocha woke up for her morning exercise according to her usual biological clock.

After changing her clothes and going downstairs, she was surprised to see her father, fourth brother, and little brother.

The three of them were wearing loose sportswear.

The head of the family, Lu Zhan, was sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper and drinking coffee.

Lu Beifeng was sitting upright with the long sword in his hand, wiping it carefully.

Lu Beichen was playing games.

They looked up at her together when they heard the voice.

“Going for a run”

Lu Xiaocha nodded and then blinked.

“Daddy, Brother, are you guys going out for morning exercise too”

Why did it look like they were waiting for her

Lu Zhan nodded reservedly.


Lu Beichen smiled.

“I woke up early today, right”

Lu Beifeng did not say much.

He just put the sword into the box and looked at her with his dark eyes.

He was obviously planning to go together.

Lu Xiaocha smiled.

She was happy that her father and brother could run with her in the morning.

Hence, her morning exercise, which was originally just her alone, gradually became lively with the addition of her father and two brothers.


After running, Lu Xiaocha practiced the set of punches she had taught them yesterday in the courtyard.

Lu Zhan and his two sons rested for a while before silently joining in.

Pei Anran was also up at this time.

From the window, she saw the few people who were boxing outside and smiled.

She also put on sportswear and tied her hair into a high ponytail before walking down.

In the stairwell, she met Lu Beilin, who was also wearing sportswear.

Mother and son looked at each other, smiled, and went to the yard.

No one spoke.

They just punched the air in unison.

After one round, they began to sweat.

After three rounds, their clothes were completely drenched.

After going to change, everyone felt refreshed.

“Xiaocha, our whole family will be boxing with you from now on.

It feels much better than going to the gym.”

Lu Xiaocha pursed her lips and smiled with two dimples.

“Yes, yes, this boxing technique can strengthen your body.

Its good for you.”

It was also from this day that the Lu family started the tradition of practicing boxing in the morning.

Even Lu Xiaochas other brothers inexplicably joined in when they returned.


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